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The Best Riding Lawn Mower & Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

As we mow on our Riding Lawn Mower Batteries, it suddenly comes to a dead stop. We must have hit a bump, so we try starting our machine again. There is no sound, and we know now that the battery is dead. The average life of a riding lawn mower battery is four years and ours has passed that. It's time to change the battery.

How To Exchange A Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

Before learning about how to change a Riding Lawn Mower Batteries here's a tip.

When replacing a Riding Lawn Mower Batteries, find one with equal voltage. The voltage can be checked by looking on the top of the old battery.

Most Riding Lawn Mower Batteries are just like the ones we use in our cars. In time, they will need to be replaced. To do this, first we must locate the battery that is usually under the hood or under the riding lawn mower's seat. Auto parts dealers have batteries available for all models.

Place the Riding Lawn Mower Batteries on a surface that is level and remove the key from the ignition. Either fully open the hood or lift the seat, depending on where the battery is. There is a black battery cable clamp that must be loosened up with a wrench and pulled off the battery terminal. Next, move to the red battery cable, loosen it and pull it off the terminal. Hold the battery on both sides to lift it out of the compartment.

Take the new battery and put it into the empty compartment. Now take the red clamp cable and place it of the positive terminal on the battery and tighten it securely with the wrench. Take the black cable and push it of the negative terminal located on the battery and tighten that up as well. We can now lower the riding lawn mower hood or lower the seat.

How To Preserve A Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

Because Riding Lawn Mower Batteries are flood leaded acid, they need charge cycles or will die quickly. When in storage, a battery can lose its charge. Before running out and buying a new one, we can try recharging the battery.

The first step in recharging a riding lawn mower battery is to locate it either under the hood or under the seat. Once the battery is located the positive and negative cables must be disconnected from it. The riding lawn mower battery will have a bolt or a cable end and can be taken off with pliers. We can now plug our battery charger into an existing outlet and place the red lead onto the positive terminal using the charger's clamp. The black lead should then be attached to the battery's negative terminal

After determining the battery's voltage, usually either 6 volt or 12 volt, set the charger for the required voltage. The charger should have a “trickle charge” or “fast charge” option. The trickle charge should be the one used. We might want to refer to the owner's manual to make sure we are using the right setting. The charge should last between four to eight hours on trickle to prevent explosion or damage. When the battery is completely charged, reconnect the riding lawn mower cables to the battery.

Why Do Riding Lawn Mower Batteries Die

Riding Lawn Mower Batteries provide enough power to start up the engine and to keep it running. The riding lawn mower's electrical components work the headlights, horns, etc. when the riding mower is in use. Even when the engine is shut off, these features are still powered by the battery, and by leaving the motor's key to the on position (even if mowing is finished) will drain a battery to the point of losing enough power to prevent the engine from starting.

Riding Lawn Mower BatteriesThere are also Riding Lawn Mower Batteries corrosion that can occur around the battery's terminals or posts. This corrosion doesn't mean a dead battery, but it a sign that the Riding Lawn Mower Batteries must be examined. If cables that connect the battery to its post are loose, the battery has to expend more energy leading to power draining must faster. The connections should be tightened and the posts cleaned regularly to keep the charge up to speed. Should the battery case be cracked, gas from the Riding Lawn Mower Batteries will leak from the crank and cause the metal posts to corrode. If the battery case is cracked, it must be replaced.

If the riding lawn mower battery reaches the end of its life cycle of four years, it will not hold a charge for any length of time, and even a slight diminish in power will cause problems when trying to start the engine. If the battery doesn't hold a charge for more than a week, it should be replaced.

Also, part of a riding lawn mower's electrical system are the voltage regulator and alternator that work to recharge the battery. If they fail and are replaced, battery power may be restored. A riding lawn mower is made to operate at full throttle in order to achieve the revolutions needed in order to recharge the battery. If the rpm is reduced even by ten percent, the riding mower's charging system will drop, and the battery could die.

