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Napoleon Grills Rogue 425 review 2019

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Those new to the grilling scene may not be familiar with the Napoleon Rogue 425 Natural Gas Grill brand. However, the company has been manufacturing grills and other outdoor accessories from its Ontario, Canada headquarters since 1976. Outdoor chefs north of the border liken them to Weber when it comes to quality and reliability.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    25 x 51 x 48 inches

  • Item Weight:

    148 pounds

  • Color:

    Stainless Steel

  • Material Type:

    Stainless Steel

  • Power Source:

    Propane Gas

  • Heating Capacity:

    45,000 BTU

  • Burner:

    4 burner

  • Side burner:


  • Cabinet :


  • Warranty:

    5475 days

  • wave cooking grids
  • infrared sizzle zone side burner
  • space saving
  • jetfire ignition system
  • low assembly time


  • no cabinet
  • missing parts
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In fact, individuals south of the border note the logo similarities. The Rogue line was introduced in 2016 as a viable contender for Weber’s Genesis series.

Napoleon Rogue 425 gas grillThe Napoleon Rogue 425 is a 4-burner natural gas grill with a variety of configurations that warrant a closer look. Besides its 45,000 BTU output, it features a Jetfire ignition system, stainless steel wave cooking plates, and an infrared Sizzle Zone side burner. Furthermore, it is made of high-quality construction and has a 425-square inch cooking space.

Delivery and Packaging

The Napoleon Rogue 425 Natural Gas Grill comes in a specially marked box with the brand’s name emblazoned on the box with a background of the mountains. It is well-packed with seven individual cardboard cartons with the grill’s components stacked neatly on top of the grill’s body, which buyers say make unpacking the box a snap. A 52-page User’s Manual includes lighting instructions, cooking instructions, and a grilling chart in English and French.

Assembly instructions are also included separately and users report they are easy to follow. Customers note that it takes approximately 90 minutes for one person to assemble the grill.

Construction and Appearance

This attractive grill stands strong on a pedestal base with locking casters. It is made of double-walled stainless steel with contrasting aluminum trim. A condiment rack offers convenience on the left side of the double-door storage cabinet beneath the workspace. The Napoleon Rogue 425 grill features folding and removable tables with integrated tool racks on each side. A center-mount temperature gauge sits on the lid and control knobs rest on the front panel. Slanted vents sit above the control panel.

Facts and Figures

Start a conversation with a grillmaster and he or she will tell you size matters. The size of the grilling space determines where the grill will fit on the patio or deck, how much food can be cooked and how many people can be fed. The Napoleon Rogue 425 is a full-size grill with 625 square inches of cooking space, enough to feed a large group. The grill weighs 149 pounds, has a height of 51″, a width of 48″ wide, and is 25″ in depth.

It’s equipped with three 304-grade stainless steel burners, a grilling power of 45,000 BTUs on the main cooking surface, and has a 36,000 BTU-powered infrared side burner. The Napoleon Rogue 425 is available in liquid propane and natural gas models and comes with a generous warranty. A 15-year limited warranty covers the lid, base, cooking grids, and aluminum castings. A 10-year warranty applies to the stainless steel burners. The infrared burners are backed by a 5-year warranty and all other parts are warranted for two years.


Napoleon Rogue Grill FastThe JetFire ignition system on the Napoleon Rogue ensures the stainless steel burners light safely each time the starter button is pressed. A small gas jet causes an electric spark to ignite the flame over the burners.

Besides this, the Napoleon Rogue 425 features an Accu-Probe lid thermometer, stainless steel sear plates, an infrared side burner, and collapsible and removable side shelves.

Five stainless steel heat tents guard each burner, leaving space for the drippings to sizzle onto the sear plates. Napoleon’s classic WAVE reversible cooking grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron. One side of the grate has a small channel that captures the juices as they fall and convert them into vapor, adding flavor while preventing flare-ups. The other side creates the badge of honor sear marks that outdoor chefs enjoy. The side burner features an infrared Sizzle Zone that allows cooks to whip up a sauce or make a quick meal for two.

Another attractive feature of the Napoleon Rogue 425 is the optional charcoal tray that transforms the propane grill into a charcoal pit. With the ability to control the heat for direct and indirect cooking, creating savory meals is a breeze. Sturdy, space-saving side shelves fold down to decrease the width of the unit so it can slide into tight places.

Test Results

Grills Rogue 425 by NapoleonThe Napoleon Rogue 425 performed well in independent professional tests, demonstrating a combination of low and high-temperature cooking evenness. In fact, the Napoleon Rogue scored high in every area of testing, including evenness, preheating, temperature range, indirect heating, convenience, and sturdiness. At One test, food was cooked simultaneously and turned out perfectly. Another test, pieces of chicken were cooked on medium heat and then transferred to the Sizzle Zone to produce a crispy brown crust. Additionally, the Sizzle Zone proved beneficial for reverse searing steaks by cooking them slowly and completing the task with a hot sear.

As a result, the steak achieved a beautiful seared exterior and was pink and juicy inside. who purchased the Napoleon Rogue 425 were equally impressed, citing it exceeded performance expectations. Also, the built-in temperature gauge recorded accurate results.


  • Converts to natural gas with separate kit
  • Jetfire Ignition
  • Stainless steel WAVE pattern rod grids
  • Sizzle Zone


  • No negative reviews regarding performance


The Napoleon Rogue 425 is a hit among professional and home testers. In fact, several independent agencies have named it the best Overall natural gas grill Review Winner. It is sturdy, beautifully designed and offers a quality performance. This model is available in a propane and natural gas version. However, there is no conversion kit to convert one to the other.

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7.00 (good) Gas Grill

Conclusion: Napoleon prides itself on taking your grilling experience to the next level.

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