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Siegel is the specialist retailer in the food sector and convinces with high-quality snack boxes of various brands. Equally convincing is the many years of experience in the food sector as well as the composition of the boxes adapted to the customer. The website has an absolutely high-quality structure and is designed to be very user-friendly. On there are many good product pictures and product videos. Snacknation convinces with high quality plus expert advice, especially with regard to healthy nutrition.

SNACKNATION - screenshot Homepage

SNACKNATION – screenshot Homepage

The Snacknation Online Shop scores 49 out of 50


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  1. Security is a totally secure website. You can pay on the site with any payment method, such as bank transfer and PayPal. Shipping is free and takes 2-4 days or by calendar at any time or by standing order.


10 of 10 points


  1. Usability

Customers are guided to their destination extraordinarily quickly. The design of the website is clear and user-friendly. The product variety of over 5000 snacks is overwhelmingly good. The boxes can be put together with advice.


SNACKNATION screenshot

SNACKNATION screenshot


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  1. Design

The website has a high-quality design and the many pictures enliven the website of Snacknation. As a user you are well guided through the website and the subdivision of the different categories makes it very easy for the user.


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  1. Transparency

The combination of the boxes has a fair price and performance ratio. The order is made gladly with the service in co-operation. Support is provided by telephone or email.


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  1. Service

The customer is the focus of Snacknation's website at all times. On the online shop is both problem solver and seller of an excellent food box. The customer service is always available to answer any questions you may have. In the foreground is a satisfied customer.


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