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Coleman Trailhead II review 2019

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Walmart camping cot is one of the top shopping destinations for campers because the store features a variety of brands for inexpensive prices. However, there are also a lot of camping accessories that work well with different cots that you can find at Wal-Mart as well.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    76 x 25 x 13 inches

  • Item Weight:

    18.3 pounds

  • Weight Capacity :

    300 lbs

  • Frame :


  • Color:


  • Style:

    Military Camping Cot

  • Foldable?:


  • Easy Handling?:


  • Product Warranty:

    365 days

  • easy-to-assemble
  • durable
  • heavy-duty polyester fabric
  • easy transport
  • design folds compactly


  • no center crossbar
  • very sharp corners
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They have comparison shopping options online and in-store, but there are even more brands and discounts that you can find online typically.

Walmart Camping Cot Guide

Walmart Fold-up Camping CotThe number of cot brands at Wal-Mart has significantly grown since camping has grown more popular in the past few years. Brands like Coleman and Kamp-Rite can both be found in Wal-Mart’s cot section.

There are different types of cots that you can find at and in-store. These include the following:

Fold-Up Camping Cots

These are the most convenient and inexpensive on the list in some cases. It all depends on how much cushion and comfort you want in your bed. There are a number of brands that also sell fold-up camping beds as well as XXL cots.

If you plan to go camping in an area where you’ll want to go hiking or need to pack-up quickly, then this would be the best cot to choose in terms of convenience and weight.

Tent Cots

Headed to an area with a lot of insects? Then you can get the more secure bed of the bunch, which is the tent cot. This offers an add-on that you can attach to the cot, allowing you to enjoy nights free of pests. It’s also much warmer at night inside of a tent cot. In addition, if you don’t have a tent separately from your cot, this can help you turn your cot into the perfect tent.

Storage Cots

Some cots have a little bit more height to their design and allow you to stow away different types of gear. The cot may also come with other accessories, such as velcro storage that hangs off the side. There are also hammock bags that attach and hang under the cot too.

Military Cots

There are only a few military style cots sold at Wal-Mart, however you end up paying much less when you purchase one of these minimalist cots. These have a very lightweight aluminum and PVC construction with a nylon or polyester fabric that stretches across the cot. They are meant to be very lightweight and easy to transport.

Cots for Bad Backs

If you suffer from any type of bad back, then you know it can also be difficult to sleep on your back on a flat surface such as the ground or on a hard cot bed. There are beds that come with padding that supports a bad back and also takes on a hammock shape, allowing the bed to conform to the shape of your spine and alleviate pressure.

Economy Cots

These are some of the lowest cost cots that you’ll find online today. While they are very minimalist in design, they provide elevation and some comfort, depending on the brand. These cots are also typically under $25.

Best Cot Buys at Wal-Mart

Best Walmart Camping Cot ReviewThere are a few brands that you’ll find at Walmart camping cot that are worth paying a bit extra for and still managing to get a great deal. Walmart shoppers are known for their bargain buys, and camping is no exception. Whether you are purchasing a cot or getting a sleeping bag, Walmart camping cot simply does have some of the lowest prices for camping gear.

Some of the best cots that you’ll find at Walmart include:

Coleman Deluxe Portable Cot

This is one of the more expensive cots found at Walmart camping cot. While it does cost over $50 typically, the deluxe portable cot is quite comfortable and provides padding. It’s a tad heavier than other cots, but the quality provides for a better sleep and more durability. You’ll be able to use this cot for much longer than its 10-year warranty.

Coleman Ridgeline III Camp Bed

This is another top-of-the-line camping cot from Coleman. You can expect to pay much less at Walmart camping cot for this basic cot. It also has a bit of padding, just not as much as the deluxe. This is a great option if you like the idea of a folding bed, rather than a cot, although they are very similar in design.

Ozark Trail Collapsible Camp Cot

Ozark Trail Collapsible Camp Cot ReviewThis is another camping cot that has a basic design. The materials with this cot are not as high-grade as others, but they do provide some level of comfort and elevation. You can store all of your gear beneath the Ozark Trail cot as it is quite large and provides multiple organizers that hang from the side of the cot.

Coleman Trailhead II Cot

This is a lower cost cot from the major camping Coleman brand. The Trailhead II is a wonderful cot that supports weights over 250 lbs and has a wide frame. The aluminum base is painted black, and the fabric stretched across is made from a nylon blend. Easy-to-assemble and lightweight, you get a great value from the Coleman Trailhead II.

Trademark Innovations Folding Camping Cot

Want something that’s going to last? The Trademark Innovations camping cot comes with a great carrying case. It makes setting up the cot and storing the cot as seamless as possible.

The cot supports over 250 lbs, it also has a taller height, making it better if you have a lot of gear to store. Unfortunately, the cot isn’t so forgiving to those with bad backs.

Other Camping Cot Accessories at Wal-Mart

You can find a number of interesting accessories at Wal-Mart for camping cots. Some of the accessories that are going to make a difference include the following:

  • Pop-up Tent Cover for Cot
  • Carrying Case
  • Cot Velcro Organizers
  • Hammock under the cot storage


Walmart camping cot offers the most options for less and in-store. However, you may want to compare some of the brands’ offerings with stores on Amazon so that you can compare prices and get a better deal.

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