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Best Infrared Cabin 2019 • 0 Infrared Cabins Reviews

Infrared cabins and their operation

In recent years, infrared cabins have enjoyed increasing popularity. They are quickly operational and take up pleasantly little space. As can already be seen from the name, the heating of the cabin is realized on infrared basis. The infrared radiation is a natural energy form, which is also present in the sun radiation.

Infrared radiation – what is it?

The rays emanating from the sun hit the earth as so-called global radiation. When entering the atmosphere, this radiation is attenuated. They are divided into visible light, UV- and infrared radiation (IR radiation). However, it is not only the sun that generates IR radiation. Every body, that has a temperature above -273° C or 0 Kelvin) emits the IR radiation. The higher the temperature of the body is, the more IR-solute zero point (approx. radiation is emitted. At the same time, the wavelength of the radiation is also shortened.

The human eye is not able to see infrared rays. It's different with the largest organ: The skin perceives it as heat. This is often referred to as heat radiation. The effect is well known by the way: If you are in the sun, you get warm quickly. Outside the sun, in the shade, it immediately feels cooler, although the air temperature is actually the same in both areas. The IR radiation is not involved in the actual air heating.

The infrared radiation can be divided into different areas, which warms different areas of the skin and thus produces different effects:

  • IR-A:A short-wave radiation in the range of 0.76 to 1.4 µm. The radiation penetrates to the subcutis and allows a pleasant and relaxing deep warmth. Infrared A radiation is mainly used in the field of medical therapies. Doctors can use it to treat diseased or inflammatory tissue structures effectively and very directly. The irradiations should only be carried out by personnel with medical training and by medical specialists.
  • IR-B:The medium wave Radiation (IR = 1.4 – 3.0 µm)warms the head in the dermis or epidermis. The intensity of the rays in the IR-B range is very high. Therefore, pure infrared B radiation is usually perceived as unpleasant.
  • IR-C:The long-wave Radiation (IR = 3.0 to 10 µm) only heats the uppermost skin layer. It is a stimulating and soothing radiation and is suitable for the individual wellness area at home.

The Infrared C radiation offers a health effect. The decisive factor is the heating of the body. The Radiation warm the Epidermis (skin). Due to the improved circulation the heat can be distributed directly over the body. Even with a relatively low temperature in the cabin interior you can sweat in this way.

The fields of application of infrared radiation

Infrared radiation can be used in many different ways.

Medicine makes use of its positive effect as well as athletes or the wellness industry.

Anyone who is affected by physical complaints before starting an application should consult a doctor beforehand.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Infrared cabin heat cabin Helsinki 150The lymph channels are widened by the heating and thus stimulate the sweat flow.
  • A better supply of relaxed tissue with blood. The regression of sprains, bruises, inflammations, wounds or scars can be promoted by it.
  • After athletic training the use of IR rays is beneficial for the after-treatment of muscle pain or sports injuries.
  • Positive effects in “lumbago” or in rheumatism.
  • Possible alleviation of menstrual pain.
  • The oxygen transport in the body can be promoted and optimized by the better blood circulation.
  • The improved circulation has on the skin positive influence.
  • The Radiation can have a positive effect on Preventive measures from Heart- and Vascular diseases.
  • heat promotes well-being.Thereby a better relaxation and the reduction of stress are possible.
  • The IR radiation initiates various processes in the body. They reduce the acid level and purify the body.

Sweating is important

Many people experience sweating often unpleasant. It is a vital and completely natural process and an important factor for the well-being. With the body's own system, the sweat formation takes over the function of an air conditioning system. Heats up The Body needs cooling due to physical exertion or external heat influences, for example in the Sun,. In this case, the sweat glands, that are distributed all over the skin take up their work. But sweat does not only regulate body temperature. The body can also excrete toxins and other toxic metabolic waste products with the sweat fluid. Normally, the daily amount of sweat excreted is about one to two liters per day. During heavy physical exertion it can rise up to 1.5 litres per hour.

The various radiators

To generate infrared radiation, the trade offers various devices and emitters. Usually Current is used to heat a metallic body.

