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Test run after revision of vibration plate

What is a vibration plate?

After a short inspection, juxtaposition or juxtaposition, a vibratory plate looks like a very common Crosstrainer in Congruence . . .and I'm going to get out of here. The differences are after the control and, compared to the crosstrainer, mostly inside. There motors cause the base of the vibratory plates to vibrate. Depending on the model, there are also some setting functions. However, the use in itself does not differ from other training devices after an investigation and in congruence. Also with a vibration plate common exercises are used, which are to be only strengthened by the sports equipment according to sample, practical test and experiment. ReviewInstitute

How does a vibration plate work?

Inside a vibration plate there are several motors which can cause the plate to vibrate very precisely. These vibrations are transmitted to the user and his muscles during training. The oscillations try to balance this requirement by counter-motion. This process, according to the experiment, puts significantly more strain on muscles than during normal training. Thus, even short training sessions, after a sample in the context of a practical test, achieve maximum effect potential. However, it is a mistake to believe that you can lose weight with a vibration plate without your own power. Even with vibration plates, users must become active themselves in order to achieve results on the training surface. Simply start your own test run and try to increase your fitness 2018!

The vibration plate can simplify or shorten the training, but it cannot do all the work. Fit without initiative remains a pipe dream. Do a test or even a test run on a vibration plate yourself and make a decision after detailed inspection during testing.

Advantages & Applications

Mann auf Vibrationsplatte von SpeqA vibration plate with a training surface can be used wherever ordinary training equipment is used. Many fitness studios have already discovered the vibration plates as part of a suitability test, a product test and product tests and offer them to their members. According to studies and investigations, the advantages of a vibration plate can also be used at home. The greatest advantage of the vibration plates is the strain on the muscles, which, with a few exceptions, people cannot consciously control. As a rule, only 60% of all muscles can be moved deliberately, according to a survey in a scientific study. The remaining muscles function automatically and above all regulate the stability of the body. According to an analysis, over 100 muscles are responsible alone for stabilizing the back.

With a vibration plate all muscles are used, according to a survey in a product test by the many vibrations during training. On the one hand, this ensures a higher calorie consumption and, on the other hand, a better definition of the body muscles. Compared to other sports equipment, training with a vibration plate is somewhat more strenuous than with the classic method. According to a check within the scope of the aptitude test, inexperienced people can start sweating after only a few minutes. This is is not necessarily a disadvantage, but can be used much more as an advantage. Just 10 minutes of daily training on a vibration plate replace training sessions of about 30-60 minutes. With a vibratory plate, everyone saves a lot of time in consideration of the optimal use. According to the test results, this is of particular benefit to all people who have hardly had time for an extensive fitness workout so far. Evaluate the products yourself and make a vibration plate test to quickly choose a winner! Comparison tables are recommendable and helpful for the purchase decision!

What types of vibratory plates are there?

Vibration plates with a training surface are available in a wide range and therefore you have to carefully weigh and test which vibration plate passes your own vibration plate test. Classic models also have grab handles in addition to the plate, which brings them visually close to the popular crosstrainer. The advantage is that many different exercises are possible on a vibration plate in comparison or juxtaposition with a crosstrainer. Nevertheless, users are not only dependent on floor exercises. Some vibration plates with a test grade of “very good” also offer a computer. The intensity of the vibration can be adjusted with one of these. This is similar to the menu of a crosstrainer. Also useful information such as the duration of the training or the estimated calorie consumption can be read off in accordance with your own goals. A disadvantage, however, is the size. Some models are very powerful and do not easily find a place in every apartment. The devices also do not cut a good figure in terms of price. High quality models with test grade “very good”, can be up to at 3,000 euros.

Those who prefer to spend less will find an interesting alternative in simple vibratory plates. These do not have any gadgets like handles etc., but consist of a simple plate and have no similarity with the features of the other models. Such devices are available at a favourable price-performance ratio. However, only exercises on the floor are possible, such as push-ups or sit-ups. The desired effect is also achieved with this variant, in accordance with the previously described expensive models. The small vibration plates are recommended especially for those who are not yet sure whether the device should be used daily and permanently. However, if you have already gained some experience and are convinced of vibration plates, you can invest a little more and buy a comparative winner from a vibration plate test!

What are oscillating vibratory plates?

