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Siegel is the specialist dealer for Hobby, Security and Industrial Metal Detectors with many years of experience. Equally convincing is its extensive selection of metal detectors from all the top manufacturers. Moreover, the detectors are kept in their own warehouse and are available at any time to ship. On the emphasis is placed on a no-haggle best price guarantee on all products. The Metal Detector website is very user-friendly and has an absolutely high-quality structure. Metal Detector is synonymous with well-known brand articles and convinces with high quality plus professional instruction.

Metal Detector - screenshot Homepage

Metal Detector – screenshot Homepage

The Metal Detector Online Shop scores 48 out of 50


Test Scores

  1. Security is a very trusted website with a SSL seal since the site launched in 1996. You can use any payment method like PayPal, credit card and the shipping is very fast, even abroad.


10 of 10 points


  1. Usability

The design of the website is user-friendly. In addition, the customers are led fast to the goal. The dropdown menu provides a good insight into the variety of the online shop offer. The different brands are presented in a great way and there is a detailed description and many good pictures and videos. Subsequently, the customer can indicate his country of delivery, select his financing option and check the estimated shipping date.


Metal Detector - screenshot

Metal Detector – screenshot


9 of 10 points


  1. Design

The website has a high-quality design and looks very clear. The many pictures and videos enliven the Metal Detector website and convince the user. The subdivision of the different categories makes it very easy for the user. These are the categories: Detectors, Accessories, Brands, Learn, Community, Help and Financing.


9 of 10 points


  1. Transparency

The systems have a good price and performance ratio. There is a clear communication of Free Shipping Offer, Flexible Payment Options, 100% Money-Back Guarantee, Totally Secure Shopping and Global Shipping. Each user also has the opportunity to ask his questions in a support chat that appears as soon as you enter the page.

Metal Detector - screenshot

Metal Detector – screenshot


10 of 10 Points


  1. Service

The customer is absolutely the center of attention on the user-friendly website of Metal Detector. At, the online store is both a problem solver and a seller of outstanding metal detectors for every need. The customer service is available at any time to clarify any questions that arise. In the foreground is a happy and satisfied customer.


10 of 10 points

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