Time To Winterize

Winterizing our Riding Lawn Mower Batteries is important to keep it performing well and lasting a long time. In order to this, we must remove the battery and store it in a safe place. The battery terminals should be cleaned with a wire and baking soda mixed with water. Be careful not to wet the battery cells while scrubbing the terminals to remove dirt. Follow this by completely drying the terminals. Next, connect the battery to a charger and give it a full charge. After the battery is charged, check it of moisture and dirt. Put the battery in an airtight plastic container and store it in a place that is not damp.

Where To Find Cheap Riding Lawn Mowers

Thinking about mowing a rambling, untidy lawn can be daunting unless we give in and go out shopping for a riding lawn mower. Grant you, we don't have a lot of money to spend, but if we do our homework, there are riding lawn mowers that will fit into our budget. We figure that we have around $1500 to spend, and we'll be looking not only for value bot performance as well.

What We Learned

Cheaper riding lawn mowers are good on low hilly or flat lawns. They are not meant to pull heavy equipment, but they are able to tow a snow thrower, cart or sprayer. Most run on one-cylinder engines, are rather noisy and spray mowed grass out the side. There are mulching and bagging accessories available for some, but they tend to be rather expensive. The lower the price, the fewer the bells and whistles and the power is obviously not as great as more expensive models.

Looking For A Cheap Riding Lawn Mower

Despite the drawbacks, there our budget riding lawn mowers and tractors are available, and here's what we found. It is recommended that when considering any riding lawnmower or mowing tractor the potential buyer go with a popular brand like Briggs and Stratton, Honda or Kawasaki. The reason is because it's easier to find repair parts if necessary.

As far as other popular brands go like John Deere, Craftsman, Husqvarna, MTD, Toro and Poulan; they do rule the riding mower market. But, take for example, MTD or Husqvarna, they market and manufacture different riding mowers using different brand names. MTD owns Bolens and Yard Machines. Husqvarna makes Poulan Pro. The more or less unknown brands sold by well-known makers offer noticeably cheaper prices and quality at the same time.

Retailers like Sears, Home Depot, and Lowe's have a decent selection of lower priced riding lawn mowers available in their stores as well as online. and are two other opportune places to go online and check out the riding lawn mowers they offer. These outlets will show us their least to most expensive models along with pro and con reviews. They also offer any and all accessories that fit various brands and models like grass baggers.

There is a website, which features a myriad of expert and user reviews on riding lawn mowers that sell for $1500 and under. The reviews are generally positive and claim good performance of machines on lawns up to two acres. There are many positive feedback mentions regarding designs, ability to easily store and the ability to negotiate tight areas like corners. The website sites a couple of brands including PoulanPro and Troy-Bilt. Both are priced around $1000.

Lawn Mowing Tractors

Man On A Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

The lawn mowing tractor category is meant for yards that have greater acreage and varying terrain. Lawn tractors have more power than the riding lawn mower. Unlike the riding lawn mower that normally has a manual shift, many lawn tractors come with an automatic transmission making maneuvering a lot easier. The cost of a lawn tractor is around $1200 to $1500. Considerations for this class include the Poulan Pro PP10AA42 and Cub Cadet XT1.

A great website to go to for those of us who have an interest in lawn tractors is This site gives great information on everything about lawn mowing tractors including posts for tractor fans from all parts of the country, The site also features photos of lawn mower tractors for sale and many pages of what each tractor has to offer. There are also several forums users can go to for information and reviews from every day users and professionals who have a wealth of knowledge about tractor lawn mowers.

There's More to Review

  1. Ariens 960450056 – This machine has a 46 inch cutting deck, 16 inch turn radius, Briggs and Stratton 22 horsepower under the hood. It also allows for mowing in reverse and offers cruise control. It sells for around $1400.
  2. Craftsman LT2500 has the same cutting edge and horsepower as Ariana with a single cylinder Hohler engine. It sells for approximately $1400
  3. John Deere D105 – It has an automatic transmission, 18.5 horsepower, deck is 42 inches and 13 cutting heights. Prices start at $1500.
  4. Troy-Bilt Bronco features a 14 horsepower engine from Kohler. It handles well on hills and sells for $1200.

