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How to Use an Electric Fireplace with Storage?

If you are someone who has decided they need to add a little something to their home in order to make it feel more … homey, then you might want to settle yourself on the idea of getting an electric fireplace with storage. There are all kinds of different ways this can be used in order to get your home looking classier and the way you've always want it to look. As long as you are making sure that you are doing your homework and a little research into what you want and how it can fit into what you've already got in your home, there are different models for almost everyone.

One kind of model that can really come in handy is the kind of mantel that can also be used with storage capacity. By getting one of these, you aren't really giving up as much space in your house as you normally would for an electric fireplace with storage. You will still be moving some stuff around, but if you find the right model you can make up for whatever space you lose by having that storage right there with the mantel. There are a couple of different designs you can try in order to get storage while giving your house a totally new look.

Entertainment Center

Electric Fireplace with Storage for HomeThere are models that come complete with an entertainment center wrapped around them. These generally are the kind that looks like they have a real fire but don't give off any heat. The top of the line entertainment center mantels is going to have a place to put the TV, as well as shelves underneath for gaming consoles or DVD players and equalizers. By putting all this stuff together, you aren't having the make the choice of whether you want the mantel, or you want the big entertainment center that can more effectively keep things all together in your home theater setup. You might even find a few that are specially designed to have speakers hooked up so you don't have to buy those separately, or find extra room for them.

Book Cases

If you don't have a ton of electrical devices for your home theater, you can use the entertainment center compartments and shelves for a bookcase. You can also get special mantels that are made to be bookshelves. Just like the entertainment center, these are going to be specially built to have the “fire” in the middle of the housing and then several shelves around the outside. There are some Electric Fireplace with Storage models that have tall bookshelves that go quite a bit up in the air, or ones that are built just to have the shelves along the side of the mantel. There are all kinds of different sizes depending on what needs you are looking to fill. Color and materials are all over the spectrum as well.

This allows you the space you need for the storage but also allows you to better get the model you choose to fit into your home and really blend in, rather than standing out and drawing people's eyes to the shelves right away.

The key is always to have storage, but also to do it in a way so that it's not quite so obvious why you decided to go the direction you did with the mantel you chose.

Mantel with a single shelf

Of all the ways you can use your replica fireplace, this is going to give you the least amount of storage. You are going to be running into a situation where the top of the mantle can act like a shelving unit, though you will only be able to put that on the top shelf. Still, that's quite a bit different than some that are built right into the wall so there is no storage there at all. The single shelf can also be used to hold containers so you will be able to get some more use out of it than you might have thought you would originally.

Raised mantel with shelving underneath

Choose Your Best Electric FireplaceOne of the most interesting designs is a mantel that is raised off the ground and there is shelving beneath. There are a couple of different ways this can be done. One way is to have the housing basically sitting on legs and then all the space underneath the mantel is going to be used for whatever kind of storage you are looking for. As is the case with most of the models that are coming with storage, these do not give off heat. That gives you peace of mind that if you are putting something underneath you think can get ruined by exposing it to heat, you know it won't get that exposure.

The floor is never a great place to store things, mainly because it can look as though you are cluttering things up. There is another approach that will have actual shelves (usually wooden or faux wood) and you can use those shelves under and over and around the electric fireplace with storage in order to store whatever you want. Depending on the size and depth of the shelves, there's a chance you could use this as an entertainment center. You might just be using it for books. There is also the chance that you could use this kind of thing for holding little trinkets and doodads that will make the whole room pop a bit more.

Whatever way you go, it's pretty clear there are a number of different ways you can bring in an electric fireplace with storage and not have to give up a ton of space in your house.

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