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Best Massage Chair Pad 2018 - 1 Massage Chair Pads reviews

Massage Chair Pad Leaderboard 2018

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  image of HoMedics MCS‐840HA Massage Cushion
  HoMedics MCS‐840HA Massage Cushion
Rating 7.5
Brand HoMedics
Package Dimensions

74.5 x 17 x 44.1 cm ; 6.8 Kg

Item Weight

16 pounds

Shipping Weight

16.4 pounds



Material Type

synthetic leather



Product Warranty

2 Year(s)

Price Value
Product Review Product Review
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What is massage chair pad?

image of Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with Heat A massage chair pad is an oscillating device used to alleviate aching muscles and provide relaxing pulses to your body. These are devices are made with vibrating massage motors that stimulate your muscles and soothe your aches and pains. Many of these machines have heat functions that provide additional relief from tension and assist with relaxation. You can use them when your muscles feel tight and sore after a busy day or as a to alleviate muscle aches.

These devices have a variety of electronic motors installed that rotate simultaneously. They deliver massages to your body parts and release muscle tension. They also increase blood flow and circulation to your sore muscles and loosen tightened nerves. These rotating electronic motors are the main part of the chair that delivers the massage mechanism. Massage chair pads are made with many varied materials that include plastics, leather and vinyl.

If you are dealing with these types of symptoms, a massage chair pad can assist you with getting rid of your discomfort. You can find full massage chairs or a smaller device that targets specific pain points and areas of your body. You can use them at home, in your office or in your car. You can put your favorite blanket over it for added comfort. They can be placed on a chair that you use daily to provide you with a massage. There are some devices that you can place over your shoulders and directly onto your lower back.

Besides easing pain these devices help you sleep better at night and promote relaxation. A massage chair eases chronic back pain and lowers blood pressure. Utilizing one of these devices can assist with your overall mood and digestion system because it loosens your muscles. They are believed to strengthen your immune system and reduce chronic low back pain.

In addition, they can lessen muscle spasms and anxiety. They can reduce your heart rate and stress levels too. They can help with headaches, soft tissue injuries and nerve pain.

They each deliver a specific type of massage that ranges from gentle to strong and many have speed dials and different intensities for you to choose from. There are also devices that only offer one type of massage at varied speeds. The massage you select depends on your personal preference and where you need relief.

The heat feature releases muscle tension and is usually controlled by a handset or button on the massage chair. There are many types of massages to choose from including, kneading, rolling and percussion. Many chairs offer Swedish, Shiatsu and deep tissue massages as well. You can choose to have one type of massage or a combination depending on the chair that you decide to use.

They come with remote controllers that may or may not be attached to the chair. Some devices come with added features that include cup holders and foam set pads. They can have acupoint detection systems that scan your back to locate your pressure points. Some have ergonomic contours that support your back. They can have seat vibration for massaging your buttocks and thighs. These devices can provide you with a full back massage which delivers relief to your upper, mid and lower back. They deliver neck and should massages that help you feel more energized and upper body tension.

How does a massage chair pad work?

A massage chair pad is an electronic device with nodes, motors, cables and wheels. They have a programmable system for controlling its features and functions. When these features work together, the device can provide you with an invigoration massage. They come in assorted sizes and shapes and with functions to please just about anyone.

They have an internal motherboard that controls the functions of the chair. It acts like a computer to keep your device operating efficiently. Since these devices use electricity, they are susceptible to power surges. The heating systems in the chair need to be monitored and turned off as instructed.

Although some massage chairs allow the heat to run for longer lengths of time, you should turn off the device after 10 minutes. The motors are created to last for a specific number of hours and withstand typical wear and tear.

Some devices come with air compressors that fill up and provide a squeezing sensation to your muscles.

Some of the machines have nodes that deliver a deep tissue massage with heat. While others have motors that provide you with a vibrational massage. The vibrational machines may have heat and a cooling system installed. A device with nodes has a human touch and kneads, rolls and pats your back.

