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Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand 2019 • 8 Electric Fireplace TV Stands Reviews

The dreamiest fireplace makes for a cozy living room, and if you want something completely modern, the electric fireplace TV stand certainly sets the tone. You can watch your favorite TV shows while enjoying a beautiful fireplace, even if the flame is just for aesthetic.

Electric Fireplace TV Stand Leaderboard 2019

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  Southern Enterprises Tennyson Comfort Smart 18MM6092-PI14S GMHome Freestanding Ameriwood Home 1766196PCOM WE Furniture 58" Wood Highboy Ameriwood Home Parsons Console Home Accent Furnishings New 58 Inch TANGKULA Wooden Media
Rating 9.97
very good
Amazon rating
4.3 out of 5 stars
327 customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
10 customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
75 customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
386 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
168 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
435 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
17 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
14 customer reviews
Brand Southern Enterprises Comfort Smart GMHome Ameriwood Home WE Furniture Ameriwood Home Home Accent Furnishings TANGKULA
Product Dimensions

70.2 x 14 x 42.2 inches

47.5 x 15.5 x 26 inches

50 x 12.8 x 4.9 inches

18 x 63.1 x 26 inches

16 x 58 x 32 inches

18.9 x 59 x 22.5 inches

58 x 16 x 25 inches

17.32 x 16.06 x 6.1 inches

Item Weight

155 pounds

88.4 pounds

46 pounds

114 pounds

120 pounds

84 pounds

100 pounds

79 pounds



Spanish Gray





grey wash


TV Formats

68.25 inches

55 inches

50 inches

70 inches

60 inches

65 inches

58 inches

50 inches

Fireplace Voltage

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

120 volt

Warms Area

400 Sq. Ft.

400 Sq. Ft.

400 Sq. Ft.

400 Sq. Ft.

400 Sq. Ft.

400 Sq. Ft.


300 Sq. Ft.


multicolor flickering


Crystal Stone


fake flame




Side Rack?









Assembly Required?










365 days



365 days

30 days



365 days

  • ivory finish
  • six shelves
  • good media room accent
  • flickering flame effect
  • adjustable thermostat
  • shaker inspired design
  • catch your eye
  • two side cabinets
  • favorite sitcom
  • true year-round enjoyment
  • Amazing Ambiance for all rooms
  • relax and enjoy the warmth
  • gorgeous realistic flame effects
  • artistic beauty
  • Nine color options
  • Tv stand with fireplace console
  • large cabinets
  • great for gaming consoles
  • maintenance-free LED bulbs
  • standard household outlet
  • textured finish
  • simple plug-in unit
  • Includes electric fireplace
  • No electrician required
  • modern design
  • impressive looks
  • easily hook up your cable box
  • easily hook up gaming system
  • stylish fireplace
  • affordable
  • High-Grade MDF
  • Includes electric fireplace insert
  • no electrician required
  • simple plug-in unit
  • Adjustable shelving
  • stylish design
  • strong practicability
  • cold resistance
  • Power-efficient
  • Assemble required
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Having a fireplace just makes for a warmer atmosphere overall. You can adjust best electric fireplace TV stand in all sorts of ways, making it a more versatile option for decor and function. With a TV stand, you get even more functionality. It also creates the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

This guide walks through everything you need to know about these attractive media consoles and their fiery components.

What is an Electric Fireplace TV Stand?

Electric Fireplace TV Stand ReviewBest electric fireplace TV stand has actually been around for quite awhile. They were originally used as lighting effects on theatre stages in the early 1900s. They were a safer option over torches and fires. The TV stand has been around in one way or another since the dawn of the first title tube box. However, the latest designs are much more modern and can handle much larger television sits.

The electric fireplace TV stand is a new twist. As best electric fireplace TV stand with “real flames” only began in the 1990s, the past 10 years has developed incredibly innovative ideas for fireplaces as furniture. The TV stand simply makes sense because, in most living rooms, the television is hung over the mantel.

The media console with fireplace creates an instant atmosphere for wherever you are trying to curl up and watch a show or entertain. The fireplace typically is designed for the bottom of the TV stand, with vents that let out the heat and shelves that provide a buffer between the heat and top of the console. You can typically place televisions that are up to 50” on most media consoles. However, you may want to check specific weight restrictions as you shop for electric fireplace TV stand.

