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Best Flea Bomb 2019 • 7 Flea Bombs Reviews

Flea bombs are essential in fighting off those pesky bugs that seem to go after our pets at all times of the year. When you can’t get rid of fleas through pills or topicals, you may have an infestation that goes deeper than your pet’s fur coat.

Flea Bomb Leaderboard 2019

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  Sawyer Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent Tlanpu Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent BUG SOOTHER Insect Deterrent & Repellent Greenerways Organic, Insect Repellent Ortho Home Defense Harris Bed Bug Powder
Rating 9.83
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very good
Amazon rating
4.3 out of 5 stars
4443 customer reviews

3 out of 5 stars
24 customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
3769 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
223 customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
165 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
481 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
1069 customer reviews
Brand Sawyer Tlanpu Sawyer BUG SOOTHER Greenerways Ortho Harris
Item Dimensions

9 x 3 x 3 Inches

5.7 x 2.8 x 2.5 Inches

2 x 2 x 8 Inches

2 x 2 x 8 Inches

1.2 x 2.8 x 6.2 Inches

3.6 x 3.6 x 10.1 Inches

10 x 3 x 3 Inches

Item Weight

1.8 Ounces

5.3 Ounces

0.25 Ounces

0.4 Ounces

0.18 Ounces

1.35 Ounces

0.51875 Ounces


1.5 pounds


0.25 pounds

1 pounds

0.25 pounds

1.125 pounds

8 pounds

Active substance


ultrasonic technology



USDA Organic











Applicable to skin








Applicable to clothing








Applicable in the room








Coverage area


800-1200 sq ft






Max duration

14 hour

24 hour

14 hour


8 hour


48 hour

  • effective against the yellow fever
  • safe and effective insect repellents
  • long-lasting
  • effective up to 12 hours
  • won't harm clothing
  • energy-saving
  • no chemicals
  • efficient
  • dual ultrasonic
  • soundless
  • effective against the yellow fever
  • safe and effective insect repellents
  • long-lasting
  • effective up to 12 hours
  • won't harm clothing
  • defend against fruit flies
  • premium ingredients
  • 100% deet free
  • versatility
  • insect repellent clothing
  • non gmo
  • risk free shipping
  • safe on clothes
  • kills pyrethroid-resistan
  • long-lasting
  • used in any place
  • fast-acting
  • kills both bugs and eggs
  • available puffer tip
  • continues to kill
  • fast acting
  • long residual
  • epa registered
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It could be in the carpet, bedding, and other areas of your home. While you may think that you’ve gotten rid of fleas by vacuuming and flea-dipping your pets, the flea bomb is another crucial step in making sure that fleas don’t come back.

What is a Flea Bomb?

Flea Bomb ReviewsA flea bomb is like a cockroach flea bomb or fogger. They release an insecticide that kills fleas. It comes in a small aerosol can. There are a few common chemicals included in these foggers, such as methoprene, nylar, permethrin, and tetramethrin. These are fast-acting killer agents against fleas that are set off inside of your home, so it’s important that you take some steps when using best flea bomb to protect your furniture, kitchen area, and bedding. You want to be able to wash anything that the insecticides touch.

While foggers may not be able to kill 100% of the fleas, it does kill the majority of bugs inside of a home, especially if the house is empty. This is why some customers have posted reviews where they moved furniture into the garage, then set off the fogger inside of the home in order to avoid issues with insecticides getting into the fabric of the furniture.

Everyone asks if these types of “flea foggers” work, and the answer is that while they may not be effective in getting rid of every flea, they can kill off most of the fleas living in the carpet. This is why it’s important to have very open areas when you set off a fogger so that the insecticide can get rid of the fleas living deep in the fibers.

You also have to continue to treat your pets. Without a topical or flea killing pill, your pets will still likely carry fleas with them and have issues with fleas even though you’ve bombed their living quarters. In addition, you also have to clean the carpets and wipe off surfaces so that the insecticides don’t affect your pets or family members.

With best flea bomb, you also have to consider that they will smell and need some time to work. Most users have to leave their living space for multiple hours so that the fogger can work its magic, and you should only use one fogger per room. You may have too many chemicals in the air, turning your home into a risky environment.

