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Things to Know Before Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop

Which portable basketball hoop is the best for driveway?

image of Portable Basketball HoopThe best place for a portable basketball hoop is the driveway of a home because it’s safe, convenient, and on your own property. You can control every aspect of the basketball hoop from your driveway as well, so whether you want to cement the basketball hoop in the ground or keep it free-standing, it’s your court to create.

There are a few different free-standing basketball hoops to consider for driveway courts. These offer the most options, heavy base, and sturdy support poles to ensure that you have many years of play before it wears out.

Some of the best basketball hoops for a driveway have special features like sand or water-filled bases, wheels, or height-adjustable support poles. Here are a few brands and products that stand out with these features:

Spalding Hercules

Sturdy and well-made, the Spalding Hercules has a solid frame and base that you can set up in any driveway. With a 52-inch backboard and a height-adjustable pole, you can practice different shots and rebounds with ease. It’s a great basketball hoop if you have a lot of friend who want to play pick-up games as well.

The base size is a bit larger than average, which is great for holding down the basketball hoop. It’s a 3-piece construction, which is a bit risky if you plan on practicing dunks. In that case, you may want to get a basketball hoop that has breakaway construction and uses a 2-piece support pole.

Spalding The Beast

This is another basketball hoop from the sports brand that stands out. From reviews and specifications, you can tell this is one of the better hoops on the market. It has a larger backboard that is made from tempered glass. This is exactly like NBA specifications, which makes it a great stand if you want to league play. It also has a screw jack lift support and has wheels, allowing you to position it wherever you would like.

The Beast has a 60-inch backboard, which is also regulation size. If you want to get in those shots on a real backboard and hoop, this would be the best one to pick. The base also has a 55 gallon capacity. With two-piece construction, you can also practice dunks. However, you probably wouldn’t want to hang off the rim.

Lifetime Portable Hoops

Lifetime is a historic basketball hoop brand that has been making different hoops for a couple decades. You can find this brand in retail stores and online, as it’s one of the popular and more affordable hoops on the market. They make different hoops from polyethylene boards to tempered glass. At the most basic, you can get the Lifetime Outdoor portable 44” hoops that cost less than $180. These have a solid steel ring and all-weather nylon net included.

Bear Gold

If you are looking for a very high-end driveway basketball hoop, then the Bear Gold Basketball System may be perfect. It is a regulation ½-inch thick, tempered glass backboard. However, what makes it really cool, is that it has a different construction to adjust height while still looking like a real backboard and basketball net.

You can take this one anywhere as well, as it can compact and be set up for any moment for practice. You can easily set it up in a driveway or street as well. The breakaway rim also means that you can dunk and use the backboard just as you would in real rebound situations. With a height-adjustable pole, it’s easy to drop the backboard down if you are playing with younger players.

SKLz Pro Mini Hoop

If you want a really cheap option for your first driveway hoop, then you can save some money with the SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop System. Everything works and looks like a professional basketball hop, but it only goes up to 7 feet and can drop down to 3 feet for junior league players. It comes with al all-weather net, mobile base, and built-in wheels. When looking at any basketball hoop for the driveway, some of the factors that are most important =”pros-list”>

  • Sturdy base
  • Built-in wheels
  • Steel support materials
  • All-weather net
  • Tempered glass backboard
  • Regulation size backboard
  • Height adjustable up to 10 feet

There are also some accessories that can help you protect your garage door, such as a net that you can hang, or you can also purchase chalk to line out boundaries and zones for different gameplay and training.

image of Best Basketball Hoop for DrivewayWhile these brands above are all great for portable hoops, these hoops can also be used in off-road situations or you can use to set up a practice court outside. These basketball hoops were made to go anywhere.

A driveway basketball hoop is a good idea if you have kids who play basketball, or you want to train at home. The best driveway courts are a bit larger so you have enough space to do a lay-up or play a scrimmage game at least on a single zone.

You don’t need to hire anyone to create a driveway basketball court either. You can simply order it and assemble at home, as instructions are pretty minimal. If you are handy and have all the tools, then you won’t need to purchase a drill or wrench set. All of the gear and tools are typically included with a portable basketball set. 

Single car driveways can be set up with a portable hoop in facing away from the garage door, with the back to the street. However, the better setup is with a two-car driveway as you can typically set up the basketball net to the side of the driveway in the grass, which gives you more playing room.