Most designs feature a typical media console with a glass panel where the flameless fireplace is placed, or they may appear to be real fireplaces with brickwork and a mantelpiece. The different manufacturers specialize in their styles, so you can typically find a brand that will work with your interior decor.

How Does an Electric Fireplace TV Stand Work?

How Electric Fireplace TV Stand Work?Everyone knows how a traditional fireplace works. You may have seen a media console with flames on the bottom and wondered if they are real. In the past five years, 3D flame technology has certainly changed how people look at best electric fireplace TV stand. When incorporated into a TV stand, the flames simply look elegant and chic or cozy and rustic, depending on the design. That’s the best part. There are a variety of different TV stand designs out there to choose from.

Electric fireplaces TV stand typically work like larger space heaters, and while they may appear to have flames, these are typically holograms made from LED light technology. The flames even have different settings where you can control colors, brightness, size, and timers. You can also set the heat setting for the temperature, including low and high-temperature settings. It’s much more customizable than an actual fireplace.

Inside of a media console, the wiring and ventilation are key. Most electric fireplaces TV stand are designed to be placed in the bottom of the media console. This allows for a buffer between the heat and any electronics that you may store inside of the media console.

Some TV stands with electric fireplaces are only a couple feet wide and have a few shelves. Others may only have one shelf and are quite wide. The differences in styles will depend on the manufacturer. This guide goes through multiple brands that offer high-quality media consoles featuring an electric fireplace TV stand.

The best part about this invention is that it is an instant statement. It’s also incredibly safe, and you can operate it with a remote. It’s simply a better experience than a real fireplace.

Advantages & Applications

Features of Electric Fireplace TV StandHaving a fireplace is an instant mood booster. Who doesn’t like coming home on a chilly night and turning on the fireplace? However, with an electric fireplace tv stand, there is even more convenience built in.

If you’re missing the flames of a real fire but don’t want the heat, that’s simple. You can turn on the electric fireplace tv stand just to see the flames. By keeping the heat off, you can watch the flames and in some cases even hear the sounds crackle just like a real fireplace. It’s illuminating and mesmerizing to watch at the same time.

Of course, these TV stands were made to warm you up. The electric fireplace TV stand is a space heater. However, it has a bit more safety. As a media console, these fireplaces are built to safely heat up a room while also functioning as shelving for all of your media and devices. You can set up your satellite box, gaming consoles, picture frames, and TV without ever feeling like it’s going to catch fire. Best electric fireplace TV stand doesn’t have real flames.

It’s much safer than a real fireplace in that regard. With an electric fireplace TV stand inside of your console, it blends in when turned off. It looks like a statement design piece. When you do turn it on, you never have to worry about the flames burning anyone. There aren’t any embers or soot. There is no smoke. It simply heats up if you want it to or otherwise, you can just set the flames to be what color and size you like.

The fire in the TV stand is meant to make you feel completely at home. Most people love to play with the settings so that it matches the surrounding interior or fits the mood that you are feeling.

You can change the color of the flames to blue, purple, bright red, green, and many other colors just with the press of a button on the remote. Not all brands are this flexibility, so it’s important that you read the reviews and check product details before purchasing a TV stand with an electric fireplace.

What Types of Electric Fireplace TV Stands Are There?

Different Types of Electric Fireplace TV StandWhen most people think of a TV stand, they probably picture one of those corner plastic stands or maybe even an elongated media console. The electric fireplace TV stand is a new design piece that has to made from the much stronger material. You typically won’t find any TV stands like this that are made from plastic.

The types of TV stands with fireplaces are going to be durable, long-lasting, and made from high-quality materials. They will probably feature really interesting design elements as well, such as a modern wood grain, shelving, and other lights. These are some of the different TV stands you can find currently being built with electrical fireplaces.

Wood Electric Fireplace TV Stands

You don’t have to worry about the wood catching fire with these devices. With no flames, the electric flameless heater offers warmth while being protected typically in its own glass casing or cabinet. There are varying wood grains with different fireplace manufacturers. You can find those that trend more towards cherry wood or oak, but it really depends on the design and the interior decor you want in your home. You can typically sort TV stands by color, including brown, white, black, gray, blue, or specific wood grains.

