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What does the recumbent exercise bike mean?

A recumbent bike comes in two forms. The most popular one to recumbent exercise bike with is a stationary option that many gyms have in-house. However, it is possible to use a mobile recumbent exercise bike and enjoy it outside. The exercise bike tends to be the one that is stationary though.

the recumbent exercise bike meanThis bike is a lot closer to the ground than an upright bike used in many cycling classes. It's a great option for people who really need back support since it has a seat with a backing, unlike the upright cycling bike. Since it has a full seat, the recumbent exercise bike tends to be a lot more comfortable for the glutes. Even though the workout totally works the lower half of the body, it's not an uncomfortable experience.

The machine is interesting because of its seating. The seating has so much support that a user doesn't have to hold on to anything. If you wanted to, you could send an email on your cell phone or hold a magazine as you exercise. However, it is still good to be fully engaged in the workout. If you're doing a HIIT workout, it's a lot easier to maneuver and operate the different settings in order to change the intensity because of the seated support.

Standout Qualities

One of the attractive features of the recumbent exercise bike is its ability to be a low-impact exercise that allows a person to get a solid cardiovascular workout in. If you choose to do a HIIT workout, you don't have to be on for too long. However, if you'd prefer to do a slow, steady and intense workout, it's wise to stay on for an hour.

After working hard all day in the office, it's nice to sit down in the chair, turn on a favorite tv show and still get an excellent workout at the same time. If you're in the middle of a weight loss journey, this type of ride will be highly enticing to you for your home gym.

When you sign up to work out on this ride, you'll receive the health benefits of a cardio workout with total ease. Fitness experts suggest at least 30 minutes of heart-pumping cardio a day. Additionally, this type of recumbent bike really works the lower portion of the body in such an effective way. If you'd like to tone the legs, you will target all of the areas such as the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. When it pertains to the upper body, it's important to keep the core engaged. An engaged core supports the spine and good posture, but it also allows the ab muscles to thrive and become more pronounced and sculpted.

Things to Consider

Fitted Workout Clothes

Loose clothing tends to be discouraged mainly because loose strings or fabric can get caught. Fitted workout clothes are snug and close to the body and will not get caught on anything. As you begin to pedal quickly and get into the workout, the last thing you want is to get a piece of clothing stuck on the recumbent exercise bike and experience a potential injury. Wear breathable cotton workout clothing that's fitted and remain safe.

Comfortable Sneakers

Never skimp on wearing quality shoes while exercising. Even though you're not on your feet during a bike workout, your feet are doing a lot of pedaling and require support. Make sure to always wear supportive shoes that cushion the soles of your feet.

Even though you might own your own, do not use it while you're barefoot. There is a chance of slipping and getting the feet caught on another portion of the recumbent bike, which can lead to injury. To protect the feet, always wear shoes.

Type of Workout

Stamina 1350 Magnetic Resistance Recumbent BikeThere are two types of workouts anyone can effectively complete on a stationary recumbent bike: HIIT workouts and a standard routine. The HIIT workouts allow you to get some diversity within a short time frame. It's important to adjust the intensity and speed of the pedaling every few minutes. In order to burn more fat and calories, you can increase the speed and resistance for a full minute. Then, follow it up with a 30-second second break at a lower resistance and slower speed.

Alternate the following patters for 30 minutes to get the heart rate in the fat-burning zone. Another option is the standard routine that stays at a consistent level throughout the workout. The workout can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. It's possible to set the resistance and leave it alone until the end of the workout. While one might burn more calories than the other, both workouts are effective for weight loss.

Supplemental Workouts

Just as the cycling machine serves as an incredible form of cardiovascular exercise, it can also be great for toning the muscles. A great way to enhance the experience is by doing weighted squats afterward. If you're a beginner, start with five-pound weights. More advanced users can add on more weights. A few squats after the workout can really help tone and increase the chances of muscle definition.

It's also important to remember to stretch. While it's good to stretch before a workout, it's also important to stretch afterward. Make sure to do stretches that'll encourage blood flow throughout the lower half of the body. A quick yoga session with poses like the downward facing dog can be really effective.

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