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Best Electric Fireplace 2018 - 5 Electric Fireplaces reviews

An electric fireplace provides the visual aspects of an actual fire using lightbulbs and a projection of fire, as well as, heat from a built-in space heater. Our team identified the best electric heater fireplaces after studying numerous tests on the Internet to build a high score list and based on BTU output, square footage heated, flame realism and more.

Electric Fireplace Leaderboard 2018

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  image of Duraflame DFI-470-04 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove, Black image of Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, 50 Inch Wide, Logset & Crystal, 1500W Heat (Black) image of Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace image of Electric Fireplace with 28 Mantle, Chestnut by Decor Flame by BLOSSOMZ image of Muskoka 36
  Duraflame DFI-470-04 Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove, Black Lowes Touchstone 80001 Onyx Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace, 50 Inch Wide, Logset & Crystal, 1500W Heat Menards Pleasant Hearth GLF-5002-68 Sheridan Mobile Fireplace Walmart Decor Flame Electric Space Heater Fireplace with 28” Mantel Muskoka 36" Curved Front Wall Mount Fireplace-Black Glass
Rating 8.5
Very Good
Brand Duraflame Lowes Menards Walmart Muskoka
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15 pounds

46 pounds

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20 pounds

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64 pounds

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What is an electric heater fireplace?

An electric heater fireplace plugs into a wall outlet to provide electric heat coupled with a fire simulation similar to the appearance of a coal, natural gas, or wood fire. They make an ideal replacement for a gas or wood burning fireplace that can no longer be used. Most models offer a flame only setting and multiple heat settings.

How does an electric heater fireplace work?

image of Electric Fireplaces For Electric Fireplace Heater InsertThese fireplaces have two major components. One part creates the illusion of real flame. One part generates heat. Both work using standard electricity.

A series of bulbs illuminate a projection area where a fire simulation plays on repeat. The faux flames seem to flicker as they pass over the bulbs.

Electric heater fireplaces draw in cool air, use a heating coil to heat it internally, then use a fan to force the warm air into the room through a vent. A few models instead use infrared technology to create heat.

Switches or dials let the user control the heat levels and flame effects. Separate controls apply to heat and faux flame. That allows the owner to use the device year around.

Neither the faux flames nor the faux logs in an electric heater fireplace become hot to the touch. They require no chimney flue or vent pipes because they produce no smoke or gas.

Advantages & Applications

These fireplaces and fireplace inserts have a few significant advantages over other fireplace types:

  • require no chimney or flue;
  • floor models provide portability;
  • require no remodeling for installation;
  • more economical than coal, natural gas, or wood burning fireplaces;
  • greater convenience than other fireplace types;
  • safer than other fireplace types;
  • do not require the maintenance needed for wood burning or gas fireplaces.

image of Duraflame 3D Black Infrared Electric FireplaceA fireplace offers both an aesthetic addition to a room and a heat source. They can provide beneficial supplemental heat, especially in areas with harsh, frigid winters. The major benefit of choosing these fireplaces is avoiding the cost of and hassle of acquisition of fuel or wood. It also never requires the cleaning processes of a wood burning or gas fireplace. Chimney sweeps lose their romanticism when you have to pay for them annually. Plus, using electricity means never having to build a fire. Flick a switch and start the fire.

The amount of heat produced varies by model and manufacturers. The average unit produces about 5,000 BTUs of heat. While a gas fireplace can produce about 20,000 BTUs, most of the heat goes out the chimney. It costs about ¢17 to ¢19 per hour to heat to that level. Depending on local gas prices, the average annual cost of a gas fireplace would amount to $60. A wood-burning or pellet-burning fireplace can also generate about 20,000 BTUs, but these models also lose about 90 percent of their heat out the chimney. Their annual cost for that heat amounts to $190 annually. While an electric heater fireplace usually produces about 5,000 BTUs, since it uses no chimney, all the heat remains in the home. It costs between ¢8 to ¢12 per hour to heat to that level. It requires an average cost of about $25 annually.

According to the National Center for Real Estate Research, adding a traditional combustible fireplace to a home costs between $5,000 to $7,000. That covers installation of the chimney, flue, fireplace and mantel. Traditional models don’t save money either. They increase the home’s average annual bills by about 12 percent. Because an electric model requires no chimney or flue, the homeowner avoids most of the costs of renovating the home to add a combustible fireplace. The biggest expense will be an electrician to add an electrical outlet inside a capped fireplace or to a wall that has none.

Electric models come in numerous styles and models from vintage Buck stove-like designs to full-size mantels with the fireplace built-in. Choose from contemporary and modern designs or antique mantel styles that look like they were built into the home. Many entertainment centers now feature an electric heater fireplace in the lower center module. Corner units use a mantel design in a triangular shape.