Some are real wood, which makes the TV stand more expensive. However, others will have manufacturer wood as well as the specification for what the stand will support. This is important. You don’t want to buy a flimsy TV stand.


  • Traditional, classic design
  • Sturdier if real wood
  • Matches most interior decor


  • More expensive designs feature high-quality real wood

Fireplace Insert TV Stands

In some cases, the electric fireplace TV stand is sold separately as an insert. These fireplaces are tricky to purchase online because you may think that it comes with the fireplace already. However, they are typically cheaper than their counterparts. Inserts are typically around $200 for a good one with lots of settings. TV stands that have fireplace inserts rarely come with remotes to operate the settings, so you may be getting less for your money overall.


  • Customizable fireplace insert


  • Takes more time to assemble
  • Items must be purchased separately

Floating Fireplace Entertainment Centers

Floating Electric Fireplace TV StandThese are larger than life entertainment shelves and consoles that typically take up an entire wall. You find these at a lot of furniture stores that sell entire rooms of furniture in a bundle. One of these is made by Ashley Furniture and has two shelves, as well as a center console. In the console, at the bottom, one portion is sectioned off for a realistic electric fireplace TV stand.

There are also entertainment centers that look like a larger fireplace and have a glass panel as well as shelving for different devices. You can find that these entertainment centers offer great storage, display, and functionality.

However, larger entertainment centers are a bit more expensive. If they are high-quality, then they are made from real wood and have complementary stains that match your decor perfectly. In some cases, these TV entertainment centers were made to have the TV as a wall-mount above the center console.


  • Design is very modern
  • Fireplace is built into the design


  • More expensive

Fireplace Media Console with Shelves

These are longer, rectangular designs that have a lot of shelving and modern look. The fireplace is typically at the bottom and is as long as the media console as well. These have four legs usually and sit up from the ground as well.

As a media console, shelving is the most important part. You will often get up to five or more shelves in a traditional media console that is made for gaming, satellite box receivers, DVD players, sound bars and much more.


  • Lots of storage for all of your devices


  • Difficult to clean
  • May not support heavier televisions

Cabinet Style TV Stand with Fireplace

Cabinet Style Electric Fireplace TV StandThese types of TV stands have cabinets and feature the fireplace as one of the pieces in the overall design. Cabinets are made from glass or wood typically and feature one to two shelves. You can store different media inside of the cabinets as well.

Some of the cabinets are typically made for a fireplace insert. You may want to check specifications that the fireplace is included with the design and has the correct voltage.


  • Traditional, classy design
  • Lots of storage


  • May not support heavier TV weights

Fan-Forced Heater Fireplaces

With an electric fireplace TV stand, you get a heater built into your media console. The fan-forced heater typically will be able to heat up to 400 square feet. It uses a heated coil that heats up as the fan blows warm air into the room. This method is pretty successful for smaller rooms, and it will help in colder months just as a space heater would to remove the cold from the air. However, it typically will also dry out the air and cause issues if you have a sensitive respiratory system.

However, that is not the case with most customers. You can read specifications to see what type of heat is supplied by the electric fireplace.


  • Less expensive
  • Heats up to 400 square feet
  • Heats most rooms quickly


  • Not as strong as infrared heaters

Infrared Heater Fireplaces

There is another type of electric fireplace tv stand that can heat most rooms pretty easily. This is because it can heat more space. The infrared heater can handle up to 1,000 square feet of space. It produces more heat and allows for a balanced, heating mechanism in a larger room.

You also don’t have to worry about infrared heaters drying out your room. Energy efficient and cost-effective, infrared heaters are probably the better style of the electric fireplace TV stand to purchase if you are looking for a TV stand.


  • Heats up to 1000 square feet


  • More expensive

Traditional TV Stands with Fireplaces

Traditional Fireplace TV StandYou can also separate TV stands by their general design. A traditional look typically features a darker wood grain or even resembles a rustic fireplace and mantel. If you have the home that has a lot of wood, brick, or just a general classic design, the traditional TV stands with fireplaces are going to appeal more to your sensibilities.

With rich stains, decorative filaments, and vintage accents, traditional fireplace TV stands work with most living room and parlor room decor.


