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Best Neck Massager 2019 • 9 Neck Massagers Reviews

For a list of the best neck massager, our team of experts has conducted countless reviews on the Internet and given assessments for energy supply, performance, massage programs and other massages.

Neck Massager Leaderboard 2019

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Brand PUREWAVE Zyllion Naipo Nekteck InvoSpa Hitachi NURSAL FIVE S HoMedics
Product Dimensions

16.5 x 2.8 x 3.5 inches

13 x 2.5 x 9.5 inches

15.8 x 6.3 x 8.4 inches

15 x 8 x 7 inches

16 x 8 x 7 inches

14 x 4 x 4 inches

15.9 x 7.7 x 11 inches

22 x 7 x 20 inches

12.8 x 6.1 x 12.8 inches

Item Weight

1.75 pounds

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Shiatsu & vibration

Massage Options

6 nodes

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365 days

365 days

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365 days

  • powerful cordless + rechargeable
  • professional recommended
  • lightweight easy reach design
  • innovative slim design
  • work great
  • work great
  • rechargeable
  • safety auto shut-off
  • ultra-slim design
  • top quality textured leatherette
  • ergonomic design
  • flexible straps
  • security assurance
  • multipurpose Use
  • work great
  • heating feature
  • car adapter
  • relieve tense muscles
  • versatile design
  • perfect for home & office
  • heating fun
  • adjustable intensity
  • auto shutdown
  • portable & durable
  • power cord
  • best-selling massager
  • highly recommend
  • heavy duty motor
  • 2-speed wand
  • multi-function wand
  • deep tissue capability
  • ac and car Adapter
  • 3D Design
  • speed control
  • work great
  • comfort
  • value for money
  • Work great
  • compact design
  • high quality
  • soothing heat option
  • 3 massage options
  • comfort flex handles
  • convenient integrated controls
  • well worth
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Causes of neck pain

Neck Massager ReviewIn medicine and neck massager, a certain syndrome is spoken of, especially the neck is affected. Cervical syndrome or neck-shoulder-arm syndrome are very common manifestations of neck pain.

The symptoms can occur easily, but they can also become real diseases. Usually, areas such as the shoulders, the cervical spine, the back or the chest are affected.

They are simply overloaded with their local muscles and react with pain.

Poor posture is also one of the most common causes of neck problems, as it affects the soft tissue. Incorrect postures occur, for example, when working at the computer or sitting frequently in the office.

Age also means that the muscles and the cervical spine are subject to a wear process over time. Of course, this does not only happen in the neck area, but also in other parts of the body such as the knee joint or the intervertebral disc.

The vertebral joints are always severely affected and lead to blockages in various areas, which then lead to pain.

Another cause can be direct inflammations such as tumor infections, rheumatic diseases or neurological diseases such as nerve paralysis. Neck pain can also occur after accidents or injuries such as whiplash.

But these symptoms do not only increase with age. Especially women are confronted with pain in the neck area and show a higher statistic of those affected. The pain then extends over the neck to the shoulder and rarely causes complete stiffness in the neck, but manifests itself in a permanently tense feeling in the neck and shoulder area.

Top Neck Masagers ReviewThe entire area is then highly sensitized or is accompanied by a sensory disorder, e.g. in the arms and hands. Then medicine speaks of a cervicobrachial syndrome. Another is the Cervicocephal syndrome.

In addition to neck pain, severe headaches and tinnitus also occur here. Even if there is no pain in the neck, but the head is constantly strained and even dizziness and visual disturbances occur, the cause can be in the neck. Reasons for this can then also be psychological stress situations or even severe depression.

If the neck muscles are overloaded and the course of the pain is due to muscle tension, the symptoms are usually limited and disappear again, e.g. through massage.

Various neck massage devices are used directly in the problem area to relax the muscles and eliminate the pain. Especially the muscle hardening can be loosened up again quickly.

What is a neck massager and how does it work?

Best Neck Massager ReviewA neck massager is an electrical device that massages individual areas of the shoulders and neck, relieving muscle hardening and tension.  The entire tissue is loosened and the blood circulation is stimulated. The devices work with different methods, by vibration, heat radiation, rotation of the balls or by simple tapping technique. Familiar forms of massage are simulated.

Neck massage devices are used for the first time for prevention. If the pain is already chronic or has symptomatic side effects, a doctor should always be consulted who cannot only recommend further treatment but also find out the causes and fight them.

In addition to its pain-relieving effect, the neck massager is also used for slight relaxation and is an excellent wellness device. It can have a particularly preventive effect and prevent pain.

Neck massage devices are available in two application forms, which make up the structure of the devices. Some are used for massages while standing or sitting, others are only suitable for lying down. The U-shaped shape of the model is placed around the neck and can have a direct effect on the individual zones in neck massager that are used when seated.

The neck is then treated by pressure, heat, rotation, infrared and similar methods. There are also cushions with loops that are placed around the chair. The entire body is then leaned against this neck massager so that the individual zones can be massaged.

The other application is with a neck massage cushion, which is used lying down and can usually be spread and applied from the neck over the entire back. Some neck massage devices are very flexible and can also be used on the road, e.g. during car journeys or on holiday. Others are only suitable for use at home.

Applications for massage and neck massage devices

Neck Massager AdvantagesThe massage forms are divided into manual and relaxing massages. One of the most important body therapies is Shiatsu, which comes from Japan and on which many neck massage devices are based.

During the massage an energetic connection is established, which is triggered by finger pressure and influences the energy in the body or dissolves disturbances.

This form of massage is particularly suitable for relaxation and is therefore often used in the wellness area. On the other hand, there are also more and more offers in the field of medical care, where Shiatsu then serves as health care.

The original massage usually takes place on a mat or futon. Alternatively, there are massage tables or massage chairs. The masseur uses his hands and arms, his fingers, palms and elbows.

Sometimes even the knees are used to create a gentle and very rhythmic massage that is performed through stretches and rotations. Since the body weight of the masseur also plays a role in the massage, the neck massagers imitate shiatsu, e.g. by rotation and pressure.

These neck massagers are also slightly heavier, so the weight is another function. As with many classical forms of massage from the East, the unity of body, soul, and spirit is an important factor in the treatment. So the message is also a cleansing exercise.

The neck massage is one of the classic partial body massages and can be performed with the hand, a neck massager or massage cushions. Kneading force and pressure relax the areas and promote blood circulation. This, in turn, leads to pain relief.

The neck massager differ in intensity and speed. Both conditions can be set on the devices. Many models have infrared or similar thermal functions that further relax the neck and shoulders.

The positive effect of the neck massage devices could be proven many times, so the device serves the better blood circulation, a pain relief with the purposeful application, the relaxation by a loosened tissue and additional heat treatment.

The massage also helps to avoid new hardening of the muscles or general complaints. A regular massage prevents the all too rapid wear and tear of the muscles and tissue areas, strengthens the body and makes it less susceptible to other injuries. Well-being is an additional effect that can be increased.

What types of neck massagers are available?

  • Neck Massage Pillows
  • Neck massager with heat treatment
  • Neck massager with tapping massage
  • Neck massager with vibration
  • Neck massager for shiatsu applications
  • Hand massager
  • Universal massager
A neck massage cushion can be used both lying down and sitting down. It usually has an ergonomic shape and can be placed around the neck or clamped between shoulder and back. Some cushions are specially designed for lying down and then also have the typical cushion shape.

It serves as a powerful shoulder and neck massage and, depending on the model, can also be practical on the road, e.g. in the car or office. Vibrations or heat lead here to a targeted treatment of the areas, muscle tensions or hardening is dissolved.

Some neck massager has four or six rotating massage heads whose direction of rotation can also be determined. They turn outwards or inwards and thus work optimally in the neck and back area. An easy-care cover, usually with Velcro, so that it can also be washed, serves for fixation and comfort.

The units can also switch off automatically when they are no longer in operation. This prevents the battery or the battery from consuming too much. Other models can be connected directly to the power supply.

The neck massager with pure warming function is the simplest variant among the models and usually has an additional slight vibration. The heat is triggered by red light or a heater and has a relaxing effect.

Many of these models are simple cushions that act like a cushion and are usually covered with a soft material that provides additional warmth. The heat is adjustable, the rollers can also be used in other areas, e.g. for knees or for lifting the legs.

Other models are equipped with an extra high neck section so that you can lean back comfortably and the pleasant warmth radiates over back, neck and neck. A magnetic closure provides support and comfort and is adjustable in size. The device contains a heating pad that regulates the temperature in several steps from “warm”, “low” to “high”.

Some neck massage devices are pure heating cushions, which serve the heat treatment at neck and throat. The wattage of these cushions varies, can be up to 100 watts and therefore also allows a very fast heating up. These heating pads also have overheating protection, so that there is no danger in use. The treatment with warmth is also very helpful for colds and allows a relaxed sleep.

The tapping massage works electrically and with the help of small massage buttons. These are used in their movement pattern to stimulate the entire shoulder, back and neck area and to massage it with strokes.

The sequence of the threading speed can be defined for the devices themselves. They have a clear control panel and can also be used to control the intensity. Every person tolerates the massage differently. Even if the muscles and tissues are loosened by tapping massage, the body should be able to relax.

If it becomes too narrow because the message is too painful, the actual effect is also lost. The tapping massage is one of the more intensive forms of application.

In vibration technology, electrically conductive current pulses are used instead of balls. There are also movable electrodes in the neck massager that start the massage program. The vibration then runs over the shoulder, neck massager and back massager and can also greatly expand its effect or expand to other parts of the body.

The vibration is usually multi-stage or infinitely adjustable. Some devices work with a portable high-tech function and are also visually very appealing. The blood circulation is stimulated, also against inflammations and acute pain, vibrations help to reduce neck pain, which is caused not only by bad posture but also e.g. by fatigue.

Different modes and stages then emit impulses, vibrations and, in some devices, heat, which can be combined as a technique or increased in intensity. For example, an ergonomic design can consist of flexible wings so that the model is suitable for all neck sizes.

These models specifically simulate shiatsu massage by combining different forms of massage. The massage heads in the device are arranged in pairs and rotate in opposite directions. This imitates the finger massage and achieves a powerful pressure and kneading technique. At the same time, the body can relax, which is particularly important for the neck area.

Shiatsu is a wonderful relaxation method, which is also in the pleasant massage area and therefore does not cause any pain. The neck massager is then used specifically for shoulder tension, a striped neck or irritated nerves.

Most of these models also have an additional warming function, which can then be combined with the massage and allows for an even better loosening of the tissue and muscles.

These models are flexible and can also massage the neck. They usually have massage attachments and are then placed specifically on the painful areas in order to do their work there.

The hand massager is, as the name suggests, handy and can also be used on areas of the body that are difficult to access. In this way, all muscles are sufficiently massaged.

This is done by various techniques, with heat, tapping massage or vibration. Of course, hand massage devices are also suitable for mutual use during the partner massage.

These models are designed to massage all areas of the body, promote blood circulation and are usually equipped with a warming function. In addition to neck massage, the feet can also be treated or cellulite problems can be tackled.

Not many models are available on the market as universal devices, but only from specific manufacturers. Some are also marketed as multifunctional massagers.

The Review 2019 neck massagers – this is how we have reviewed the models for you:

Is Neck Massager Reviewed?For our Review 2019 we reviewed different neck massager and neck massage cushions for comfort, effect, the massage itself, weight and size.

It was important to us that the massage was soothing, that the application was particularly simple and practical and that the devices were also universally applicable.

In addition, the price-performance ratio had to be right, the noise level low, the handling simple and the workmanship good.

Multi-functional models performed particularly well in our review. This includes:

The heating function

Massage devices, which additionally provided an integrated heat or infrared function, triggered a pleasant feeling of relaxation during the massage. It remained important for our review that the function was adjustable. With some devices, for example, only the massage balls heat up without enabling an individual heating function.

The additional warmth in the device stimulates the back, neck and neck area, relaxes it and promotes blood circulation. This increases the massage effect, especially in the area of muscle hardening. A combination of massage balls or vibration and heat function was therefore ideal for our review.

The control panel

For our neck massager, all models should have an appropriate control panel via which the individual functions can be set. Some devices had an additional shutdown function, but this was not always helpful. Especially with the smaller neck massage devices, which are used everywhere, e.g. also with the television, the automatic switch-off was rather disturbing.

This should also be possible with our models and not be done independently. A relaxing massage can last a little longer than ten or fifteen minutes. Having to keep moving in order to switch the unit on again when it is switched off automatically is not the point.

The control panel of the models we reviewed should be at a suitable height and easily accessible. Even better was an additional remote control, with which the massage could then be particularly relaxing. The control panel should be clearly arranged for the devices, with a few operating keys.

Operation – power or battery

Neck Massager KitWe reviewed both models. For those who had a power supply, a connection cable was necessary, as the massage does not necessarily have to take place directly next to the socket or a place at such a socket has to be found.

Devices which in turn had a battery or a battery should have a certain duration and should not lose performance during massage or one-time use. The massage requires powerful and intensive movements.

The battery should provide this performance and should also be quickly rechargeable. Models that were also suitable for travel should have a car adapter so that the neck massager can then be used very flexible.


Since the models we have reviewed are used more often when purchasing, whether for an acutely treated massage or pure relaxation, hygiene should always be consistent so that cleaning should be easy. If there was a cover, it should be removable and made of a washable material.

If there was no fabric cover, the model should have at least easy-to-clean and washable leather or plastic fabric. Controls or switches therefore also had to be removable so that cleaning was not a problem. Neck massage devices that did not allow this was out of the question for our review.

What do I have to consider when buying a neck massager?

The neck massager is available in different versions and from different manufacturers. It must be ensured that the applied massage corresponds to the conditions and, if desired, also enables a deep massage.

If you focus more on relaxation and wellness, you need a different model than someone who wants to treat existing tension and pain. Regular massage is also important in the treatment of neck pain, so the equipment purchased is often used and must, therefore have the appropriate quality characteristics.

The performance of the massage units should be correspondingly high. Devices that produce only a weak rotation or hardly any heat are not suitable for direct treatment.

  • Size and weight
  • Workmanship
  • Loudness
  • Rotation or vibration
  • Inertia
  • Warming function
The neck massager is used under various conditions but should be compact so that it is not only easy to carry and massage, but also stable.

Especially devices that are also suitable for traveling should be small and light and have the right shape that does not disturb the neck.

A high-quality processing of the neck massage devices should be guaranteed with the purchase of the model. The device must sit comfortably on the neck or you can lean in comfortably.

Covers with sharper edges or seams are less suitable; the material of the neck massager should also be pleasant and not unpleasantly influence the neck massage.

Rest is also important for relaxation. Neck massager should therefore have a quiet motor due to their electrical functions. During the massage there should be as little noise as possible. All massage devices should work quietly and hardly noticeable.

As soon as the electric operation of the models is heard, the massage is disturbed by them. Since many devices are also based on naturopathic procedures, peace and quiet are an important prerequisite.

Especially with massage cushions, it is important that the fabric is soft and does not creak during a possible movement. The rotation of the massage balls should be hard to hear and then run in a calm, monotonous rhythm.

The massage by rotating balls and vibration should be based on the original massage technique and therefore uniform and relaxing.

A change of direction or an increase in intensity are also very favorable. Many neck massagers have a control panel with which you can set different levels of massage function.

Neck massagers must either sit comfortably around the neck or have a soft cover so that the neck and neck lie comfortably in or on the massager.

A remote control is of course ideal for comfort so that all massage functions can be regulated without moving the neck.

Depending on the intensity of the massage function, the warmth of the neck massager also plays a decisive role in the result and relaxation during the massage. It is important that the device does not become too hot so that the contact with the heat becomes unpleasant.

On the other hand, a heating function that hardly gets lukewarm is also not very suitable. The heat of the purchased model should, therefore, be adjustable in two or more stages so that it can be adjusted as required.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Good brands and manufacturers for neck massagers and pillows are ” Medisana “, ” Bodynova ” ” Breuer “, “MemoryStar“, “HoMedics“, ” Vitalymed “, ” Donnerberg ” or ” Hitachi “.

