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Walmart Inflatable Kayak Product Review

Are you shopping on a budget and still want to get something that last you for many years? Walmart has a line-up of inflatable kayaks that are priced to suit your needs. Right now, Walmart is selling numerous different models made by a number of different manufacturers, one of which is a catamaran specifically designed for fishing.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS

image of Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SSThe first inflatable kayak model that Walmart sells is the single-seat Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS, which includes a paddle, speaker, and bag. It normally prices at $399 and has a surprisingly large and open cockpit for the occupant to enjoy. The seat is highly adjustable, and there is even a hands-free electronics system with a Bluetooth speaker for your listening pleasure. There is also a waterproof inflatable bag that comes along with this system. Should you ever need it, it will work at keeping your technology nice and dry.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS also comes with a removable PAC that is able to be used as extra storage, which many customers find to be rather convenient. Of course, there are also plenty of storage compartments found throughout the vessel. The craft also features quite a lot in the way of comfort with its adjustable seat, adjustable foot braces, and protective thigh padding.

The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS is surprisingly stable in strong gusts of wind (including winds coming in at about 15 miles per hour).

For its price, this inflatable kayak seems to be able to track well and garner enough speed while out on the water to satisfy most customers. Also, since it is easy to use, it can work well for beginning kayakers.

Solstice Rogue

image of Solstice Rogue Inflatable Kayak

The next inflatable kayak model that Walmart sells is the Solstice Rogue, which is also its most affordable model, pricing in at just over $100. This model is a two-seater with adjustable seats and is crafted from heavy duty 26G K80 material.Its design is that of a three chamber construction, and it features the standard I-beam floor for enhanced stability and control while cruising around on the water. This model can support up to 360 pounds of weight, but with its limited amount of sitting space, it might be hard to comfortably seat two full-sized adults. An adult and a child might fit a little bit more comfortably in the Solstice Rogue. However, this model does come with front and rear spray covers, which makes for a nice extra touch.

Sea Eagle 370

image of Sea Eagle SE370K_P Inflatable Kayak with Pro Package

Walmart also sells the Sea Eagle 370, which, as was previously mentioned, can carry up to three people and is capable of toting all your camping gear for a weekend retreat. Walmart prices this model at a respectable $299, making it one of the more popular purchases. Walmart customers rave that the Sea Eagle 370 is easy to fold up and store away and that, with a separately purchased air blower, the craft can be inflated within just a few short minutes, even though the foot pedal also doesn't take very long.

The sail kit that you can get with the Sea Eagle 370 adds an element of fun that a lot of customers seem to really enjoy. If you are the only adult in the craft and are doing and of the paddling, rest assured knowing that paddling in this kayak is not strenuous, and the sail adds extra ease to your water adventure. Of course, having a passenger who does not paddle will slow the vessel down, so be prepared for a slower ride if the other person in the Sea Eagle with you does not want to help with paddling.

Catamaran Inflatable Fishing Boat

Finally, Walmart also sells a catamaran-style single-person inflatable fishing boat. This vessel prices at just under $624, which seems to be quite reasonable for this type of inflatable vessel. It is, of course, designed specifically for fishing out on the lake and is therefore not rated as an ideal model for whitewater rafting. However, if you want to get to fishing spots on the lake that are otherwise difficult to access with a regular boat, the catamaran inflatable fishing boat is a good choice for you.

This inflatable vessel is crafted from high quality 1000 Dernier three-ply fabric, which is coated with PVC to help ensure a good amount of stability, speed, and tracking. The hull appears to be thick, so you won't have to worry about puncturing any holes or tearing any gashes that cannot be repaired while you are cruising on the lake. The single seat is elevated in order to provide the occupant with plenty of spinal support and a good view over the lake while fishing. There is a swivel oarlock for rowing the vessel, but you can also choose to mount a trolling motor on the catamaran's rigid transom. Doing this will allow you to get through the lake with a greater amount of ease, especially if you struggle with the upper body strength needed for manual rowing.

image of BRIS 11 ft Inflatable Catamaran Inflatable Boat Inflatable Dinghy Mini Cat Boat Blue

The catamaran is truly designed like a catamaran with its signature style hull. Its lake fishing boat dimensions are measured out at 108 inches by 60 inches, which makes this one sizable inflatable model. A pump, gauge, and carrying bag are all included in this package, but you will have to purchase the oars separately. Since the boat is pretty big, there is more than enough space behind the seat and in front of your legs for all of your essential fishing gear. Additionally, you can mount two fishing poles to the stern of the catamaran inflatable to maximize your potential number of bites.

This catamaran-style single person fishing boat comes in a blue and white print, which makes it easy for other boats to spot and avoid while out on the lake. As is the case with the other inflatable kayak models in this product review, this vessel is easy to set up and take down, needing only a matter of minutes to inflate and deflate. The catamaran can be packed neatly down into a fraction of its size, placed into its carrying bag, and easily toted around in even the smallest of vehicles.

Finding the right inflatable kayak to fit your needs is becoming easier as manufacturers are realizing that more people want vessels that are easy to lug around and use.

More models seem to be hitting the market each year, but the ones that have been on the market for a while tend to be well-loved and long-lasting. Their hulls are being made increasingly more thick and durable thanks to innovations in the materials used. Many of these vessels are incredibly versatile and can provide hours (if not days) worth of entertainment for the entire family.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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