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Electric fireplaces make for awesome alternatives when you don’t want a traditional gas or wood fireplace. There is no chopping wood or complex installation either. Our team was able to identify the best electric fireplaces after reading numerous product reviews.

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You will never have to clean a chimney or worry about the expense of a fireplace installation. Electrical fireplaces are much more affordable and look elegant in any room of your house. Best of all, they do not require a special permit, and you can typically have one installed in a few simple steps. This guide breaks down everything you need to know about electric fireplaces including a brand and buying advice when you decide to purchase one for your home.

What is an Electrical Fireplace?

image of stone electric fireplace image of stone electric fireplaceElectric fireplaces serve as a heater that looks like a real fire burning gas or wood. You can replace a traditional fireplace with an electric fireplace and avoid all of the troubles that come with it. In newer interior decor styles, these modern fireplaces are replacing conventional fireplaces, especially when they can no longer be used for that purpose.

Electric fireplaces were developed to be a safer, modern option for heating the home in comparison to traditional fireplaces, which were not easily installed with different configurations. In addition, homeowners need permits to change or install traditional fireplaces.

Newer electric fireplaces plug into the wall and be used just with the flame on or with both heat and flame at the same time. It is used for aesthetic and heating purposes. These fireplaces also come in a variety of designs. You can find some that come in standalone media centers or other types of furniture, while others can be installed in the wall.

You may think that the origins of this modern fireplace were fairly recent, but the electric fire was actually invented in 1912. The first commercial representation was created by Dimplex and was called the Optiflame. It was released in 1988 and then re-launched in 1995 with a more realistic flame effect. Dimplex actually patented the flameless fireplace and was the first to successfully market it. However, the original versions were a bit more expensive than those you will find today in most furniture stores.

However, the latest fireplaces are much different and have more sophisticated, minimalistic designs that blend in with the furniture and decor pieces that can fit in multiple types of rooms. In addition, some of the newer fireplaces are portable so you are able to move them into any room. This is perfect if you want a stylish heater that can add to your decor.

In the past five years, the newer flameless fireplaces are considered safer heaters that can save space in your home as well as money. They also emit more heat than a regular fireplace and can stay warm longer than the conventional flame-lit fireplace.

Dimplex is still one of the top brands for electric fireplaces. However, there are a variety of new furniture pieces that have a variety of options so you can install it in the wall or move it from room to room due to its compact design.

How Does an Electrical Fireplace Work?

The newer flameless fireplaces are heating elements that look like real, wood-burning fireplaces. However, electric fireplaces work very differently. You don’t need any gas or chopped wood to heat up a room with the flameless fireplaces, and although it can be called a flameless fireplace, you can set it to simply display the flame and realistic sounds too. There are multiple settings for these fireplaces, including different colors for the flame.

Electric fireplaces use electricity to heat turn on the flame and heat. It draws in cool air in the room and heats it up internally like a small HVAC system. It uses a heating coil that pushes the air out after it’s been heated through a fan. However, other models use infrared technology. In this way, the fireplace can directly heat objects inside of the room.

The newer fireplaces are great for supplemental heating, especially when they are smaller in size. You can typically heat a room that is 500 square feet in size. You can control the heat through a temperature and settings panel or with a remote. You can control the flame effects as well, including color, size, and glow.

The main appeal of the electrical fireplace is that it’s safer for families as well. You don’t have to worry about children or pets getting into a traditional fireplace, as you can close off the flameless fireplace behind glass and control it completely with a remote control.

In addition, the new fireplaces are much greener and more sustainable than a wood-burning or gas fireplace. You don’t have to worry about chopping wood to make these fireplaces work either. You simply turn it on and set the temperature to get warm air. You can also control sound and visual effects for most of the newer models.

However, there are plenty of new modern fireplaces that look incredibly realistic and don’t have any glass enclosure. They use holograms, LED lighting, and videos to make the flame effects look more realistic.

Advantages & Applications

image of Media Electric FireplaceFinding a high quality electrical fireplace can be difficult, especially when you to travel to a specialty store to test and purchase the right one. How do you know if it will look right in your room? Where is the fireplace supposed to go anyway? You should always ask to speak to an associate and talk to them about placing the fireplace so that you understand the space and size required.

These are some different ways to use these new fireplaces and some advantages that customers have experienced.

No Gas or Wood Burning

One of the reasons that people like electric fireplaces is the ability to get heat and a realistic flame without using fossil fuels and wood. