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Will Recumbent Bike Help Lose Weight?

The Logic

Losing weight is no easy feat. It involves a lot of sacrifice and discipline. You have to sacrifice time to exercise hard and long enough to get into the fat-burning zone. There's also the factor of making sure the diet and nutrition components are conducive to weight loss. When a person isn't used to watching their calories, it can seem very laborious at first. Plus, there are other factors such as rest, lifestyle and overall physical health that can play major roles in whether or not a person loses weight at a rate they desire.

Knowing this, it makes sense for anyone to make sure that the workouts they commit to are actually worth it. In order to effectively lose weight, most people turn to the more popular fat-burning activities such as running and swimming. Many turn to machines like the treadmill, the elliptical machine, and the stair-climber. However, the recumbent bike is actually an excellent machine to work out on. Though some may look at the machine and think it's going to be like a walk in the park, looks can be deceiving.

The Skepticism

 Marcy Magnetic Recumbent BikeThe skepticism is understood. When the thought of a fat-burning workout enters the minds of many, marathon running, lots of sweat and total fatigue are considered. This recumbent bike ride experience happens in a comfortable seat that looks a lot like a recliner. You can sit back and let your legs do the work while you watch a great show on tv. It might seem like the lazy man's way to lose weight and because that seems like an easy way to fail, many choose to skip this option.

After all, if you want to get a good workout, you've got to stand on a treadmill for hours at a time, right? To get into the fat-burning zone, you have to execute tricky moves in a cardio dance class for an hour each time, right? Thankfully, this is a common misconception and it's completely false. This low-riding machine can be just as effective for weight loss.

Weight Loss is Possible

A cycling workout can be very effective with weight loss in a few ways. If you'd like to target a specific area like your belly fat, you can burn fat using this type of ride. The abdominal muscles are important for stabilizing your core. As the abdominal muscles get stronger, the fat will melt away.

The key is to pull them in and tighten as you pedal the recumbent bike. Another component involves the proper amount of resistance. Turn the resistance up on the recumbent bike in order to increase the intensity of the workout.

This way, it really doesn't matter how fast or slow the feet are going. The increase in the intensity and resistance encourage the body to work harder and burn more fat. Many machines have the built-in heart rate monitor. If your recumbent bike doesn't have that option, use a smartwatch to monitor the heart rate. As long as the rate is in the fat-burning zone, you'll be able to lose weight using this exercise machine.

A Machine for Everyone

The particular ride is ideal for a number of people who are in the weight loss journey. As a person ages, the joints tend to get weaker. The fragility of the bones becomes more apparent when conditions like arthritis set in. This doesn't mean an elderly person shouldn't work out. In fact, it's very important for everyone to exercise as they continue to age. These stationary wheels merge to create the perfect way for an elderly person with chronic joint pains to lose weight and exercise.


If you've been injured, it's best to avoid exercise until you've received clearance from your medical doctor. Once you've been granted the clearance, ease into low-impact workouts. Many people think of swimming as a low-impact option, but this cycling option is simple and doesn't require you to get wet. You can easily sit in the seat, turn on a show and focus on a great workout at the same time.


When a person is obese, the body isn't built to carry that much weight. As a result, chronic pain in the joints and bones are inevitable. When you're doing exercises like jogging or walking, they can end up inflicting a great deal of pain. Thirty minutes on the stationary wheels is a perfect option for someone who wants to get the weight off without dealing with a ton of pain in the meantime.

The Benefits

iDeer Exercise Bike Indoor Workout Cycling recumbent Bike, Height Adjustable Sport Stationary Bicycle with Heart Pulse Sensors & LCD Monitor, Max User Weight:280lbs,for Home Gym Cardio ExerciseIn addition to weight loss, the body will also become stronger as a result of a consistent cycling workout. It works many of the muscles in the lower body such as the hamstrings, glutes, and quads. As these muscles are strengthened, they become more defined and toned.

If you'd like for your lower half to look awesome in a bathing suit, you'll get the benefits of toned muscles with this exercise. It has the ability to help a person develop a stronger core. It encourages the use of good posture, which is beneficial in many other ways. You can go at a speed that works for you and gradually increase the intensity as your body gets stronger.

The Convenience

Many people tend to fail in their weight loss journeys because it requires so much discipline. After a long day at work, most people don't want to get up and go to the gym. If you purchase this specific machine, you can easily exercise from the comfort of your own home. It's also convenient in the way you exert energy.

You can get a solid workout in while you're sitting down. If you need to listen to a conference call or you'd just like to catch up on your favorite television show, you can easily do this while working out.

Having a great stationary recumbent bike in your home completely eliminates the excuses or obstacles so many uses in order to avoid a workout. Having an effective machine that burns fat and tones the lower body is a win-win situation. When coupled with a good diet regimen, it's almost impossible to fall off the weight loss journey wagon.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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