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PetSafe Containment Systems review 2019

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As a dog owner, you want what’s best for your family pet. You want your dog to be safe, but to be able to explore your yard and get daily exercise. That’s why you should consider a Pet Safe Wireless Dog Fence.

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Wireless Dog Fence
9.87 (very good)
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    11 x 12 x 9 inches

  • Item Weight:

    0.8 pounds

  • Containment Type:

    Wireless Fence

  • Containment Area Shape:

    Circle only

  • Pet Size :

    8 lbs

  • Maximum Range ( up to ):

    1/2 Acre

  • Portable :


  • Add Unlimited Pets with Additional Collars:


  • Batteries:


  • Product Warranty:

    365 days

  • easy to setup
  • adjustable
  • portable
  • work great
  • great quality


  • not work in sloped yard
  • too light
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This unique design enables your family pet to run around safely without getting loose. At the same time, you don’t need to worry about installing large or expensive fences in your yard. Here’s what you need to know.

How does Pet Safe wireless dog fence work?

Wireless Dog Fence by Pet SafeYou’ll set the boundaries around your yard with your Pet Safe wireless dog fence. This is the perfect alternative to families who might not be able to install a traditional fence in their area. If you’re restricted by homeowner’s association policies or even the prohibitive cost of installing a fence, you’ll discover that this style of wireless fence ensures your family pet can play safely.
Once your wireless unit is in place, you’ll put a special collar on your dog. Practice using the yard with your dog. Teach him to pay attention to the small buzzing or vibration that occurs when he begins to near the fence.

This will help your pet stay away from the boundaries of the fence. If he does try to cross the fence boundary, don’t worry. Your pet will receive a small static correction that will remind him where the fence line is. This will help motivate him to stay in the yard.

What do you need to know about the brand?

Pet Safe Wireless Dog Fence FunctionPet Safe provides an assortment of valuable items designed to enhance your pet owning experience. Whether you have birds, hamsters, cats, or dogs, you’ll be able to discover a selection of products designed to help you have a positive experience taking care of your pets. This brand offers litter boxes, pet toys, and of course, the Pet Safe wireless dog fence. If you’re looking for new products and safety items to help your pet enjoy a long, comfortable life, you can locate many of these items directly through Pet Safe.

How can you select the best model?

The first step in selecting your Pet Safe wireless dog fence is to measure the size of your yard. Note that it’s vital you complete this step. Properly measuring your yard will ensure you purchase enough fence to cover the entire boundary of your pet’s play area. No two yards are identical, which makes it incredibly important to purchase enough fencing to ensure your pet’s play space has full coverage.

What are the special features?

One of the most valuable aspects of the Pet Safe wireless dog fence is that it is completely portable. If you enjoy traveling or exploring the world, you likely want to bring your beloved pet with you. When you have a wireless fence, your pet can stay safe even while you’re camping in a tent or RV. You can bring your fence with you anywhere to ensure that your pet stays safe, but is still able to run around and explore the area within boundaries.

What are the specifications?

When you place your order, you’ll receive everything you need to get started creating a safe environment for your dog. You’ll receive a transmitter and adapter. This will send the radio signal to your pet’s collar and let them know when they’re nearing the boundary. You’ll also get the collar your pet will wear, along with a battery to make it function. The kit also contains 50 boundary training flags. This is an incredible feature since it helps your pet to visually see where the boundaries are as he’s learning where he can and can’t go. A test light tool enables you to properly test whether the system and collar are working correctly and as you want them to. Of course, no Pet Safe wireless dog fence kit is complete without an owner’s manual, so you’ll receive a helpful operating and training guide that will teach you everything you need to know about setting up your fence safely.

How can you order?

Select best Pet Safe Wireless Dog FenceWhen you’re ready to order your review winner Pet Safe wireless dog fence, you can place your order directly online. You don’t have to worry about finding a local retailer that offers the fence you want to install. Instead, visit Pet Safe online or your favorite retail store’s website to locate the fence you’ve been searching for. Online ordering is safe, easy, and fast. It enables you to quickly select the fence you want and to ensure it comes directly to your door. While no two yards are completely alike, this fence ensures your little guy knows exactly where he can and can’t go.

Your fence will be delivered to your house. Once you receive your kit, you’ll be ready to get started. Simply read the included guide to learn how to start setting up your boundary and how to utilize your dog’s new collar. You’ll discover that getting started really is easy and that you’re able to rest easy knowing your pet is safe in your yard.


What are you waiting for? Order your dog fence today! There’s no better time to invest in the right equipment to keep your family pet safe than right now. Don’t delay when it comes to installing a fence that will protect and take care of your dog. His safety is important.

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Comparison result

Price Value

1. Place

9.87 (very good) Wireless Dog Fence

Conclusion: The PetSafe Wireless Fence Pet Containment System is a safe and effective way to keep your pets close to home.

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