AnIR radiation element is formed, quartz sand or magnesium oxide, optionally coated with ceramic or steel, is bonded.

A further possibility is represented by electric surface emitters. The following IR emitters are widely used today:

  • Jokey Infrared Cabin Duo-Redlight EmittersMagnesium Oxide Emitters:For more than 30 years Magnesium Oxide Emitters, they are also called Magnesium W Emitters, are used in infrared cabins. These models consist of a curved, very high quality and heat resistant stainless steel tube. Inside there is a filling of magnesiuoxide and inside there is a heating wire. The tubes store excellent heat and emit infrared radiation in constant quality and constant. The different model variants are equipped with back reflectors. They emit infrared heat at a radiation angle of approx. 45°, optimum heat absorption from the body is achieved.
  • Ceramic radiators:This type of IR radiators are among the best known variants. They consist of a ceramic body. A heating conductor is cast into this body during production. Ceramic prevents Annealing to the outside and also ensures that the heating spiral does not become soft during use. The situation is different with ceramic tubular radiators. They're filled with quartz sand. During operation, the spiral can collapse and destroy the radiator by a short circuit. The use of a ceramic body has an infinite lifetime. It can only be affected by mechanical damage. Ceramic emitters are regarded as strongly perceived radiation sources which have a surface temperature of approx. 400°C . Their radiation spectrum is predominantly in the Infrared C range.
  • Vitae radiators:In contrast to other types of radiators modern Vitae radiators come very close to natural IR radiation. The entire IR spectrum is covered by these radiators, since they can also generate a small proportion of IR-A rays. The proportion of IR-B rays was increased for this reason, so the body's own heat receptors of skin can function as an type early warning system and indicate the overheating of the body at an early stage. Earlier than in the sun, the user feels when it is time to leave the cabin. In this case it is important that the visitor of such an infrared cabin hears his own body and the associated signals. A further advantage of Vitae radiators is that they are able to radiate heat immediately without preheating time.
  • Panel or IR panel heaters:These devices are usually installed behind a wall. They therefore distribute the long-wave rays very evenly and emit a very mild infrared heat. A disadvantage of the panel or IR surface heaters is the longer preheating phase and a rather sluggish reaction. Furthermore, the different models work primarily with IR-C rays. They penetrate the skin less deeply. So if you value a gentle infrared heat, want to sweat less intensively, such a surface radiator is the ideal choice.

The Infrared mat or IR heating foil is a frequently used variant which is available in many versions. For example, she may confess from a aluminum heating element with thermostat in a polyester foil. The mats can be visibly installed as floor, ceiling or wall heating in the infrared cabin or optionally behind the wall. During operation, the mat distributes the heat over a large area and the heat is released via the wood into the cabin interior.

Infrared cabin as a medical aid and for therapies

Infrared rays hit the human body, they penetrate the skin. There they generate heat in different skin layers depending on their wavelength. Complaints that only occur selectively can be alleviated or treated with a red light lamp. However, if the whole body of the larger regions are affected, the purchase of a infrared cabin, also infrared sauna is recommended.

In contrast to a conventional sauna, the temperatures in the infrared cabin are comparatively low.

Of course, nobody has to worry that it might be too cold, as 50 to 60°C can be reached. After prior consultation with the attending physician, this can also be used by people with cardiovascular problems. During the stay in the cabin, the body is warmed by the IR radiation. A similar effect as in fever is produced and the body is stimulated to increased sweating. This is also called healing sweating. It helps the body to purify. The kidneys are relieved and blood pressure can be reduced. At the same time, the skin is better supplied with blood, viruses are killed and harmful substances are excreted. Anyone facing sporting challenges can gently bring their muscles up to “operating temperature” with an application in the infrared cabin.

There are a number of aches and pains and illnesses whose symptoms may be improved by an infrared cabin. The following list provides an overview of the fields of application, but does not claim to be exhaustive.

  • Ivar-2 Comfort Fullspektrum 2 Personen 2Tension of muscles,
  • Joint pain,
  • back pain,
  • Headache,
  • neck pain,
  • Wrong,
  • “lumbago”,
  • Distortions,
  • arthrosis,
  • rheumatism,
  • menstrual pain,
  • Sleep disorders,
  • Concentration disorders

Only through regular use of the heat cabin can the IR rays unfold their full positive potential.

back pain – a widespread disease?

back pain belong to the complaints, with which modern humans are very often confronted. The heat of an infrared cabin can be helpful in alleviating and treating pain. Nevertheless, it is advisable to take a close look at everyday life. This is the only way to identify and eliminate the potential perpetrators of these complaints. A large proportion of people spend their daily working time in the office, they do their work exclusively sitting down. An important aspect is the use of an ergonomically shaped office chair. Not every chair model is suitable for all-day use. If necessary and Possibility the chair should perhaps be replaced. Another way to prevent back pain is to get more exercise during the working day. Just a short stand up and a with- and walking can provide some relaxation for body and spirit.

Man spends about a third of his life in bed. Looking at this long period of time, it is always surprising that many are reluctant to invest in a high-quality and suitable bed. Only those who make a good night's bed can sleep as relaxed and as pain-free as possible and thus start the new day efficiently. By combining a bed tailored to the needs and regular visits, back pain can be alleviated or even completely eliminated.

With an infrared cabin to your own wellness centre

Everyday life is often determined by stress and hectic. During the day you rush from one appointment to another. This is at the expense of health and well-being.

Staying in an infrared sauna can have a positive effect on the human body. Here you will find time to just let your soul dangle.
The “Experience Infrared heat cabin” one can experience meanwhile also outstanding at home . It is not only stressful people who benefit from this “holiday in mini format” and can relax. The modern world is fast moving. relaxation is therefore an important factor to give body and mind the necessary balance. The deep cleansing of the sebaceous glands in the skin can under certain circumstances be supported by the regular use of an infrared cabin. The result is a skin, that looks more beautiful and feels more delicate.

Colours and fragrances for more well-being

Heat alone is already an important factor that people can feel good and relax. In order to further optimise the wellness experience in your own infrared cabin, a composition of fragrances, colours and sounds is an ideal choice. Power-saving LED coloured light offers the possibility of immersing the room in a soft light. An integrated starry sky in the cabin invites you to leave the hectic everyday life behind you. Spectral colours already occupy an important position in Antics in Heal Sciences:

  • Blue has a relaxing effect and promotes concentration. This color symbolizes rest.
  • Red promotes courage and vitality. Red is also the colour of passion and love.
  • Yellow has a positive effect on mood. At the same time, yellow stands for security and warmth.
  • Green has a calming effect not only on excited minds. The colour symbolizes hope, contentment and stands for growth and harmony.

The Effect of Fragrances in an Infrared Cabin

Lars 4 Topline 3 Personen Infrarotkabine1The first written Documentations about the Healing with scents originate from the time around 5,000 BC Ch. There are records of this in ancient writings of Indian healers. This type of healing of patients was also successfully used with the old Egyptans. In all advanced cultures of the earth beneficial and healing oils and essences were and are used.

Fragrances do not only affect the nose and lungs and can therefore increase personal well-being. The positive effect can already occur within a short time due to the direct stimulation of the receptors in the cells. Among other things, the more than 10 million olfactory cells in the human nose ensure this. A fragrance molecule, that immediately triggers a signal and transmits it to the brain is sufficient.

They are mainly essential oils, which can act as real elixirs of life. Often just a few drops of the intensely scented liquid during the stay in the cabin are sufficient to come into harmony with the help of the scents body and mind. This can be achieved, among other things, with so-called fragrance lamps, which can either be mounted directly on the heating element or simply set up depending on the model. With a good aromatic oil it is important that high-quality raw materials are used for the production. High quality Oils can be found in specialist shops, on the Internet or in pharmacies. Although the positive effect of aromatherapy is undisputed, it also applies here: Anyone affected by allergies, asthma or other illnesses of the respiratory tract should always consult a doctor before use.

An infrared cabin can help you lose weight?

More and more people are suffering from overweight or obesity. This has long since become a phenomenon in society as a whole, particularly in the western industrialised countries. Many overweight people are not satisfied with the resulting body proportions or are struggling with physical limitations. If the superfluous pounds strike the mind or even make it sick, one should think about reducing the weight permanently and gently.