How Does a Flea Bomb Work?

How does Work Flea BombFlea bomb is sold in canisters. You press the cap or trigger to release the best flea bomb, which immediately starts to spray or shoot mist into the air. This is a deadly killing fog for fleas. The fog will continue to spray in all directions until it falls down on every surface around it in about a 5-10 feet radius. This is why you may need more than one flea bomb.

Once the best flea bomb goes off, the mist gets into the carpet or wherever it lands and starts to soak into the fibers in your carpet. If fleas touch the insecticides, they will carry it with them, eventually dying and killing other fleas that they come into contact with as well. As you can see, it’s important for the fog to get into the fibers of your carpet most of all. This means that before you fag, you should move furniture out of the way and vacuum the carpet beforehand.

Since the fog goes everywhere in all directions, there should be some residue after that you’ll need to wipe down surfaces and vacuum again for. Most people also get a steam cleaner to ensure that they clean out all of the insecticide spray and dead fleas from the carpets.

If you don’t use these foggers correctly, it could lead to ineffective fogging that gets on all of your surfaces and makes it more difficult to get rid of the fleas later.

You should read the back label instructions before attempting any of this. These steps usually tell you exactly how to prepare for the different stages of bombing your home as well. If you are using an insecticide fogger like these, then you want to make sure you and your pets are not at home, and that your important fabric-covered fixtures and furniture are also stored away or covered.

Advantages & Applications

Flea Bombs AdvantagesThere are some things that you can’t deny that flea foggers are made to do. These canisters are able to kill fleas pretty quickly and effectively. However, most people think that they won’t be able to get out of the house or that the fogger may be overwhelming. Even worse, the gas from the canister could be toxic wherever it lands.

These are some of the things that hold people back from using insecticides, but that’s not really the issue. You can cover up furniture, move it aside, or place large sheets over the things that you don’t want the fogger to touch. You don’t have to get anything contaminated as long as you cover the right areas and make sure that the fogger is still getting into the majority of the carpet.

Some of the advantages of using a fogger include:

Kill Fleas Quickly

Most people think that they have to get a professional to clear out the fleas in their home, but that’s not the case. You can use a fogger to spray insecticide delicately all over your carpet, coating fleas in the dust that will kill off other fleas as it moves. To simply put it, foggers are the one-size-kills-all for fleas. They are unable to get away from it even if the fog doesn’t hit them at first.

Buy Online or In-Store

You don’t have to order and wait for a fogger. You can visit any department store to get a canister. However, you may want to use an online service as well.

This lets you compare and see all of the different products available for killing off fleas. These are available in most grocery stores, too. You don’t have to pay for a professional either. You can fog your home without any outside help.

Most Effective

While not every area is going to receive some insecticide fog, like areas underneath couches, you can still make sure that it is more effective by moving furniture into the garage before you fog or moving around stuff in the carpeted rooms so that you can reach more of the carpet in a single fogging.

Easy to Deploy

Foggers are pretty simple to use. You can place the canister on a high-top stool in the middle of the room to get the best coverage. The fogger will spray in all directions after you set it off, so it’s important to leave the house as soon as possible. You can typically come back to the home after 1 to 2 hours from the time you started the fogger.

What Types of Flea Bombs Are There?

Types of Flea BombMost of these flea bomb are filed under total release foggers (TRFs). There are a few different foggers that work to kill household pests like fleas and ticks. They may contain different formulas of insecticide, but most of these have the same chemicals and have similar methods to kill pests. Here are a few of the types that you may have seen on the shelves:

Fogger Bombs

These come in a canister and are the most typical way to kill fleas in the home with insecticide. Most of these foggers use chemicals like methoprene and nylar, which are deadly to a multitude of insects, not just fleas. There are some “natural” types of foggers as well that try to steer away from harsh chemicals.