Oscillating vibration plates, i.e. vibration plates that move back and forth, especially appeal to the transverse muscle parts. In evaluations and tests, they are often referred to as rocking plates, since the athletes on an oscillating vibration plate rather rocking than vibrating back and forth. In a personal vibration plate test, you can test this component and compare it with other models!

The movement is more natural as the user always shifts the weight from one leg to the other leg in his gait and does not jump with both legs at the same time. Oscillating vibratory plates are therefore particularly suitable for

  • Full body workout,
  • Abdominal training,
  • Back training,
  • cardiovascular training (cardio)
and suitable for weight loss.

Generally, a distinction is made between vertical vibrations, 3-D vibrations (triaxial) and oscillating vibrations (side-alternating). Depending on the direction of movement, different muscles can be activated. In the comparison table under “Special features” you can see what kind of vibration movement the externally tested vibration plate works with.

These test criteria are important when purchasing vibratory plates

The vibration plate test 2019 offers numerous test results and comparisons which are interesting for you. Which test criteria are noteworthy are described below.

1.test criterion: Intensity

This category describes and compares the vibration of the vibratory plates. A higher intensity of vibration is not automatically better. It is important that the vibrations are uniform and that no irregularities occur.

2.test criterion: Processing and materials

Anzeige der Vibrationsplatte von SkandikaWhat are the vibratory plates made of and how high is the quality of the materials? In the best case only high-quality raw materials are used. However, this property is not immediately sufficient for a good test result in a vibration plate test. All individual parts must be firmly and securely assembled with each other. Gap dimensions should be relatively small in comparison. Especially with vibratory plates, a stable design is decisive, as otherwise the housing causes unwanted vibrations. Tests and comparisons also show that vibratory plates do not function as a result of poor processing.

3.test criterion: Operation

Attention should also be paid to the test criterion of handling and operation. In vibratory plate tests, experts make sure that they are easy to understand and simple as well as clearly formulated. This applies equally to models with and without computers, which undergo a vibration plate test or comparison. In the best case, all important functions in the user manual are self-explanatory, so that a look at the manual is not necessary.

4. test criterion: Features and special features

In external vibration plates tests in this category will tell you if and what special functions a vibration plate has. The necessity of these functions is also a test criterion in the vibratory plate test, which should be considered during tests.

5. test criterion: height and weight

The size and weight of a vibration plate should always match the quality and size of a device. Each tested model provides information in a vibration plate test. The following applies: the smaller and lighter the devices, the better. Handy designs have the advantage that they can be transported easily and flexibly. Take the test!

6.test criterion: Design

When it comes to design, appearance is often of secondary importance, as it is a purely subjective matter. Instead, the focus is on the shape of a vibration plate and the functions.

7.test criterion: price-performance ratio

The price plays an important role in the vibratory plate test as a test criterion. A well-equipped and high-quality model is allowed to more expensive. Compare the low-cost models with high-priced devices and pay attention to the differences to get an idea of which product is suitable for a purchase based on the price-performance ratio.

What should I look out for when buying a vibration plate?

When you buy a vibratory plate, your own needs as well as test reports play an important role. There is an individual model. Rather, it depends on personal expectations. For simple exercises, an inexpensive device is often sufficient. Anyone who is passionate about training and places high demands on the functionality of the vibration plate should opt for a device with additional features or a comparative winner in a vibration plate test.

Every vibratory plate has to be of high quality, because it is a considerable investment. Therefore, rash purchases are to be avoided. Information about the quality of workmanship and the materials used can be obtained in vibration plate tests.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

In the meantime, numerous manufacturers have discovered vibratory plates for themselves and are courting the favour of their customers. We introduce the leading manufacturers to you in the following.

  • Skandika
  • Lifeplate
  • Movit

Skandika is a German company that manufactures and tests numerous fitness and outdoor products. There are several innovative products to discover, including tents, crosstrainers and vibration plates. The products of the company convince in tests with a high quality. Skandika is one of the leading suppliers of vibratory plates in Germany. The manufacturer was even able to win the well-known extreme sportsman Joey Kelly for himself, who also likes and often falls back on equipment from Skandika for his crazy undertakings.

Lifeplate is fully specialized in the production of vibratory plates. After comparison you will find simple models in our offer, which nevertheless convince with their quality and the offered functions. Like hardly any other company Lifeplate knows how to adapt its products exactly to the user. It is worth mentioning that the devices are surprisingly small and light. According to tests, this makes them easy to transport. The Lifeplate vibratory plates are especially recommended for beginners.