A infrared cabin can of course not perform miracles.

The IR radiation provides heating and an increased welding volume. This is ideal to support and stimulate the slimming process.
In order to healthy and to reduce the weight sustainably, the diet has to be changed. A second, also very important factor is the increase of the activity of the body. The infrared cabin is the ideal supplement, which the slimmer can look forward to after an athletic unit.

Infrared cabin test 2019 – so we tested for you

In recent years the market for infrared cabins has grown steadily. Numerous new products have appeared. In our detailed infrared cabins Test you can see high-performance cabins and the comparison test winner at a glance. The following list offers a overview, under which aspects we have tested the different infrared cabins for you.

  • checlistAssembly and function:The assembly and Functionality should be known before buying an infrared cabin. The kits should be safe and well packed. The fewer individual parts there are, the simpler the assembly will be. An understandable assembly instruction contributes to an easier installation.
  • The type and number of emitters:In Infrared irradiation should affect the whole body evenly. Therefore a permanent and contactless heat supply is important. Ceramic radiators give off a pleasant warmth.
  • The wood:Infrared cabins consist of different woods. The material itself has no influence on IR radiation and its effects. Nevertheless, the wood species is a decisive factor for the longevity and quality of an infrared cabin. Cedar and hemlock wood is preferred for the construction of sauna and infrared cabins.
  • The processing:All components of the infrared cabin should be clean and properly processed. Correct wiring is necessary for the electrical parts. Sturdy and well closing doors are a must. Of course, an infrared cabin must have the CE symbol and be TÜV-tested.
  • Where is the control unit located:In order to be able to regulate the infrared intensity at any time, the control module should be located inside the cabin. In addition, easy accessibility from any seat or berth is advantageous. Single-user controls allow individual adjustability.
  • The comfort :Depending on model and size, the infrared cabin offers space for several people. Some cabins also permit relaxed reclining, while compact infrared cabins usually only offer enough space for comfortable sitting.
  • The features:To optimize the wellness experience, many models are equipped with additional features. Color light therapies or a HIFI system transform the cabin into a very personal feel-good oasis.
  • Power consumption:In times of high Energy prices, the lowest possible power consumption is an important selection criterion. The warm-up time should be as short as possible.

Wellness for at home – a purchase consultation for infrared cabins

The everyday life and occupation mean for the body, the mind and the soul stress. The consequences are often tense muscles, an increased susceptibility to cold or diseases or a feeling of fatigue. The use of an infrared cabin is an ideal way to treat yourself to the peace and relaxation you so urgently need and to get into the enjoyment soothing deep warmth. But before you decide for the purchase of an infrared heat cabin, some different relevant points should be considered before.

Not only a question of budget

The financial opportunities decide decisively which infrared cabin can be bought.

A further criterion is the question of how many people should enjoy the relaxing deep heat bath in the future.
Infrared Sauna Foldable heat cabin Far infrared 650That determines the size of the Cabin. The Equipment and the Quality of the Materials used also influence pricing.
Regular use is necessary so that the infrared cabin can fully develop its positive effect. Therefore, it is important to select a location in Living area that allows frequent and easy use. The future location should be easy to reach. A sufficient space available for the cabin and access is also relevant.

In order to generate the desired heat in the IR cabin, radiators in different design and area radiators are used. If a sitting position in the cabin is preferred, the desired effect can be produced quickly and specifically with the help of a rod radiator, since it generates a more intense heat in the comparison to surface radiator. If you prefer to enjoy the heat lying down or leaning against the wall, the rod radiator has a decisive disadvantage. The radiation hits very concentrated on a restricted area of the body. Therefore, reclining cabins should be better equipped with a combination of surface and ceramic radiators. A control unit allows temperature control inside the cabin.

box type=”shadow” align=””” class=””” width=”””]A timer function offers the option, with regular use of the IR-cabin, to set the time, when an automatic switch-off of the radiators is to take place.