What size portable basketball hoop?

image of Spalding 2500 Portable Basketball HoopRegulation sizes are different than junior league and kid-sized basketball hoops. Some hoops allow you to adjust the base and support so that you can change the height as you grow, while others have a maximum height.

Sizes mean different things to separate parts of the basketball hoop as well. If you are talking about a standard basketball rim, which is the hoop attached to the backboard, then you should purchase one that is 18” in diameter. This is a regulation hoop by NBA standards. Most hoops sold online and in-store have an 18-inch hoop.

NBA backboards are made from tempered glass. However, you may not need the same backboard at home. Acrylic is better than polyethylene, but polyethylene boards are the cheapest and most affordable. The biggest difference is in the thickness, length, and width of the board.

For a backboard that you want to practice on for league play, you should try to get the biggest possible. Regulation size is 6 feet by 3.5 feet wide or 6 feet by 4 feet wide, roughly 72 inches. However, most portable heelps are sold below the 72-inch mark, meaning that you may only get up to a 60” backboard.

If you are not looking to practice rebounds or you don’t plan to host real scrimmages, then the backboard size doesn’t matter that much. You can go with a smaller 54” or 52” backboard.

Strong, durable backboards are typically ½” thick, especially if tempered glass. Other backboards may be thicker or narrower, depending on the type of material and brand. The thicker backboards are more stable and provide more bounce for rebounds. Tempered glass is the best option if practicing for league and professional play as it’s what NBA courts use for their basketball hoops.

Junior league has different measurements for height and backboards however. For juniors, or youth leagues, the maximum height is 7 feet from the net to the ground, and the backboard varies in height but is typically no more than 60 inches wide.

A height adjustable basketball hoop is the best for at-home play. You can easily change the height as you get used to practicing shots at a higher level. Some supports only have two height dimensions, 7 feet or 10 feet. NBA states that nets must be 10 feet from the ground, so if you want to practice like a professional, it’s best to get a basketball hoop that can go higher.

Portable hoops also come with a square or rectangle base that is hollow. This is so you can fill it with water or sand. With heavier bases, you get over a 35-gallon base. This can weigh down your basketball hoop and make it more sturdy, meaning that it can withstand hard shots. However, cheaper brands and smaller basketball hoops may not have such a big base. While this is important to stabilizing the hoop, you can always place bricks or cement blocks on top of the base if you are having trouble stabilizing it.

Here is a quick guide to sizing with basketball hoops as you shop online:

Rim size

Rim size

18 inches in diameter (Standard size for all hoops)

Backboard sizes

Backboard sizes

72” (NBA), 60” (Large backboard for rebounding), or 55” and below (Standard for portable hoops)

Backboard type and thickness

Backboard type and thickness

½” thick (standard) in tempered glass (best), acrylic (standard), or polyethylene (lowest cost).

Support pole

Support pole

Should have a maximum of 10 feet. Height adjustable is best if you want to start out lower at 7 feet.



Typically 3 by 5 feet, 35 to 55 gallon capacity

Portable basketball hoop that can fit in garage

Portable basketball hoop that can fit in garage

If you have a large enough garage and want to create a basketball court inside, you can use a portable basketball hoop to create the perfect indoor court. Not all basketball hoops will be able to fit inside of your garage, so it’s important to measure first and look at hoops that won’t cramp your garage or cause balls to fly in every direction. These are some considerations you should take as you start to create your indoor basketball court. There are a variety of DIY photos and guides on creating a court in your garage so that it can handle both basketballs and your vehicles. Here are a few to take a look at for inspiration:

Garage Height

Garage Height

Between taking three-point shots and the height of the basketball hoop itself, you will need to have a garage with a fairly high ceiling of 30 feet or higher. The actual basketball hoop has to be 10 feet off the ground, and the backboard will push the height a bit more. To have a comfortable playing experience, you want to make sure that you have enough room to shoot the ball high as well as deal with rebounding balls that may strike and bounce higher.

Comfortable Space

Comfortable Space

You don’t necessarily need a lot of room to practice different shots, but if you are afraid of the ball hitting different objects in your garage or you don’t have enough room to practice footwork, it’s not worth it to set up a garage basketball court. Traditionally, the court size for NBA is 94 by 50 feet, while international courts are 92 by 49 feet. You could manage to have a smaller court with a height adjustable basketball court that you set to 7 feet. If you are practicing with junior league players, this should be enough room. However, if you think that your garage doesn’t have enough width, you may need to remove shelving and other obstacles to widen your space and make it more comfortable to play.