According to tests, Movit is a good choice for people looking for simple and inexpensive vibration plates. The devices are significantly cheaper than competitor offers and have an amazing range of functions. They can't compete with real high-end devices, but the price/performance ratio is absolutely fine. On some machines Movit has simply integrated a vibration plate into a crosstrainer and thus created real all-round training equipment.

Internet vs. specialised trade: Where is the best place to buy my vibration plate?

Anyone thinking about purchasing a vibration plate will sooner or later wonder where it is best to buy it. Both the specialized trade and the Internet have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the following we will tell you which option is more suitable for the purchase of a vibratory plate.

The main advantage of the specialist trade is that the devices are can be tried out directly on site. Interested parties can thus find out before they buy whether a device meets their own requirements or not. In addition, many still value the personal advice of a salesperson.

However, individual advice in specialist shops should be taken with caution. It happens again and again that specialized dealers do not advise their customers optimally.

Many dealers try to increase their own sales by selling vibratory plates with high margins. This does not apply to all retailers, but as a customer you have no way of identifying black sheep. When buying an expensive device, tests show that the right information is decisive for the purchase decision.

Vibrationsgerät von GadgetfitOn the Internet, anyone can rely on independent reporting of numerous test reports and test results. This is because test portals are not interested in selling certain models to visitors. Your revenues generate the test pages elsewhere. In addition, no one has to restrict themselves to a specific website. Instead, you can search for information on various test portals and also read reviews from actual customers. In this way, online shoppers receive valuable information from independent tests and can make a better purchase decision. Test portals with clear comparison tables are recommended.

Especially with vibratory plates, the retail trade is out of the question for many. These devices are available with a few exceptions only in specialty stores, not all of which have one in the immediate vicinity. It is therefore not uncommon to have to travel long distances by car just to find a dealer. There are no such problems on the Internet. Here you have the opportunity to visit countless dealers throughout Germany. You can also compare the prices with each other and decide for the best offer at the moment. You will find that buying on the Internet is usually much cheaper than buying from a stationary retailer.

The selection of vibratory plates also speaks for the Internet. While many dealers only have a few models in stock on site, almost all models are available directly from stock on the net. Orders can be placed around the clock, at weekends and on public holidays. So you don't have to worry about opening hours. You don't even have to leave the house, as the online shops deliver right to your doorstep. This usually takes only a few days.

If a vibration plate does not meet your personal requirements, this is not a problem when you buy it on the Internet. Within 14 days, customers enjoy the legal right to exchange an item. The dealer must reimburse the full purchase price, provided that no damage has occurred which could reduce the value. With some dealers, you only have to pay the shipping costs yourself. Overall, however, the risk is enormously low.

By and large, the Internet offers significantly more advantages when purchasing a vibratory plate than the specialized trade. The devices are cheaper, available in a larger selection and, moreover, shopping is possible at any time and from any place. For these reasons, we can purchase for the Internet recommend only. We don't want to badmouth the retail trade, but the disadvantages simply can't be dismissed.

Worth knowing about the vibration plate

Although vibratory plates are still a very recent development, there is already a lot of interesting information about this topic. In the following, we would like to present you with some amazing facts and give you some tips on how to use them.

The history of the vibratory plate

The development of the vibration plate is directly related to the Russian space program. Prof. Vladimir T. Nazarov, biomechanic and sports scientist, used the results of numerous experiments for his own developments. He found that vibrations promote the body to an amazing degree and also increase calorie consumption. Based on these findings, the first devices were finally developed in the mid-2000s, but they were very large and heavy. From about 2010 on, vibration plates also moved into some fitness studios, which, however, for a long time demanded an additional fee for their use.

Today, vibration plates are already somewhat more common and can be found in almost every professional gym. For individuals, however, the purchase is still quite expensive. Quite a few therefore move on to share a vibration plate with others. In this way, the investments for each individual can be significantly reduced.

The technical development helped vibratory plates above all to more precision and useful features. In connection with a computer, users are always informed about numerous things. In addition, it is possible to adjust the intensity of the training to one's own needs. Also in the future with This is because manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to further improve their vibratory plates.