Other equipment features that provide additional comfort during use would include>

  • A controllable LED illumination,
  • a fragrance atomizer,
  • supply of fresh air,
  • an atmospheric indoor and outdoor lighting or
  • an audio system.

The leading manufacturers of infrared cabins

  • Povertystrong
  • Axotherm
  • Physiotherm
  • Röger
  • Thera-Med Deep Thermal World

For more than 20 years, Armstark has been one of the leading manufacturers of infrared cabins. Armstark's product range also includes a wide selection of swim spas, whirlpools and Jacuzzis. In 20 specialist exhibitions, the interested party can take a close look at the various products of the Bavarian company and even test them if necessary.

The foundation for the successful company was laid by company founder Alfred Armstark with the trade of antiques. The shop, which had its own workshop with six restorers, quickly became an attraction for antique fans from all over Germany. Troubled by back pain, he remembered a longer stay in the USA and the associated pleasurable use of Jacuzzis. 1993 The first whirlpools are imported to Germany. In 1998 Armstark expands its product range to include infrared cabins. Today these products are a healthy and second mainstay of the company.

For many years Amrstark has been involved in various social projects. Various aid organisations are supported, for example through donated heat cabins for children suffering from rheumatism.

Rudi Ax GmbH with its headquarters in Siegen is now run as a family business by the third generation. The infrared cabins of axotherm are completely manufactured in our own production facilities in Germany. The manufacturer attaches great importance to the use of unpolluted materials and branded components. Only selected and natural woods from the coastal forests of British Columbia are used. The glass doors consist of a six millimetre thick safety glass. Axotherm is so convinced of the high quality of its products that it offers a 10-year guarantee on the infrared radiators.

Sometimes these are tragic moments that lead to a completely new idea. This is also the case with Luis Schwarzenberger, the founder of Physiotherm. In 1994 he suffered a double vertebral fracture as a result of a serious skiing accident. Although the doctors at that time only promised the necessary success to a risky operation, Schwarzenberger looked for further and other forms of therapy. When, on the advice of an alternative doctor friend of his, he intensively deals with infrared heat and the associated treatment options, he creates the almost impossible. The deep heat activates the self-healing powers of his body, Schwarzenberger gets back on his feet within a few weeks. Together with a scientist specializing in infrared, he developed a low-temperature infrared technology and patented the lava sand technology. The first model was launched on the market and a short time later the company was founded under the name Physiotherm. Today, the Austrian company is one of the market leaders and offers infrared cabins in various sizes, variants and configurations.

In 1947 the building and furniture carpentry Röger is founded in Schwäbisch Hall. The founder of the company, Karl Röger, has been dedicating himself with enthusiasm to the development and construction of saunas since the 1950s, which soon becomes the core business of the company. Röger establishes itself on the market as a quality supplier. In 2011 Röger GmbH will become a subsidiary of Klafs GmbH & Co. KG. Economy, comfort and safety are still the most important cornerstones on which the company has based its efforts since its foundation. The Röger range is characterised by high-quality and uncomplicated products such as infrared cabins and saunas for private use.

As an experienced sauna manufacturer, Röger relies in Germany on a very solid and reliable quality and a good price-performance ratio.

When Delfin Wellness GmbH was founded in 2001, the company focused on quality right from the start. As a full-range supplier in the wellness sector, the Austrian manufacturer occupies one of the coveted top positions on the market. Delfin Wellness sets technological standards with innovative products such as the Thera-Med deep heat radiator. Service, highest quality and reliability are particularly important to the manufacturer.

Internet vs. specialised trade – buy infrared cabins and save

Infrared (heat) cabins are enjoying increasing popularity in the private sector. This market segment is correspondingly colourful and varied. New manufacturers and always new products don't make it easy to find the right product. In the past, the manufacturing companies and specialty stores were the first to contact point for interested buyers interested parties, this has changed in favor of the Internet.

The purchase in a specialist shop – advantages and disadvantages

For many people the specialist shop is still the first address, they are looking for a new product. This also applies to the purchase of infrared cabins. The Visit to a Reseller has several Advantages.

Infrared cabins, which are set up in a test or show room, can be visited on site, often even tried out.