  • Kills fleas and eggs
  • Large coverage area
  • Very toxic to insects


  • May need to clean home after to remove toxic residue
  • Will not treat carpet under any furniture inside of the room
  • May need to fog multiple times if eggs aren’t killed in first fogging

Natural Foggers

These sprays are handheld and allow you to mist your home’s carpeting without using a flea bomb. You can spray around carpets, pillows, blankets, rugs, drapes, upholstery, countertops, and other surfaces in order to spot kill fleas. In some cases, you may think these sprays work better than a standalone canister fogger because you can get into the areas where fleas hide.


  • Less toxic to humans
  • Gets under furniture and into cracks where foggers may miss


  • Not as strong as chemicals used in foggers

Spot Sprays

These are also handheld spray types, but they are different than the canisters and fogger sprays. These spray out a heavier stream of concentrated insecticide that kills fleas on contact.

Some of these have a natural formula while others use chemicals. Each is designed to eat away at the exoskeleton of fleas so that they become exposed and weakened, then penetrate into the internal organs so that they die.


  • Lets you walk your home and treat multiple areas
  • Treat furniture, upholstery, rugs, and other surfaces


  • Not as potent as chemicals in foggers

Carpet Sprays

These also come in aerosol canisters that deploy a mist as you walk the home. These can kill flea infestations and protect your home against fleas for many months. You can use it to spray down bedding, rugs, carpet, drapes, floor cracks, and other areas where you think fleas may be hiding in your home.


  • Kills adult fleas on contact


  • Doesn’t kill flea eggs

How We Pick the Best Flea Bombs

Some flea foggers are just more potent than others. They have higher coverage and better formulas that kill fleas on contact. In addition, it may be difficult to use some types of foggers because they don’t necessarily cover all the areas in your home. You may need to fog multiple times with some brands because they are not meant to kill all at once or use a chemical-free formula that isn’t as strong.

These are some of the ways that you can tell when a flea fogger is going to work from our experience.

  • Contains Cypermethrin
  • Coverage Space
  • Multiple Canisters
  • Kills Other Insects
  • Prevention
  • Odorless
The powerful ingredient cypermethrin is a guaranteed flea killer. While it is harmful to humans and animals, as well as insects, you can safely set off a fogger with this ingredient and know that it is killing fleas on contact. That’s exactly what cypermethrin is designed to do as it’s one of the most successful insecticides on the market today. However, one issue with most foggers is that it doesn’t kill flea eggs right away. You may need to fog twice in order to kill the remaining fleas after they have hatched.
You want to get the maximum fogger coverage of your home. This means that you should be able to treat up to 625 square feet of space or more. Foggers work best when placed in a room by itself over the carpet. If you have furniture, you should move it out of the room so that it can get to all the areas of your carpet where fleas might be hiding. If it gets onto furniture and not the carpet, then you may kill fleas in your furniture, but you will also have to clean your couches, chairs, shelving units, and other pieces of furniture to remove the toxic chemicals after the flea bomb has gone off.

Some canisters can fill rooms with up to 2,000 cubic feet of space, so it’s important to buy the right fogger for your room size to get the most coverage.

Some fogger brands understand that you aren’t going to fog your house just once. You will likely fog your house and then fog it again in a couple of days to get rid of the remaining fleas after eggs hatch. In addition, you probably have multiple areas of your house that you want to kill fleas in. You may want to set off a flea bomb in multiple rooms at once so that you have the best chance of killing all the fleas in the first go around.
Perhaps you have issues with other pests. Some insecticides are better at killing fleas and other pests. These contain piperonyl butoxide, tetramethrin, and cypermethrin. These foggers can kill fleas, ticks, ants, gnats, mosquitoes, moths, silverfish, spiders, roaches, palmetto bugs, and pillbugs.
Some formulas also guarantee that you won’t see any fleas for months after you fog because they contain prevention ingredients, such as permethrin and (S)-methroprene. These are different chemicals that help to stop re-infestation so you don’t have to worry about eggs hatching and fleas becoming a problem again. These foggers are typically a bit larger and can cover up to 1,125 square feet of space.
Foggers tend to have the same insecticide sprays and may smell pretty badly after being set off in your home. However, you can find some that claim to be odorless and also doesn’t leave a residue. While these foggers tend to be a bit more expensive, it’s worth it to not have the lingering toxic mess that comes with most flea bomb.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying Flea Bombs?

Best Option to Buy Flea BombWhen you purchase a fogger, the main thing to look for is success rate. You can see how successful a flea fogger might be by looking at the customer reviews, checking the label for ingredients, and noting the coverage area that the fogger can reach. In general, if a fogger has a large coverage area and it contains ingredients like permethrin and cypermethrin, you will probably be seeing a lot of dead fleas in your home. These are some additional things to look for that guarantee you will be able to kill fleas in your house.

Type of Fogger

Is it an on-the-spot spray, fogger bomb, or natural mist? The most successful at killing fleas is the fogger bomb. These have more potent insecticides and if set off in an empty room, they can reach all areas of the carpet where fleas like to hide. If you want to treat your furniture and other areas where you come in contact with, you may want to additionally use a natural, on-the-spot spray that will treat your furniture, drapes, and surfaces without adding toxic chemicals.

Canister Size

Larger canisters will have the most coverage. They typically treat up to 2,000 cubic feet, so you can expect it to fill large and small rooms. These are the most potent as well since it can cover all areas of the room.

Smaller canisters may be better for pricing if you are purchasing multiple at once. You should get multiple foggers in a pack if you use this method because you can set them off in multiple rooms of your home.

Kills Fleas and Eggs

This is probably the most important feature to look for. You want to be able to kill all of the fleas and offspring at the same time. Some foggers will only kill adult fleas, and you’ll have to fog again to ensure that you kill any fleas that have hatched. Usually, this method takes a couple of days.

Prevents Re-Infestation

Being powerful enough to kill fleas and their eggs is the first step, but you also want to make sure that it will continue to kill insects like fleas and ticks after the dust has settled. This is mainly done through the right ingredients in the canister that will hang on to carpet fibers and make it difficult for fleas to grow and lay eggs after the fogger treatment.


Most fogger packages are around the $20 mark but you can find some that are cheaper or purchase single cans to avoid higher rates. However, if you know that you are going to fog multiple areas of your home, it’s best to purchase in a package so that you can set off the best flea bomb all at once and spend only a day doing these bombs. Otherwise, you may wind up taking multiple days off to complete a best flea bomb.

Top Manufacturers of Flea Bombs

The top brands for flea bomb have some of the most potent formulas, while others have moved to a non-toxic formula that you can use without feeling like everything you touch after has to be cleaned off due to toxic residue. There are advantages to each brand below that you can read through to see how it will help you protect your home against re-infestation as well.

  • Raid
  • Hot Shot
  • Zodiac
  • Hartz
  • Vet’s Best
  • Black Flag
  • Vet-Kem
Raid is one of the oldest brands to sell bombs. These are heavy duty canisters meant to kill all types of bugs, but you can find ones that are mainly meant to kill fleas. It is one of the most recognizable names in household insecticides, however. The “Deep Reach Fogger” allows you to kill adult fleas, roaches, spiders, ants, and other insects, and it keeps killing them for up to two months after the flea bomb has been set off. The active ingredient in this type of best flea bomb is cypermethrin, which is pretty potent.

However, this Raid bomb doesn’t kill eggs. You will likely need to flea bomb multiple times in order to prevent hatched fleas turning into adult problems. In addition, the canisters are a bit smaller than other types, so you will only be able to treat 625 square feet of space in one fogging.