  • High-quality wood materials
  • Stylish but classy design


  • Check if wood materials are manufactured or real wood
  • Real wood TV consoles may be harder to move around and transport

Contemporary TV Stands with Fireplaces

There are also TV stands that come in a variety of different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. These are more modern, bold, and unique looks that will definitely stand out in your home. Sleek lines, tinted glass, painted patterns, and interesting finishes can be found in this category. In addition, the look of the electric fireplace flames may also be very different. You can customize different shades, colors, sizes, and shapes to appeal to your aesthetic.


  • Modern designs to match your decor


  • May not be made with high-quality materials

Features of Top Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Best top electric fireplace tv standAfter looking at a variety of different electric fireplace tv stand and media consoles, the best products stand out for their durability, smart design, realistic look, and convenience. The features in these top TV stands allow you to control everything about the heat settings on your fireplace, set up your TV at the perfect viewing angle, while also being able to organize all of your devices. In addition, cost and warranties make a huge difference in what to purchase in this market.

Placement and Installation

The last thing you want is a difficult piece of furniture that doesn’t come put together or is difficult to set up. That is why you should make sure you are buying a full unit that comes packaged together with the fireplace. In some cases, you may see a media console that has a “space for a fireplace insert,” which has to be purchased separately. In this case, you want to make sure that the fireplace is already built into the shelving of the TV stand.

Media Shelves

Shelves and compartments make all the difference in a home entertainment center. You want to be able to view the TV from the right angle while organizing all of your stuff so that it all fits together and doesn’t distract from the TV or fire. Typically, the electric fireplace tv stand has its own shelf, but there are cabinets, glass panels, and shelving that allow you to display and store as many items as you need. These units work best if you have a satellite receiver or DVD box, gaming console, games, DVDs, Blu-ray player, and other devices that you want to set up on your TV.


Real flames just look better. You can find that the latest furniture designs incorporate realistic LED holograms that flicker just like real flames do. Previously, you may have been looking at an electric fireplace tv stand that just played a video of flames. It can look rather hairy when the time and effort doesn’t go into the quality of the flame. Dimplex actually patented the flameless electric flame in 1995, making the company an early adopter of the “perfect unreal flame.” These flames are often 3D and have multiple lights working together to create new effects. You can purchase TV stands that come with remotes to change the color, look, style, and size of the flames as well.


The modern TV stand looks way different than what you’ve seen before. This is because they were often made to a certain aesthetic. The TV stands currently with fireplaces are the most modern because of their treatment and modern shelving design. Interior designers are especially into the designs that show off the fireplace a little bit more by giving it more space or letting it span the entire bottom of the media console.

Heat Strength

Most heaters are incredibly strong and can heat up to 400 square feet. That’s a good amount of heat for a medium-sized room. However, there are other heaters that can heat up to 1000 square feet. Many of the manufacturers include specifications on how much square feet you can expect to warm up with a TV stand that has an electric fireplace in it.

Heat strength also matters when you consider that you don’t want the TV stand to suffer any damage from faulty wires and overheating. That’s why you want safety cutoff devices that can easily shut off the heat if things get a bit too hot.

TV Weight Specifications

With the size and tech behind TVs today, you truly want to get a TV console that isn’t flimsy and can support your television. Whether you have a heavy, old 2013 TV or a brand new Sony, you want to pick the TV stand that’s going to let you as much weight as you need. In general, these TV stands support up to a 50” TV and 100 lbs or more in weight restrictions.

Assembly Required

In some cases, your TV stand will come with all different pieces that you have to put together. In others, it may be that the fireplace is separate from the TV stand and has to installed like an insert. You want to make sure that any TV stand you buy with a fireplace already has the materials in it to set up the entire media console, including the fire. If you pay a lot of money for a TV stand that shows a picture of a fireplace but doesn’t actually have one, that’s an additional expense and let down. You have to be careful when looking at specifications online.

Remote Control

remote control electric fireplace tv standThe key to happiness is convenience. Most people know that the remote control is necessary for everything. Now with home speakers and voice control, it’s even simpler to find what you’re looking for. However, even the most advanced TV stands don’t have voice control to turn on the heat.

Can you imagine saying “FLAME ON” to your TV stand? With the remote control, it’s easy to set up the flame and heat settings. You typically have two options for heat control and multiple options for controlling the flames.

