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Will Ping Pong Table Warp in the Garage?

As manufacturers of all kinds develop tables for ping pong table and table tennis, it really comes down to the materials and specifications of the manufacturer. If you are worried about placing a ping pong table in the garage, then you should check that it is not made of wood or that it is made from materials suitable for outdoor use. Even then, tables tend to bend after long periods of time outside or in slightly more humid conditions even. Here is a break down of how and why that happens so that you can avoid the issue with your ping pong table

With ping pong tables, you have to be very careful with certain brands and materials used to build the table. Without proper care, the edges may warp and curl, causing problems for players. Keeping a ping pong table in the garage can be risky if you don’t have a type of table that is made for all-weather.

Warping with ping pong and table tennis tables happen for many reasons. There are also tables that tend to crack and peel due to different climates. You should always look at ping pong table materials to see if the description specifies whether a table is for all-weather or indoor use.

Indoor Ping Pong Table

FDW Premium Table Tennis Table and Ping Pong Table With Net SetYou may not realize it but there are different materials and coatings used for ping pong tables that make them suitable for outdoor use. With an indoor ping pong table, you may have trouble moving it to the garage due to the lack of climate control.

In other areas of the home, you can keep the humidity and air conditioning at the right temperature for the material in the tennis table to remain intact. Most ping-pong tables are made from plywood, wood, or another wood derivative. However, you can also find that these tables are made from concrete, particle board, plastic, metal, and glass.

With an all-weather or outdoor ping pong table, you have different materials that can withstand the moisture, climate, and heat. However, your paint is also important. You always want to get a table that has resistant paint that won’t chip and peel due to excess heat, sunlight, or moisture. If you purchase a cheap ping pong table, then you may experience warping due to the temperature.

This is because the wood may expand and contract due to humidity, causing the table to bend out of shape. Inevitably, this affects gameplay and causes problems for players when they want to control the bounce and speed of the ping pong ball.

The best areas to place an indoor table are cooler areas that don’t have too much moisture. Basements and gaming dens are a good idea if you have a dehumidifier for those spaces that get too much moisture in the air, as this will cause your ping pong table to bend as well. In addition, paint tends to fade when placing a table in front of direct sunlight. Most manufacturers recommend keeping the table in an area that is dry and allows enough room that the table can be folded to be stored away when not in use.

All-Weather and Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

When you want a ping pong table that can go anywhere, you are thinking of an all-weather, outdoor table that is typically found online. Most ping-pong tables are made with an aluminum sheet on top and MDF underneath. This allows for a sturdy table that can withstand most outdoor situations, apart from being submerged in water for a long period of time.

There are also plaster and cement tops that can go over MDF as well, which is the preferred material for the bulk of the table. However, if you want to play on a table that is almost like the real thing, then you would pick a wood table.

Covers for Ping Pong Tables

You may be able to protect a table from damage using a ping pong cover. These are made to handle all weather types and resist rough weather conditions, which means they could probably withstand the atmosphere of your garage.

In addition, these table covers are water resistant, dust resistant, and can fit over the standard and larger sizes of table tennis tables that are out there. You can find them at most sporting goods stores or online on Amazon. They are rather cheap and convenient to use when you don’t have any other option to protect your table.

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