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Why Does Ice Form In A Ductless Air Conditioner?

If you're tired of dealing with heat in your home, it's time to invest in a unit you can count on to keep you cool. A portable air conditioner and the ductless air conditioner is one of the best ways you can stay cool and comfortable this year. The best part? You don't have to worry about installing ducts in your home just to stay cool, nor do you have to rely on fans that may not work as efficiently as an air conditioner. Portable air conditioning units can be installed in any home, attic, living room, or mobile home. Whether you have a large house and you need to cool a single room or you'd like to use a portable unit to cool your studio apartment, you'll be able to do so effectively and easily.

When you begin shopping for a new ductless air conditioner, you'll need to measure the space in your home. Make sure you measure each room to determine how large the spaces are. Did you know that portable units do have cooling limitations? This is determined by square footage. So if you have a 400 square foot room, for example, you need to choose a unit that is designed to cool a 400 square foot room. Never try to use a smaller air conditioner to cool your space, as this can lead to problems and frustration.

What about problems with the unit?

portable air conditionerSometimes after installation and regular use, you may notice some minor problems with your machine. Typically, these are simple to fix and repair; however, some problems may require minor adjustments. If you notice a problem, don't stress. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to stay calm so you can analyze exactly what the problem is.

One common issue with portable air conditioners is ice formation. If you notice ice forming in or around your unit, it's time to jump into action. While this is a common problem, it's still something that you need to address as quickly as possible to prevent the issue from becoming worse.

Did you know that your ductless air conditioner has a filter? The filter of an air conditioner is designed to keep dust and debris to a minimum. Your filter can also collect dirt and pollen that is floating around in the air in your house. The filter cleans the air before redistributing it around your home.

Sometimes, if you notice ice formation on your unit, it could be related to your air filter. Consider checking your filter if you notice ice forming on your ductless air conditioner. Does it appear to be dirty? Can you no longer see white areas on the filter? It's time to clean or change your filter.

If you have a reusable filter, follow the instructions that came with it for cleaning it efficiently at home. You may be able to clean it directly in your kitchen with little difficulty. Make sure you wait for the filter to dry completely before you place it back in your machine.

For units that do not have reusable filters, it's important to buy new air filters on a regular basis. Refer to your owner's manual or filter case in order to determine how often you need to check or change your filter. For units with regular use, you may need to change your filter as often as once a month; however, this will vary based on the machine itself.

When you replace your filter, you should notice results. Once the filter is clean, the ice formation should cease on your machine. Keep in mind that this is a simple problem that may seem large or stressful, but that has a very simple solution.


If you notice continued problems with your machine, you may need to utilize your manufacturer's warranty to get the help you need. Understand that you will typically need to provide your proof of purchase when you utilize your warranty. This is because warranties come with a time limit in which you can use them. The manufacturer will need to ensure you are within their allotted time frame in order to get assistance.

You may also utilize an extended warranty from a retailer. If you purchased your machine at a store, you may have bought an additional warranty that comes with more coverage. This can help you to get assistance in repairing your portable unit should you notice that ice is continuing to build around the machine.

Ductless Air Conditioner Care

Ductless Air Conditioner CareMake sure you always take proper care of your portable unit. Clean the exterior on a regular basis, including dusting the top and sides. Check the cords regularly for damage, such as tears, as this can lead to problems with your machine. It's also important that you avoid placing items on top of the machine. Did you know this can cause damage to your air conditioner? Although it may be tempting to place items on top of your unit, make sure you avoid this. Nothing should ever be placed on top of or directly beside your air conditioner. Ensure the unit has plenty of space and that your cords fit correctly into the machine.

If you have not yet purchased a portable unit, what are you waiting for? There are plenty of options available that can help you stay cool and comfortable right at home. Even if you don't have a home with central air, you don't have to spend the summer suffering. Head to your favorite store now and invest in a portable unit you can count on to help you stay comfortable, cool, and in charge this year. You won't regret it.

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