Hot Shot is another historic insecticide brand that has made its fame on household pest killers. Their best product is the “Hot Shot No-Mess Fogger,” which is an odorless, bug-killing bomb that uses a dry fog in order to kill fleas, which means that it’s non-staining and leaves less of a scent behind than most other fogger types. You won’t get the oily residue after shooting off these bombs. It’s also safer to use this flea bomb than many of the other types, and it kills much more than fleas. You can kill silverfish, moths, palmetto bugs, roaches, pillbugs, and much more.
This is probably a brand that is not as familiar as the other two, but it is a great purchase if you want a very potent, high coverage fogger. These are highly effective big bombs that are used to treat larger homes, and they kill ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and ants. The formula is particularly strong and guarantees to keep killing fleas for seven months. There are two active ingredients in this fogger that help it with these claims, including permethrin and (S)-methroprene. These are larger canisters that can fog up to 1,125 square feet of space without leaving behind an odor or oily residue.
The pet care brand Hartz also makes a flea bomb product in addition to its flea protection packs that treat pets. Hartz UltraGuard Fogger helps you kill all of the fleas, ticks, bed bugs, and other problem pests inside of your home. In addition, it kills eggs and larvae on contact as well as adult fleas. These canisters have a great insecticide formula that continues to protect your home for 210 days. You will notice immediately that fleas have disappeared from your home after using this fogger. It has an extremely high rating for customer satisfaction.
Vet’s Best is a recommended household spray that you can use to treat your home, and the company also makes a fogger. These are better for homes that don’t want to use the harshest chemicals but want to kill most of the fleas in their homes. These are safe to use around your dog, but may not be safe to use around cats. These do use essential oils and plant-based ingredients, such as clove to treat homes with fleas. In addition to killing fleas, these sprays are also great for killing flea eggs and ticks, but they are not successful in killing other resistant bugs such as cockroaches.
Black Flag has been around as long as Hot Shot and Raid. It’s one of the main insecticide brands that you see on the shelves at the grocery store or department store. While Black Flag makes different foggers, they don’t have the best reputation for always being effective. In addition, these foggers leave a very significant scent in the home that is just like chemicals. However, it doesn’t leave as much of a residue. You will need to ventilate your home after using a Black Flag fogger for a significant amount of time, likely a few hours after you wait a couple hours for the fogger to initially working its magic on your home. In addition, these foggers kill cockroaches, ants, and other pests in your home.
Vet-Kem is designed to kill fleas and other pests on the spot. You can purchase in the form of a spray or fogger, however. One can treat over 2,000 square feet of space, and it doesn’t leave a lingering odor or stain. There isn’t a messy residue either. As a water-based aerosol spray, it is easy to apply and pretty much kills adult fleas only in the specific area where you spray. These mainly contain an active ingredient called siphotrol. It is deemed very effective against fleas but it can be toxic to pets in large doses. You want to spray your home and then clean the carpets to make sure that it is safe for your pets as well.

There are a variety of sprays and flea traps on the market that is not included in this list. These are not technically fogger brands, so it’s best if you look in alternatives to see if these will work for your home.

Where Can You Buy Flea Bombs?

How to buy Flea BombsMost bombs are available at grocery stores, home improvement stores, and other places where you can find pest control substances and home maintenance products. There are also some pet stores that carry natural formula foggers that are safer to use with pets and children in the house.

However, the best way to purchase foggers is to look online. You get a better sense of what you’re buying and what’s included when you search online for different foggers. You can immediately see the type of ingredients listed, as well as the coverage area, which are two major factors in determining a good product.

You may have a harder time finding the large canisters that leave no mess behind and also manage to kill larvae for many months after setting off the first flea bomb. You want to be able to treat your carpet in a way that it will continue to be protected long after you treat your home for the first time.

More powerful brands will likely only be found online in some cases as well. The more popular brands like Raid and Hot Shot may sell foggers in-store, but you won’t find some of the foggers that contain better chemicals to treat multiple pest types and their eggs.

If you want to compare different foggers, then you have to look online first. You can see different prices, features, and ingredients to ensure that you pick the fogger that will work with your home the first time so you don’t have to continuously fog your home multiple times.

Interesting Facts & Advice

Did you know that foggers aren’t guaranteed to work if they can’t reach the carpet fibers below? You may have to move furniture around in order to get into every corner of a particular area in your home. There are things to consider as well.

  • Some foggers contain permethrin, which is very toxic for felines. If you know that your cat may ingest this insecticide, then you should find a fogger brand that doesn’t have this chemical.
  • All foggers are toxic to fish and birds.
  • You should ventilate and clean your home before allowing children and pets back inside.
  • Most foggers are also very flammable. You can check the brand to see if it says “turn off pilot light” or has another warning label to let you know if it can catch fire for other reasons.
  • Most foggers will leave a residue, which is meant to prevent infestations for the next several months. However, you don’t want to use permethrin types of foggers if you have pets. This will get on their paws and can cause toxic deaths if licked.

