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SUUNTO Core All Black review 2020

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Suunto is a company that has long realized what its customers are looking for. They aren’t looking for a timepiece they can wear at a fancy ball. These customers are looking for a piece of equipment that is going to be able to withstand everything you throw at it Like the Suunto Core Military Watch.

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Military Watch
9.92 (very good)
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    1.9 x 0.6 x 1.9 inches

  • Case diameter :

    49.1 mm

  • Band width :


  • Water resistant depth:

    100 ft.

  • Item Shape :


  • Band Material:


  • Band Color:


  • Dial color:


  • Display Type :


  • Battery Included?:


  • Dual Time:


  • Alarm:


  • Calendar:


  • great watch
  • work great
  • long battery life
  • easy to install
  • comfortable


  • not connect to satellites
  • plastic material
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That means that you can do more than just wear it and have it take a licking and keep on ticking. This usually means that the devices are things that can even stand up against wear and tear like you might find out in the field or in combat. This is why this particular line is known as the Suunto Core military watch. They are meant to be durable and stand up in the harshest environments.

The Company

Suunto Core Military Watch ReviewsSuunto got its start when its founder was looking for new ways to make the compass better and more durable. He came up with a couple of new patents in 1932 and it wasn’t long after those patents became a real thing, he was able to put brand new watches together. In 1936, the firm officially hit the market in a big way and became one of the most popular and well-known timepiece companies in the entire world.

After the firm changed hands a couple of times, especially in the 1990’s it took the form that customers know these days. These days, the company is still working on compasses as well as watches. Among the line that the firm is rolling out these days are those military grade pieces that are able to look good on someone’s wrist as well as stand up to a rather hostile environment.

These are able to stand up to severe heat and cold and they can also operate quite well in the water. Some of these pieces work especially well when you are taking them for a swim. The pieces can be purchased directly from the company on its official website, or you can go ahead and purchase the devices they have to offer from various retailers around the country and around the globe.

Which military watch types are available from Suunto

The kind of watches that you are able to get through Suunto like the depends a bit on what kind of retailers you are able to shop from. There is a wide variety of different products you can purchase depending on what kind of products you want to purchase.
Some of the watches are rather basic on their face. They are meant simply to tell time and sit on your wrist in all kinds of different environments. There are other lines that are meant to be quite a bit more detailed and offer features you are going to be hard-pressed to find with other brands and lines of timepieces offered by Some of the devices will be able to have all the bells and whistles.

This means they will have an altimeter, barometer, ability to keep the time and a depth measurement. You will also be able to buy a device that allows you to know exactly which way you are going with a built-in compass. Some of the watches are going to have a few of these features and some of them come packed to the gills.

Best Suunto Core Military WatchesIf you are looking to try and match these devices with your daily apparel, you can do that as well. Suunto Core Military Watch doesn’t just offer lines of products that have a ton of bells and whistles. There are also different bands that you can choose. Some of the band choices are between leather, metal, and plastic.

There are also a number of different colors that are on offer. You can go with black, red, blue and green among other colors depending on what you have the most interest in. These particular colored bands are all rubber or plastic, so you won’t be able to have as big a choice of bands if you are wanting to get a specific color.

Those colorful pieces still have a ton of the other features that make these so popular though. The nice thing about the products that this company comes up with is that you can do quite the mix and match. You can find watches that are going to give you whatever functionality you want, whether it’s going out for a hike, or knowing how deep you are swimming.

The company is clearly one that wants to be thought of as standing behind its products. Whether you are talking about the timepieces or the accessories that you can purchase from the firm, there are some pretty solid warranties being offered up.

Special features of the Suunto Core Military Watch

The company is clearly one that wants to be thought of as standing behind its products. Whether you are talking about the timepieces or the accessories that you can purchase from the firm, there are some pretty solid warranties being offered up. Those warranties vary depending on what kind of product you decide to purchase and the quality of that piece.

Because the firm has a variety of different price points, the warranties are going to cover different items for a variety of time. The good news is that even if you happen to be outside the warranty time limit, you can still get your hands on some good repair work. The firm has a number of shops set up specifically to make sure you can get a watch that is suddenly not operating the way you want, but up to top condition. The Suunto website will tell you where you can buy the products, sign up for the warranties and get your products fixed should they be having an issue.

Suunto Core Military Watch has been around for nearly 100 years because they understand what it takes to put out a top-notch product. The company has set itself up so you can get whatever you are wanting from them either directly from their site, or from third-party retailers.


Because Suunto Core Military Watch are a highend line, you aren’t going to find too many truly cheap offerings, but there are times when you absolutely can find a piece that is on sale and is a bit more affordable than what you expect from this level of quality. When you are looking for a Suunto Core military watch, you are going to be looking for one of the best on the market because there is such a large choice in the specific model.

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9.92 (very good) Military Watch

Conclusion: Best Military Watch for you while you hike, bike, or camp, making it a terrific companion for outdoor.

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