Basketball Hoop Placement

Basketball Hoop Placement

You can hang the basketball hoop over the garage doorway or you can place a portable hoop in different areas of the garage depending on how you want to lay out the space. The most space will come from a basketball hoop that is placed in the center along the wall, providing enough room for zone, three-point, and half-court shots if you want the most practice.



Most garages have a single light that isn’t that bright. You probably will need to install multiple lights to brighten up the space so you can shut the door. Otherwise, you could always play with the door open. Unfortunately, you may have to chase the ball if it shoots out the door.

Floor Material

Floor Material

Cement is typically the floor base for most garages. This is an okay surface to play on, except that it gets slippery. You may want to add a non-slip coating or completely change the floor to wood or an epoxy floor type, if you want to create a true court experience.

Garage Nets

Garage Nets

Setting up barriers can help protect other things in your garage from being damaged by a stray ball. You can hang a sport or garage net to protect your walls, shelves, and garage doors.



Depending on how you plan to set up your garage court, you may want to stow away a portable hoop when not in use. There are a few different brands that allow you to fold up and store a basketball hoop in just this fashion. Spalding Fastbreak is one of the top foldaway basketball hoops that is great for this exact purpose.

Picking the Right Basketball Hoop for Garage

Basketball hoops don’t matter as much as the setup. The same portable hoops that work outside will work indoors, but you may want to get a heavier base. The issue with an indoor portable hoop is that it can slide more easily since it’s not on grass or rough terrain. If you have it on cement, for example, your base may tend to slip without being properly hankered down.

There are a few portable hoops out there that are great for indoor use and have heavier base materials. These include the following:

  • Spalding Fastbreak Portable Hoop
  • Lifetime 52” Portable Basketball Hoop System
  • Silverback NXT
  • Portable basketball hoop with wheels

This is a dynamic portable hoop with a heavy base and breakaway rim. It can easily be folded down to store away, but you can set it up in minutes as well. With wheels, it does allow you to move it better, and you can remove the walls or brake them when you want the unit to stay put. It also comes with a 48” acrylic backboard, which is perfect for an indoor court as the ball won’t bounce as high as with tempered glass. Spalding includes a two year warranty on this all-steel, welded hoop.

This backboard is a little larger, and it doesn’t have the same foldaway construction. However, you can take it apart rather easily or adjust the height that it is small and compact. The backboard is larger, which means that you’ll need more room to play. It also comes with a breakaway construction and compression strings, which allows you to practice dunks and rebounds.

This model has a really heavy base of 39 gallons and offers a more cost effective portable hoop. While it doesn’t fold down, you do get a high-quality rim, large backboard, and heavy base. This allows you to set up the court inside and practice all of your shots. If you are worried about the height, you can adjust this hoop down to 5 feet if you like or go up to 10 feet. Silverback makes pretty decent quality hoops. Their construction is on par with Lifetime. You can find this brand sold online. Building an indoor court experience really depends on what you want to achieve. You may not need a breakaway rim if you just plan on practicing different skill shots. However, if you want to ensure that you get the best practice, then you do want to have regulation size backboards and support poles. This will give you the best chance to refine your shooting skills.

The right basketball hoop for your home probably depends on a few factors, such as whether you want to create an indoor or outdoor court, or whether you have a single or two-car driveway. Wheels on the portable hoop’s base make it easier to set up a court on the street, driveway, or other area of your home or yard. You can also place it into storage much faster. While many brands have been including wheels as standard features, there are still some manufacturers who sell a traditional base that doesn’t have any wheels.

The whole point of a portable hoop, however, is that you can move it around. Wheels make that trip much easier. The construction is also important, as some brands only have two front wheels, while others have four wheels on the bottom of the base. There are some basketball hoops that are made to be lightweight and even fold up so that you can easily store the hoop when not in use.

The best portable hoops currently that have a wheel base including:

Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

This basketball hoop has a unique design that’s all about a heavy base and mobility. The wheels are on the back of the base. It provides the optimal strength and stability due to the stabili-Frame steel-on-steel support that holds the chasis and main pole together. There are a lot of benefits to this particular hoop due to the infinity edge backboard, that can be folded backward to have more rigidity. The wheel barrow design makes it easy to roll and lift the hoop to place wherever you like.

