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Lowes Garbage Disposal Units Review

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Lowes is one of the longest-running appliance and home equipment stores in the country. While Lowes is in a kind of perennial competition with Home Depot, it has managed to carve out quite a reputation all on its own.
Back to comparison: review 2019 The firm does not tend to offer up garbage composters that are branded with the Lowes name, but instead of they sell other companies' products. Those include our garbage disposal review winners and some of the top brands in the entire country, as well as the world.

The company

Lowes InSinkErator garbage disposal unitLowe's is not only one of the biggest home appliance and home remodeling stores in the country, but it's one of the oldest. The store was first born in the 1920s. Back there and back then, the store wasn't a big box store in the model of Walmart of Home Depot but was a small store owned by one man. That man was able to impress his customers so much with what he had to offer that he managed to grow the company. That company also changed and grew with the times and went from offering "new-fangled" devices such as the refrigerator to things such as garbage compators. These days, Lowes might be one of the more interesting retail stores because while they have largely bought into the big box format, there are other stores that actually stay rather small, in some smaller markets.

Which garbage disposals are available from Lowes

Lowes has some of our garbage compactor award winners, though the company has decided not to try and offer up its own branded disposals. Instead, they offer a number of different appliances from other companies that are well known in the United States. Among the companies that offer up compators through Lowes are InSinkErator, GE, Frigidaire, Whirpool, and KitchenAid.Black Stainless steel Lowes Garbage Compactor Among those particular brands that have been offered up, there are some different features for each, depending on what kind of thing you are looking for when it comes to your own kitchen. There are a couple of different kinds of horsepower for each garbage waste units offered. The different horsepower mean that you will be able to chew through food and other pieces of waste and how fast they will be able to chew through those. Horsepower isn't the only thing that determines this sort of performance, as blades will eventually wear down but it is a start. If you are looking for a quieter compactor, you will be able to shop through the offerings from Lowes in order to find one that is equipped with noise insulation or not. There are also a number of different garbage waste units that have a kind of auto-reverse feature if that is the kind of thing you are looking for. This particular feature can make it that much easier to take care of food and other products that you feed through the appliance.

Shopping through Lowes

There is also the option to shop through Lowes when you are looking for these appliances that are offering either batch feeds or continuous feeds. That will make it that much easier, or a bit harder to chew through the waste quickly and cleanly. While Lowes does not have the same number of different brands as some of the competitors when it comes to appliance big box stores, they do manage to make sure that whatever kind of features you are looking for when it comes to choice of a one of these, you will be able to sort down to the very smallest detail. This means that you can look through the review winners for these devices that have the ability to offer you the choice of grind chamber material. When you are looking for the perfect disposal, you will even be able to choose between galvanized steel, stainless steel or plastic. Which is better is going to be up to what you decide you want to spend and how you are using your appliance, but the ability to choose that small a detail is something that Lowes offers on its website that stores like Home Depot are not, or does not offer.

Special features of the garbage disposals from Lowes The garbage disposals that are offered from Lowes are of high quality but they are not branded as Lowes disposals. Because they are actually branded with other company names, there is a decent amount of the customer service that is handled by someone else. These companies all do offer some kind of warranty, but if there is an issue where the appliance gives out before the warranty goes out, the customer should go through the individual companies rather than the retailer. [box type="success" align="alignleft" ]When it comes to being able to shop for the perfect kind of garbage disposal review worthy appliance, you are going to be doing shopping through Lowes either on the company's website or in their brick and mortar store.[/box] This makes it easier to find exactly what you are looking for because you aren't spending your time walking through a store and looking for things on the shelf. Instead, you can do all the selection and shopping from the website. If the store that is closest to you carries the product that you find on the website, you will be able to actually buy the disposal of your choice and have it held at the store. You can go through the entire process and just zip by your local store in an hour or so and make the pickup.


Lowes is one of the best garbage compactor retailers in the United States because they offer top quality appliances. They also offer a rather easy way to get those appliances when you compare them to what has usually been their competitors. The store has been around for almost 100 years in one way or another, so they have perfected their retail approach in that time.
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