All have automatic transmission with speeds of about 5.5 miles per hour. The John Deere and Arians gas tanks hold approximately 2.5gallons, while the Troy-Bilt holds 1.5 gallons. Grass clippings are discharged out of the side of the machines. Baggers and mulching accessories are available.

Wait For It – Sales on Riding Lawn Mowers

If lawn mowing season has started, it is not the time to go looking for a new riding lawn mower. Riding lawn mowers are cheapest when there's no mowing to do. The best time to buy is late fall. Stores like space, and to free up space they sell what they don't need. We don't generally mow our lawns in the late fall, so that is when riding lawn mowers or Riding Lawn Mower Batteries will usually go on sale.

Other Ways to Save on a Riding Lawn Mower Purchase

Negotiating The Price

Don't be afraid to ask for a deal. There are retailers out there who are willing to negotiate if the price ticket is high. If the price is non-negotiable, ask if they would be willing to include one or two accessories at no extra charge.

Used But No Abused

There's another route we can take in our pursuit of a riding lawn mower and that is to purchase a used one. Savings from a dealer should run between 30 to 50 percent and even more if purchased from an individual. Look for brand names and models, and make sure by trial and error the machine is in good working condition, Repairs could cost almost as much as purchasing a new one. If a dealer is offering, check on the warranty. If an individual is selling, ask for paperwork and service records.

If you're a handyman or woman and some minor repairs are needed, the savings should be even greater. Just remember that buying used and needing repairs could be costly and not worth the effort. We must make sure that the riding lawn mower is thoroughly checked before purchasing. It's also a good idea to buy a used riding mower near home to save on shipping costs and to contact seller should there be an issue.

Finding A Budget Riding Lawn Mower

It's good to know that with the way prices are today, there is still a way to find good deals on riding lawn mowers or tractors. Like anything else, to find one that serves our purposes using practical sense, doing research and having trust in what we are buying are always the best way to go.

Oil and Riding Lawn Mowers

<div class="box "success" "alignleft""><div class="box-inner-block"><i class="tieicon-boxicon"></i>
			Oil changes will keep riding lawn mowers running and will extend the engine's life. In addition, clean oil helps the engine perform efficiently. Because older riding lawn mowers tend to burn oil faster, the oil levels should be checked frequently.
			</div></div>We all know that maintenance is vital to keep our riding lawn mower or lawn tractor running smoothly and efficiently, and top of the list maintenance requirements include changing the oil on a regular basis. This means the oil should be changed on a new riding lawnmower or lawn tractor after five hours and once during the mowing season or after running it for 50 hours.

Old oil must be disposed of in a safe manner and not in a home trash can. Local gas stations or maintenance shops are a good bet for disposing old oil. We should always wear gloves when disposing used oil to avoid contact with chemicals and wash hands when task is completed. Be very careful to avoid spillage that could lead to a fire hazard.

Oil changes will keep riding lawn mowers running and will extend the engine's life. In addition, clean oil helps the engine perform efficiently. Because older riding lawn mowers tend to burn oil faster, the oil levels should be checked frequently.

