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Which Is Better, Ductless Air Conditioner Or Central Air Conditioning?

Are you feeling hot? Tired? Stressed? Are you sick of coming home and feeling hot and overwhelmed by the temperatures in your home? Are you wondering if there's ever going to be any relief? If fans aren't working for your home and you're ready to try something new, consider investing in an air conditioner for your family's home. Whether you live in a studio apartment, a dorm room, a large house, a mobile home, or even a trailer, it's possible to choose a ductless air conditioner that works for you and your needs.

It's important to note that if you've never considered a ductless unit before, you aren't alone. Many consumers believe that central air conditioning is their only choice; however, this is not the case. Some homes may not have heating or air ducts, which can make installing central air difficult or even impossible. Furthermore, this can be an expensive endeavor. Before you make your purchase, however, there are a few things you need to know.

Ductless Units

Ductless Air ConditionerWhen you choose a ductless model, you will have full control over where your unit is placed and which room it cools. If you want to cool a single room in your homes, such as a living room or basement space, this can be the perfect way to do that. These models are also portable, which means you can move them from room to room without any difficulty at all. As long as you have access to an electrical outlet and in some cases, a window, you'll be able to move your unit and place it in an area that is convenient for you.

A ductless unit lets you easily cool down rooms that are typically quite hot and to get the relief you need to feel comfortable. For example, if your bedroom is always warm regardless of how many fans you run, it might be time to choose a ductless unit that can quickly cool it down to a reasonable temperature so that you can relax or sleep comfortably.

Central Air Units

central air conditioningFor some families, central air units are the first option. If you already have ducts in your home, you may feel that this is a simple addition to your space. Understand, however, that even central air conditioning does have its drawbacks. For example, there may be spaces in your home that don't cool down easily. When you utilize central air, you will have to set a single temperature for your entire home. This can result in some rooms being quite cold and other rooms remaining warm. This can lead to an increase in your electric bill and can result in frustration for everyone involved.

Additionally, if you do not have air ducts in your home, you will have to have these installed before you can utilize central air in your space. Installing air ducts is not impossible; however, it is an expensive endeavor, so it's important to consider what works for you and your family, as well as what your budget entails. Some families are interested in installing ducts, while others want the simplicity of knowing that they can simply purchase a portable unit and receive the cold air they've been craving.


No matter what type of unit you choose, maintenance is part of the installation and care process. Proper care will extend the lifespan of your unit and ensure that it works as well as possible.

If you opt for central air, you will need to have your ducts cleaned on a regular basis. If you do not have them cleaned professionally, they can become clogged. This is a fire hazard and can be dangerous to your home and your health. You will also need to change your filters on a regular basis to ensure you're getting the cleanest air possible.

For families who choose a portable unit, keep in mind that you will still need to take care of your unit, however, maintenance is a simple process. The primary thing you'll need to do is to change the filters on a regular basis. Changing the filter on this type of unit is quite simple. Some models come with reusable filters you can clean and use again and again. Others have single-use filters that will typically need to be changed about once a month.


Whether you choose a portable unit or central air, understand that you may be eligible for a warranty with your purchase. This can help offer protection and coverage should something go wrong with your unit. For example, if a small piece breaks, the company may be able to send you a replacement part. If your unit stops working, you may be eligible for repair coverage. Refer to your owner's manual and warranty information to determine what your coverage is for the unit you choose.

Shopping Guide

Once you've made your decision, head to your favorite store to make your purchase. If you choose to opt for a ductless air conditioner, you may be able to purchase this at a home appliance store in your area. You may also choose to purchase it directly online. For families that opt for central air and duct installation, you may need to meet with an HVAC professional in your area who can give you an estimate on the cost and the time frame for installation.

No matter which type of air conditioner you choose, make sure you are satisfied and comfortable with your decision. Don't allow others to pressure you or sway you one way or another. What works for you may not work for your friends and vice versa.

When you're ready to start feeling cool, don't wait another day. You deserve to feel comfortable and relaxed in your own home, so start shopping for your new air conditioner today. You'll soon be able to relax right at home and enjoy a comfortable temperature even when it's blazing outside. Don't wait another day to get started feeling your best.

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