The most flexible factor of these devices is the bevy of locations for its use. Their variety of sizes and styles, plus the fact that they only require a standard outlet to function, mean the purchaser can use them virtually anywhere – an apartment, condo, dorm room, home, mobile home, office or RV. Select models can even operate outdoors for use on a portico or patio.

What types of electric heater fireplaces are there?

image of Optimus Infrared Quartz HeaterA multitude of types of electric heater fireplaces exist – firebox or log inserts, freestanding stove models, freestanding or mounted mantelpieces, tabletop styles and wall mounted fireplaces. A floor model may feature legs like a table or sit on a tabletop or sit on the floor directly, as a mantle model does. A wall mounted design attaches to the wall or inserts inside a traditional fireplace that has been capped. Another option, media center fireplaces, come in two varieties: a small square or rectangular unit that fits into the bottom, center compartment of an existing media center and a media center that comes with the electric heater fireplace pre-installed. Finally, electric log sets fit into the space of a capped gas or wood burning fireplace. These logs look like real logs and embers piled onto a grate. They sit on the floor of the fireplace and plug into a wall outlet.

These fireplaces use two main methods for the heating systems: infrared quartz and forced fan. A unit will use one or the other method.

  • 4.1.1 Infrared quartz
  • 4.1.2 Forced fan

These devices use infrared light to identify objects in the near-field and heat the object, not the air. The humans and pets will get warm, the corner with the hat rack won’t. These fireplaces produce up to 9,600 BTUs. They work well for a large room or set of undivided rooms, such as an adjacent living room and dining room without a dividing wall. They serve a maximum of 1,000 square feet. Infrared quartz heat does not affect the humidity levels of the home.

These devices take in cold air, then use heated coils to warm it. A fan forces the warmed air out through a separate vent on the unit’s front. These fireplaces produce between 4,600 BTUs to 5,000 BTUs. They work well for a single large room of 400 square feet, an efficiency apartment, tiny house or an RV.

How is an electric heater fireplace tested?

In order to determine which of these fireplace models to include in this review, we built specific criteria and copiously researched every fireplace type for this test. We look at many user reviews, forums, manufacturer information, store reviews and other independent information sources.

We study a number of factors, including size options, energy efficiency, general design, durability, temperature adjustments, flame options, other special effects options, heat distribution, ease of installation, and price.

We narrowed the field to seven leading manufacturers and eight fireplace test winners. Automatically, we nixed any device with numerous consumer complaints or poor ratings. We endeavored to offer at least one alternative of each major type of electric heater fireplace. Finally, we conducted independent analysis. We include no inducement to buy. We receive no payment from any store or manufacturer listed in this review. We don’t use affiliate links in our review. We simply researched who makes the best, their best loved models and who sells those for the least.

What should I pay attention to when buying one of these fireplaces?

A number of manufacturers offer electric heater fireplace designs. These include ClassicFlame, Dimplex, Duraflame, Moda Flame, Napoleon, PuraFlame and SEI. Look for firms with a long track record, few to no recalled devices, and that lead the industry. For example, Dimplex has a number of patents related to electric flame development and adding realism to this type of device. It developed the first devices that included sound effects, too. ClassicFlame specializes in wall mounts, while SEI has become well known as the leading developer of furniture grade electric heater fireplaces. Their design makes ideal decorating focal points.

Some manufacturers offer online or telephone assistance, if you have assembly or installation issues. Look for easy to access warranty support and a lengthy warranty.

While most electric heater fireplaces help the consumer save money by heating more efficiently, those with an Energy Star rating from the US government meet stringent requirements to earn that little sticker. electric heater fireplaces that carry this symbol met the Environmental Protection Agency’s requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and efficiently use energy. Products with these stickers must:

  • contribute significant energy savings,
  • contain features consumers require,
  • meet performance standards,
  • allow consumers to recoup additional item cost through energy savings.

That means that consumers still get all the bells and whistles, so to speak, from an Energy Star model on top of increased energy efficiency.

Features vary by style and model. While personal preference decides which best suits each consumer’s needs, a few features stand out as items to look for that set a unit above others. These include:

  • flame-only and heat-only modes,
  • flame intensity and speed settings,
  • a thermostat,
  • a timer that shuts off the heat after the pre-set number of hours,
  • a brightness control to dim or lighten flames,
  • LED lighting,
  • a remote control.