The History of the Flea Bomb

Flea Bombs HistoryWhen did flea foggers start becoming a thing? The truth is foggers have been around since the 1980s, but there have been insecticide sprays that could be considered foggers that were used throughout the 1960s and 1970s. These were far more toxic than the sprays of today, but they weren’t as potent. There is actually more history based on the idea that fleas were carriers of plagues.

It was important back in the day to treat your home with insecticides that were powder-based. These were very toxic and worked well, but you had to clean your home vigorously after using these on your carpet.

There is more history on pesticide use as a whole, mainly DDT. For years throughout the 1900s, DDT was used in chemical warfare and then it was used to control mosquitoes around residential areas of the US. It worked to prevent diseases like malaria but it has also been proven extremely toxic to humans, thus making it unusable in modern day pesticides.

Figures, Data and Facts

Flea Bombs FactsFoggers have been studied and tracked by researchers for many years. In fact, between the years of 2001 and 2006, multiple studies were conducted to see what insecticides did to kill bugs and pests, as well as how it affected humans.

Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report revealed that there were 466 TRF-related injuries between 2001 and 2006. These were mainly people who contracted illness or severe burns after using TRF fo treatments. Most of these cases were not high in severity. Fact most were low severity with only one death, which was an infant. The 10-month old had been exposed to the fogger as the baby slept in the crib.

There were some common illnesses between those tracked, including nausea, shortness of breath, cramps, burning eyes, coughing, headaches, dizziness, and respiratory problems. However, the study found that these health effects came after the product’s warnings were not heeded and members of the household remained inside of the house while the fogger was going off. Almost all canisters have a warning label that tells you to leave the area immediately after setting off a best flea bomb.

How to Use a Flea Bomb?

There are a few things that you need to do in advance of setting off a fogger to make sure that it has the most successful rate of killing all fleas in your home. You can follow these steps to ensure that you kill most of the fleas in your home.

  1. Remove most of the furniture from the room where you are going to set off the fogger. This is so that you get the most carpet coverage and don’t get chemicals on your couches. If you want to treat furniture and other fabrics, like drapes, then you should use a natural, non-toxic spray for on-the-spot treatment. However, most foggers with prevention will be able to kill fleas that remain in furniture as well.
  2. Vacuum all of the carpet area as well as rugs, before setting off the fogger. Once you have finished vacuuming, seal up the bag where you dump the contents and place outside immediately.
  3. Treat pets before allowing them back in the home with a topical or flea prevention pill.
  4. Store food in the fridge or throw away food that will be exposed to the toxic chemicals. You should cover any surfaces where you don’t want a residue with a bed sheet, drop cloth, or tarp.
  5. Turn off anything that might cause a fire from the fogger’s mist. These are flammable, so you want to make sure that you turn off the pilot light, gas fireplace, and any electrical appliance. You should remove any appliances like toasters that have exposed crevices where mist can get into.
  6. Set off the fogger during a time when you can be away from the home. You don’t want to be in the house for a few hours so that the fogger can work its magic.
  7. Once you do come back to the house, you should ventilate for a couple of hours and remain outside of the home so that it has a chance to air out. Otherwise, you will be breathing in toxic fumes for a few hours.
  8. Wipe down all areas in your home with disinfectant wipes or sprays and a microfiber cloth. You should get rid of the oily residue on all surfaces as much as possible.

Tips for Storing and Maintaining Flea Bombs

Foggers are pretty volatile because they come in flammable aerosol cans. You don’t want foggers going off on their own as well. This means that you have to store foggers in a pretty safe place that is child-proof and won’t affect other areas of the house. You can store foggers in locked cabinets that are in room temperature settings. Extremely hot or cold areas may trigger an aerosol can.

For best storage, you should keep inside of the packaging until you plan on using the fogger.

Useful Accessories

accessories of flea bombFoggers come in packs already, which is the best way to purchase a flea bomb if you continuously have issues with these insect pests. There are some things that you can purchase to help your flea killer treatment be more successful.

On-the-Spot Natural Sprays

These are sprays that you can use to treat furniture. They don’t contain any toxic chemicals so it’s best when used on areas where you might sit or touch after the fogger has gone off.