A vibrational device provides stimulating pulsing throughout your back; the nodes provide pressure by rotating and squeezing your muscles. It also glides and strokes your tissues to deliver comfort. You can adjust the settings of the massage and program its functions. You can program a vibrational device to target specific areas and get out knots in your back.

image of a woman relaxing in a massage chairA massage chair pad is designed to manipulate and loosen the muscles in your body. They were made to ease physical pain and stiffness and to promote relaxation. They consist of massage motors and rollers that move up and down to deliver massage. Each design also comes with a specific amount of motors. The motors are coverage with fabric that provide an extra grip to your muscles and tissues. The location and the amount of motors that your device has will determine the strength of your massage.

A device with ten motors can target many areas, including your back, legs, neck and shoulders. Some machines have massage balls that provide you with deep tissue treatment and can target your waist. They offer a variety of vibration levels that include slow, medium and fast speeds. Many have a heat function that you can turn on off at your leisure. There are different massage options to choose from and many devices have timers.

The timer usually shuts off in 15 minutes and does not disturb you if you fall asleep. You can choose a massage to focus on specific areas of your back, shoulders or neck. The ability to increase and decrease the speed is up to you and so is the direction and of the motors. They come with programming features and the ability to remember your massage of choice. The motors can move in and up and down motion, vibrate or knead. You can choose to have them move in more than one direction at once.

They have a diverse range of vibrations, kneading, chopping and rolling speeds to select from and some have massage programs for you to use. Many of these devices have an air compression function for providing extra pain relief to target areas.
The air compression levels can be adjusted to fit your needs and have a gentle, medium and high setting. Some devices come with a removable cover, so you can have a more intense massage.

They come in different heights that deliver specific massages; for instance, a full height pad will deliver a massage to your neck and shoulder area. A low back pad offers a more targeted massage to your lower back. They are built to provide you with comfort and can assist with posture problems. Some have features with extra cushioning in specific areas, including your arms and neck. They are transportable and easy to store as well.

If you drive, you can place a massage chair in your driving seat. They are easy to install and have adjustable straps to hold the chair in place. They have adapters that allow you to power up by your device in your vehicle. When you use your device at home, you need to ensure to plug it up to a power source; however, many machines are powered by battery. These devices come with a remote to turn it on and off and control speed and massage style.

What types of massage chair pads are there?

Massage chair pads come with many features and functions with different massage styles. They come with rolling and spot kneading techniques. They offer vibrating and deep kneading styles too. They vary in weight and are available in lightweight and heavier versions. Many of these devices come in similar shapes with full back coverage and seating pad for your upper legs. Some may have an adjustable back that permits you to alter the height and width.

image of a massage chair pad for computer chairs In addition, they come in assorted colors such as black, gray and beige. You can choose a slender design with a matte finish or a soft covered cushioning design. There are bulkier choices that deliver a strong massage with several rollers and motors. Although the devices have a heat feature, sometimes only part of the pads heats up so be sure to choose one with accurate heat coverage. There are devices with strap systems that allows you to install it on chairs.

Additionally, many devices have cushions that cover your entire neck and shoulder area and have interchangeable widths. Some devices come with a detachable cover that allows you to adjust the strength of your massage. There are devices with 3D massage nodes that simulate a therapists’ hands and focus on the area of your of choice.

There are machines with shiatsu nodes that address your neck and lumbar area. They knead and roll across your back and your tension areas and penetrate your muscles for a deep massage. It is designed to loosen knots and kinks in your back. You can adjust the controls to massage your hip area and relieve stress. This chair vibrates and increases the blood flow in your entire back. They contour to your body shape to give you a thorough massage.

Many shiatsu models have an air compression feature which tightly squeezes your muscles to get rid of body aches. They come with a heat option and with nodes that travel up and down your back delivering massage to your upper, lower and entire back. They have rotating rollers and some devices offer a vibrating massage simultaneously. The rollers rotate, and some devices have a rotating program to target your shoulders, back and thighs.

There are models with ten motors and vibrating points to target your sore muscles. They come with a remote and provide you with vibrating massages. You can change the settings to make the chair heat up, change intensity or cool down. You can use the keypad to target specific massage zones and pinpoint the areas that are causing you pain. These devices are designed with cushion and functions to provide you comfortability and pain relief.

