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What Are Ping Pong Table Dimensions?

With a variety of sizes, colors, and thickness, ping pong tables are a rather versatile sporting good that you can place in any area to add some fun. With a standard pool table, you get a board, four legs, net, and two paddles. However, you may find that some ping pong tables are just bigger than others due to the way that the manufacturer creates each table. There are also official sizes that can change the way you view your table if you want to play professionally.

Hathaway Victory Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table with 25mm Thick Surface, 2” Steel SupportsSizing inevitably is different for ping pong and table tennis. If you plan to play professionally, then you wouldn’t want to go with a ping pong table anyway because it won’t have the same materials or markings as the table tennis. While there are still “ping-pong” leagues in USA and England, most of the world recognizes it as table tennis, which is organized by the ITTF or the International Table Tennis Federation. Players are fiercely defensive about the use of ping pong in reference to table tennis because there are differences that make table tennis harder to play.

The tables that are used for competitive and recreational play vary greatly in their coloring, size, and craft. Some brands build table tennis boards to be used in all areas, while others are made from wood just like the standard tables used in competition. Here are some ways to look at tables when picking out the right size for your home.

Table Stats

The official ruling from ITTF states that tables with the following dimensions are supposed to be used for ping pong. These include a rectangle 2.74 meters long and 1.525 meters wide, creating a 9 v 5 dimension for the competitive table tennis top. In addition, the top of the table has to be 76 cm above the floor and be level from edge to edge.

The materials are also regulated. The ping pong table can be made out of any material to be considered a legal table, so long it results in a 23 cm bounce when a ping pong ball is dropped from an above height of 30 centimeters. It’s important to get a brand that has these kinds of official rulings if you want to play competitively.

Table Markings

If you want the official dimensions for markings, then the ping pong table must be a solid dark color with a white line that is 2 cm thick across and along the four edges. The net will run across the entire width of the table, which should be 1.525-meter width. This divides the table into two equal squares of 1.35 meter in length. The top of the net should be 15.25 cm above the playing table top.

For doubles, there are additional dimensions. This includes an additional line of 3 millimeters wide that is drawn a perpendicular to the middle of the table, where the net is located. The line is then drawn down the center of the table, allowing the table to be divided in half with two .76 meter equal half-lengths.

Recreational Table Sizes

 60” Portable Table Tennis Ping Pong Table w/Accessories Indoor GameMost ping-pong tables do meet the standard sizes for an official table. However, manufacturers are not required to meet these dimensions. Recreational tables in the US are measured in feet or inches, so if the table is 9 x 5 feet then it is usually marked as competition-ready or tournament-size. It may also state ITTF standard table or competition-size.

You may find tables that are a bit smaller and meant to be placed in a gaming room at home. This means that they may not have as wide dimensions in order to not take up so much space inside of a gaming area. While an official table is measured at 108 inches by 60 inches, some tables only measure out to 84 inches by 41 inches. There are also tables made for kids that are much smaller in width and length. These may be described as mini tabletop tables.

World Wide Tables

People all over the world play ping pong. It is recognized as an Olympic sport and one of the most competitive depending on where you go in the world. While the game did originate in England as a way to compete against lawn tennis courts in the late 1800s, the International Table Tennis Federation was not formed until 1926. Back then, the table sizes were a bit smaller, but only by a few inches.

Tips for Buying the Right Size

If you are thinking of buying a ping pong table for your gaming room, you should consider the size and decor of the room first. However, there are no other sizes if you plan to play professionally. You should purchase the standard 9 by 5 feet table if you want to measure up to those who play in tournaments.

You can use a tape measure to measure the room’s square feet. You typically need more area around the table as well as for movement, as players tend to bounce back and forth on their side of the net. With the right size table, you can typically take up half of a room.

If you plan to purchase a new ping pong table, you should look at the sizes and compare online first. Customer ratings are always a safe bet before making any big purchases. You can see pictures on how to decorate and style a game room with a tabletop tennis board to get more ideas.

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