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Siegel is the specialist dealer in the field of thermometers / hygrometers and scores with good products of many years of experience. The website of Thermo Pro gives the customer an excellent overview of the variety of different thermometers and hygrometers and offers unique and perfect products. On there are many product pictures and a YouTube video for each article to explain the product. The website is very serious and gives the customer many useful tips.

THE BLACK TUX - screenshot Homepage

THERMO PRO – screenshot Homepage

The Thermo Pro Online Shop scores 49 out of 50


Test Scores

  1. Security is without exception a very secure website. You can pay on the website with any payment method like PayPal, credit card and the shipping is very fast.


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  1. Usability

The clear design of the website leads customers quickly to their goal. On the various product pages there is a detailed description of each thermometer, many pictures and a product video. Afterwards it is a short way until you can buy the article.


thermopro - screenshot

Thermopro screenshot


10 of 10 points


  1. Design

The website has an appealing design and looks very clearly structured. It is also user oriented. Many pictures and videos give a lively impression and let the user stay on the website for a long time. The subdivision of the different categories makes it very easy for the user to quickly find his desired article.


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  1. Transparency

The prices of the products are in a good price-performance ratio. Every user also has the possibility to get help from the support. The customers have contact possibilities by telephone in different languages and by email.


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  1. Service

In all categories the customer is guided through the products in the best possible way up to the order. The focus is on a happy and satisfied customer. The customer service is available at any time to clarify any questions that may arise.


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Our secret tip

The digital and wireless meat thermometer:

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