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Noritz NRC98-DV-NG review 2019

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Noritz is one of the leading manufacturers of water heaters and boilers in North America. With high quality heaters and tankless options, Noritz ships to all corners of the world. Their variety in natural gas, propane, and outdoor tankless options mean that buyers can find the right type of Noritz Tankless Water Heater for their home quickly.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions :

    9.4 x 18.3 x 24.4 inches

  • Item Weight :

    65 pounds

  • Size :


  • Color :

    Natural gas

  • Style :


  • Water Consumption:


  • Material :


  • Power Source :


  • Voltage:


  • Warranty:

    4380 days

  • ultra effecient
  • additional venting options
  • compact design
  • sturdy copper
  • freeze protection


  • difficult to install
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However, Noritz Tankless Water Heater runs a bit lower in price in comparison to other condensing water heaters. While their materials are a mostly high grade, Noritz has only just recently come to market with some smart options for their heaters, as they compete with manufacturers installing WiFi options in their heaters.

History of Noritz

Noritz Tankless Water HeaterNoritz started in Japan and moved their Noritz tankless water heater headquarters to California. Their company partners with wholesalers, contractors, homebuilders, and commercial water heater companies to build more sustainable water heating systems. You can purchase Noritz units from multiple outlets online, however, and each unit is protected by a warranty.

The company makes its success with tankless products and installation. If you decide to order direct, you don’t have to worry about installing the water heater on your lonesome. Noritz offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with all of their products.

Types Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Noritz has been in business for many years, and while they switched to tankless heaters in the United States, the company is known for a variety of other products. Their tankless heater units are known for superior, long-lasting quality. Many of their models are still working after 15 years, according to customer reviews and testimonials.

There are two types of heaters available on the market from Noritz at the moment. Most are available indoors, but Noritz also one outdoor model.

Propane vs Natural Gas Noritz Water Heater

Natural Gas Noritz Water Heater ReviewNoritz only sells natural gas and propane heaters. It’s really up to customer preference. There are advantages to both. However, propane typically contains twice the energy of a heater with natural gas. That simply boils down to more energy efficiency and cost.

While you get more energy output with propane, natural gas is the cheaper alternative that’s easier to install as well, as houses typically have a gas line.

There is also energy efficiency and greenhouse gases to consider. Natural gas causes greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, many people want to use only “green fuels,” in which case propane would be the best option.

When you think about heating your home, you probably want the most energy and heat possible, which is a good reason to use propane, as it provides more BTUs over natural gas.

Features of Noritz Tankless Water Heater

Features of Noritz Water HeaterThe main draw to Noritz is the high-grade materials for a lower cost. You can purchase a stainless steel water heater from Noritz for about 20% less than competitors. Does that mean it’s less efficient? Noritz lets you customize how much energy efficiency you want by picking between propane and natural gas. There are also models that cost a bit more if you want more smart tech features, such as mobile access.

Here are a few features that we liked best about Noritz’ heaters.

Recirculation Pumps

The appeal of a tank heater is that you always have hot water within 60 seconds. Can tankless options compete? With recirculation pumps, it’s even faster to get hot water in some cases. While the position of your appliances and water lines matters to the overall time of delivery, you can get faster hot water with a recirculation pump. It enables on-demand temperature control.

Durable, Compact Design

The design of Noritz tankless water heater is meant for small spaces. Water moves through the heater easily wherever you want to store it. You don’t have to pick an indoor closet location either.

There are outdoor models that can easily and discreetly deliver constant hot water to your faucets. Most of the models are made from stainless steel, including the vents. This allows for a longer-lasting unit that can keep going for 20 years or more.

Solar System Compatible

One of the things that makes Noritz a great company to work with is that they can install heaters into any kind of home. An installer from Noritz will even install these units to your specifications so you don’t have to worry about hiring a contractor or doing the installation yourself.

Gas and Propane Options Only

Electric heaters simply don’t heat as fast or as well as gas, which can put out much higher BTUs. Noritz offers natural gas and propane options only. You can pick any model and decide whether you want a natural gas or propane design.


Noritz partners with contractors and companies in every city to install tankless products. You don’t have to worry about hiring a contractor who understands how to install Noritz products.


Every model comes with a warranty, and most are 12 months or longer. However, buyers should note that Noritz warranties are voided if you don’t use a licensed installer who partners with the company.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Design

Indoor and outdoor Water Heater designThe materials are different depending on what type of heater you purchase. For outdoor heaters, waterproofing and resistance are more important. Indoor units are typically installed close to water lines in your home so you get hot water faster.

Remote Control

Almost all Nortiz models come with a remote control and digital display so you can check the status of your heater and run any diagnostics with the press of a button.

Noritz Connect

Noritz also has a mobile app so you can check on your heater and set recirculation or other settings with the tap of your finger. These heaters are a bit newer and have a higher cost. However, these models are very similar to older units that come with a remote control instead.


Noritz offers solid, high-grade water heaters in a variety of different styles for residential and commercial use. One of the best parts about this company is that you don’t have to worry about installation, as their products come with installation by a local contractor. Despite offering high-quality heaters with installation, their prices are quite reasonable compared to some competitors. You can expect to get a natural gas or propane heater with a high BTU output and smart control options to help with settings, as well as professional installation.

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Conclusion: Noritz NRC98-DV-NG Direct 9.8 GPM Indoor Condensing Vent provides Hot water all the time, goodbye to the water tank

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