Some units combine flame intensity and brightness in one setting. Some units mark the thermostat with discrete degrees while other provide a low-high range. Look for LED bulb units instead of models with incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs last about 50,000 hours and cost less to operate. They’re better for the environment since they contain no mercury. That helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Producing approximately 90% less heat than an incandescent bulb, the LED bulb stays cool to the touch.

image of PuraFlame Western 33” Embedded Electric Firebox Heater Some wall insert models, like the PuraFlame Embedded Electric Firebox Heater, come in multiple sizes. It offers three dimension choices allowing the purchaser to choose the one that best fits their available wall space. Its widest unit is 33 inches. It also boasts an energy efficient certification. Its flame simulations use LED technology and provide three levels. It works with a realistic looking resin log and embers bed. Control the temperature settings using its slim-line remote control or by directly adjusting the settings. The thermostat ranges from 60 to 84 degrees F. Its durable construction lasts, but installation requires a professional. There’s no mounting hardware or screws included with it.

Rather than a wall unit, the portable nature of the Dimplex DFI2310 electric heater fireplace allows the user to move it from room to room. It features a compact, ergonomic design, measuring 23.2 inches by 19.9 inches by 10.8 inches.

Its energy use tops out at 1375 watts. It plugs into any standard outlet. Its uses Dimplex’s patented realistic flame. It offers multiple heat and flame settings, accessible on the unit or via the included remote control. Instead of a thermostat, the device offers full or half heat, or flame only. Its uses a fan forced heater to provide quiet, evenly distributed heat. Dimplex costs a little more, but that pays for the industry leader that innovated many of the current flame and audio effects.

image of Moda Flame Houston 50 in. Electric Wall Mounted FireplaceAnother high quality wall mounted model, the Moda Flame Houston 50-inch Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace, provides the only model with special safety features to keep it from overheating. As with other models, it comes with three heat settings: high or low heat, or flame only. It works with temperature presets or the user can set the temperature levels manually.

Unlike the PuraFlame model, this wall unit comes with all the needed mounts and screws. Owners say it’s easy to install and commented on its elegant appearance. It requires no professional installation. One reviewer did note the unit seemed less durable than others they considered.

The stunning SEI Cartwright electric heater fireplace provides a vintage design that looks like an antique fireplace. Its ornate design increases its resemblance to a traditional fireplace, but it offers a convenience a traditional fireplace cannot – a remote control.

The Cartwright hearkens back to “Bonanza” with its size, too. It’s one of the largest models reviewed, measuring 40 inches by 45 inches. Although larger than most models, it still boasts a trim enough design to fit into an existing fireplace that has been capped making it ideal for retrofitting.

The size and design aren’t the only things that give this model premium appeal. The extensively featured remote control does, too. It offers thermostat controls, time logs, a stopwatch and timer, plus flame level controls. Its authentic flame projection provides three options. It also provides energy efficient performance on all heat options.

While we love the design and capabilities, the key issue we had was its lack of hardware or screws to fasten it in permanent place to the wall. The purchaser would need to pick these up separately.

Another SEI model, the Elkmont Salem Electric Fireplace offers some magical features. It blends a contemporary design with a super realistic flame projection using energy efficient LED lights and sound effects.

The user can control everything from its three flame options to its crackle and snap sound effects using the remote control that comes with it. Its maximum output is 5,000 BTUs. It offers two other, lower settings. It’s designed to heat up to 1,500 square feet of space.

Like the Cartwright, it has a large footprint of 45 inches by 40 inches. The purchaser needs to buy separate mounting hardware and screws. It provides another case of potentially needing a professional for installation.

The Touchstone 50-Inch Onyx provides an imposing installation that works well in dens, living rooms and larger bedrooms. It offers an impressive selection of five flame and brightness settings. The Onyx also comes with a timer that ranges from 30 minutes to eight hours, so you can set it and forget it. It also ranks high in customer satisfaction since many consumers reported they enjoyed their purchase so much that they bought a second one for another room.

Make use of corner space to beautify and heat a room with the Real Flame Chateau Electric Corner Fireplace. This fireplace blends veneered MDF, solid wood, and powder-coated steel in a dark walnut finish. Its dynamic embers feature lets the flame effect fade in and out. Its flames use ultra-bright LEDs to create realistic effects that offer a five setting flame brightness control.

The unit features a programmable thermostat in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Its timer lets the purchaser run the heater up to 9 hours, then shut itself off. This electric corner unit uses a fan-forced heater that provides up to 4,700 BTUs running at 1400 Watts. It also features a thermal overload protector. The unit comes with a remote control that operates within the room the fireplace is placed. The unit measures 40.94 inches wide by 25.3 inches deep by 37.6 inches high leaving ample room on top for a flat screen TV.