Flea Treatment for Pets

You want to treat your pets with a topical or flea killer pill as well during this process. Pets are the main reason why these pests get into your home in the first place. You can treat your dog or cat with a flea and tick guard to make sure that no fleas get back into your home.

Bed Sheets, Drop Cloths and Tarps

These are helpful for covering up furniture, surfaces, and other areas of your home where you don’t want the foggers mist to settle. You will have a much harder time wiping down residue if you don’t cover up your kitchen and bath countertops.


Are foggers effective against fleas and other pests?

Are foggers effective against fleas and other pests?

Foggers are successful at getting rid of fleas with the right chemicals. Permethrin and cypermethrin are the most potent ingredients. However, you should be careful of permethrin as it is very toxic to cats. While a fogger may do very well against fleas and flea larvae, it may have a difficult time getting rid of other bugs that hide such as bed bugs.

What’s the best way to avoid problems with foggers?

What’s the best way to avoid problems with foggers?

As with any insecticide treatment, you want to leave the home as soon as you set off a bug flea bomb, and you should also wear a protective mask that will filter out the toxins if you are concerned with your ability to leave fast enough.

You should also turn off anything that may cause a fire, such as a pilot light or gas fireplace. In addition, all surfaces, toys, food, and other susceptible items should be covered or removed from the home to prevent residue from settling on top of items that you commonly use or that children touch.

Foggers should also be stored in a safe place that has a room temperature but is also enclosed. This is the best way to prevent foggers from exploding.

How many best flea bombs do you need to be successful?

How many best flea bombs do you need to be successful?

In some cases, you only need one large canister to be set off in the main area of your home. If you set off multiple foggers, you should be careful not to set off too many which can make your home very toxic and require days of ventilation. There is a recommended amount of foggers on the label that you can check before you set off different foggers. Since they come in different sizes, it’s hard to note how many foggers you’ll need. You should figure out the volume and room sizes in your home and decide upon how many bombs you’ll need before going to the store or purchasing online.

Do all foggers kill adult fleas and eggs?

Do all foggers kill adult fleas and eggs?

Some only kill the adult fleas and will need to be set off multiple times. You can look for certain brands that also kill larvae and prevent re-infestation to ensure that you protect against fleas in the future. You want a brand that will kill as many fleas as possible as well as their eggs and larvae. Otherwise, you will continuously have to use foggers throughout the year to prevent them from coming back, which is a hassle.

What works better to kill fleas, natural foggers or chemical foggers?

What works better to kill fleas, natural foggers or chemical foggers?

Natural foggers are plant-based and typically use different “organic” methods to treat the carpet such as essential oils and things like peppermint. These are not going to kill the most resistant fleas, but they can help deter and kill fleas around your home.

The more successful way to treat fleas is with a chemical fogger that contains very potent ingredients, such as cypermethrin. These are going to be more helpful in the long run as well, because they can prevent the re-infestation of your home by fleas. This means that it can kill larvae for months to come, so that fleas never hatch and start to take over your carpet again.

What chemicals are found in foggers?

What chemicals are found in foggers?

Foggers tend to have a multitude of chemicals but there may be only some active ingredients that are killing fleas and their larvae. Here are some of the main ingredients that you’ll find in most foggers:

  1. Cypermethrin: This is a fast-acting neurotoxin for most insects. It can be effective for a few weeks after application indoors. It is found in most insecticides as well as chalk.
  2. Tetramethrin: This is a very potent, synthetic insecticide that comes from the pyrethroid family. It mostly affects the insects nervous system and kills after a few minutes.
  3. Methroprene and (s)-Methroprene: These are two different types of the same insecticide. It works the same as a bad hormone to fleas and will kill typically within a few seconds of contact.
  4. Nylar: This is an ingredient used to prevent re-infestation. It inhibits insects from being able to reproduce and kills off larvae.
  5. Permethrin: Permethrin treats fleas, but you may also recognize it from lice treatment packaging as well. It is used indoors in most foggers, but it is very toxic to cats.

What steps should you take to safely set off a flea bomb?