Figures, data, facts about the vibratory plate

Vibrationsplatte mit TrainingsbändernStudies have shown that training with vibration plates actually has a measurable effect. This is mainly due to the fact that 40% of the muscles in the human body cannot be controlled consciously. Instead, they function completely automatically and take care of stabilising the spine and other parts of the body, for example. If there are vibrations in the body, these muscles become active and try to balance the vibrations by counter-movement. A vibration plate can therefore be used to train muscles that cannot be addressed at all with normal training. This also has an effect on calorie consumption, because more active muscles logically consume more energy. Even after training, the energy requirement of the body increases during continuous exercises, as more muscles automatically lead to a higher basic requirement.

During the first workout, the vibration plate is still quite unusual for many users. The next day you'll probably feel sore muscles in places where you didn't even know you had muscles. In addition, the training is also somewhat more strenuous. Especially untrained people are often exhausted after only a few minutes and cannot continue with their exercises. But nobody should be discouraged by that. Already after a few days you will get used to the vibrating plate and the associated properties. In the long run, you benefit from effective and time-saving training.

The SPEQ vibration trainer DOUBLE PLATE on video

<font color=#38B0DE>-= Proudly Presents

You should pay attention to this when using a vibration plate.

Anyone who buys a vibration plate must be aware that it cannot do all the work for the user. It is therefore not possible to lose weight without any action on your part. Some dubious suppliers promise exactly that, but they are just empty advertising phrases. Even with a vibration plate, a certain amount of discipline is required to achieve good results.

In the end, the record can only strengthen your own training, but not replace it completely.

If you are using a vibration plate for the first time, it is best to take some time to familiarize yourself with the device. Start with simple exercises and a low intensity. Then keep on climbing. Frustrating moments can be effectively prevented in this way. Especially at the beginning you should not expect too much of yourself. About 10 minutes of training a day are sufficient. On the following day you can also give your body a rest so that it can recover from the stress. After a few weeks you will finally notice that you have become more and more accustomed to training with a vibration plate. Now it is also possible to switch to daily training and weight loss. When exactly this is recommended, however, always depends on the individual case. If you have any doubts, it is best to consult your family doctor or a fitness expert.

In any case, however, it is also advisable for advanced athletes to take a break from time to time. Such Phases are important for the body to recover and build new muscles. For example, a break at the weekend would be conceivable. This passage is to be underlined with an individual test. The optimal interval also depends on many personal factors. It will take some time until you have found the right workout for your body. Take this time and don't put yourself under too much pressure. This is the only way to achieve long-term success and avoid frustration.

Top 10 exercises for the vibration plate

In the following we will tell you which exercises are recommended for an application with a vibration plate.

Frau auf Vibrationsplatte von Skandika1. home position

The main purpose of the basic position is to familiarise yourself with the vibration plate and to consciously perceive the vibrations. To do this, stand across the plate. Bend your knees and stand as free as possible, i.e. without touching the handles. The spine should be as upright as possible. The muscles in the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles must be tightened. Try to keep this position as long as possible during your first attempts.

2. knee bends

From the starting position you can dare your first knee bends. There are no wrong approaches here. Feel your way around and find the best position for your own needs. Experimentation is expressly permitted here.

3rd squats

Squats work much like knee bends. The difference is here, that you remain in the bend for about 10 seconds before you straighten up again. Pay attention to the correct position of the legs and avoid X-legs. Repeat the exercise a few times, this will mainly train the back and leg muscles.

4. one-legged stand

Standing on one leg is also a good exercise to start with. To do this, return to the home position and lift one leg forward. Try not to hold on to yourself as much as possible. You can then change the legs again and again. It is recommended that you do not stand on the same leg for more than 30 seconds in order to achieve as balanced a workout as possible.

5. push-up

In this exercise you lie down on your knees in front of the vibration plate and lean on it with your hands. Then perform light push-ups and lift the lower legs slightly. With this exercise, the pectoral muscles in particular can be excellently trained.

6. abdominal muscle training

In order to train the abdominal muscles specifically, it is advisable to sit first on the vibration plate. Then lift your legs at an angle and hold this position for about 10 seconds. You should also not hold on to anything with your hands. If you have problems with this exercise in the beginning, you can also put a flat foam cushion under your buttocks.