Another corner option, the SEI Claremont Media Console with Electric Corner Fireplace, provides ample space for up to a 46-inch flat screen TV, DVDs and knick knacks in its shelves. Its mahogany finish over poplar wood provides a sturdy structure with interior shelving of MDF and particle board. The media center offers three shelves on both sides of the center fireplace, two of which are adjustable height. Items on the shelves are protected by clear glass doors. A hidden port in the center lets the consumer hide cords. The upper center shelving area can accommodate audio/visual or gaming components. The hearty mantel can support 85 pounds.

The brick trimmed center firebox boasts convincing flames embers nestled on a grate. Its flickering, glowing realism come from long-life LED bulbs. The unit offers brightness control, flame effect only, multiple heat settings up to 1,500 Watts producing 5,000 BTUs, an adjustable thermostat, and a timer. It comes with a remote control that runs on two AAA batteries. This electric energy efficient fireplace uses energy equivalent of a coffee maker. This versatile unit offers a collapsible panel that lets the purchaser use it in a corner installation. With the panel installed, it becomes a wall unit. As a corner unit, it measures 48 inches wide by 27 inches deep by 32.25 inches high. As a wall unit, it measures 48 inches wide by 15.8 inches deep by 32.25 inches high. This electric media center fireplace requires assembly.

Getting Ready to Shop

Reading reviews like these provides a great start to getting ready to shop for a new electric heater fireplace. It takes some more tangible preparations though, too. Here are the steps to do at home or in the office before shopping for and buying the device

Choose the room in which to install or mount the electric heater fireplace. Though this may be due to redecorating, these heat sources perform well to warm regularly chilly rooms.

Measure the available space. For an insert, this means measuring the interior of the existing fireplace for depth, height and width. For a wall mounted unit, that means measuring the available wall space for hanging. For a freestanding model, that means measuring the corner or wall area in which it will be placed. This may help limit choices if rearranging furniture would present an issue.

Measure the distance from the desired installation space to the nearest wall outlet. This should measure six feet or less because most electric heater fireplace models have an electrical cord of six feet. Some are shorter, so the closer a unit can sit to an outlet, the better.

Contract with an electrician if the available space has no existing outlet. Depending on the model chosen, the fireplace will require an 120-volt outlet or a 240-volt outlet.

Have the natural gas or propane line in an existing gas fireplace disabled and capped. This must be done before installing the electric heater fireplace to prevent a fire hazard.

Internet vs. Retail Trade

In the 21st century, the diverse options available to shoppers make it easier to find great deals and obtain exactly the product desired. We recommend researching various electric fireplace models online, then looking at them in person when possible. This lets you see, touch and feel each model’s design. It provides an opportunity to closely study construction and durability of design. We can describe our research and the observations of various owners, but look before buying.

Upon deciding on the right model, return to the Internet to locate the best deals. While local stores, whether independent or chain, need a large markup to turn a profit, online stores don’t. E-commerce lets an operation offer items in such bulk that a large markup isn’t required. Many online stores offer free shipping with purchases of a certain amount.

Most stores keep this a reasonable amount, usually between $35 to $100. This means a new fireplace can ship directly to our front door reducing hassle and transportation issue for those with a motorcycle or small vehicle.

Where do I buy my electric heater fireplace?

Buying online gives the best of both worlds – the online only sales plus home delivery or local store location pick up. The purchaser gets to choose which is more convenient when buying from stores like Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Even we never imagined how easy it would be to have our dream fireplace deliver directly to the door via DHL, Federal Express, UPS or USPS, depending upon the purchase site.

image of a man buying best electric fireplace online If buying online and picking it up while running errands or on the way home from work provides the best option, then shop at Best Buy or Wal-Mart. Best Buy offers a small selection of major brands. Choose from 95 units. Buying online nets exclusive savings between $50 to $100. The website offers local store pick up or delivery. Wal-Mart offers a vastly broader selection since it partners with numerous other retailers. Its selection includes 1,149 choices. If it’s not here, they probably don't make it. This retailer offers home delivery, site to store pick up and store pick up. The difference between the latter is that some items may be in stock at an out-of-state store or a warehouse. Wal-Mart will ship it to the store of a customer’s choice, so they can pick it up while getting their car serviced or doing grocery shopping. If an item is already stocked in store, it becomes available for customer pick up about an hour after purchase.

To reduce choices to higher-end models while obtaining a solid deal, use a specialty store like Electric Fireplaces Direct. It offers most major brands, but focuses on a key selection ClassicFlame, Comfort Smart, Dimplex, Duraflame, and Napoleon electric heater fireplaces. It specializes only in electric heater fireplaces and offers extensive manufacturer information, frequently asked questions and customer support. It developed its current product selection based on 15 years of customer feedback.

