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What Treadmill For Home Equipment Is The Most Profitable To Sell?

You have probably seen a lot of old treadmills for sale in secondhand athletic shops and online as refurbished equipment. Is it really worth the investment? That all depends on the popularity of the machine, where you bought it, and how old it is. However, the biggest factor in determining whether a treadmill has good resale value is the reviews and initial investment.

Here are some factors to consider before buying a treadmill to resell, as well as some popular recommendations based on the current demands of the treadmill resale market.

1. Initial Cost vs. Resale Cost

It’s almost never a good idea to buy an expensive treadmill because they are harder to resale for the same or nearly the same price. You will likely have to drop your used treadmill below its initial value by $1,000 or more to get any money from the sale. It also depends on how used the treadmill is and whether all of the features work as you promise. In addition, does the treadmill still have a warranty? These are some of the factors that will contribute to the resale cost.

2. High-Quality vs Damaged

There is a bar for used treadmills, and while you may be able to sell a dusty old treadmill, you could probably sell it for more if it was cleaned and running properly. However, some people don’t spend the time on maintaining their exercise equipment, allowing it to fall into disrepair which damages the resale value. To ensure that you get the most for your machine, you should wipe the machine, grease joints to prevent squeaks, check the belt carefully and see that all parts are properly maintained.

3. Demand vs. Discontinued

treadmill for home equipmentSome treadmills are still high in demand years after they were originally brought to market. These are the treadmills that are most popular on every sports website or treadmill category when you look online. You’ll have to do some research to find the highest rated treadmills, but these are the models that get the most searches and will ultimately bring in the most money for your resale.

However, some treadmills are also valuable because they were discontinued. These may not fetch you a $1,000 but people may be looking at items that they can no longer buy but value due to certain features.

There are also some treadmills that have defects or were recalled. These are probably not going to fetch you much if anything in a resale situation.

4. Selling Advantages of Used Treadmills

If you do decide to sell treadmills, then you definitely want to play up the benefits of why used treadmills make for a better investment. Buying used treadmills means that you can typically get a treadmill that was once $3,000 for less than $1,500 unless it is almost brand new and has no defects. Some treadmills that are gently used and a little over a year old can depreciate down to $500.

You can always market your used treadmills for their savings. You can save over $1,500 treadmills just by buying used, for example. While secondhand stores and used treadmill online sources are going to be very competitive, you can also make a market out of selling certain types of treadmills for runners, weight loss, marathon training and more.

5. Types of Treadmills

Types of TreadmillsThere are a few different types of treadmills out there and some are simply easier to sell than others. They have more resale value because they have better features or higher powered motors. These are some of the treadmills that will fetch you the most profit in a resale:

Treadmills from 2015 or Later

Most treadmills started to incorporate some type of smart feature in 2015, and so there are a lot of models that allow you to hook up to your phone, fitness watch, Bluetooth, or WiFi. You can easily see how this would be advantageous to someone who wants to stay connected and easily upload their stats into an app that tracks their calories burned and weight loss milestones.

Higher Horsepower

Most treadmills are judged for their motors. With a 3.0 horsepower motor, you can get most of the higher speeds. However, 4.0-horsepower motors are the true legends for resale. If your treadmill has a high-powered motor, you are more likely able to add on a couple hundred dollars just for this feature alone. It probably means that your treadmill can go faster and will allow for better training.

Programs and Weight Loss Routines

Most treadmills built in the 2000s have routines that incline and decline, speed up or slow down based on the workout program that you’ve selected. Some are for weight loss, while others are for marathon training.

If you have these features, you’re more likely to fetch a higher price because it takes the guesswork out of training for most people who just want to jump on the treadmill and start running.

Belt Size

The belt size also matters. Typically, you want a length of at least 60 inches for a high-quality treadmill. They allow you to run as long as you want and have less chance of injury. They are also sturdier and can support higher weight classes. If you want to sprint and do more inclines, you also want a longer belt size.

Warranty Remaining

If you have a treadmill with a lifetime warranty, then you will be able to sell it all day. Most people will pay an extra $50 or $100 just for a machine with a warranty. It’s important to check what kind of warranty it is before listening it as a feature as some warranties only last for one-year or are particular to the first person who registers the product.

Marathon Training Treadmills

These treadmills typically fetch a higher price because they are made for those who want to train fast and hard. They have a lot of features for monitoring heart rate, mileage, time, and weight loss as well. You can find different training routines or there are also some newer machines that connect online and download maps to help you train different terrain. These are very valuable and probably have the highest resale value overall.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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