A vibrating chair massage does not have shiatsu nodes and will only deliver pulsating and vibrational therapy to your neck and back. The seating pads are also vibrational, so your entire back and waist will receive the massage. Your buttocks and upper thighs receive therapy while you are sitting down.

You can install these chairs in your home, car and office and many of them are easy to transport. Some of these devices are lightweight and can be relocated frequently and others are heavier to carry with you from place to place. They are made with materials that are not difficult to clean and may only require spot cleaning and dusting.

This is how a massage chair pad is tested

Product testers ensured the massage chair pad delivers a strong massage to sore and tight muscles. The product reviewers also tested these devices for comfortability and heat distribution. The massage chairs with shiatsu massage nodes offered a more effective massage because it has kneading and rolling mechanisms. The vibrational chairs offer a less effective massage with motors and do not have kneading nodes to provide deep tissue massages.

This chair is tested for relief it provides from back, shoulder and neck pain. It is also tested for hip, waist and buttock discomfort. If a chair can diminish pain in these areas, it is a good chair to use. A chair that can target specific areas in your body is recommended.

The chair must offer relief from stress and tension. The body scanning functions are tested to see how well the device recognizes your measurements. The zero gravity feature is also taken into to consideration and determining how well the device distributes you weight.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a massage chair pad?

When you are looking for a massage chair pad, there are a few things to consider. You need to decide where you will use the chair. If you are going to use it at home, the weight and size does not really. You will need a lightweight chair that easy to transport if you are using it in your car or office.

image of a woman relaxing on a massage chair

Additionally, you need to select the type of massage that you want. Many massage chairs are vibrational or deliver shiatsu massage. If you choose a shiatsu machine, then you need to pay attention to the amount of massage nodes. You should find out where the nodes are placed in the back pad.

If you choose a device that offers vibration massages, you should consider how many motors the chair has and the intensity of the pulses. You will need to decide if you want your seat to have heat or not. A device with heat can provide extra comfort and relief from tension. You want to make sure you know how hot the device gets and if it has an automatic turn off function.

You also want to make sure you check the size of the back and seat pad and ensure that you will be comfortable sitting in the chair. The shape of the cushions is important, and you want to ensure they provide your neck and back with optimal support.

The length of the massage is important because the chair must deliver therapy long enough for users to feel the effects of therapy. A device with a warranty proves that it was built to last for a specific amount of time. You should check the customer reviews before you purchase your product to confirm it is a quality device.

Furthermore, you want to know which parts of the chair heats up. Does the back only heat up or both the back and the seat cushion heat up? You need to ensure the device has a keypad and adjustable speed settings. You need to check the devices functions and find out if it has pinpoint targeting features.

If you are purchasing the chair at a retail location, sit in the chair and test it out before you take it home. When you are sitting in the chair, confirm that the height is a good fit for your body. You will want to check out the features and determine if it will deliver an accurate massage to the areas where you need pain relief.

When you buy online, make sure you take the device out of the package as soon as you receive it to ensure it fits your needs. You should sit in the chair and check for height adjustability. Turn on the device and use the keypad to the features to make sure the chair is functioning properly.

Overall, you want to ensure that the chair is comfortable to sit in and contours your body. The massage strength must be appropriate and deliver results. Make sure the chair is adjustable and has many features. You should determine the type of material that you want your chair to be too.

Homedics-Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion

image of Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion with HeatThe Homedics-Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage Cushion provides users with a shiatsu-style massage with adjustable heat settings. You can control the three massage styles with the keypad along with the speed. This device delivers a vast array of massages that include percussion, deep muscle and rolling. It will pinpoint your upper, lower and entire back or a smaller area depending on your needs. This device has a strapping system, so you can place it on different sized chairs.

This is a strong massage chair and eases back pain and releases tired muscles. You can adjust the heat settings and allow the rollers to eliminate hard knots. The rollers move up and down and can focus on one spot. You can program this device to massage one area of your back and continually work out the kinks. The spot massaging feature focuses on areas that need extra attention and loosen up. It can help invigorate an old achy back and provide comfort to those with every day aches and pains.