The ubiquitous Amazon sells a reasonably large selection of major and secondary brands of 696 devices. Choose from freestanding, inserts, mounted and tabletop models. Shipped to home or office, the original major e-tailer offers about half the choices of Wal-Mart, but similar pricing. Its advantage comes from its sellers’ program. It often puts a local purchase option near the shopper. While all Amazon sellers offer delivery through major national delivery carriers, some offer local pick up or delivery.

For a similar selection size, shop Wayfair one of Wal-Mart’s retail partners. The home improvement department of Wayfair provides about half of the Wal-Mart selection. Cut to the chase by shopping directly at this store, especially when looking for an electric heater fireplace and entertainment center combination. It offers 695 choices and flexible delivery options.

Finally, look at manufacturer sites like Napolean. In many cases, manufacturers sell directly to the public. This offers certain benefits like purchasing accessories made for a specific design with the electric heater fireplace design. For example, Napoleon manufactures wall mounts and trim kits for a variety of its models. While retailers may not offer these bundled with the electric heater fireplace, the manufacturer does.

Interesting Facts & Advice

Sometimes, trivia isn’t just trivia. It helps to know how long a technology has existed or what manufacturer has led the way in development. Such information can narrow the search for the ideal model or help find the answer to a burning question after the household handyman spilled coffee all over the installation manual. Read this section to learn the history of electric heater fireplaces, how tos on installing all three major types and tips on how to best care for an electric heater fireplace.

The history of the electric heater fireplace

Invented in 1912, electric fire achieved popularity in the 1950s. Modern flame effects came about in 1981 and manufacturers have continued to improve them. The Dimplex company has patented a number of techniques including Optiflame in 1988, a commercial electric heater fireplace technology.

It also debuted a realistic wood-burning flame effect in 1995, documented in US Patent 5,642,580. In 2008, it introduced Opti-myst, a simulation of flames and smoke. It followed it up with Opti-V in 2013 which combines three-dimensional LED logs with realistic looking flickering simulated flames and sparks, plus crackling fire audio.

Assemble an electric heater fireplace correctly in 9 steps

Since a tabletop model requires no assembly, we’ll address the assembly of a freestanding model first, using the Duraflame DFI-470-04 as our example. Assembly requires a long handled Philips screwdriver.

1. Remove the outer box. The unit will be encased in polystyrene foam inside a clear plastic bag.
2. Remove both pairs of legs from the recessed areas on the foam encasement. They’re stored in pairs.
3. Remove the bag of screws from the packaging. It may be stapled to the instruction manual or in a recessed area like those storing the legs.
4. Turn the unit over, so its bottom faces up.
5. Choose a leg and match it with its appropriate screw holes on the bottom. The legs use a curved design, so the hollow portion will face the inside bottom of the unit.
6. One screw at a time, attach a leg to the unit bottom using the screwdriver and the included Philips head machine screws. Each leg has holes for three screws that match in arrangement to three threaded screw holes in the bottom of the unit.
7. Move on to the next leg when finished, attaching all four completely.
8. Give each screw a final tighten before turning the electric heater over.
9. Place it in the desired area and plug it in to any standard outlet.

 Install an electric heater fireplace insert correctly in 9 steps

Installing an insert model requires some chimney work first, to ensure the elements can no longer enter the building. It requires a handyman or contractor to install the cover plate. Installing the insert requires a screwdriver, level and appropriate screws which should come with the unit.

1. Plug in the insert to check that the lights and heater work before beginning installation.
2. Install a cover plate on the chimney if it has no rain cap.
3. Close and seal the damper to prevent heat loss and drafts.
4. Install a standard electrical outlet inside the fireplace opening.
5. Insert the electric firebox inside the fireplace.
6. Plug the unit into the outlet.
7. Center and level the firebox.
8. Attach it to the interior walls with the included screws. If the unit includes tie-down brackets, attach it to the floor of the fireplace using these.
9. Attach the trim or frame to cover any gaps between the firebox insert and the fireplace walls.

Mount an on-wall electric heater fireplace correctly in 9 steps

Mounting an electric heater fireplace requires the same steps, but the most tools. Similar to hanging a picture or mirror, it requires an electric drill, level, marker, Phillips screwdriver, level, stud finder and tape measure.

1. Use the stud finder to determine the location of studs.
2. Measure and mark the general area for installation using the tape measure and marker.
3. Use the level to determine precise mounting areas.
4. Mark each needed screw hole with the marker.
5. Drill screw holes for each mounting bracket.
6. Use the screwdriver and provided screws to attach each mounting bracket to the wall.
7. Attach the firebox to the mounting brackets using the screws provided.
8. Attach the flame projection screen to the firebox.
9. Plug the unit into a standard electrical outlet.