7. rotation with dumbbell

With dumbbells the training on the vibration plate can be further intensified. First place yourself on the plate with a light dumbbell in each hand in the basic position. Then go into a slight squat. Spread out your arms and turn your upper body to the side. Be sure to tighten your abdominal muscles and hold the Position for about 10 seconds. Then you have to switch to the other side. Short breaks in between are permitted.

8th bridge

With the bridge you can train your back muscles particularly well. Lie with your feet in front of the vibration plate. The feet should stand on the plate. Then tighten the muscles in the buttocks, abdomen and pelvic floor. Raise your pelvis to the shoulder stand. Repeat this at least five times. With some routine also more frequent repetitions are possible.

Frau auf Vibrationsplatte von Speq9th bridge with one leg

Experienced users can execute the bridge with only one leg. The second leg is elongated and the position is held for about 3 to 5 seconds. Change your feet regularly to achieve an optimal training result.

10. relaxation

Allow your muscles some relaxation after training. Simply sit on a chair in front of the vibration plate and place your feet on the plate.

Can a vibration plate be used during pregnancy?

The use of a vibration plate should be avoided during pregnancy. There have been cases in the past where the vibrations caused premature abortion. Although this happens very rarely, pregnant women should still refrain from such training just for reasons of caution. In general, doctors and sports experts recommend that you refrain from any kind of training during pregnancy, where vibrations or vibrations of any kind are used.

Beginner training plan for the vibration plate

For all newcomers to vibration plates we would like to present a simple training plan. This is characterised by a low intensity and thus helps to slowly approach the topic. The plan is also recommended for those who have not yet done any sports. After a few weeks, the plan can be expanded further.

However, it is worth mentioning that there is no such thing as a perfect training plan. A good plan always takes into account the individual needs of each user.

day of the weektraining sessions
Monday10 knee bends, 10 push-ups, 5 minutes one-leg stand
TuesdayPause (no training)
WednesdayPause (no training)
Thursday10 squats, 3 minutes one-leg stand, 10 push-ups
Friday10 knee bends, 3 minutes one-leg stand, 5 push-ups
SaturdayPause (no training)
SundayPause (no training)

Is a vibration plate suitable for removal?

Vibrationsplatte von LifeplateUnder the right conditions, a vibration plate can help you to lose weight. Compared to ordinary training, users consume significantly more calories, which can also result in increased weight loss. It is especially important that the training takes place on a regular basis, otherwise the project will not be able to withstand weight loss. A few minutes on fixed days are far more effective than a particularly intensive but unique workout. In addition, the right diet must also be observed when losing weight. Eat a balanced diet and avoid sweets and soft drinks as much as possible. Ultimately, even the best workout won't help if you add too many calories to your body.

If you want to lose weight with your vibration plate, it is also important that you approach the matter with the right expectations. The devices can't perform miracles. They can only support you in your project. So don't expect the pounds to tumble after just a few days. Especially in the beginning the weight can even increase, because the body forms new muscles and muscle tissue is heavier than fat tissue. But if you take your time and consistently train regularly over a longer period of time, you will notice after a few weeks that your body is much better defined. Also the weight tumbles, with correct nutrition, with the time more and more. After the first difficult weeks, you will also find that training is easier from day to day. You will lose weight better and better over time. With some routine it is possible to intensify the training without any problems, without getting out of breath too fast. This allows even greater successes to be celebrated.

So don't put yourself under too much pressure, especially at the beginning. Slowly approach your personal pace and make losing weight a long-term task. It may take a little longer, but you'll get even more out of it. Who will continue the training after he has has reached his desired weight, can stay slim and fit all his life.

The runner-up in the video

5 tips for proper care and cleaning

Vibrationsplatte von Speq in Weiß-GrünIn order to enjoy your vibration plate for a long time, you should treat the device carefully and clean it regularly. The installation itself plays an important role in this. The vibration plate should preferably not be near a heat source or an open flame. The device must also be protected from direct sunlight. Otherwise, there is a danger that the device will heat up too much and thus be damaged. During use the temperature should not be less than 0 °C and not more than 35 °C.

Furthermore, vibration plates are not suitable for wet rooms such as bathrooms or spas. Due to the comparatively high humidity, the technology inside can easily be damaged. Dust, oil, smoke and other gases must also be avoided as far as possible. Smaller loads do not make much difference to the device, but over a longer period of time accumulations can occur inside the device, which can then trigger defects of various kinds.