Ready, Set, Step By Step Instructions

We will need:

  1. Owner's manual
  2. Motor oil
  3. Drain pan
  4. Towels
  5. Funnel
  6. Old newspapers

Let The Oil Change Begin

  1. Obviously, we need to turn off the machine's on a Riding Lawn Mower Batteries
  2. Unplug the start plug wire to avoid sudden accidental start.
  3. Clean dirt off dip stick and around the plug drainage area.
  4. Drain oil by placing oil safe drain pan under the engine, loosen the oil plug and oil will fall out.
  5. Using hands or pipe wrench remove and replace oil filter which helps keep oil clean.
  6. With rag, clean dirt around oil filter seal and lubricate with new oil.
  7. Screw in new oil filter.
  8. Using a pipe wrench, tighten it up.
  9. Time to refill mower with new oil by pouring the translucent liquid into the oil plug hole using a funnel.
  10. Replace the dip stick first wiping it.
  11. Check the oil level.
  12. More Riding Lawn Mower Facts To Know

As mentioned above, all new riding mowers and tractors should have an oil change after the first five hours which is the “breaking in” time for these machines. This is because the new engine during its initial spins might spew specks of metal or other debris and settle in the new oil. Also an uneven lawn, wet lawn, quantities of dust and temperature changes can cause the mower's engine oil to break down. It's important to regularly check oil before each use and add if levels are low. If oil appears dark or murky, it's time to change it.

  • Dont't take Oil or Gas leaks Lightly
  • If theres a Leak We Will Find It
  • Riding Lawn Mowers Burning Oil
  • Shakes, Rattlesand Vibrations

Putting too much gas or oil into a riding mower is it dangerous, and it can mask other problems that could lead to other parts failing. If a riding lawn mower is leaking and stored in a shed or garage, fumes accumulate and become a fire hazard. Leaking fuel can reek havoc on a lawn, damaging the greenery as well as the soil. To avoid overfilling the engine or the gas tank, be patient and allow oil to reach the bottom of the crankcase. When the dipstick reaches “full” STOP!

To find a leak in a riding mower, look for telltale signs like parts and blades coated in oil, blue smoke spewing from the engine or oil/gas dripping from the machine. This could mean the riding mower seals are in need of repair, vital parts are damaged, clogging or corrosion is occurring.

When oil finds its way into a riding lawn mower's cylinder it will burn oil. This could be because of overfilling the engine forcing excess oil into the carburetor and ultimately soaking the air filter. Then, via the carburetor, oil mixes with gas and air creating a black smoke.

On occasion, our riding lawn mower may make strange sounds like rattling, which could signify loose parts on or under the machine. This rattling is an indication that it's time to check and tighten any loose parts including flywheel and rotating blades.

If our machine starts vibrating, this could mean that the machine might have a bent blade or blades and need replacement.If the riding mower sounds like it's vibrating, check under the machine for grass and other objects. They could be stuck in the exit chamber and lead to problems.

To avoid all of these sounds and to protect the riding lawn mower, spring into spring mowing season with a clean machine with new air filter, new spark plugs and a new oil change. For more information on riding mower oil changes go to

Used Riding Mowers

Zero Turn Riding Lawn MowerThe question of the day is “should we buy a used riding lawn mower or Riding Lawn Mower Batteries?” Obviously, if our lawns are the size of a postage stamp, there is no need. However, if we chose to live on an acre or more of land, riding lawn mowers and lawn tractors are definitely machines to consider.

Since we are not in the market to spend thousands of dollars on a new riding lawn mower, we may opt to go with a used or perhaps refurbished model. Where do we begin?

Save Money On A Used Machine

It is good to know that we can get a great deal on used riding lawn mowers and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries. Typical savings are as much as 50% of what the machine was originally valued at. Don't forget that the life of a riding mower is usually about seven years. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • It's always best to buy used from someone you know.
  • Ask questions about the age of the riding lawn mower and how often it was used,
  • Ask why the seller is getting rid of the riding lawn mower.
  • Request any maintenance repair receipts and a sales receipt.
  • Ask to take the machine for a test drive.

These are important questions because the answers will determine whether or not its a wise decision for us to go ahead and purchase the riding mower we are viewing. If the tires are worn, belts are frayed, wiring looks tattered, blades are bent or there are signs of leaks, it's time for us to walk away. If all of the above seem to be in working order, but there appears to be a lot of miles on the machine's engine, we can still be interested because riding lawn mowers and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries are known and respected for their longevity, so mileage isn't as important as other issues which could cause problems.