Tips for proper care

  • 1 Turn off the unit and unplug it before attempting any maintenance.
  • 2 Change the unit’s LED light bulb when the flame effect begins dimming.
  • 3 Clean the exterior and interior glass display of the fireplace using a lint-free cloth and warm, soapy water.
  • 4 Clean the unit’s fan. While most can get away with this every six to 12 months, households with pets should do this more often.
  • 5 Dust the interior logs, embers and projection screen with a lint-free cloth or a handheld dust mop.
  • 6 Ensure the area around the electric heater fireplace remains open.
  • 7 Inspect the outlet to ensure no one has added other items to it.
  • 8 Ensure the outlet that the unit uses is appropriate for the load.
  • 9 Check the Class C fire extinguisher kept near the electrical fireplace.
  • 10 Dust the outside of the unit with a lint-free cloth.

When completing this ten item checklist, leave the unit off and unplugged until completing all maintenance. Check the electric heater fireplace’s cord and the outlet it normally uses for wear and tear. If the cord seems worn or wires show or are frayed, do not use the device until the cord gets replaced.

This avoids a bulb completely burning out or bursting in the unit, similar to what can happen in a lamp or overhead light fixture. LED lights normally last about two years. Let the bulbs cool for about 15 minutes before trying to switch them out, if the unit had been running. Remove the unit’s rear panel. Unscrew the existing bulbs using a counterclockwise motion. Screw in the new bulbs using a clockwise motion.

Avoid using household cleaners since these can be flammable. Moisten the cloth and buff the fireplace glass on both sides. Buff it dry with a second lint-free cloth to avoid water spots.

Remove the grill from the front of the fan. Check its rotation pattern by spinning it in its proper rotating direction. It should spin without hesitation. If there’s visible dust or lint, vacuum the fan using the wand nozzle attachment. Clean off any remaining residue with a small brush. Vacuum the grill, too. Replace the grill.

Avoid using any cleaning fluid or soap on the projection screen, unless the manufacturer specifically calls for it in the owner’s manual.

While decorating, it can be tempting to set an end table or such next to it, especially to artfully cover up unsightly cord, but this creates a fire hazard. Avoid blocking the cool air intake vent in back or the discharge vent on front. It’s also vital to keep an electric heater fireplace away from water sources like fish tanks, sinks and water heaters, so while some are portable, don’t set them up near these items. Conduct the same check for potentially flammable items.

An electric heater fireplace insert or wall mounted unit should have an outlet to itself. An electric heater fireplace should use a standard 3-prong grounded 120-Volt outlet.

Most freestanding units shut down if placed on an outlet that can’t bear the load. Other units may cause a fuse to blow in the breaker box.

Check its pressure gauge. Shake the canister to mix the contents, so it remains ready for use. If this didn’t get purchased when the electric heater fireplace did, get one now. A Class C fire extinguisher works on electrical equipment fires.

It may be moistened with warm, soapy water. Wipe down the top, sides and bottom of the device. Let it dry completely before plugging it back in for use. Do not use a scouring pad or any abrasive cleaning pad on the fireplace or mantel.

Useful Accessories

Many manufacturers create accessories to extend the use and utility of their products. Some of these accessories work with only their models, while others work with any model.

image of safety outlet One common device, the “safer outlet” plugs into an existing three-prong outlet and enhances its safety. It works like a surge protector does with a computer ensuring the fireplace functions safely during electrical surges, such as those that can occur in thunderstorms.

Another option is a palm-sized sound effects device that plugs into a standard wall outlet. This lets someone who purchased an older model fireplace that did not offer the snap and crackle of fire sound effects add them to the unit. Although it plugs in behind or to the side of the unit, as long as it remains in close proximity to the fireplace, the sound adds to a more realistic experience.

Colored replacement LED bulbs are another popular accessory. When the time comes to replace the LED bulbs in the unit, mix colors such as white, gold and blue or purple for a richer fire light effect.

