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Mattel Hoverboard Product Review

Mattel has been one of the kings of the toy industry for decades. The company is responsible for some of the most beloved toys and games kids and adults have played in their lifetime. Hoverboards, however, are not one product the company has decided it needs to get very involved with, other than one particular kind of device. Rather than making another one of those devices that acts a kind of scooter. Instead, the company did make one board that was to be a replica of what people saw when they watched the Back to the Future movies.

The company

image of Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard Prop ReplicaMattel was born as a small toy company back in 1945 and it has become a bit of a juggernaut since it was first launched. When the firm was first in existence it wasn't really a toy company and certainly wouldn't have focused on selling things like boards because its focus was on picture frames. Shortly after coming into existence, it began working on dollhouse furniture and this is where it finally found its purpose. Two years after opening its doors, it had its first hit toy in something called a ukedoodle. The first toy that you have likely heard of was launched in 1959 when the Barbie doll hit store shelves. After Barbie became a household name, Mattel really took off. These days, the company's name is synonymous with the toy business.

Which Hoverboard types are available from Mattel

image of Mattel Back to the Future Hoverboard Prop Replica _ toyWhen you are talking about the best hoverboard reviews of 2018, Mattel is not really going to be in the picture. This is not a company that sells these kinds of things when it comes to the scooter or skateboard-like device that so many other companies are dealing with these days. What Mattel has offered in the past is a kind of a replica of an actual hover device.

Regular devices that are known as hoverboards don't hover at all. They have two wheels and a place where the rider can put their feet. They are called that because they act like a scooter but don't have the rod that is normally used to steer a scooter.

What Mattel produced for a very limited time is a replica of the actual board that moviegoers saw when they want to “Back to the Future 2.” This was a kind of wheels skateboard that had little jets on the bottom that would allow it and its rider to hover a few feet off the ground. As a kind of celebration of the movie, Mattel made a replica of this board for sale for a very limited time.

The board did not in fact, hover but simply looked exactly like the design that people could see on screen. The replica came complete with what looked like ports on the bottom that would expel air.

This is the only kind of this type that Mattel has ever created and because of that wasn't something that was reviewable and certainly wouldn't win any hoverboard review winner awards. This is the only kind of product that was offered up in this genre by Mattel during its 70 years in business.

Special features of the Hoverboard from Mattel

Because this wasn't a rideable thing, there wasn't much you could do with this object other than put it on your store shelf and show people how big a “Back to the Future” fan you are. While the object has come off the official Mattel website, you can still get copies from companies like eBay if you are wanting to get a collector's item.


Mattel is a very well known and well-loved toy company. As of yet, the firm hasn't really ventured into the market the way that some other firms have when it comes to putting out a kind of scooter that doesn't have a steering bar. If you are looking to get something that looks identical to what you found when you were watching “Back to the Future” you could purchase one through this toy firm, but that replica is just a replica when it comes to working or coming close to floating a few feet in the air.

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