Temperature Regulation

With heat control settings, you want to get a thermostat or other dial that will let you set the specific heat temperature to the degree. There are certain TV stands that have these controls built into the remote control. In other cases, there may be a settings menu on the actual console that you can use to change the look and flame size of the electric fireplace TV stand.

Safety Features

Even though flameless fireplaces are inherently safer than actual fireplaces, you have to be careful to pick the right model or you may not get any parental controls with anything that you purchase. Some fireplaces have an automatic shutoff so that the heater won’t stay on too long. You can also set up controls through a menu including who has access to turn on the heater. However, as you add on some of these features, the price tends to trend higher.

Flame Settings

The fireplace of the future is a broad spectrum of colors and flame sizes. You can select these from a menu on the fireplace display or through your remote. You can cycle through changing flame colors to blue, purple, red, yellow, white, or a variety of other styles.

There are also settings for turning the flame on and off with the heat setting or changing the way that the lights flicker as well. You can make the flames more natural and realistic, or you can make them a different style that fits your aesthetic.

High-Quality Construction

high quality electric fireplace tv standAs with all fireplaces, you have to check the customer ratings to really know which ones have issues and which ones do not have any issues. It’s very easy for people to take a quick glance and not notice that the granite isn’t real or that the wood is just particle board. It’s important to pick an electric fireplace TV stand that is going to create a positive, statement-making energy in your home.

This is because TV stands are generally the focal point of the living room. Without one that isn’t constructed well, you may have to deal with corners that aren’t aligned or a fire that doesn’t really look like a fire.

Energy Efficient Rating

Most of the TV stands today are energy efficient. They don’t use much energy to power on, and they don’t have any smoke or pollutants to contribute to a carbon footprint. The energy efficient rating should be on the box so that you can see how much you are going to spend in energy every day on an electric fire furniture piece. Mostly, it’s just pennies an hour to run an electric fireplace TV stand. You can set the timer so that it doesn’t run for long periods.


In general, you want a warranty that is going to last. You should be wary of any product that doesn’t come with a warranty or only provides a 30-day or 60-day warranty. You want a warranty that is going to last some time over the course of the product’s livelihood, so you should shoot for at least a two-year contract when looking at electric fireplace TV stand.

What Should I Pay Attention to When Buying an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

buying an electric fireplace tv standBuying furniture is exciting. You get to build your own space and make decisions that are going to impact the feng shui of your home. With an electric fireplace TV stand, you are creating an instant ambiance through your TV stand. You don’t have to store a TV on these stands either. There are other pieces of furniture such as electric fireplace accent tables that also work to light up a home and bring heat to it during the cold months.

There are some features that we see people rating highly and that have provided our reviewers with a better experience:

LED Electric Fireplace

With an LED fireplace, you are getting the most realistic looking flames and heat possible. There are a number of fireplace manufacturers out there that are still using older video effects instead of holograms and 3D technology. This is important to benefit the look of your home as you don’t want any cheese flames that don’t look very real. You won’t be able to watch the fire the same if you go with a cheaper electric fireplace TV stand or insert that doesn’t have the highest rated graphics.

Remote Control

This is pure convenience. You want to be able to do everything from the couch or even from your smartphone. There are a few manufacturers who are creating new TV stands that allow you to fully communicate via a remote control. This means that you can change the thermostat settings, set different colors for flames, and even add timers.

Flame and Heat Control

Controlling the thermostat should be easy. When it’s cold, you want the heater on, but when it’s hot, you might just want to keep the flames on. There are a lot of settings with these stands.

However, the most basic is that you get to turn on flames and heat as you like, meaning that they don’t have to go together. All of the latest fireplace TV stands are made this way so that you have the most versatile experience when you are trying to heat up a room.

760W and 1000W Settings

Heating a small room can be easy with an electric fireplace TV stand. They provide over 1000 BTUs in some cases. You should check the specifications of the unit that you’re purchasing to make sure that it is also a heater. If so, then there may be multiple settings for the heat strength. A 750W will warm up slowly while the 1000W is a great option when you want heat fast for those colder nights in the winter.

Safety Features

Child safety locks, parental controls, and automatic shut-off timers are important to make sure that nothing happens to your loved ones. The electric fireplace TV stand is much safer by design. It’s not meant to have flames or extremely hot surfaces. However, there have been reported incidences of poor ventilation that led to heating problems. You may want to read customer reviews before purchasing a TV stand that has had problems in the past.

