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Detailed Facts About The Kenmore Gas Grills Review

Kenmore is one of those companies that you have likely been hearing about in one way or another for most of your life. The company first came on the scene with its high-quality sewing machines but soon expanded into other areas of the home appliance market. These days, one of the products the company is best known for is its top of the line gas grills. Most of those grills are sold through Sears, which has had a long-standing partnership with the firm that goes back nearly 100 years.

The Company

Kenmore has been around just about as long as any home appliance company you could name. They have had a relationship with Sears for almost the entire time the firm has existed. The company was first well known for its four-drawer drop feed sewing machine that came onto the market in 1919. It didn't take long for the company to realize it could expand the kind of home appliances it could offer through Sears and other retailers.

Soon, Kenmore was one of the top appliance companies in the entire world. Among the products the firm is knownKenmore gas grills in a outdoor setting best for are their high-quality gas grills. As the company and the market have changed, Kenmore has adapted to it, offering gas grills and other products not only through Sears but also through Kmart and most recently,

The company is not one that manufactures their gas grills by themselves anymore. These days, other firms such as Whirlpool and LG are manufacturing the Kenmore products, but the older company still has some say over the quality of their gas grills and other products in order to get the official stamp of approval.

Which gas grill types are available from Kenmore

There are two main types of gas grills offered by Kenmore. There are propane grills and what are known as dualfuel grills. Under those categories, there are then a ton of different options when it comes to the kind of gas grill you want to purchase. You can purchase anywhere from a two-burner grill to a massive six burner grill.

There are all kinds of different colors that are offered up by Kenmore, in order to better match any kind of decorating needs or themes you might have in mind. Black, brown, gray, green, metallic, red, and silver grills are all on offer from Kenmore.

There are also different kind of burners that can be purchased, depending on what kind of cooking you are doing and what kind of materials you like to work with. You can either get a regular stainless steel burner in your gas grills or you can get a version of the product that has a stainless steel tube burner.

There are also a variety of cooking grate materials you can choose from in order to pick out the gas grill that is perfect for you. There are some grills that have the tried and true stainless steel cooking grates. There is also a stainless steel rod that is used for the cooking grate and then a porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grate.

There is even the ability to get a different type of body for your gas grill depending on what you think is going to work best, as well as what is going to look best in your backyard when you are having your “Great American Cookout.” The choices for your grill's body include porcelain, stainless steel, steel, and a combination of both steel and stainless steel. Different people are going to say different grill options make a difference but what's clear is that there is plenty of choices to be had when you are browsing through the different types of gas grills available from Kenmore.

Special features of the gas grills from Kenmore

Kenmore is a company that has been around for a long time and because of that, they offer a number of different ways in which you can purchase one of their gas grills. The first way to go about getting these products is directly through the company's website. If you are want to go through a retailer that you know and feel comfortable with, you can go through Sears as they are still the top retailer of the Kenmore brand of appliances and that includes the gas grills. has also entered the fray when it comes to selling these grills online, so there really isn't any kind of shortage of places online where you can find these products. While you can go to some brick and mortar Sears stores, they are slowly going through a process where they are dealing more online but you could still find some Kenmore grills at the brick and mortar versions of their stores.

If you do buy directly from the company, you will be able to return the product and get your money back if you decide you are not wanting the gas grill you bought as long as you aren't putting a ton of wear and tear on them. Kenmore also offers up a limited warranty for people who are able to show proof of purchase if there is a verifiable defect in the way the gas grills have been put together. Kenmore wants its customers to be happy with the product they purchased.


Kenmore is a company that prides itself on the ability to offer top of the line gas grills, no matter what size or what the people who buy these devices are looking to cook on them. Because the places you can go to get these gas grills is growing all the time, you would be hard pressed to miss out if they are the company you are wanting to get your gas grill from. You can purchase them through online retail outlets as well as brick and mortar stores as long as you know where to look.

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