Red Flags

If a seller tells us that the Riding Lawn Mower Batteries or drive belt on the riding lawnmower is slipping and it doesn't go up hills like it once did, beware! This is a sure sign that the machine needs a new transmission. It's not that a transmission is that hard to replace, it's the cost that's a killer. Plus, transmissions are not that easy to find and the parts warranty is most likely dead and buried. The only hope left would be to find another machine exactly like the one with the blown transmission and switch off.

Why Take a Used Riding Lawn Mower For A Test Drive

Testing a Riding Lawn Mower Batteries

We wouldn't purchase an automobile without a test drive. So, as we tool around on a riding lawn mower test drive, take notes as to how quickly the engine starts and how smoothly it runs. Notice it is cutting grass evenly. Make sure that all of the safety features are in place and working, and the blades stop when they are supposed to. Do not buy if safety features are disabled.

Research – Research

We must be prepared to do research when considering buying a used riding mower. Think of how we research a new sound system, and that should help us understand just how important researching a riding lawn mower is. Have a good idea of what's out there, what features are offered and how much is saved by purchasing a used riding lawn mower and Riding Lawn Mower Batteries as opposed to new one. Make sure there is a local repair center that can check out and service the used riding lawn mower you are considering buying. Look on the Internet and look for product reviews or user forums to learn if others have a positive experience with the riding mower and if it held up well as time passed.

Why Get History About The Used Vehicle

We're looking at a used riding lawnmower that's been around, so it's important to gather as much past history on the machine as possible. Things like the age of the machine and past repairs are very important facts to know. Asking the current owner why he is selling the riding lawn mower might give us incite about reoccurring problems or other issues. Learning as much as possible will help ensure that the riding mower will last and be a sound investment and not a bad decision.

Do The Appearance Test

Remember, if it looks beat up, it's probably been driven into the ground. Rust, dents Riding Lawn Mower Batteries and painfully noticed scratches mean the riding mower was probably not given the best of care, both on the outside and on the inside.

So Why Used And Not New?

Obviously we look for a used or refurbished riding lawn mower, because we do not want to pay a hefty price for a new one. Psychology plays into the “buying used” picture, because the seller is indicating that they no longer want what's being sold (Riding Lawn Mower Batteries). We have to be the detective and find out why. Is it because he is older and moving into a retirement home. If that's the case, it is probably worth purchasing. Did he hit the lottery and hire a professional lawn team? Again, this could also be a good reason to buy.

Reconditioned Riding Lawn Mowers

There are those of us who still lack trust in a used riding lawn mower, so there is always the reconditioned road to explore. Reconditioned riding lawn mowers and tractors come with warranties that we can count on and for a few extra dollars in most cases can be extended.

Sites To Look Online For A Used Riding Lawn mower Or Tractor


Facts And Stats About Riding Lawn mowers

How many of us knew that the very first lawnmower was an invention by Edwin B. Budding way back in 1830. He was watching someone cut cloth on a cutting cylinder and decided to try out the concept on a lawn. He patented the idea and 10 years later, the first lawn mower was born. The first riding lawn mower was created JP Engineering and Ransomes' Automation. These machine were towed behind livestock and the driver rode on the machine.

We, as average Americans, spend approximately four hours a week fussing on our lawns when the season is right. Add that up and we get about 209 hours a year or eight days in a year's time. Good thing riding mowers were invented.

Riding lawnmower injuries send over 80,000 people to the hospital every year. The greatest injury threat involves children suffering broken bones and severed limbs.

  1. These statistics are worth spending some time on because they are informative tips on how to avoid injuries.
  2. No child under 15 years old age should operate a riding lawnmower.
  3. We should never allow a child to ride as a passenger on a riding lawn mower.
  4. Keep children at a safe distance from a working riding lawn mower.
  5. When operating a riding lawn mower, we should always wear closed toe shoes.
  6. Always make sure that our yards are free of lawn chairs, lawn toys, etc.
  7. Always check to make sure that the our riding lawn mower has a control that stops the riding machine immediately when necessary.
  8. We should never, unless necessary, mow in reverse.
  9. We must always wear protective eye and ear gear when mowing.