Easy Assembly

So you’ve got the new stand sitting in a box in your living room, and it’s got pages and pages of instructions. While assembly required may strike fear in you, it all depends on how easy it is to assemble. If you think that you need an expert to help you out, most retail stores and online shops now provide one who will video chat with you to help figure out the big stuff, including setup and installation. With easy assembly instructions, you should be able to put together a fireplace in a few minutes. There are plenty of fireplace options that also have assembly included or that are already assembled.

Top Manufacturers of Electric Fireplace TV Stand

When looking at different TV stand brands, you may notice some patterns. There are those electric fireplace tv stand with a classic design while others have a very modern approach. The key is to look at materials, customer reviews, and special features. These are some of the top manufacturers currently making the hottest electric fireplace media consoles and TV stands.

  • Kinney Electric
  • Altra Furniture
  • SEI Narita Media Console
  • Foxmoor
  • Mercury Row
This brand has one of the most realistic and versatile fireplaces built into a traditional wood media console. Each style typically has glass or wood panel cabinets, lots of shelves, and supports large televisions of up to 55” or 55 lbs. Kinney Electric is also known for its easy assembly and has been given pretty high reviews for their mission-inspired designs.
You can find this brand on Amazon and many other bargain furniture websites. While the TV stands have a bit of the early 2000s feel, the fireplace’s flames are pretty realistic and the heat output is highly rated. You can change the LED lights. Altra Furniture TV stands also support much larger TVs of up to 70 inches.
Want a stylish TV stand and fireplace? That’s exactly what you’ll get with SEI Narita. These are original designs from a newer furniture maker that feature realistic flame effects, good heating quality, and higher weight thresholds. You can store a lot on the shelves, and each media console typically has at least two cabinets. They have a variety of designs available online.
While a tad expensive, these TV stands have a very high-quality design and come jam-packed with features. Foxmoor is recognized for their designer appeal and well-built media consoles that can support up to 60” and 75 lbs. Their White Oak Electric Fireplace TV Stand is a top seller and has received the highest ratings from customers. This model features life-like flame effects, a fan-forced heater that warms up to 400 square feet, and interchangeable media fillers. You can pick between logs or crystals, both are included with the stand.
If you are looking for a media console that can display all of your devices neatly and organized within shelves and glass cabinets, then this is a great design. The Mercury Row Whitt is a high-quality TV stand that can support larger televisions as well. It also comes with a one-year warranty and a fan-forced heater that can heat up to 400 square feet.

Buy Online or Buy In-Store

How to Choose Fireplace TV StandMost furniture stores today have electric fireplace TV stand examples in their living room displays. You can see it in the entertainment centers at Ashley and Rooms to Go. While these places are great for pricing and seeing the types of finishes and colors, you can find these entertainment centers for a little less online.

With online stores, you can also compare the different types of electric fireplace TV stand that are there for purchase. Once you have at least four that you really like, you can whittle them down until the price matches the value for you. In other cases, you may just want to finance a really great electrical fireplace, because it means more blissful nights to relax and stare at the fire, of course.

Online stores also give you the ability to sort by features, price, and customer rating. It’s really easy to find the cream of the crop using all of these options. You can also find some really great deals on TV stands online. These include promo code sales to actual refurbished units that are sold for a fraction of their original price.

You can always look at different furniture stores, take note of the name or model number, and then you can research it online to find it for a cheaper price on different websites.

Interesting Facts and Advice for Electric Fireplace TV Stands

  • Electric fireplaces were first started in the early 1900s to light up theatre stages at night.
  • The first patent for an electric fireplace tv stand was by Dimplex in 1995. They patented the first “real flame effects.”
  • TV stands and entertainment centers grew in popularity in the 1980s as televisions became a prominent feature of every home’s design.
  • Electric fireplaces were considered to only be for “homes of the future” according to a 1970s TV commercial.
  • Most TV stands have a hole in the back for wire organization.
  • Media consoles today have more shelves than ever before thanks to all of the different devices that can be plugged into your TV.

