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How Does a Golf Rangefinder Watch Work?

If you are someone who has decided you need to up your game when it comes to golf, you might have heard from some people that a golf rangefinder watch is a way to go. This tool is made to be able to tell you how far you are away from the pin or other parts of the hole. This isn't a thing like “the hole is over there” rather this particular tool is one that is geared towards giving you a more precise readout of just how far away from the hole you are.

GPS Golf rangefinder

Golf rangefinder watch comes in all shapes and sizes. Most people tend to use something that looks quite a bit like a pair of binoculars. There are others that tend to be in the form of a watch. You can look like you are just using a regular old wristwatch. The fact of the matter is that these tools work quite a bit better than just a regular old wristwatch when it comes to playing golf. These kinds of things are going to help you the same way the ones that you use that look a bit more like binoculars.

Whether talking about the kind of device that you are holding up to your eyes, or the one you are wearing on your wrist, there are basically two different ways in which they can work. The most prevalent kind of device, especially when you are talking about the ones you can wear on your wrist, is GPS. The other kind, which is more expensive and used on your wrist quite a bit less is one that relies on lasers.

GPS rangefinder

GPS rangefinder

For the kind that uses GPS, there are a couple of things you are going to want to do before you ever hit the range. These are usually something that requires you to purchase some kind of a subscription in order to continue to get access to the GPS feed. When you are talking about the kind of tool that you are wearing on your wrist, you are going to want to usually load whatever course you are playing up before you leave your home using a computer.

Once you have hit the place where you are going to be playing golf using golf rangefinder watch, you simply turn the device on and allow it to sync up with the GPS feed. If everything is working correctly, you should be able to tell where you are, to a certain degree on the course, by looking at your wrist. Now you just need to select what hole you are playing and the target you want to reach. Most of these devices are going to allow, at the very least, that you know how far and where the pin is from your distance. Some of the more involved models are going to allow you to select other points of interest that might be on the hole, such as sand traps and water hazards.

Once you have finished the hole you were just playing, most of the units, are going to allow you to automatically see what's in store for the next hole. If you are playing a kind of tournament, such as a scramble, you will usually be able to override the automatic shifting to the next hole and select the one that you are playing.

There are some of these models that will allow you to hook up and download the map of the course using a WiFi connection and the GPS settings. These are obviously going to be a bit higher priced, but the advantage is that you won't have to download the maps and other information before you leave the house.

You will be able to do this kind of thing right from wherever you are on the course. These will likely require some sort of subscription as well so you are just going to have to pick what kind of GPS setup you want to be using and what is going to work out the best for your specific wants and needs when you are going to go golfing.

Laser Golf Rangefinder Watch

The laser rangefinders can be quite a bit more accurate than the GPS models because you are pointing and aiming at what you want to hit. The downside is that these particular kinds of devices are only going to be able to tell you where you are from the pin or the target if it can see what it is aiming at. These are not something that you need to reload, because you aren't pulling up an entire map of the course. What you can do is just turn these devices on and point and click at whatever target you want.

If you are able to actually aim the laser at something, such as wanting to know how far away you are from a grove of trees or a water hazard you don't need to hope the GPS is loaded with that information. just point the laser aperture at what you want to know about and you should get a readout.

Some of the more detailed versions of this device are even going to be able to tell you the slope and other terrains that you are going to have to get over in order to reach your intended goal. An added bonus of this kind of device is that if you have not locked onto the target that you want to check out correctly, you should get an error message. If you are routinely getting that error message, even if you aren't aiming at something that is all that far away, it's a very good chance there is something wrong with the device.

There is also some golf rangefinder watch that is a combination of the laser and the GPS versions. These tend to give you the best of both worlds when you are talking about the features these models offer on the range.

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