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Which Embroidery Machine Is Best for Home Business?

When you are looking to do some embroidery at your house, you might be doing it because it's a fun hobby. You might also be doing it because you realize that you have some ideas that are going to translate quite well. This means that you might even find out that you can put together a business plan that will make you and your family some real money. Of course, if the point of getting an embroidery machine is to make some cash, you aren't just going to want to get any machine. You're going to want to get a machine that can do things the ordinary home versions of this machine can't handle.

You are going to want to get a business grade machine that can still fit and work in your home. Going into this kind of business is only that great if you aren't having to open up an office or a plant in order to do it. You want something that has the features you are looking for, but that can fit in your den if that's where you want to put it. You are also going to want to get a machine that isn't costing you an arm and a leg when you go to buy it. This can seem like a rather tall task. You are going to want to have a few features in mind when you go to make the list. Lucky for you, we have done the kind of research you would normally need to do. We've put together a list of the absolute best machines that you can use at your home in order to start that business. Without further ado, we bring you the best of the best in this category.

The Janome MC14000

one of the best features of this embroidery machine is that it has real-time PC connectivityThose who are in the embroidery business know that Janome is one of those companies that is synonymous with high-quality machines the same way Apple is synonymous with top of the line and front of the market smartphones. The MC14000 might be the best the company has to offer and it's certainly one that will come in handy when you are looking to start your own business and use one of these machines to do it from home.

One of the best features of this machine is that it has real-time PC connectivity, meaning that you can download new patterns and updates to the machine right while you are working.

It's also got a nice max embroidery size that will allow you to do your very best work at all times. There is also a massive library of designs packed into the machine and even more that can be pulled down from the web. At last count, this particular model had 350 designs, which is near twice as many as most competitors. This also has a nice needle threader and speed control and it has a ton of LED lights so that you can see the work you are doing better. This is also on the pricey side but if you are looking for the top of the top, then this is the one for you.

The Brother SE1800

an embroidery machine for your home businessThis is more of the “value package” when talking about these kinds of machines but it still comes with plenty to offer those who are looking to give it a go in the real world of business. There are 136 preloaded designs and has 10 one-step buttonholes to make it that much easier to get going and get whatever you are making produced the right way. This also has some really great options like two LED lights and a needle threader and speed control that is easy to use and easy to adjust when you are caught up in the moment.

The real thing this machine offers is that it's a bit more compact, so it's not going to be taking up a ton of space when you aren't hard at work. You are also going to have a much smaller cost outlay when you first buy this. It's safe to say that if you aren't quite sure what direction you're going to go when it comes to an embroidery machine for your home business, this might be the way to start. If you decide that it's really better as a hobby, you won't be unhappy this is still sitting in your home.

The Singer XL-580

the singer xl 580 embroidery machine stands out because it's likely the most affordable on the entire marketThis machine stands out because it's likely the most affordable on the entire market. If you are someone who has been doing this a while, you know that you really can't go wrong when you are talking about Singer and sewing either.

This is also one of the more powerful pieces of machinery out there, which is a nice addition to a price that isn't going to soak you. This device comes with 250 designs already packed into it and it has 20 different fonts you can choose from when you get down to the nitty-gritty. Despite being one of the most affordable on the market, both the fonts and the designs are some of the most on offer by any machine. This also has one of the smallest numbers of buttonhole settings that are out there.

Everything about this machine says ease of use, fun and if you are looking to turn it into a more lucrative proposition, quite a bit of cash. Brother is one of those companies that has long ago realized that there is a way to offer up the top of the line quality, without having to charge someone so much money that they don't want to actually pursue their favorite past time or business opportunity.

No matter which of these embroidery machines you end up picking, you are going to find that you have some that are of the highest quality out there and that will allow you to really get your foot in the door of that home business.

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