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What Functionalities Does a Golf Rangefinder App Have?

If you are someone who has really gotten into golf, you are likely always on the lookout for new tools that are going to make you that much better. One of the tools that you have likely heard of often from the people who love these kinds of tools. You might have heard of something called a golf rangefinder app. These are devices that will allow you to know just how far you have to get in order to the hole or other parts of the course. For the most part, these pieces of equipment can be quite costly and they can also be a bit clunky to be carrying around.

If you are someone who believes that the only way to play golf is the more traditional way of walking everything, you are likely going to be a bit worn out if you are having to load down your supplies with something like a rangefinder. Thanks to the golden age of the smartphone, there is another choice.

Now you can go ahead and get a golf rangefinder app, that is billed as being able to do the same thing that the device that can be quite clunky and stand out is able to do. So just what are the functionalities of the smartphone applications and are they really just like the devices that you have heard so much about?

Golfshot: Golf GPS for iPhone

golf rangefinder appThis particular application is supposed to behave in a way that will make you think that you have a device that is specifically geared towards making sure you know exactly where you are supposed to go and how far you are away from the pin. Because this is a smartphone application, it's also looking to add quite a bit more by taking advantage of what your smartphone is offering you on a daily basis.

This is an application that offers a kind of subscription which you can then use to give you access to more than 42,000 different golf courses all over the country. Once you have paid for the application, you will be getting any updates, using their GPS services without needing to pay any additional fees.

Not only does this golf rangefinder app allow you to see where you are on the course but it will tell you how far away the pin is from you and it will tell you how far away from any hazards on the course you are. If you are looking for more than just the distance from one spot to another, this app can do that as well. the application actually even allows you to automatically calculate your course handicap. That can certainly be useful if you want to know whether or not you are improving from one round to another.

Hole19 golf GPS app

Hole19 golf GPS appWhile the Hole19 Golf GPS App is going to give you a lot of what you are going to find if you just try and get a device that will do the job of finding how far away you are from the hole, there is an added bonus. This particular application is entirely free.

You are going to have a bit of a reduced functionality with this application precisely because it's free. You are also going to have some ads pop up from time to time. Considering you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 for the same kind of features as this app, having to try and avoid an advertisement here and there is going to come across as a small price to pay for most people.

Where the function is quite a bit different from some of the other golf rangefinder devices in this area, is that you are getting a kind of flyover view of the course you are playing.

You will be able to tap on the flyover screen in order to see just how far away you are from the hole or other spots. One of the really neat features of this application is that you can tap a starting point, and then when you take a shot and arrive at that next spot where the ball lay, you will know exactly how long your previous shot went.

Mobitee Golf Rangefinder App

Mobitee Golf Rangefinder appWhen you are talking about this application, you are likely talking about the fact that you will be able to have a rather versatile golf rangefinder tool at your disposal. There are a number of different kinds of this application as it is usable on both the iPhone and the iPad. If you are using it on an iPad that doesn't have cellular connectivity, you are going to find that there are some things it can no longer do. There are also free versions for both devices, as well as paid devices. You can unlock more functions if you are looking to pay for the application.

Like some of the other golf rangefinder app that are on the market, you can use the application to not over get a flyover view of where you are as compared to the rest of the course, but you can also get a kind of preview of what you are going to take on when you walk the course. That sort of thing comes in very handy if you are on a course that is either quite hilly or curves quite a bit because you may not be able to see the little hazards that lay ahead of you at all times.

In addition to the flyover view, there is also a kind of screen view that will allow you to see the course with the ability to look as though you are looking through one of those golf rangefinders that you actually put down over your eyes and use quite a bit like you would a pair of binoculars. By being able to do that, you are able to change the view so that it is sitting wherever you are feeling the most comfortable.

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