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Invicta 12178 review 2020

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Invicta is a company that has made a name for itself by offering massive ranges of timepieces. That includes Invicta Military Watch that is made to stand out from the crowd and stand up to some really rugged terrain.

Military Watch
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    0.6 x 0.6 x 0.6 inches

  • Case diameter :

    48 mm

  • Band width :

    24 mm

  • Water resistant depth:

    330 ft.

  • Item Shape :


  • Band Material:


  • Band Color:


  • Dial color:


  • Display Type :


  • Battery Included?:


  • Dual Time:


  • Alarm:


  • Calendar:


  • leather band
  • buckle closure
  • features luminous hands
  • buckle closure
  • water-resistant


  • instruction manual missing
  • short battery life
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The company is also one that has made a name for itself. Because people are able to customize the kind of devices they want to wear on their wrists right down the face design. While not all of the Invicta Military Watch is built to stand up to wear and tear, there are very few designs you won’t be able to find if you look hard enough.

The company is one that does have its own retail stores around the world, and it tends to work with other retailers. There is also the ability to get those devices from third parties such as Because the company is one that wants to be known as the top of the line, there aren’t a ton of retailers that have the privilege of selling their products. This means you might have to look a little harder than you’re used to in order to find the devices but you’ll be plenty happy when you hit the jackpot.

The company

First founded in SwitzerlandAs are all good Invicta Military Watch companies, Invicta was first founded in Switzerland. The company has been around for quite a while as it was first birthed in 1837. The firm had a great deal of success over the first 100 years of its existence but it did find some problems once the construction of timepieces changed a bit in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Those struggles allowed an American company to purchase the Swiss firm in the 1990’s. Shortly after the purchase, the official operations changed location and Invicta operates from North America as opposed to Europe these days.

The company has stores set up that you can do a search for on the firm’s website. You can also purchase these pieces, as well as accessories and eyewear from some third party retailers around the world.

Which military watch types are available from Invicta

Invicta has worked hard to put out tons of different kinds of Invicta Military Watch that will appeal to a wide audience. If you are looking for a device that has the Muppets on its face, you will be able to find it through this company. Of course, when you are talking about those that are thought about as “military” grade there is a smaller variety to choose from. Because Invicta does indeed pride itself on offering variety, there are still more than a few models to choose from.

When looking at the kind of pieces you are able to choose, there are a few different colors you can sort through in order to find the ones you want to purchase. There aren’t a ton of different choices when it comes to the color because people expect the timepiece that Invicta Military Watch this kind of look. You are able to get metal faces that are black or stainless steel colored.

The materials used to make these are also varied to a degree. You can get a tough plastic material or one that is not only colored like stainless steel, but that is actually stainless steel. While the outside of the device has some limited looks you can choose from, you can even get a different number of pieces that have colored faces. There is black on black, as well as silver on silver. You can also get a silver frame and a blue face in order to stand out when you are looking at the time.

There are also a number of different bells and whistles that you can get depending on the model of the piece you are looking to purchase. Some of the models are going to just be stronger and able to stand up to a bit more wear and tear. There are others that are going to be able to be taken swimming. These will likely also have features that will allow you to see just how far down you have gone. Invicta also allows you to get pieces that are going to tell the date, the time and what direction you are heading if you are out and about in the wilderness. You can also get some pieces that have a barometer attached.

To some degree, what kind of additional information you have will depend on how much money you are willing to spend. The prices tend to be between $150 to $250 though there are a few that are cheaper and a few that are quite a bit more expensive depending on the materials and the additions found on the model.

Special features of the military watches from Suunto

Invicta does have warranties on all of its watches, but the firm also offers the ability to have their experts fix pieces if they are outside of the warranty. Customers just need to send in their device and the firm will give an estimate on how much it will cost to repair. This is offered up whether the device was purchased through a third party retailer, or directly from the company.


The company is one of the longest standing high-end Invicta military watch company in the world. Because they are willing to fix any devices they sell, sometimes for free and sometimes offering those repairs at a price you aren’t going to find from third-party dealers, the firm is one that is known to stand by its products in a way that is quite admirable. The firm is one of the best in the world when looking for this kind of product.

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ReviewInstitute Military Watch

Conclusion: Round watch in stainless steel with graduated numerical markers and chronograph subdials.

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