Here in the USA, we spend around $40 million on our lawns. This is more than any other place in this world. The average home lawn is approximately one quarter acre, and one out of five homeowners hire lawn care maintenance professionals to get the job done.

Poulan Pro Riding Lawn Mower A riding lawn mower running for one hour, emits as much pollution as a car running for 200 miles. And, there is 80 plus pounds of pesticides spread over grass every year in the United States. This all adds up when we consider that there are over 54 million of us who mow our lawns every weekend using some type of gas driven lawn mower. Its a fact that small riding lawn mower engines expel an incredibly large amount of carbon monoxide and dioxide, as well as nitrogen oxides, and organic compounds that play a big role in smog.

Lawn grass is a fabulous oxygen producer. For example, a 50 x 50 foot lawn will emit oxygen during the day fulfilling the needs of one individual.

How many of us know that grass removes huge amounts of pollutants, including carbon dioxide, from the air, as well as creating oxygen. Grass also soaks in pollutants and water and filters them through its routs and blades to help keep ground water and air clean.

The British Lawnmower Museum is the world's best and leading authority on antique lawn mowers and other vintage garden paraphernalia. Located in northern England, the museum exhibits over 300 restored machinery that has been around for over 200 years related to gardening. There's a lawn mower displayed that belonged to Princess Diana and Prince Charles. The museum offers workshops to restore mowers for collections located all over the world, including blueprints that go back to 1799.

Fun Facts

Twelve year old Ryan Tripp broke a world record when he rode a riding lawn mower from Utah to Washington, DC, 3,116 miles. He did this in order to raise money for a child from his hometown who badly needed a liver transplant. Ryan raised $15,000. He followed this up a few years later mowing lawns in every state capital in 75 days. Ryan did this challenge to raise awareness about tissue and organ donations.

“The Straight Story”, was a movie directed by David Lynch in which an old farmer makes a trip from Iowa to Wisconsin to patch up a riff between he and his brother. The old farmer made this 240 mile trip riding a lawn tractor. The movie was adapted after a true story about a man named Alvin Straight, who made a similar journey in 1994.

Creepy Lawnmower

Another film, “The Lawnmower Man” released in 1992, featured Pierce Brosnan as a scientist who does experiments involving drugs and virtual reality in order to greatly magnify human intelligence. The volunteer subjected to the madness and methods of these experiments was Brosnan's gardener, who is transformed into a genius experiencing a few heinous ideas of his own. The movie originated from a story written by Stephen King, the “master of horror”.

Back To The Future

Today's riding lawn mowers have upgrades most notably in safety elements. There are handlebar blade brake controls, which stop the machine blade should the driver release the control. There are also kill switches that shut the motor down. Foot shields protect operators from loose objects and safety features that stop the motor should the vehicle tip over. Roll bars are also an added feature on many riding lawn mower models to prevent a driver from being crushed under the vehicle.

Say Goodbye To Riding Lawn mowers?

The new kid on the block is the robotic lawn mower. These machines are revolutionizing the way lawns are mowed. After all, robotic vacuums have been cleaning up homes for years now. Why not add robotics for our lawns as well? With advances in Riding Lawn Mower Batteries and solar technology, hand free mowers make sense don't they? As long as the sun is out, robotic mowers are good to go, and they will trim a lawn in no time at all. When the sun goes down, the robotic lawn mower scurries back to its dock for recharge and soon ready to roll again. Technology is amazing, and one thing is for sure. Relying on sun power is way better for the environment. However, we can bet there will always be those dire heart lovers of riding lawn mowers, who won't be willing to pack their baby somewhere in the back of the shed.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are 'affiliate links.' This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.
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