History of the Electric Fireplace TV Stand

History and Development of TV StandWhile many have seen an electric fireplace before on TV, as it was included in the “home of the future” in the 1970s, electric fireplaces actually got their start in the early 1900s. This is when stages needed lighting, especially for nighttime performances and wanted to use safer, fake fires made from electric fireplaces. These were placed on the stage to provide light, but they could also be used for heaters. They were very expensive and only used at the most prized theatrical venues for many years.

However, eventually, the electric fireplace tv stand grew into prominence over the idea that flameless heaters would be more safer and practical for homes of the future. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, electrical fireplaces were a fashionable item that didn’t have the right price point for mass consumption. It wasn’t until 1995 when Dimplex patented the electric flame that electric fireplaces began to hit the market and start growing in popularity.

Today’s electrical fireplace TV stands are beautifully designed pieces of furniture that have both value and function. The first one comes out in the early 2000s. It was just a table with an electric fireplace at the bottom that could change colors.

The TV stand combination fireplaces today are more modern than ever. They have a lot of the same features as standalone electric fireplaces while also having a lot of styles and statement-making power. You may look into one if you think that it suits your interior decor.

Figures, Data, and Facts About the Electric Fireplace TV Stand

  • More people than ever before are buying electric fireplaces with TV stands. The market has recently risen to over $234 million dollars for electric fireplaces alone.
  • However, TV sales have lowered quite a bit worldwide, according to Statista.
  • Remotes did not use to come with TV stands generally. However, most people require a remote control with a fireplace or space heater because of the convenience to change temperatures and flame settings.

How to Use an Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Using a TV stand with a fireplace is actually quite easy. However, you do need to find a space that is going to suit the size of the TV and the entertainment center. In most cases, that’s a wall in your living room that has the most space. However, others who prefer to hang the TV may look at floating TV entertainment center designs. These typically have a fireplace built into one of the shelves on the bottom of the electric fireplace.

  • Place Your TV Stand in the Best Spot
  • Install the Fireplace Insert
  • Use the Remote or Menu to Change Settings
Did you know that people always gravitate towards the best seat in the house? What if you could set up your TV in just the perfect area to view both the fireplace and TV from any screen? It’s true that you can find the perfect place for your electric fireplace TV stand. In most cases, you just need to find a corner that will also meet acoustic needs and not look too enticing to play with if you have pets or small children.
In most cases, the fireplace needs to be assembled before you place inside of the media console. Typically instructions direct you to line up the insert with the shelf and place in the middle, hooking up the connection to the power chord. You should have a 120V or more power chord to go with the fireplace insert. Once you have plugged it in, it should automatically turn on.
You can simply change settings with the menu on the screen or through the remote control provided. In some cases, you just need to tap on the display to change from different colors, set the heating temperature, and other features.

For TV stands that come with instructions on how to assemble the whole unit, just remember that you can also add installation to your cart with some online retailers. It may be better if you have issues dealing with electrical wires.

Tips for Caring for Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Want to make sure that your TV stand stands the review of time? Then you should make sure to keep everything organized and neat so that you don’t have anything causes problems for the fireplace. While it’s flameless and doesn’t produce smoke, it still has a heating element that can be dangerous. Here are some ways to avoid that with good care and attention.

  • Disconnect the power supply before you do any type of cleaning.
  • Check that all of the electrical components are in good working order and that you don’t have any frayed wires.
  • Clean both sides of the glass panel with Windex to keep the reflection looking clear and whiny.
  • You can use a dry, clean cloth to wipe over the surface of the heater if you like. This will help remove the dirt and grime without causing any heat damage.
  • Use a damp cloth to wipe and pull any dust off around the shelves and television. You can use a water-based cloth if you want to get rid of hard stains on the outside of the console. However, you may want to use pledge if you have a wood style TV stand.
  • Remove the glass panel to clean inside of the fireplace. If you have fake logs or crystals inside, you should remove those as well and clean off any dust that has gathered there. You should use a dust cloth to wipe away any dust you find inside as well as damp, disinfectant.
  • If you notice any smokey smells or hear any type of crackling when you turn on the heat that is coming from the wires and not sound effects, you should call a technician to see if there any electrical problems with the unit.

Useful Accessories

TV stands work best when they have a lot of shelving and feature a great design. Since it’s something you’re going to be staring at for most of your time at home, it should feature a classic design that is really thrilling and mesmerizing to watch. Some of the accessories for the electrical fireplace TV stand include tint for the glass panel, extra shelves to extend the rows and make it better if you want to stack magazines, frames, figurines, and photos on your media console.