While not a true accessory to an electric heater fireplace, to add a realistic woodsy scent, burn a scented candle on the mantle or the coffee table. Remember to keep it at least three feet from the fireplace itself. Choose a pine scent to mock the smell of a pine wood fire.

image of fire extinguishersAnother accessory, fire extinguishers, mentioned earlier, warrants a mention here, too. Purchasing a fire extinguisher really is that important. Although devices like electric heater fireplaces, space heaters and electric ovens do not emit flames, any device that uses electricity counts as a fire hazard. You should already own a fire extinguisher, ideally, but if not, now is the perfect time to buy one. If you do already own a fire extinguisher, check its rating. Most homes with a fire extinguisher have a Class A model which works on combustibles like wood, paper and cloth. A Class C type works on electrical fires. Some multi-rated extinguishers exist. Look for one that includes an “A” and “C” rating, at least. Other ratings include:

Class B extinguishes flammable liquids like oil, gas and grease fires,
Class D extinguishes combustible metal fires,
Class K extinguishes cooking combustibles like animal and vegetable oils and fats.

You need to put the fire extinguisher near the electric heater fireplace.

This leads us to our final accessory, a storage box for your fire extinguisher. Of course you want to keep up the lovely décor added to by the new fireplace. A fire extinguisher probably clashes with that. Purchase a storage box specifically made for fire extinguishers. They come in a bevy of colors with or without decorative motifs.


1 How large of an area do electric heater fireplaces heat?

1 How large of an area do electric heater fireplaces heat?

The various designs and sizes of electric heater fireplaces heat a variety of spaces effectively. On the low end of the spectrum, a small fireplace heats an area of about 400 square feet. On the high end of the spectrum, larger electric heater fireplaces heat a 1,500 square foot space. Some models emit 5,000 BTUs. Infrared models heat large space more efficiently and effectively.

2 What maintenance do electric heater fireplaces require?

2 What maintenance do electric heater fireplaces require?

Like all other items in the home, it requires dusting. The occasional buffing with an appropriate cleaner helps the housing remain looking new. The LED bulbs that generate the flame effect require replacing every two to three years.

3 Do electric heater fireplaces require special wiring?

3 Do electric heater fireplaces require special wiring?

Most of these devices require no special wiring or an electrician to install them. These units are designed to work with a standard electrical outlet. If no outlet is located where the purchaser desires the unit, an electrician would need to install an outlet since most electric heater fireplaces aren’t designed for use with extension cords.

4 How safe is it to use an electric heater fireplace around children and pets?

4 How safe is it to use an electric heater fireplace around children and pets?

This provides the safest form of fireplace to use around children and pets. Unlike coal, gas or wood burning fireplaces, it features no part that becomes burning hot to the touch. The tops, sides, and glass of these units remain cool to the touch. The special effects that produce the look and sometimes sound of real flame are actually just a projection of reflected light on a screen illuminated by LED bulbs. Touching the flame effect on an electric heater fireplace would be like a child touching a television screen. The discharge vent of the heater portion gets about as hot as a hairdryer or the front vent of a space heater.

5 How do the costs compare between electric heater fireplaces and other heating options?

5 How do the costs compare between electric heater fireplaces and other heating options?

Using only the flame setting, these units cost about the same to run as a lamp. Using the heater costs about the same as running a space heater. An electric heater fireplace costs the least of any fireplace type – coal, gas, or wood. Electricity provides the most energy efficient means for both heating and cooking. electric heater fireplaces perform more effectively than wood or gas fireplaces because electricity heats a room more efficiently and quickly. With a traditional chimney fireplace, the heat rises, so much of the heat escapes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than 90 percent of a fire’s heat goes out of the chimney and some of the room’s accumulated heat escapes, too. Once a fire gets extinguished, drafts come down the chimney. This all adds up to higher heating bills using a wood or gas fireplace. Using an electric heater fireplace though, the chimney gets blocked off, so no air can enter nor can heat loss occur. The electric heater fireplace lets the homeowner heat a single room or closed off area without using the central heat and air throughout the home. This adds up to a reduced energy bill.

6 How environmentally sound are electric heater fireplaces?

6 How environmentally sound are electric heater fireplaces?

Electric heater fireplaces offer an environmentally friendly choice. These devices produce no ash, creosote, fumes, smoke, soot or toxic substances. An electric heater fireplace also creates nor releases any pollutants like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide into the home or office. While wood burning or gas models can cause allergy or asthma issues for some, those using electric models don’t have that problem. Wood burning fireplaces contribute to deforestation, but electric models do not. Also, many energy operatives now offer electricity from renewable resources. This means the homeowner can purchase all or part of the energy required to run the electric heater fireplace from biomass, hydro-electric, solar or wind energy.

7 Do these electric heater fireplaces require duct work or a chimney?

7 Do these electric heater fireplaces require duct work or a chimney?

Whether the consumer purchases a freestanding, insert, tabletop or wall-mounted model, it won’t require any duct work or chimney. This type of fireplace is self-contained. It only requires space behind and in front of the unit for air intake and outtake.