Silverback promises a super fast assembly with this unit as well, stating that it can be set up within 90 minutes using the quick-play design and manual. While the backboard is 50”, you can adjust the pole from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. It also has a 26” overhang under the goal.

Lifetime 48 Portable System

This is a portable hoop system that has a 48-inch backboard. With a steel frame made from shatterproof polycarbonate and fade resistant graphics, you can play long-term with this basketball hoop. The base is a standard 34-gallon tank, but it comes with wheels so that you can easily move it from one area to the next. It also comes with a slam-it rim that allows you to do all kinds of jump and dunk shots without fear that the rim will break away from the board. Speed shift adjustment is also included, which lets you adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

Lifetime is a great brand that offers a variety of portable hoops. This is a highly rated product that includes wheels, making it one of the top choices for those who want a truly mobile option as it’s lightweight and easy to adjust.

Spalding Angled 54” Acrylic Basketball Hoop

Beginners and league players alike can appreciate this hoop, as it allows you to play a professional game. It’s designed to work in most driveways, however. With an acrylic backboard, you get a more lightweight construction, which goes well with this base as it has 34-gallon capacity. The angled pole gives you a lot of playability under the rim as well, so you don’t have to worry about running into the base. One drawback to this model is that it is not designed for dunking or hanging from the rim. You can adjust this model from 7.5 feet to 10 feet, and the net is an all-weather nylon material.

First Team Invader Portable Basketball Goal

First Time Invader is a great hoop to get started on if you have a smaller space and want to practice shots. Lightweight and easy to move thanks to the wheels and base, you can easily set up the First Time Invader wherever you want to play. The Invader comes equipped with a 30 by 44 inch acrylic backboard and a flex basketball goal with an all-weather net. The crank handle design makes it easy to adjust the height of the basketball net. You can also adjust the rim height down to 7.5 feet or up to 10 feet. The base can be filled with 33 gallons of sand or water.

Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System

image of Spalding NBA Hybrid Portable Basketball System - 54" Acrylic BackboardSpalding creates intuitive basketball hoop designs, so there will always be a design that works with your space and skill level. The NBA hybrid portable system is made to resemble and work like a standard, regulation basketball net. However, the backboard is a bit smaller at 54 inches by 32 inches, and it’s made from acrylic materials. However, you can adjust this backboard up to the regulation 10 feet. The hybrid part of this hoop is located in the base. It comes with wheels, allowing you to easily transport the hoop wherever you want it to go, and it can hold 200 pounds of sand and gravel or 19 gallons of water. You can also remove the lid for easy storage. Some of the other features of this basketball hoop include a breakaway rim, three-piece design, 3.5-inch steel pole, and a backboard offset that allows you to easily play underneath the basket.

There are different bases that make it easier or harder to move the entire unit. Those bases with a wheelbarrow design will make it easy to move the net without having to lift or stress your back as much. This is because you can tilt and push the net wherever you need it to go. Other designs are made to be more lightweight so that you can lift and move them, wheeling it into place. These designs aren’t necessarily meant to move long distances on wheels, however.

Advantages of an adjustable portable basketball hoop

Gaining new skills playing basketball on a regular court takes time, especially if you don’t have access to a full court. However, you can create a court at home using a portable basketball hoop. Since practice makes perfect, you can practice all kinds of shots and set up a great place for friends and family to play when you invest in a superb basketball hoop.

With a professional basketball hoop at home, you can practice anytime, but who wants to install a whole court? You don’t have to do that with the types of portable basketball hoops available now. Many of these basketball nets are made to be used at home, meaning that they are more compact and offer conveniences that you won’t find on a real basketball court. However, these are great for practicing shots at different angles and holding scrimmages with friends at home.

You can set up a portable basketball anywhere. That’s probably the biggest perk, but there are a ton of other features that you may not have thought about that are important to creating a better experience at home. For one, you want to pick a basketball net that can sit in your driveway, street, or cul-de-sac. If you plan on creating an indoor court, then you also want to make sure that it is height adjustable so you can easily fit it inside of the space that you have.