Trained Specialists is able to advise the customer competently and professionally. If required, individual solution proposals can be worked out together with the customer. If you do not want to set up your newly purchased infrared cabin yourself, you can have it done by experienced staff of manufacturers/dealer.

As with all things in life, there is also in this case a facing side of the famous medal. Specialty stores for infrared cabins are less common, especially in rural areas. Therefore in many cases a correspondingly long approach is necessary. The customer is bound to the valid shop opening hours. Another very important aspect is the limited manufacturer offer on site.

Convenient online shopping – today you can buy infrared cabins safely on the net

If you used to go to the pedestrian zone for a new pair of shoes, many consumers today don't even leave their computer for it anymore. More and more Germans are buying in Internet. Various studies prove this. Currently, hardly any company can afford not to be represented in Internet. Customers who want to buy their new infrared cabin on the Internet know much better today what they can expect. Numerous technical possibilities and detail enlargements show the Internet much better the actual appearance of the respective product. In addition, there are very extensive product- and category descriptions, that offer a lot of information. In our infrared test we compare current models and present the winner of the comparison in detail.

Also in things Service the virtual world has changed a lot. If one looked still few years ago in vain for extensive Service offers or consulting possibilities, these belong Things today to the Standard obligation tasks of a Online dealer. The comparison of the different offers and the prices is clearly easier. The Internet purchase can offer besides with further advantages.

The online shops are not bound to opening hours, so that the prospective customer can shop around the clock and on weekends. Numerous offers also score points with an attractive price.

All kinds of interesting facts about infrared cabins

Infrarotkabine Malmö FlächenstrahlerThe Infrared cabin is an alternative to the conventional sauna. The production of this innovative alternative to the conventional sauna would not have been possible if Wilhelm Herscheln had not discovered infrared radiation in the spectrum of the sun in 1801. Therefore he is called today also the great-grandfather of the infrared cabin. The special thing about this discovery is the effect, which is well known. When you step out of the sun into the shade, it immediately becomes cooler. The solar radiation stimulates the cells of the skin and can even lead to a slight tickle on this large sensory organ.

Modern infrared cabins have long since found their way into private homes. The situation is completely different with the first constructions. They were developed for medical applications. Dr. Tadashi Ishikowa filed in year 1965 the first patent application for an infrared cabin. It was to take another ten years for this technology to find the benevolent interest of the public. The emerging wellness movement finally ensured that the infrared techniques were changed in such a way that they could also be used in private households. Today, even children and teenagers are fans of these innovative devices.

Modern systems use help infrared radiation to heat the 80 percent of the energy used to heat the body. Only 20 percent of the radiant heat is released into the air and thus ensures a moderate increase in the internal temperature. Therefore consumed an infrared cabin requires little current

The right place for the infrared cabin – important prerequisites for installation

Those who regularly use an infrared cabin can benefit from the high health value.
The radiation provides with its deep heating a very good general well-being. At the same time it can make an important contribution to health maintenance. red light has been known for many years in the medical field. as an effective method to relieve muscle tension, to alleviate rheumatic illnesses and much more. As an infrared heat cabin works at a much lower temperature, it is very popular with all those for whom a conventional sauna is simply too hot. Without any loss in the health effect, only 50 to 60 °C are achieved. The humidity is also lower.

From other areas m knows, things that are not in the field of view are used less. Therefore the ideal exhibition location of an infrared cabin is in the apartment and not in a remote area of the house, example in the cellar. The modern and high-quality designs of the various models allow even a placement in much used rooms such as the bedroom. If the bathroom is large enough, it offers perfect Prerequisites, to set up the cabin there. The shower is then in the immediate vicinity, the way from the infrared cabin to there is easy and comfortable. To ensure that hygiene is maintained at all times, a shower bath before and after use is important. Sweat residues are washed away as well as excreted toxic- and slags.

Of course, it is up to each owner to decide where he wants to put the good piece. So that the actual construction and the later use can take place without problems, a few Prerequisites must be fulfilled. To ensure optimal ventilation, a normal room height is necessary. The floor should be level and horizontal. A warm and draught-free room as well as a homely atmosphere of the environment makes sense.