8 How long is the lifespan of an electric heater fireplace or electric heater fireplace insert?

8 How long is the lifespan of an electric heater fireplace or electric heater fireplace insert?

Out of all types of fireplaces, electric models have the longest lifespan. Because they use no combustible resources, these units do not corrode or rust. With proper maintenance, an electric heater fireplace can look and work as well as on its purchase date many years down the line despite consistent annual use.

9 Does adding or installing an electric heater fireplace require any permit?

9 Does adding or installing an electric heater fireplace require any permit?

While adding a combustible fireplace and chimney requires a building permit in most locations, electric heater fireplaces avoid this requirement. Most units simply plug in to the wall after simple assembly. Although a wired-in, permanently installed device requires an electrician, it also calls for no permit.

10 How much do electric heater fireplaces cost?

10 How much do electric heater fireplaces cost?

The cost range for electric heater fireplaces and electric heater fireplace inserts grows more massive daily. The low-end starts at about $50 for tabletop models. These take up slightly more room than a standard portable space heater and can lend warmth and elegance to any room or office.

Freestanding models usually start at about $75 and go up to about $250. Most resemble traditional cast iron stoves and the store may refer to it as an electric stove heater. Most models of this type have legs that the purchaser must attach before using the unit. Mantel style models look like a traditional fireplace complete with mantel. They may attach to the wall with brackets or simply stand against it.

Insert and wall-mounted models provide the greatest price range, from about $200 to $1,000. These generally require a hidden outlet to maintain their elegant nature. Mid-range models costing $500 or less provide attractive design, a realistic flame and extensive features.

10 Safety Tips

1 Plug an electric heater fireplace directly into a standard 3-prong grounded 120-Volt outlet.

1 Plug an electric heater fireplace directly into a standard 3-prong grounded 120-Volt outlet.

Plug an electric heater fireplace directly into a standard 3-prong grounded 120-Volt outlet. Some units can function with an extension cord. Use the shortest possible cord so that you do not create a trip and fall hazard. Use only a heavy-duty 14-America Wire Gauge (AWG) or larger rated at least 1875 Watts. The owner’s manual will stipulate if an extension cord is appropriate.

2 Avoid using a 3-prong adapter to convert the electric heater fireplace’s plug.

2 Avoid using a 3-prong adapter to convert the electric heater fireplace’s plug.

Avoid using a 3-prong adapter to convert the electric heater fireplace’s plug for use in a 2-prong receptacle. This creates a fire hazard because it does not ground the fireplace.

3 A standard single circuit breaker of 15 Amps cannot support an electric heater fireplace.

3 A standard single circuit breaker of 15 Amps cannot support an electric heater fireplace.

A standard single circuit breaker of 15 Amps cannot support an electric heater fireplace and other devices. Avoid overloading the wall outlet. It can overload the breaker. It can also cause a cord fire.

4 When purchasing freestanding models, look for one with an anti-tip feature.

4 When purchasing freestanding models, look for one with an anti-tip feature.

When purchasing freestanding models, look for one with an anti-tip feature, such as a safety switch, an anti-tip metal bracket that screws into the floor or both. These safety features cause the fireplace to immediately turn off if the device tips overs or gets knocked over.

5 Keep the fireplace at least three feet away from curtains, flammable objects.

5 Keep the fireplace at least three feet away from curtains, flammable objects.

Keep the fireplace at least three feet away from curtains, flammable objects or throw rugs which all present a fire hazard. Similarly, bedding, furniture and pillows should remain at least three feet away.

6 Unplug a freestanding electric heater fireplace when not using it.

6 Unplug a freestanding electric heater fireplace when not using it.

Unplug a freestanding electric heater fireplace when not using it. Unplug it before leaving on an errand or trip.

7 If the unit gets dropped for any reason.

7 If the unit gets dropped for any reason.

If the unit gets dropped for any reason, for example, when relocating it from one room to another, do not use it. Take it to a manufacturer authorized service center to have it checked. The center can run diagnostics and make any needed repairs.

8 Use a cable cover to hide the electrical cord.

8 Use a cable cover to hide the electrical cord.

Use a cable cover to hide the electrical cord. Do not lay a carpet, runner or throw rug over it. Also, do not run the cord under furniture.

9 Do not paint the electric heater fireplace.

9 Do not paint the electric heater fireplace.

Do not paint the electric heater fireplace. Paint is a flammable material.

10 Always pick up the fireplace unit by its firebox.

10 Always pick up the fireplace unit by its firebox.

Always pick up the fireplace unit by its firebox, never by the glass cover unit or the door. Grasp it at the bottom or top of the unit for a freestanding model with legs.

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