The shiatsu nodes move up a down and across your back. They move inward and downward to deliver your massage. You can reverse the massage functions and have the nodes rotate backwards. This chair delivers vibrating, spot and kneading massages and programmable with a remote control. It delivers massages for up to 15 minutes at a time and folds, so you can store it easily. This massage is 25.2x17x5 inches and weighs 9.5 pounds.


  • The back pad heats up
  • Has shiatsu nodes for deep tissue massages
  • Targets pressure areas
  • Hand control is programmable
  • Vibrates during shiatsu massage


  • Seating pad does not heat up
  • Back pad can get too hot

Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat Cushion

image of Gideon Luxury Cooling and Heating Ventilated Seat CushionThe 3D ventilated system make the Gideon luxury cooling and heating ventilated seat cushion a great massager. This device delivers a vibrating massage to your back and upper legs. The massaging motors move up and down and across your lower and upper back. It has adjustable nodes that can provide a strong massage to your neck and shoulders. This a good chair for your car because of its cooling features.

With the spot focus massaging function, you can program the nodes to pinpoint a specific area that needs massaging. This feature permits you to target an area on your back or neck. You can deliver special attention to the area of your choice by alternating the direction and intensity of the motors. This device is operated by a keypad that allows you to control the speed, heat and spot focus feature.

This massager heats up to provide warmth to your back and comfort your muscles. It delivers a potent rolling massage and can target your upper, lower or entire back. This device has six vibrating points that deliver a strong massage to your tissues and muscles. There are internal motors to massage your neck and shoulders on the back pad as well. The speeds are adjustable, and you can choose between a low and high-speed massage.

This device will deliver a gentle or penetrating massage depending on your selection. It has air chambers that work along with the nodes to you offer comfort. The machine offers a vibrating massage as well. You can choose to have a vibrating massage a shiatsu massage or combine them to have vitalizing massage. This massager has a strap feature which allows you to securely fasten it to your chair.

The Gideon has 3D ventilated mesh and a cooling function to keep you cool during the summer months. It has five speed ventilating fans and mesh holes to maintain a comfortable temperature. This machine provides you with a deep kneading, rolling and vibrating massage. It only weighs 4.8 pounds and not difficult to transport. You can use it in your car, office or at home.


  • Seating pads heats up
  • Seating pads has cooling features
  • Massages your neck and back
  • Back pad has cooling features
  • Is lightweight


  • Does not deliver deep tissue massage
  • Only delivers vibrational massage

The Five Star FS8812

image of Five Star FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat The Five Star FS8812 Massage Seat is a vibrating machine with 10 pulsating motors. This device heats up and delivers an exceptional massage to your neck, shoulder, thighs and back. You control it with an attached remote. The machine has three massage speeds and four massage programs. You can set the device to target your neck, shoulders and upper back. It will focus on the middle of your back or lumbar area and your thighs separately.

This device will provide you with a personalized massage with calming heat for your lower back. It will diminish your aches and pains and leave you feeling relaxed. You control the target areas by pushing the massage programs on the keypad. You can also combine these four programs to have the massager focus on a specific area or more than one at a time. The machine can also target all four zones simultaneously to provide you with additional relief.

The Five Star has a fullback and seated cushion for your legs and buttocks to receive massages. The seat cushions have four motors on the right and on the left side of the pad. This massager will stimulate your circulatory system and alleviate tired muscles, but it does not provide deep tissue massages. It is a vibrating device and is used to relax muscles in the programmed areas. It is recommended to use this massage pad for up to 30 minutes at a time to prevent overheating. The device has an auto shutoff feature and a timer. It is compatible with automobile usage and comes with a car adapter. You need to strap the chair massager to your seat because it will not stand up on its own. It is 17.7 x 14 x 5.5 in size and weighs 3.85 pounds.