If the installation is planned from a fitness room, it is a good idea to also install the infrared cabin there. In the ideal case with a new building or a forthcoming Renovation of the House the purchase is immediately thought of and immediately planned with. A later and perhaps more complex conversion and the associated preparation work are omitted.

Assemble your own infrared cabins

Setting up an infrared cabin is not difficult and can also be done by untrained people. Who inquires before the purchase, which price reductions the respective Provider with the Selbstaufbau grants, can save thereby fast 50.00 euro or even more.

The parts of the infrared cabin are delivered well packed by a freight forwarder and are comparatively easy to transport. Before assembly it is important to read the instructions thoroughly. At least one helper is required for the assembly itself.

Infrared cabin heat cabin infrared sauna heat therapyModern cabin systems can be built thanks to practical click or plug systems in twist of the wrist. The individual basic elements are usually completely pre-assembled. In addition, a drilling screwdriver, measuring tape, hammer and Allen key are usually required. The first step is to check the delivery for completeness using the bill of material. Once that's done, it can start. To have the required parts quickly at hand, the individual components are sorted according to the packing list.

Basically you start with floor element. For the assembly, it is placed on the level underground at the final location and weighed if necessary. In the next step, the back and a side wall element must be placed in the existing guide strips of the floor. Before screwing with the base plate, align the walls vertically. All upper edges must be at the same height. Depending on the model, it may also be necessary to screw the individual wall parts together. A cordless screwdriver is a practical Aid.

The door front of the infrared cabin is completely pre-assembled in the rule in the factory. If this is not the case, it is necessary to install the door before setting it up. For easy installation, the door element is placed on the floor. The glass door is then inserted according to the desired stop direction. Now the door fittings are attached. The door should close correctly later and sit straight on the door front. It is therefore important to make sure that they fit exactly during installation. Together with the Assembly aid the door front can be fitted. Here, too, the flush finish of the upper edge is important. According to the assembly instructions, the front is firmly connected to the side walls. In order to ensure a perfect door run, small corrections can now be made to the door position. This is possible by adjusting the fittings.

The next step is to lay down the car roof and screw it in place. If it is positioned correctly, it lies in the cut-outs provided for this purpose. Here it must be noted that no cables may be trapped between the walls and the car roof. The cables are routed in the recesses provided for this purpose. This is followed by the fixed connection of roof element and the pages. A conductor simplifies access to the top side.

If the infrared cabin is assembled, the step emitters are assembled in the next step. With some models, this step is not necessary because the floodlights are already integrated into the wall elements at the points provided for this purpose. If this is not the case, the different radiators are simply attached to the corresponding positions: Usually the radiators are located in the two front corners, on the back and, depending on the model, at leg height in the cabin. Here, too, the assembly instructions provide detailed information about the respective position. Since the connection cables for the beams have already been pre-assembled and only have to be plugged together, the installation is very simple and uncomplicated and can normally be carried out by the user without any problems. If you are still unsure, in case of doubt a final inspection by an electrician. is recommended.

The last work steps are the assembly of the benches. In some cases additional mounting of the brackets is necessary. For this purpose, strips or holding devices placed on the bench seat must be screwed to the inside of the side walls. If there are no pilot holes, the tape and a spirit level are used to determine the exact position. If the control unit is also not pre-assembled, it is installed according to the assembly instructions. With a infrared cabin, which is delivered pre-assembled ready to plug in, only the cables have to be plugged together. Before commissioning, the check, whether all lines are properly connected follows. To hide the cables on the roof, a circle trim is a much-used option. The ring is not mounted until all cables have been installed on site. The cabin is connected to the household power supply via a standard household Schuko socket and is therefore ready for use.

The difference between an infrared cabin and a sauna

While the infrared rays in a heat cabin directly hit the body and thus cause heating, in a conventional sauna the air is warmed or heated.

