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Troy-Bilt TB42 review 2019

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Crafting an incredible yard you want to spend time in takes time, energy, and most importantly, tools. The right tools are an essential part of creating an unforgettable yard you’ll be able to enjoy.

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Overview of functions
  • Item Dimensions:

    70 x 47 x 35.5 inches

  • Item Weight :

    520 pounds

  • Power Source :


  • Color:


  • Mowing Deck Size:

    42 inches

  • Cutting Width:

    5 inches

  • Ideal for mowing large areas:


  • Foot-Pedal automatic transmission:


  • Automatic mower?:


  • Product Warranty:

    730 days

  • comfortable seat
  • adjustable cutting height
  • automatic cut-off Engine
  • automatic pedal
  • easy access and comfort


  • 42-inch mowing deck might be a bit too small for larger backyards
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Troy-bilt Tb42 Riding Lawn TractorThis is why so many homeowners consider investing in a riding lawn mower. This style of mower can make an incredible difference when it comes to keeping your lawn in tip-top shape. If you’re tired of pushing heavy mowers, sick of dealing with self-propelled lawn units, or just want to try something new, it’s time to consider the Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor. This unit offers an assortment of benefits you’re going to love. Here’s what you need to know.

Delivery and packaging

When you’re ready to purchase your new mower, you don’t have to stress about beating the crowds or finding a store within driving distance that carries the unit you want. Instead, you can visit your favorite online retailer to make your purchase. You’ll be able to do everything online: place your order, schedule delivery, and track your package.

Your new mower will be delivered straight to your home, which means you don’t even have to deal with transporting it a short distance. Everything will be taken care of. When you receive your unit, you’ll be able to get to work on your lawn and craft something truly unforgettable.

Facts & Figures

Facts about Troy-bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn TractorWhen you’re looking for a new lawn tractor, it’s important to select something that’s strong, powerful, and consistent. It doesn’t do anyone any favors to select a model that doesn’t cut well or precisely. In fact, this can be incredibly frustrating, especially when you’re trying to create an incredible lawn. Make sure you select a review winner model that not only runs powerfully, but that is consistent throughout the entire grass-cutting experience.

This Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor model is powered by a 420CC engine. It’s powerful and will get the job done. It also features a foot-pedal automatic CVT to ensure you have full control during use. You’ll also be pleased to discover that this unit comes with a 7-speed transmission. That’s right: 7 speeds! You won’t have to stress or worry about having an easy time using this model. It’s designed to give you optimum control.

A 42-inch mowing deck coupled with a 13-gauge steel frame means you’re going to be able to cut exactly how you want to. More importantly, you’re not going to struggle to get on and off of this unit. It’s powerful, but it’s also designed to be used comfortably and easily. Many consumers are concerned about the challenge of actually getting on and off their riding lawn mower. With this unit, you’ll have a convenient step that enables you to climb on and off easily and without any hassle at all.

This model measures 70 x 47 x 35.5 inches and weighs over 500 pounds, making it an incredible and powerful choice if you have a medium-sized yard. Let this unit cultivate the perfect lawn for you with its durable wheels and quality steel frame.

Operation & Functions

Using your new riding lawn mower is simple when you invest in a Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor. This model is designed with consumer comfort in mind. You’ll have four powerful wheels that are designed for optimum maneuverability. This means you’re going to be able to handle turns, stops, and small hills without any difficulty. Small inclines aren’t a problem with you’re riding a Troy-Bilt. This is another benefit of opting for a riding unit: it’s powerful. While many push mowers may struggle to make it up hills, this Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor model makes moving easy.

Practical Review

Troy-bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor ResultsFinding a mower that works for you and your needs isn’t a simple process, but with a Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor, you’ll find that it’s a little easier. The right mower should work for you: not the other way around. Never think that mowing your lawn has to be a terrible experience. It doesn’t! If you find that you dread caring for your yard because you know it’s going to hurt your knees, backs, or hips, it’s time to invest in a riding unit you can count on. This Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor style of mower is designed with your comfort and your best interests in mind.

Ordering this Troy-Bilt Tb42 Auto Riding Lawn Tractor model is quite simple and can be done completely online. There’s no need to stress about going to the store, arranging for delivery, or trying to transport the unit yourself. In fact, if you’re purchasing this style of unit because of health concerns or limitations, you shouldn’t even be considering trying to transport it on your own. Let the manufacturer and retail seller worry about getting your mower to you. That’s not something you need to stress about.

It’s also important to note that this unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty. This is offered by the manufacturer and is designed to assist you in case anything breaks or goes wrong with your mower. While no one wants to think about the possibility of something breaking, it’s important to note that it can happen. A warranty protects you and your financial investment in your mower. If you notice a problem with your mower, simply contact the manufacturer for assistance. Note that you’ll need to keep your receipt handy to prove when your purchase date was.



While caring for your lawn might seem challenging, it’s easier than ever with this review winner model. You’ll be able to ride comfortably and let the mower handle everything. What are you waiting for? Get the lawn you’ve always dreamed about by investing in a new riding lawn mower you can count on. With online ordering, finding the right lawn mower to meet your needs has never been easier or simpler than it is right now. Order yours now so you can start enjoying your yard.

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Conclusion: The premium 420cc Single Troy-Bilt engine will surely make smooth and easy work of any job.

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