  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Has 10 vibrational motors on back pad
  • Remains heated for 30 minutes
  • 4 motors on seat pad


  • Does not deliver deep tissue massages
  • Seating pad does not heat up

Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

image of Zyllion ZMA-14-BK FDA Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager Cushion with Heat The Zyllion ZMA-14-BK Shiatsu Massager has shiatsu massage nodes that deliver an exhilarating massage to your back, neck and shoulders. The four shiatsu massage nodes provide you with a deep tissue massage and heats up to promote extra comfort. The device comes with a keypad with buttons that control the device's functions. You can choose to move the nodes in up and down or rotate across your backs aches and pains. There are shiatsu nodes installed into the upper part of the massage chair to focus on that area.

The seat cushion delivers a vibrational massage to your buttocks and thighs. Your upper, middle and lower back can receive a slow or fast massage. You can turn on the heat and allow your entire back to feel soothe and relieved from stress. This device will heat up your back and neck areas and get rid of any knots. The rolling nodules are customizable, and you can program them to target one area or massage your whole back. You also have the choice between regular, rolling or rotating nodes.

With the Zyllion, you control the shiatsu nodes along with width and height of the massage. This device allows you to target your pain points and focuses can focus one spot. This device alleviates your back pain and reduces muscle soreness. You can transport and has a strap that allows you to place it on the chair of your choice. This machine will provide you with a rolling, spot and kneading massage for up to twenty minutes at a time.

This device has an automatic shut off feature that shuts down the chair to avoid overheating. The machine is 30 x 16.5 x 7.9 inches in size and weighs 15.5 pounds.


  • 4 shiatsu nodes
  • Deep tissue massages
  • Targets pressure areas
  • Massages for 20 minutes
  • Back pad heats up


  • Bulky
  • Back pad is not flexible

Belmint Shiatsu Massaging Seat Cushion

image of Belmint Portable Shiatsu Neck & Back MassagerThe Belmint Shiatsu Massaging Seat and Cushion has six massage programs and is made from high-quality materials. This chair is designed with a spa design and provides you with a stimulating back massage. The device has four separate shiatsu modules that deliver kneading and rolling techniques across your neck and entire back. This device can target a specific point on your back that has knots in it and helps you receive pain relief.

The chair has three vibrations levels and heats up to loosen up your back and neck muscles. You can use the heat function alone or combine it with a massage. This device gives you a strong massage and works into your muscles and tissues to abate the pain. It has heat control and a timer that you can set for up to fifteen minutes at a time. You can program the machine to deliver massages to our upper, lower or entire back.

The Belmint allows you to coordinate the strength and vibration of your massage. The remote has a one-touch feature where you can manage the heat and time of your massage too. The heat from this device emanates throughout your back cushion and covers it with heat. This feature promotes increased relaxation and the diminishes muscle tension. It provides you with a shiatsu and vibrating massage that you can combine or enjoy separately.

You experience kneading, pulsating and rolling massage that relieves your pressure points from pain. It has a spot focus massage feature that targets any area that you designate to provide extra relief to your back pain. The massage speeds have low, medium and high settings. It weighs 9.1 pounds, you can use it in your home, office or car.


  • Shiatsu and vibration massage coordination
  • Targets pain points
  • Has a massage timer


  • Seating pad does not heat up
  • Back pad is not adjustable

Naipo Neck and Full Back Massage Seat Cushion

image of Naipo Shiatsu Neck and Full Back Massager Massage Seat Cushion with HeatA Naipo Neck and Full Back Massage Seat Cushion has eight rolling massage nodes that permeate your tissues and muscles with an invigorating massage. This device can operate at three speeds which include slow, medium and fast that you control with the keypad. It has a heating function that delivers warmth throughout its entire back and neck cushions.

This device has a zone targeting function that allows you to focus on your shoulders and upper back, lower back and waist or hips and thighs. The device delivers massage with shiatsu four plane 3D nodes created to feel like real hands. This machine can heat up to 113 degrees, and you can focus on one target area or combine many points at once.

Additionally, the seat pads have a 3-level massage feature that provides you with a vibrating massage. There are not any shiatsu nodes in the seating pad. It is designed to promote head and neck support. The device delivers a deep tissue back with four kneading and rotating nodes. The hip massage is delivered with a high-frequency vibration function that has varied levels of intensity.

