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Weber 47100001 Spirit S210 Natural Gas Grill review 2019

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Since its debut in 1952, Weber has held the gold standard in manufacturing high-quality grills. To cut costs, Weber outsourced the assembling of its Spirit series to a company in China. Although the Weber Spirit S-210 cannot claim the “Made in America” label, Weber maintains it is a quality product users can trust.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions :

    32 x 50 x 63 inches

  • GS4 System :

  • Item Weight :

    125 pounds

  • Shipping Weight :


  • Color:

    Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel:

  • Warranty:


  • This barbecue is a Natural Gas unit
  • 360 -square inch of cooking area
  • 90 -square inch for warming
  • Electronic Crossover ignition system starts
  • It is a 3/8” connection


  • Long preheat times
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Weber redesigned the Spirit S-210 in 2013. Older models had the burners positioned vertically with the controls on the side of the shelf. The new models feature horizontal burners and front panel controls. Weber maintains that these minor tweaks give users more workspace and provide better cooking performance.

Delivery and Packaging

Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas GrillThe Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill arrives within a couple of days of purchase. As standard with Weber grills, the outside features a picture of what the unit looks like assembled, so buyers can make sure they have the desired grill before opening the box.

The inside of the box contains small cartons with the grill’s components. Items are marked and have plastic covers for additional protection. Buyers also have the option of purchasing the expert assembly.

Those who chose to assemble the product report it was easy to put together. Some reviewers recommend a second person to assist. The time to construct the unit depends on the assembler(s) skill level. With or without assistance, novice assemblers took up to two hours, while those with experience managed to put the grill together in about a half hour.

Construction and Appearance

The Weber Spirit S-210 has a basic design with stainless steel throughout. It features control knobs on the front panel and a battery operated crossover switch for easy grilling. A lid-mount temperature gauge allows users to monitor the heat level.

Black porcelain-coated grates and Flavorizer Bars sit under the hood. A stainless steel access door leads the way to the fuel gauge and an area to install and store the propane tank. Spring-loaded brackets hold the propane tank and measure the fuel level.

Side tables hold three hooks on each side for grilling utensils while extended. Then, it folds down for quick storage when not in use. The Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill rests on four heavy-duty casters, two of which have locking capabilities.

Facts and Figures

Weber’s Spirit S-210Weber’s patented Flavorizer Bars come standard in every grill. This inverted V-shape invention leads grease away from the burner tubes and minimizes flare-ups. As the drippings from the food fall on the Flavorizer Bars, it converts them into vapor and circulates it back into the food, giving it extra flavor.

Because Flavorizer Bars serve as the grill’s workhorse they take on more stress than other parts of the grill and require constant maintenance. Experts recommend using a plastic putty knife and grill brush after firing up the grill and letting it cool before cleaning.

Weber Spirit S-210 Natural Gas Grill comes equipped with two porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars, one to cover each burner. Reportedly, the porcelain-enamel coating makes them easier to clean than their plain stainless steel counterparts.

Spirit S-210 has a 360-square inch grilling space and a 90-square inch removable warming rack, offering a total of 450-square inches of cooking space. Two parallel burners produce a total of 26,500 BTUs. The unit weighs approximately 122 pounds and measures 63″ H x 50″ W x 32″ D with the lid opened. With the lid down and sides folded the Weber Spirit S210 measures 45″ tall and 30″ wide.

In lieu of high-quality stainless steel, Weber uses thick-gauge stainless steel to construct the Spirit S-210. The material is still durable but shortens the grill’s lifespan. The cook box, lid, and burner tubes come with a 10-year warranty, and the cooking grates and Flavorizer Bars have a 5-year warranty. A 2-year warranty covers the remaining parts.


Weber’s Spirit S-210 GrillThe Weber Spirit S-210 comes operates via liquid propane, but comes with a 10′ flexible hose to connect natural gas. High-grade burners are made of a single piece of stainless steel to prevent burn-through, rust, and corrosion.

A cutting-edge Electronic Crossover ignition system delivers a quick startup. The Spirit S210’s porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates combine porcelain enamel with cast iron for easy cleanup and exceptional temperature control. Additionally, the hood-mounted thermometer records accurate grill temperatures.

With Weber’s patented Flavorizer Bars, there is no need to season the grates. Not only does food taste more flavorful, but also the Flavorizer Bars grab the juices as they drip and turn them into vapor. The Flavorizer Bars also keep the burners from clogging and helps manage the control of the grease, leaving less liquid to remove after cooking.

Test Results

Reviewers who purchased the grill report that the E-210 is well-built heats rapidly, and cooks evenly. However, independent tests told a different story. The Electronic Crossover ignition system started quickly, but the grill took a while to preheat. Once hot, though, it cranks out temperatures up to 550 degrees.

The 360-square inch cooking area limits the amount of food that can fit on the unit at one time. Yet, it provides a full grill experience with cast iron cooking grates, Flavorizer Bars, burner tubes, and a grease management system.

The burner valves give users several cooking options. Beyond patties and franks, it does an excellent job of grilling steaks on high flames and roasting chicken on low heat.


  • Compact design to fit small spaces
  • Great heat transfer and retention
  • Side tables let down to free up space
  • Easy cleanup


  • Long preheat times


The Spirit S-210 is the smallest model grill that Weber makes. It is an efficient and durable entry-level natural gas grill. Although it is not a powerful grill with a lot of bells and whistles, it gets the job done. Like other Weber grills, the big draw is its Flavorizer Bars, which create a savory smoke, so the flavor remains in the food. Besides this, the Spirit S-210 porcelain enameled cast iron grates do an excellent job of preserving and transferring heat.

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