Brief Information about Neck MassagerParticularly noteworthy are the devices of the company “Donnerberg”, which specializes in the sale of massage devices and neck massage devices and offers its products not only TÜV-reviewed but also has other certificates, which speak for the high quality of the models of this company.

The neck massager has a medically reviewed value and have arm loops so that they can also be used while standing. The company advertises with the award of the German Sports Federation, points out the versatile use of its equipment and also its use in sleep, which is particularly helpful in cases of postural deformities or stiffness of the neck.

The massage devices are available in many forms and are of high quality. Of course, the price of such models is also slightly higher.

Internet vs. specialized trade: Where is the purchase of a neck massager worthwhile?

Facts About Neck massagersOf course, the consultation for the purchase of a massage device can take place in the specialized trade, against it the purchase on the Internet offers a clear listing of all functions of the devices and additionally helpful customer evaluations, which give information about the devices already bought and used.

Of course, shopping on the Internet is cheaper, as many special offers and discounts are possible since the manufacturers save personnel and rental costs, which are usually included in the offers.

The advantage of an Internet purchase is additional extensions for the neck massage devices, which are usually included in the scope of delivery, including various covers or attachments for the devices.

The granted warranty claims return rights round off the purchase also online. The selection there is very large retailers show their products in detail.

Facts & Advisor

The history of massage

It is easy to imagine that massage is one of the oldest healing methods in human history. The massage was used instinctively to relieve pain.

The massage was then used specifically for healing in Asia and East Africa. Especially in China, naturopathic treatment is still an important part of medicine today. The body is divided into meridians and every pain caused has a certain point at which it can be triggered and thus directly treated.

More than 2000 years B.C. the Chinese used hand movements and gymnastics exercises to eliminate the pain. The massage was combined with an application of essential herbs and oils. This healing art was also known in India and was called “Ayurveda”.

Among the Greeks, Hippocrates' doctor dealt with massage, from where it also reached Europe. In Rome, massages were used to restore soldiers and gladiators.

For a while, massages were used less, but in the Middle Ages, the doctor Paracelsus paid attention to it again. Here the massage was used after the operation to relax the muscles and relieve pain.

Hahnemann, the inventor of homeopathy, also regarded massage as a therapeutic supplement that was specially designed for relaxation. When manual therapy was introduced to medicine, massage was synonymous with gymnastics. Handles have been developed and improved.

History of neck massagersIn the USA, the orthopaedist and doctor Albert Hoffa was responsible for the application of the massage. The so-called “Swedish massage” was improved and spread by him.

Special techniques were invented for each region of the body and formed the basis for somatotopy, whereby the position of the body parts and the entire nerve tissue could be structured and reassigned.

It was also found that internal organs were affected by skin irritation, leading to connective tissue massage or prostate Massage, a subtype of reflexology.

What used to be done mainly by doctors is now the work of physiotherapists and masseurs. A massage is also a form of training supported by the state.

Through the invention of special devices suitable for massaging individual body parts, the application of various massage techniques is made easier again and can also be used for private relaxation.

A combination of massage and aromatherapy increases the effect. Well-being always remains important.

Neck pain: What helps in addition to neck massage?

Neck Massagers FeaturesIf the pain is greater or cannot be precisely defined, it is always advisable to consult a doctor who can make a diagnosis. If the pain is accompanied by other symptoms such as paralysis, it is even essential to take the appropriate treatment.

In most cases, therapies and physiotherapy are used to relieve tension and muscle hardening caused by mental or physical stress.

Symptomatic treatment can also be considered for particularly severe pain, i.e. painkillers are prescribed and a temporary relief of the affected area is ordered.

In addition to the neck massage, a bulwark tie can also provide relief. This is made of foam and wears the neck like a stable plastic collar. A neck roll or an ergonomically shaped cushion is also good for relief.

Another alternative to neck massage is acupuncture, which is based on natural medicine. It is a branch of Chinese medicine and divides the body into meridians in which the life energy of the body flows, the so-called “Qi”.

Pain, whether in the neck or elsewhere, indicates a disturbed energy flow and can lead to more severe diseases. With the help of small, very thin and therefore not conspicuous needles, the affected areas are treated and the malfunctions are rectified.