The Naipo has an automatic timer and turns off if the massager gets too hot. You can also control the timer and set it to turn off. This chair offers a kneading, rolling and vibrating massage with heat. You can program the machine to focus on pressure areas or massage your entire back.


  • 8 rolling massage nodes
  • Neck cushion
  • Automatic timer
  • Seat pads have 3 level vibrating massage feature


  • Seat pads do not heat up
  • Not for use in driving seat

Kingbird Shiatsu Massager

image of Kingbird Shiatsu Massage Seat Cushion with Heat, 3" Height Adjustable,The Kingbird Shiatsu Massager has eight shiatsu massage nodes that provides you with a deep kneading massage. These nodes deliver relief to your entire back, and you can program the device to pinpoint one area. The machine will focus on a specific area on your back, including your lower, middle or upper back to alleviate knots and muscle spasms.

This device has an adjustable neck pad with four shiatsu nodes too. They deliver kneading, rolling and heat therapy to your neck area. You control the direction of the nodes with the keypad. You can choose to have them rotate clockwise or anticlockwise depending on where you need relief. The back pad is shaped like a U and envelops your back and waist. The lower pad has a vibrating feature that massages your hips, buttocks and thighs. This massage can be delivered at a low, medium or high speed.

The heating function on the Kingbird delivers comfort throughout the entire chair massage pad. Your back and seat pad can be heated at the same time. The device heats up to 113 degrees and has a total of 12 massage nodes. The neck is detachable, and the device comes with a car and home adapter. The device weighs 15 pounds and is 16.9 x 15.4 x 31.1 inches in size.


  • Deep tissue massage
  • Neck pads have 4 shiatsu nodes
  • Seat pad heats up


  • Weight 15 pounds
  • Neck massage is not strong

Where do I buy a massage chair pad?

There are a few ways for you to purchase a massage chair pad. You can buy your device online or at a retail store. The stores that sell these devices are often large retail chains. They have a wide selection of massage chair pads and reasonable prices for your usage.

They usually have a department in the store that handles this type of merchandise with sales agents. You can ask for assistance with located the chair pad of your choice.

Another way to buy your device is from the internet. There are sites allow you to search through items and read the product information online. They sometimes even have a cheaper price than you would find at a retail store. You can find out plenty about your massage chair pad before you make your purchase. They have a larger selection and products that you may not find at a retail location.

When you purchase your device online, you can have it shipped directly to your home. You avoid a crowded store and do not need to stand on a line. You just need to select your item and enter your payment method. Once you enter your shipping address your device arrives at your destination within a few days.

Interesting facts and advice

Roland A. Labbe filed a patent application in 1948 for designing the first massage chair in the United States. His chair consisted of a stool on top of a pedestal with a metal frame. The device was able to vibrate, and the wheels rolled up and down the user’s back.

Eventually, an innovative design would be created by David Palmer in 1968. A massage therapist the U.S. that made a chair in the box device that was lighter than its predecessors. His design kept users secure and did not leave room for falling out of the device. His machine weighed 28 pounds and was used for therapeutic treatment.

Many massage chair pads are now operated with mechanical components are typically roll up and down your back. However, there are current develops in technology. These machines now have microprocessors that will store your massage patterns. Once you begin receiving massages the chair will store your patterns. When you sit in the chair, it will automatically initiate a massage based on memory.

These machines now offer Swedish, shiatsu and deep tissue massages. They can provide you with reflexology therapy too. The rollers can move in long strokes and apply pressure to your sore muscles. The can pat, press and rotate to release tension areas and promote circulation. It can manipulate your tissues and reach deep into your tissue to get rid of pain.

They can distribute pulsating strokes and help break down scar tissue. They can also target areas of your body with tight knots. These devices have inflating airbags in them to squeeze out stress and pain. Your muscles can be stretched and loosened when you use a chair massager. When you are sitting in your chair your thighs and legs receive the benefit of massage from the vibrating features as well.