Before each cleaning it is important to disconnect the vibration plate completely from the power supply. You can then clean the appliance with a damp cloth just like any other household item. Do not use caustic cleaning agents, solvents or benzine. Neutral detergents without perfume are ok.

After the cleaning it is It is recommended to let the device dry for some time before using it again. This is best done overnight. Afterwards you could expect again maximum performance potential from your device.

Vibration plate vs. trampoline: The comparison

When used correctly, trampolines can have a similar effect to vibration plates. Of course, this is not about maximum training and daring jumps, but about a light rocking on the surface. This causes the body to vibrate and the muscles to become active. Your body weight also reacts to these vibrations within a short time – a weight reduction occurs. In some cases a trampoline in this form is even used by physiotherapists. The effects are almost the same as with a vibration plate.

Really interesting is the trampoline for the treatment of diseases only in seniors. Because of the uneven surface, targeted exercises on it are hardly possible. So anyone who hoped to buy a cheap trampoline and get all the advantages of a vibration plate will be disappointed. The best way to compare different sports equipment is on the Internet.


  • Which motor should a vibration plate have?

What is important for the motor is not so much the power as the quality of the control. Only with good electronics is it ensured that a piece of sports equipment achieves optimum efficiency. The strength itself is rather negligible with a vibratory plate. Users with a body weight of up to 150 kg can easily manage with a 200-watt motor.

  • Which materials are recommended?

For vibratory plates are suitable in the private area in

firstLine high-quality materials, which can dampen the sound well. Good examples are fiberglass, metal and steel. If these are combined with good workmanship and a well thought-out concept, the background noise can be significantly reduced. This is not only an advantage for the user himself. Neighbours are also grateful in any case. In addition to noise, these materials also ensure that the vibration plate functions smoothly.

  • How heavy should a vibration plate be?

A vibration plate requires a certain weight to ensure a safe stand. But the devices do not have to be too heavy either. For the use in the private area plates with about 40 kg are already absolutely sufficient. If you like it a bit more demanding, you will be pleased about the additional stability with a weight of about 60 kg. However, even heavier models are almost exclusively interesting for the professional sector, such as in a fitness studio.

  • How many setting options are useful?

Vibratory plates are partly available with numerous adjustment possibilities. Some devices even allow the intensity to be regulated steplessly. However, this is only of limited interest for everyday operation. Most users already manage with four different levels playfully. This allows you to adapt the plate to your individual requirements. Even more precise adjustment options are recommended especially for competitive athletes where every detail of the training is important. But if you just want to keep fit.

or to accept, feels few to no advantages of extremely precise devices.

Useful accessories

Rollen der Vibrationsplatte von RexSportIn order to be able to adjust your own vibration plate even better to individual needs, there is a large selection of suitable accessories. You will also notice this when you compare different gadgets on the Internet. Worth mentioning are mats, retaining straps, support handles and cushions. With such things you can individualize your vibratory plate down to the last detail. Additional articles are useful for special exercises.

Rollers are also available for some vibratory plates, with which the sports equipment can be moved very easily and without the application of force. This is especially useful when the vibration plate first has to be removed from the cabinet for training.

Alternatives to the vibratory plate

Graues Vibrationsgerät von MovitThe classic crosstrainer is still an alternative to training with a vibration plate. Although it requires the user to do a little more work to achieve the same results, the devices are available at a much lower price. Crosstrainers are often easier to use. For all those who have never trained regularly before, they are definitely a good introduction. Anyone who has already gained experience with classic training equipment will be able to cope noticeably faster and easier with the vibrations of a new vibration plate.

Less of an alternative than rather a supplement is the training in a fitness studio. Here you enjoy the advantage that you have a variety of equipment to choose from and also the guidance of professional coaches can make use of. A good workout is always as varied as possible. Thus many different body regions can be trained as possible, which also has an effect on the body weight.

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to the vibration plate that could adequately emulate the same training effects. Although the trampolines mentioned above have a similar effect to a certain extent, this fact is almost completely irrelevant for training. You will notice this when you compare the models with each other. So if you want to enjoy all the advantages of vibratory plates, you can't avoid purchasing a corresponding device.

Questions and answers about vibratory plates

❓Welche Vibration plate is suitable for osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is bone resorption that can begin at the age of 30. He is also often responsible for later bone fractures in old age. To counteract this, you can train with a vibration plate. This is, due to vibrations, particularly gentle and stimulates the bones, joints and muscles. A vibration plate with a 30 to 35 Hertz frequency or a vibration plate integrated in a fitness machine is suitable for this purpose.