The acupressure works similarly and on the same basis as the energy flow, whereby an increased blunt pressure is then exerted.

Heat also helps with neck problems. A warm pillow can also serve its purpose when the pain gets out of control and relaxes the entire neck area. A relaxing bath is also well suited.

If you want to go through life healthy and painlessly, you should always attach importance to many exercises and practice muscle stimulating sports such as jogging or swimming. The muscles are not only relaxed but also strengthened.

Frequently asked questions:

How often does neck pain occur?

How often does neck pain occur?

In fact, neck pain is one of the most common symptoms and is often caused by stress and postural deformities at work. The resilience of the body shows itself with limited movement in the same form as with very hectic conditions.

Almost every third suffers from complaints in the neck, neck and shoulder area. The pain increases with the signs of wear and tear of the aging process. If they last longer than twelve weeks, the neck pain is chronic and must be examined and treated by a doctor. These conditions can be greatly restricted with the neck massager.

What are the preventive measures available for neck pain?

What are the preventive measures available for neck pain?

Once there, some measures must be taken to get rid of them. The care of the neck muscles and the practice of a correct posture, which relieves all muscle and tendon areas, are advisable to prevent such pain.

It is also important to avoid particularly monotonous movements and loads. Especially at the workplace, e.g. in the office at the desk, when the eye is directed at the documents or the screen, incorrect postures inadvertently creep in, which can then lead to unpleasant pain.

The same can happen in sleep when the posture is tense. A neck roll can prevent position-dependent tension. A neck massager can also serve its purpose without pain and simply do good.

The muscles are always relaxed. Exercises are also used to strengthen the entire neck muscles and the individual areas.

What is VDE?

What is VDE?

VDE is the abbreviation for the Association of Electrical Engineering. These are professional associations that review products in a network. The VDE is therefore a review procedure with the certificate for various devices and standards.

These can be found in the field of power current, electrical cables, batteries or accumulators and insulators. As neck massage devices work on an electrical basis, they should also be VDE-reviewed.

What do I do if the neck tension does not ease during the massage?

What do I do if the neck tension does not ease during the massage?

As with all physical complaints, nothing is possible at the touch of a button and a little patience is required. More stubborn tensions must be gradually released, and the pain is also more intense, so that a too long massage has no relaxing effect, but is unpleasant.

The neck massager should then first be used on a small level and gradually loosen up the individual areas. The solution is then achieved step by step, usually over several days.

In addition, a warm bath can be used for further relaxation. Essential oils or bath additives ensure well-being so that the body is well prepared for the massage.

However, if you do not notice any improvement, it is better to consult a doctor who can prescribe suitable methods or determine the exact cause.

Useful accessories

Accessories of Neck MassagerThe electric neck massager relaxes the muscles, but you can also use a massage ball with nubs rolled over the neck and back muscles.

This promotes blood circulation, lowers blood pressure and also helps to reduce stress-related causes. The muscles can also be prepared for the actual massage.

Another accessory for the flexible neck massager is an adapter or a second power supply. An additional battery is also helpful if the model operates without power.

Of course, the massage can also be refined and accompanied with aromatherapy. Essential oils, massage oils and special creams applied and rubbed on the neck or the parts of the body to be treated. Particularly pleasant scents are mint, orange, lemon or vanilla. Fragrances have a positive effect on the body.

The sense of smell is additionally stimulated during the massage and triggers a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Different oils also have different effects, lavender has a calming effect on body and mind, jasmine has a spasmolytic calming effect and also helps against mood swings and depressions, which can additionally contribute to tension and pain in the body, thyme stimulates and activates the body, the blood vessels and the lemon or orange oil lighten the mood, which naturally also serves for relaxation during the massage.

Alternatives to the neck massager

Alternatives of neck massagerAn alternative to a neck massager is a simple hand massager, heating pad or massager, massager pad, which is intended for different body regions and can therefore be used flexibly.

Of course, a hand massage by a masseur or your own partner is also a helpful means of getting rid of neck pain or simply recovering from everyday stress.

However, since the partner is not always available, a neck massager is optimal for filling in the split times.

The devices can be used not only for pure relaxation but also everywhere, for example when listening to music or watching television.

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