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How Does an Electric Fireplace Blower Work?

If you are one of those that have decided that you want to get an electric fireplace Blower in your home, there are still a couple of decisions you need to make about the kind you are going to get. Like any other product out there on the market, there are all kinds of choices to make.

Electric Fireplace BlowerThe first decision you are going to have to make is just how much money you want to spend on this kind of thing. The next is how you are going to get the model you choose to really fit in with what you have selected for the rest of your home and the decorations in that home. Finally, you are going to want to figure out whether you want a mantel that actually generates heat, or whether you are going to go for something that just looks like it's producing fire and heat.

If you are going for the top of the line realism, then you are indeed going to want to get one that can generate heat. When you narrow it down to this degree, there are basically two kinds of mantels for you to choose from. You can either go with an infrared heater model or you can go with one that has a blower. There are pros and cons to either kind of heated mantel. The question then becomes, just what am I going to need to know about how each one works to make that heat? In other words, how does an electric fireplace blower work? The answer can come in a number of different parts.

What is a electric fireplace blower?

The blower is exactly what it sounds like actually. This is just a small fan that usually sits in a kind of “squirrel cage” in the device's housing. Instead of looking to circulate cool air throughout the room, this is built to circulate warm air that is being created from other machinery in the device. The point of all of this is to make it feel as though the artificial fire is giving off real heat.

Where are the blowers located?

As a general rule of thumb, the blower is located under the floor of the device towards the side facing away from the room. The fan then draws in cool air from the bottom vents near the floor and circulates it through the machinery in order to warm that cool air up. The fan then forces the air that is now warm out through the top of the fireplace decoration in order to make it feel as though there is hot air coming off the “fire.”

This is all done with a small, electronic motor. These motors are generally small enough and low enough power that they are not going to create any kind of sound that would be specifically recognized as being a blower. By doing this, the people who are using these mantels can keep up the appearances of really having a roaring fire that is heating the whole room, rather than an electrical contraption they bought separately at their local home improvement store.

100 percent of the heat is expelled

There are some people who might get a bit nervous when talking about something that is housed away and hidden dealing with heat. The worry is that if enough heat builds up inside the workings of the mantel, problems could arise, including house fires.

The good news is that these fans are generally pretty good at their jobs. While there is always the chance that something could go wrong, they are built to make sure that all of the air that is heated up is forced out of the device and into the room it's sitting in.

There is a bit of a failsafe situation going on with the device that is pulling in the cool air because if there were the chance that something could all of the sudden overheat, the cool air works as a contrary in order to make sure the contraptions inside the housing are not getting too hot. There also isn't a ton of complicated wiring that could get melted down or scorched when you are talking about one of these blowers. They are generally pretty rudimentary for a reason.

Will all fireplaces have a blower?

Is Electric Fireplace have a Blower?Not every kind of false electric fireplace blower is going to come equipped with a blower. This could be because the mantel was never designed to make it so that you would be acting as though it gave off heat. It could also be that the heat that is coming from some of these models is the infrared variety. The devices that use a different kind of heat source are going to be using a different way to get that heat out.

The infrared devices are built to feel more like you are standing next to the roar of the fire and can feel the heat radiating out. These are not going to use blowers because the heat is strong enough to get out to the room already. You could attach a blower if you really wanted to get the added push, though some of these don't even come with the necessary hookups for that to be feasible.

Need to be near an outlet

Whether talking about an electric fireplace blower that you can buy separately, or one that comes housed in the machine itself, you are going to need to make sure that there is somewhere to plug everything in. These are electric and electronic. That means they are going to need a power source. Most of these devices are going to have a way where you can hide the power source away so it's not quite so obvious that you plugged it in. If you are wanting the mantel to work, especially if you are wanting it to give off that heat using a blower, you're going to need to make sure you place it somewhere there is a steady stream of power able to be channeled into it when you are using it.

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