❓Wie often should I use the vibration plate?

The duration varies depending on the training reason: In addition, there are other factors such as age, fitness, weight and endurance. In older people who suffer from osteoporosis, for example, 5 to 20 % of the total amount is sufficient. minute per unit. You can train 3 to 5 times a week.

❓Wann should I not use the vibration plate?

The good thing about a vibration plate is that it can be used from young to old. However, people who have not trained for a long time should take the whole thing a little slower. In addition, pregnant women, epileptics, people with an artificial hip and patients with a pacemaker should disregard vibration training.

❓Was causes a vibration plate?

A vibration plate can be used in many different ways. E.g. as a whole body vibration, whereby the feet, calves and thighs in particular are trained. Individual parts of the body, such as the upper and lower arms or legs, are also well worth attention: the muscles are gently stretched. The vibration plate is therefore an ideal supplement to strength training and can be used as an effective massage.

❓Wie do I train with a vibration plate?

A training with a vibration plate can be designed very differently. For example, you can work with a trainer or a training DVD. Usually different exercises are shown which you repeat. As a beginner you should first get to know the vibrations of the vibration plate and let the pleasant vibration affect your body. Later the training will affect your body weight.

❓Welche Abdominal exercises are possible on the vibration plate?

A vibration plate is versatile and can even train your abdomen: For this you can do various exercises, which are described by the vibration plate can be reinforced. Use the vibration plate like a stepper and integrate sit-ups or push-ups.

❓Was is to be considered with a vibration plate?

The vibration plate should have a firm stand and rubber feet to ensure a safe workout. This also helps to avoid scratches on the floor. If different programs are important to you, you should take a closer look at the menu field when buying a vibration plate. Some machines come with a training strap that allows you to train your arms better and more effectively.

❓Wie much Hertz should have a vibration plate?

A simple vibration training should be started with a Hertz frequency of 30 to 35 Hertz. If you are already more experienced in this training, you can also increase the frequency. Then 40 hertz is the best choice. Some devices also offer 60 and more Hertz, which are especially recommended for professionals.

❓Welche Vibration plate is better: with or without column?

It all depends on which parts of the body you want to train. Age, weight and height also play an important role. People with back problems are better advised to use a vibration plate with column. Here the straight stand is possible and a support is given.

❓Welche Vibration plate is the best?

There are different manufacturers and models of vibratory plates on the market, which offer new improvements again and again. We recommend the BH Fitness vibration plate YV20RS Vibro GS, which is equipped with up to 45 Hertz, a chic design, manual programs, low Noise levellu. v. m. scores. An inexpensive alternative is the Skandika Home Vibration Plate 500, which shines with 45 Hertz, adjustable training belts and damping by ring elastomers.

Further links and sources

Finally, we would like to offer you some interesting links in the Internet around the Topic Vibratory plates We recommend the use of the following tools, with which you can further intensify your knowledge of the devices.

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Training plan: in 10 weeks to your dream figure thanks to vibration plate

One way to achieve your dream weight in just 10 weeks is to train with the vibration plate. But first of all: the vibration plate is not a training device for lazy people …

Tips for accompanying diet during vibration plate training


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Training with the vibration plate strengthens the muscles and consumes calories. Even if we feed as usual …

Successful removal with vibratory plates – you must be aware of this!

It is well known that vibration training helps to lose weight. A study carried out by the University of Antwerp showed that overweight people primarily lose abdominal fat when they exercise regularly on the plate. This abdominal fat is located mainly between the organs and has negative effects on the cardiovascular system. Within the framework of the study, the scientists also found …

The physiological mode of action of vibration plates

The training success on the vibration plate is based on a simple principle. The body uses its muscles to defend itself against vibration – which is exhausting for the body. Anyone who thinks that the vibration plate is made for lazy people is mistaken …

href=””target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Experience with vibratory plates from forums – Overview of field reports

Most experiences with the vibratory plate are positive. Especially people with realistic expectations and the will to persevere are enthusiastic about this effective piece of sports equipment. Who expects miracles …

Historical development and facts about the vibratory plate

Vibrating massage devices were already being experimented with in the 19th century. Foot massage machines were modern in the 60s. Invented about a century ago …

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