The optimal temperature in the sauna is between 80° and 100°C. Clearly compatible temperatures, approx. 45° to 65° C, prevail in the infrared heat cabin.
The IR radiation provides a deep heat, the body excretes a larger amount of sweat. At the same time it is less burdened. The increased sweating from the inside to the outside is similar to sweating under physical exertion. If you intensively do sports, the body temperature increases. Toxins and waste products can be excreted via the sweat. Infrared sweating is therefore also very beneficial and beneficial for people who cannot physically exercise themselves. Infrared radiation promotes blood circulation, the metabolism and the circulation.

The care and cleaning

If you have made your very own Infrared cabins test and decided on a certain model, a few useful care tips should be observed. Then it still looks like new even with regular use. Already at purchase a high material quality should be considered. wood imitations are not suitable for use in an infrared cabin due to their properties and appearance. An investment in high-quality solid wood, for example hemlock fir or the Canadian red cedar is therefore worthwhile. If you want to use your cabin for colour light therapy, you should use spruce wood.

The most important utensil for regular care is a damp cloth for cleaning.
In principle, one should refrain from using aggressive cleaning agents. Stains on the Wood, that occur during use and cannot be removed with a mild Soap solution can be treated with a standard Smirlpaper (grain size from 180 to 200). The direction is always grain to avoid unattractive and rough areas. Another and very helpful Accessory is the Towel. It protects the processed materials during use and so you can enjoy this investment for a long time.


What is an infrared cabin?

Similar to the sauna, the Infrared cabin generates heat. However, it is not caused by hot air, but by infrared radiation. Fatigue, stress and tension can be released. The immune system is strengthened. Even children and seniors can use an infrared cabin. Complaints such as menstrual pain, colds or Asthma can also be alleviated with regular use.

Infrared cabin or sauna – which is better?

If you compare the infrared cabin with the sauna, the heat cabin is ahead in many points. Depending on the size, it requires very little space, scores with attractive acquisition costs and is immediately ready for operation (incl. a few minutes preheating time). The power consumption is also very low and the cabins themselves are more and more frequently captivating with beautiful and high-quality designs. The deep heat relaxes and promotes health and well-being. Due to the fast operational readiness an infrared cabin can be used at any time as a mini vacation

Is an infrared cabin healthy?

Infrared cabins are wonderfully relaxing and soothing. muscle tensions are released, the skin is better supplied with blood and the metabolism is stimulated. The body temperature is increased at a cabin temperature of approx. 30 to 50°C and thus strengthens the immune system. So you can get healthy all year round.

How often can you use an infrared cabin?

In order to strengthen the immune system, to increase the general well-being etc. the infrared cabin can even be used daily for 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the tolerance and the personal sensitivity.

When can you not enter an infrared cabin?

In the case of various illnesses, e.g. epilepsy, pregnancy or when taking medication, especially those which may impair heat sensitivity, use should be discussed with the treating physician. In the case of fever, acute infections or inflammations or fresh injuries, thromboses or under drug- or alcohol influence as well as a visit to a solarium or sunbathing should be avoided in any case.

A infrared cabin uses a lot of power?

Another Pluspunkt modern Infrared cabins is their low Energy consumption. The connection to the Hausstromnetz is made via a conventional 230-volt socket. The heat cabin is ready for operation within a short time, even with a required preheating time. Per average session it consumes about one to two kilowatt hours.

Useful accessories

In order to further improve the Wellness experience in an infrared cabin, the specialist trade offers a range of accessories. Additional foot warming mats (current-operated) provide pleasant warmth from below. A climate meter gives information about the temperature and the humidity in the cabin interior.

Aroma pots or additional LED colour lights are practical accessories for colour and aroma therapies.
Fragrant essences and fragrant oils provide a pleasant fragrance and can have a particularly beneficial effect on body and spirit. If you do not want to use heat for the distribution of the fragrances, you can use a cold-base fragrance distributor. Fragrance cushions filled with different herbs, for example lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus or thyme spread a herb-fresh fragrance. in the infrared cabin.

Infrared cabins have a vertical back rust, consisting of wood. This is not suitable for a relaxed and comfortable sitting posture. A conventional backrest cannot be used in the infrared cabin because it would cover the emitters and the IR radiation cannot work. Ergonomic Shaped backrests and lumbar supports made of low-storage Wood provide relief and improve sitting comfort.

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