FAQS About Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Can you customize the look of a fireplace TV stand?

Can you customize the look of a fireplace TV stand?

In most cases, you can change shelves around, but most media consoles are not made-to-order. You can find furniture makers who can help you craft a fireplace TV stand with an insert, however. There are also multiple DIY guides on how to make a media console safer with a fireplace insert. The issue that many carpenters face is that the heating element may not work with certain materials or you need a special coating to place the fireplace insert. You should make sure that any custom fireplace TV stands you design have the right elements in place to prevent electrical fires.

What is the weight restriction of the unit’s shelves?

What is the weight restriction of the unit’s shelves?

Weight restrictions are specific to the TV stand model. Some can hold TVs of higher weights and over 50” in width, while others may only be able to hold up to 42” televisions. One of the main reasons why some TV stands aren’t capable of holding a certain weight is the construction. If you have a glass TV stand, then it most likely won’t be able to support a higher TV weight.

Your best bet is to always read the specifications on the model as to what TVs are allowed with that particular stand. In most cases, a TV stand even with a fireplace should be able to hold weights of up to 55” and 55 lbs.

Do electric fireplace TV stands come with warranties?

Do electric fireplace TV stands come with warranties?

Most fireplace TV stands do have warranties. With longer terms, you likely have a higher quality TV set. In some cases, you will find a TV stand that has a very limited warranty or a warranty of only 6 to 12 months. You should be wary of any TV stand that doesn’t have a longer warranty term because it means that it might break or malfunction faster. You can also read customer reviews and ratings to determine whether that TV stand has stood the review of time or if it has any malfunctions right out of the box. If so, you should probably steer clear if the warranty terms aren’t longer than 12 months.

Is it okay to place speakers on shelves near the heater?

Is it okay to place speakers on shelves near the heater?

You don’t want to place speakers in front of the heater. This is because the heat has to vent and will likely cause long-term damage to speakers that are placed near the fireplace. You can place upon shelves included with the TV stand or to the side of the stand to be safer.

How much heat can an electric fireplace TV stand generate?

How much heat can an electric fireplace TV stand generate?

Most TV stands generate up to 1000 BTUs in heat. This depends on the type of fireplace that you purchase, however. For those fireplaces that are infrared, you will get more heat strength with the possibility of heating rooms up to 1,000 square feet. However, for heaters that use heat coils instead, you may get lower BTUs and can only heat a space of 400 square feet. These seem to be the standard heating strengths for most TV stands, although you can always check specifications to see what BTU or heat output should be expected.

Are the flame effects real?

Are the flame effects real?

With electric fireplaces, the flames are not dangerous because they are not real. They are typically 3D holograms created by LED lights if purchasing a newer fireplace. Otherwise, they could also be a video display that crackles in high resolution. In both instances, you can’t touch the flames. It’s one of the reasons why they are so popular with families and pets because you will never get burnt from touching the fire of an electric fireplace.

Do I need any permits to have a media console with a fireplace?

Do I need any permits to have a media console with a fireplace?

An electric fireplace is much different from a traditional fireplace. While you may need a permit to install custom electrical wires near your entertainment center, you don’t need a permit just to have a TV stand with a fireplace. You can place the media console just as you would any other type of furniture.

Alternatives to Electric Fireplace TV Stands

Best Alternative of Electric Fireplace TV StandIf you are looking for a media console that has a fireplace, you will find multiple brands and styles to suit your needs. However, many people go this route because it’s easier and doesn’t involve complex installation. However, some TV stands have a complex assembly. There are some alternatives to the TV stand that you may not have thought of yet.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

These are simpler ways to hang the fireplace in your living room. You should typically place an electrical fireplace about 36” below the TV. If you are going for a minimalist statement, this is a great way to decorate your living room without a bulky entertainment center. However, you may want more shelving to compensate.

Portable Electric Fireplace

In some cases, you might be worried that the TV stand with a fireplace will damage your other devices. While this is not true due to failsafe and protective design, you could keep your electric fireplace separate from your TV stand but also have more convenience with a portable electric fireplace. These typically have the same convenient settings and flexibility as a TV stand but in a standalone heater.

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