What steps should you take to safely set off a flea bomb?

Foggers can be a bit volatile so you want to make sure you set up the ideal environment for them to work. For once, you should lay down newspaper on the floor in the middle of the room and place the canister on top of it. You shouldn’t deploy a fogger until you have set up each fogger that you want to set off as you will need to leave the house quickly.

You should also prepare your home in advance by covering up as many of the surfaces as possible with a tarp or drop cloth. In addition, you want to shake the best flea bomb well according to instructions and place it as close to the middle of the room as possible. You may want to get the help of multiple family members or friends to ensure that all the foggers go off at the right time. You can wear face masks to ensure that you filter out toxins during this process.

It is recommended that you open all windows and doors following a fogging. You should remain out of your home for at least another few hours as it airs out. This is to prevent any chemical traps in any rooms that may cause gas to linger inside.

Do flea bombs agitate asthma sufferers?

Do flea bombs agitate asthma sufferers?

In short, a fogger contains a mist that can agitate asthma sufferers. This is why it’s important to ventilate the house after a fogging for several days if necessary. Respiratory problems such as sinus issues, coughing, sneezing, and asthma issues can be agitated by the fogger if there are still any lingering mists in the home following a fogging.

How should you store a flea bomb?

How should you store a flea bomb?

Foggers are not to be stored in enclosed spaces like cupboards outside. This can cause a canister to rupture from the heat and pressure. It’s best to use foggers all at once, as you really don’t want to store these volatile cans around the house. They may go off unintentionally and lead to your home being fumigated without you knowing it. However, if you are going to store them, then you should keep them in a place that is room temperature and out of the way from the rest of your home.

Alternatives to Flea Bombs

Alternatives of Flea BombsThere are some reasons not to use bombs, particularly if you have very sensitive animals, cats, and young children or babies. While there aren’t too many deaths from flea treatments, there was an infant who died from a TRF in 2006. This means that you should be careful when using flea foggers and find other alternatives if you feel like it’s going to create a toxic environment for your home.

Bug-Killing Room

These are relatively new on the market and allow you to set up a containment area for furniture. It is completely non-toxic, natural, and safe to use for fleas and bed bugs. However, it is quite expensive and you will have to do it to every piece of furniture in your home. However, you can use the room multiple times.

Natural Sprays

These are quick ways to treat the carpet on the spot without using some of the harsher killers in the bug bombs. You control the treatment so you will have to manually spray throughout your home. Some of the natural sprays may contain toxic ingredients that are still not good for pets, such as cats.

You should read the label to make sure that the spray will not cause any hope to your pets before using to treat your carpets and furniture. While they are good for manual, on-the-spot treatments, you may not kill as many fleas and yet still have the same toxic problems for pets as foggers.

Professional Carpet Treatment

You may want to hire a professional to help you get rid of fleas in your home. They may use a combination of bombs and sprayers to get rid of pests, and you will likely have to clean your home after because these are typically very high potency sprays.

Outdoor Treatment

In addition to the inside of your home, you should also think about treating the exterior lawn and bushes of your home with a pesticide to ensure that your pets do not bring in more fleas. It’s necessary to treat your lawn and areas where you may walk your pets because this could be the main area where they are picking up fleas and bringing them back inside.

Flea Traps

Flea Bomb TrapsIf you don’t want to use a fogger but want to treat your home for fleas, then one of the best alternatives is a flea trap. This is a non-poisonous way to go about treating your home without getting toxic chemicals everywhere. Flea traps are designed to collect fleas in a trap using a “super grabber glue” that doesn’t allow fleas to leave once coming in contact with the trap’s liquid. You typically only need to buy the trap kit once, and then you can buy the refillable glue discs that will draw in fleas and kill them after they get stuck in the basin.


These are great ways to get rid of multiple pests, but it will kill more than just bugs. Ultrasonic treatments and electromagnetic technologies are designed to kill an area of species, including rats, squirrels, and other rodents, in addition to fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, and roaches. However, it’s the safest way to get rid of pests if you have children. It is safe for most pets, but you may not want to have small pets inside of the home when you set off an ultrasonic repellent.

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