In 1954, the Family Fujiryoki company introduced electronic massage chair pads to the world. The first chair was wooden and only had a kneading massage feature. The inventor began designing the first chairs with low quality materials that included baseballs, woods and softballs. He also tried using bicycle chains and car handles. There was a handle on the side of the machine that made the massage balls move up and down.

image of traditional massage chair The device had an on and off button and internal mechanism that allowed the user to get a back massage. It was a large machine with a seating pad and wheel structures on the back end. There was not any soft cushioning on the back or seat part of this chair. The device was heavy and weighed 141.1 pounds and was 710 x 870 x 1,300 in height. The massage balls were made from urethan which is a form of rigid plastic.

The massage balls were not covered by padding and the device was made with large pieces of metal. The inside of the machine had a pulley system that consisted of large levers and wheel structures. These machines were used in public baths as a form of relaxation and healing. This chair changed the way people believed in getting a massage with hands and initiated a new type of technique.

Since then machine massage chairs have changed enormously, with advancement in technology and engineering techniques more comfortable device with more features are being designed frequently. They are much smaller and comfortable and offer the user a pleasant experience. They have nodes that feel like human hands and are fully padded.

The newer versions have advanced motors and gears to work out the kinks in your back. They also have rollers and airbags to delve deep into your muscles and compression that alleviates tension. They come with remote controls and are programmable to turn off or remember your favorite massage.

How to install a massage chair pad

Many massage chair pads come with a strapping device to install onto your chair safely. Some chairs come with a belt or Velcro feature for seat installation. Many chairs have anti-slip backs to keep the device in place. Here are instructions on how to secure your device onto a chair:

1 Remove the massaging device from the packaging

2 Place the device on your chair or car seat

3 Hold the two adjustable straps on the back of your device

4 Loop the straps around the back of your chair or car seat

5 Secure the straps tightly

6 Take the elastic straps and pull them together

7 Connect the adapter

8 Plug the adapter into the power plug

9 Plug the device into a power outlet

10 Power up the chair

10 steps for care

The cleaning and care regime for your massage chair will depend on the type of fabric you choose. Your chair covering needs to be cleaned, and you need to protect it from wear and tear. Many machines are made with a combination of materials which include vinyl, leather and knit fabrics. Here are instructions on how to clean the chair pad:

1 Unplug your chair from any electrical outlets

Clean your chair with a clean, damp cloth

3 Use a mild soap if necessary

4 Make a solution with half mild soap and half distilled water

5 Before applying to your device, squeeze out the excess water

6 Use this solution to wipe down your chair

7 Allow the chair to dry before you turn it on

8 Avoid using bleach or harsh detergents on your chair

9 Remove stains by blotting with a damp cloth

10 Avoid rubbing the stain into the fabric

A leather massage chair does not require water when you clean it. You can wipe it down with a clean cloth to keep it clean. Knit fabric is softer than vinyl and leather so it requires extra attention when you clean it. You should also utilize a brush with knit fabrics and clean spills with a warm cloth.

When cleaning your chair make sure you do not apply a saturated cloth onto the machine. You do not want the moisture to seep into your devices motors or nodes. Use care when cleaning your device and treat it gently.

Useful Accessories

Many massage chair pads come with a keypad that allows you to control the device. The controller has a microprocessor inside and is preprogrammed. You can select the type of massage you want, including a kneading, pulsating and patting sensations. It will save your preferred massage patterns and remember your back’s measurements.

The keypad is usually wired directly to the chair and allows you choose the speed and settings for your massage. You can choose to pinpoint target areas, turn the heat on and off and manage the intensity of your massage. Some keypads have a scanning feature that sends a message to the chair to adjust to your height.


Do massage chair pads work?

Do massage chair pads work?

When you are suffering with back pain, a massage chair pad can help. The device has motors and nodes are designed to bring comfort to sore and achy back muscles. The mechanisms in this machine use a pulsating, vibrating and kneading motions to gets rid of kinks and knots that cause pain.

Are massage chairs good for you?

Are massage chairs good for you?