Mobile basketball hoops rose in popularity during the 1990s as basketball started to take over as a dominant sport. There are many advantages to having a portable hoop at home. Here are a few things that make portable hoops a great investment for your home:

Space Savers

Portable hoops are compact in design for the most part. The backboard and support pole are the tallest and widest pieces to the system. However, you don’t necessarily need to worry about this if you plan on keeping your basketball hoop outside. Regulation size backboards in the NBA are 72 inches wide, but you likely will only find 30” to 60” backboards with a portable hoop. This is done so that you can store the basketball hoop when not in use and to offer more stability in construction.

There are also a number of basketball hoops that fold up and allow you to stow away the entire the hoop and backboard with ease. These typically have a pole that breaks down and folds into the base. While these are easy to store, they may not be as durable to play against as the support pole is slightly less thick than a regular galvanized steel pole used in most portable hoops.

Set Up a Court Anywhere

The biggest benefit of the mobility is that you can create a basketball court anywhere you want. If you want to play at home, you can play a portable hoop in your driveway or facing the street. If you have a travel team that plays in a league and needs to practice at different locations or you want to set up another court within a court because you have more players, a portable hoop is a great way to offer your team more practice wherever you need.

No Damage to Garage Doors

While some would hang a hoop over the garage, you can avoid costly damage to your doors by using a portable system that can sit on the side of the driveway or on the street. The best place for a portable hoop to go is with lots of space for footwork and passing. You want to be able to play as much as you can to get the most practice.

No Cement Needed

Some people think that you can’t set up a court without a stable hoop that’s connected to cement and buried down in the dirt, but this is a lot of hassle to go through. The latest models have really heavy bases that can be filled with sand or water. Typically, you can fill 35 gallon bases to the brim with either water or sand, and you don’t have to worry about it ever falling over. If you feel that it wobbles or isn’t remaining in place, you can always add some cement blocks to the top. The main point is that you don’t need to anchor the basketball hoop with any additional poles or drive it into the ground. You can simply assemble and fill the base to get started. In addition, most homeowners don’t want a permanent basketball hoop installed in front of the house as it detracts from the value.

No Digging Needed

In older days, support poles used to be buried in the ground. This was a more permanent option that most homeowners want to avoid. You may not know where you are living in the next few years, and if you want to keep the value on your home, you don’t want to dig up the yard.

Lower Cost

A professional basketball court is difficult to setup and maintain. There are a lot of parts, such as the floors and walls, as well as the hoop itself. You can purchase the whole setup for a mere $200 with some of these basketball systems. This makes it a great option if you want to save some money but also set up a practice court at home. There are even some portable hoops that cost less than $100.

Fun for Family and Friends

Want to bring your family together? Why not install a portable basketball hoop in your driveway? This is a great activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, and there are multiple games to play. In addition, everyone will want to play on your court at home if you set it up. It brings the community together and makes it easy to meet people who live close by. After school activities offer the most fun when you have a basketball.

Practice at Home

It can be difficult to get in practice at the gym. There are always people using the courts, and you just don’t get to try all of the different shots that you want. With a court at home, you can practice whenever. You can stay up all night practicing your free throws, or you can spend all afternoon with friends, scrimmaging and holding 3-on-3 battles. Practicing at home is the best way to improve your shots and feel more confident with the basketball. Once you start to work your muscles and practice shots all day, your muscles will start to remember what you do to make the perfect shot and give you that much more strength when you’re in the game.

Best Portable Hoops for Higher Advantages

image of XL Portable Basketball HoopThere are some portable hoops that are going to offer more stability and long-term rewards. These have NBA regulation tempered glass and larger backboards, as well as a frame that overhangs so you can play under the net. Practicing at home is only as good as the hoop that you purchase, so you should look out for the following features to get the most advantages.

Larger Backboard

If you want to practice all different shots and rebounds, then you need a backboard that can support your every move. Some portable hoops have really small backboards that fall under 40 inches. You want to get at least a 50-inch backboard to help you land all of those shots and rebounds.

Breakaway Rim

For those who are playing forward and center positions, it’s important to have a rim that can withstand dunks and hangs. You probably won’t want to hang on the rim that much, but with a 2-piece design and breakaway rim, you can feel safer about jumping and dunking the ball at home.

Height Adjustable

You may not start out at being able to hit those high jumps and three-points on a 10-foot support pole, but you should be able to work up that point. Most of the adjustable portable hoops start out at 7 feet.

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