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What Is a Great Inflatable Kayak for Fishing?

When we think about fishing, we often think of an aluminum or wooden boat. But there are also inflatable kayak fishing boats that service the fishing world nicely. They make excellent boats for fishing because of their versatility. They are seen on lakes, ponds, ocean bays and rivers. however, not all inflatable kayaks are made for fishing. We have to find a kayak that is designed for the anglers within us.

There are four classes of inflatable kayaks. the recreational type is mainly used in the daytime for lake paddling, diving, snorkeling and fishing. The whitewater inflatable kayak is meant for use in strong whitewater and is rated by class. This is not a boat that an angler would purchase. The expedition kayak is designed for long float excursions through unchartered terrain and capable of handling whitewater challenges. They are also used on rivers and lakes. There are also lake kayaks with long paddles to stroll along large areas of flat water. These kayaks make long lake cruises easier and faster. The difference between the inflatable fishing kayak and these mentioned classes is an inflatable fishing kayak does, in fact, come from one of these classes but are designed to be dedicated to mostly fishing. They make fishing fun, comfortable and hopefully productive.

Special features on these fishing kayaks include increased seat heights, swivel seats, frames for rowing that allow for oars, lure and rod holders and the ability to use a low power gas or trolling motor.

the whitewater inflatable kayak is meant of use in strong whitewater and are rated by class

Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak

So, what are some of the best inflatable fishing kayaks on the market? We'll begin with the Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak that holds two people. It has two sets of bottom fins for precise direction and has a net to secure cargo. It comes with two paddle sets and two holding spots. It can easily hold up to 595 pounds and inflates and deflates easily. It sells for approximately $750.

Sea Eagle 435 Catamaran Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle 435 Catamaran inflatable kayak is a truly unique fishing kayak. It is an extremely durable inflatable kayak that will carry three adults with a weight limit of 855 pounds. It's used on bays, estuaries and lakes as well as wild rivers, rapids and remote streams. The kayak's material is tough and will not be penetrated by knives or fishing hooks. It can be used in wet and dry conditions because of its convertible drains that open to going into the self-draining mode in whitewater and ocean conditions. The drain can be closed in calm conditions. The boat provides excellent stability because of its design and fishermen can stand while fishing without tipping the boat. A small motor or trolling motor can also be added. The Sea Eagle 435 Catamaran sells for around $1,1000 with package options available.


Coming in at under $300 is a recommended inflatable fishing kayak. The AIRHEAD AHTK-2 an all-round fishing kayak that has portability and a stable construction for a great low price. It has tackle storage space, fast deflation and inflation times and super tracking ability. It holds two adults with a weight capacity of approximately 500 pounds. It weighs in at around 36 pounds. It can be used on whitewater, but performs better on flat water, light surf or lakes.

Elkton Outdoors 10′

The Elkton Outdoors 10′ is a favored inflatable fishing kayak among anglers because it's fast and tear resistant. It inflates and is in the water in just a couple of minutes and when it's time to deflate it, it's just as fast. Its balance of maneuverability and stability is well balanced, and it comes with two seats that are removable and inflatable. If fishing alone, the extra space is great for storage. It also has six pockets along the hull for tackle and other equipment and has two-rod holders to give an angler the change to bait a hook or paddle. It holds 420 pounds and contains three bladders which are removable for cleaning and repairs. There is also a repair kit included as well as double-sided oars, a carry bag and foot pump. offers this kayak for approximately $300.

Coleman Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Inflatable Single-Seater

Fishing alone can be an adventure in a Coleman Sevylor K5 Hot Fish Inflatable Single-Seater. This Coleman kayak features heavy duty 24-gauge PVC and durable protection from tears with a polyester cover. It has two fishing rod pockets and a zippered compartment for storage. It's lightweight and easy to inflate and deflate, fitting easily into the trunk of a car or back seat. It performs well and is recommended for fishing on lakes or rivers. This inflatable fishing kayak can be found at Amazon for around $315.

there are also inflatable kayak fishing boats that service the fishing world nicely

Hobie Mirage Outback Camo

When you think the top of the line inflatable fishing kayaks Hobie Mirage Outback Camo should come to mind. Retailing at $2,800 at Amazon, this kayak is a fisherman's dream. It has all the Outback perks plus special features and an attractive look featuring Mirage Drive 180, offering propulsion that is hand free in reverse and forward. The seating system has three options for height and can adjust to recline. The package comes with custom pedal pads, hull graphics and Mirage turbo fins.

Standard features include storage compartments, trays, holders and a gear bucket. There is plenty of storage above as well as below the deck. Bottom line is this inflatable kayak is worth every penny spent.

We hope that the information provided above will be useful to those exploring inflatable kayaks. We tried to highlight the cost, portability and versatility and ease of using an inflatable fishing kayak. We also hope we've helped all to recognize that fishing with an inflatable kayak or just paddling around for fun is a wonderful option to explore.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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