This device relieves stress and provides comfort to tight spots in your back, upper buttocks and back. When the machine heats up it appeases muscles spasms and diminishes pain. It is also believed to lower pressure and anxiety.

Are massage chairs safe?

Are massage chairs safe?

This device can provide you with a massage that will alleviate back pain and soothe achy muscles. It can improve your blood circulation and help you sleep better. They loosen stiff muscles in your neck and shoulders and help you relax.

Which massage chair is the best for 2018?

Which massage chair is the best for 2018?

Based on reviews the best machine for 2018 is the Zyllion ZMA-14-BK because it has 8 shiatsu nodes. There are four nodes in the back pad and another four nodes in the neck pad. This device delivers an invigorating massage to the neck and back areas simultaneously.

What is a shiatsu massage chair?

What is a shiatsu massage chair?

A shiatsu device delivers a deep kneading massage to your back, neck and shoulders. It helps with loosening tight muscles and diminishing kinks and knots. This device has shiatsu nodes installed in the back pads that delve into your muscles.

How do you repair your massage chair?

How do you repair your massage chair?

A massage chair can break down due to many reasons, including power surges, overheating and overuse. The motors, air compressors and nodes can give out as well. It is recommended to contact the manufacturer of the device to ensure it is repaired properly.

What is the difference between a shiatsu vs a vibrating massage chair pad?

What is the difference between a shiatsu vs a vibrating massage chair pad?

A shiatsu device delivers a deep tissue massage that stretches and focuses on relieving tension. This machine has nodes in the back and neck pads and heats up to provide comfort. The vibrating machine has motors in the back and seat pad. It does not have nodes and the motors need to continuously vibrate to deliver a massage.

Why is a massage chair good for you?

Why is a massage chair good for you?

This device is good for you because it massages your back, neck and shoulders. It also massages your buttocks and upper thighs. You receive relief from pain physical pain and stress. A massage chair assists with waist and hip pain because the seating pads offer a vibrational massage.

Is a shiatsu massage chair pad good for you?

Is a shiatsu massage chair pad good for you?

A shiatsu device provides you with an exhilarating deep massage. It can reach target troublesome areas deliver abate pain and stiffness. If the machine heats up, you receive additional comfort.

Can massage chairs be covered by insurance?

Can massage chairs be covered by insurance?

A massage chair may be covered by insurance depending on the type of coverage you are enrolled in. You must have a legitimate health condition such as a chronic back pain. You may also be able to purchase a chair using your flexible spending account offered by yo

ur employer.

How do you reset your massage chair?

How do you reset your massage chair?

To reset your device, you must power off your chair by turning off the power switch for ten seconds. Leave it plugged into the wall and make sure the massage heads are not on. Allow the massage chair to stay off for a total of ten seconds. After ten seconds, turn the device back on using the power switch.

What is a 3D massage chair?

What is a 3D massage chair?

A 3D massage chair has nodes that extend and descend back into the device. They push in and out in a rotate and deliver a deep tissue massage. They feel like human hands on your back and can scan your back to determine our shape, size and height.

Alternatives to topic

Although there are plenty of massage chair pads available, many people may prefer an alternative form of therapy. Instead of using this type of device, you can have a hand massage with a therapist. You can travel to a spa or wellness center to receive this type of treatment.

They can deliver a Swedish massage with their hands and use oil to enhance your experience. They use specific techniques that provide relief to your back, neck and shoulder pain. They employ a variety of kneading, stroking and percussion movements during this massage.

An aromatherapy massage can help with stress and tension. The massage therapist uses scented oils during therapy and delivers a deep tissue massage. A hot stone massage can help with pain and is requires the use of heated volcanic rocks. A shiatsu massage focuses on pressure points in your body and relieves pain due to sore muscles.

Thai massage uses a combination of stretching and yoga to loosen stiff muscles. The therapist manipulates your body into yoga positions and releases tension in your back and spine. You may choose to have a sports massage if you are into sports. The therapist utilizes techniques to promote blood flow and decrease pain in pressure points. If you are looking for an alternative method, here is some, information to consider:

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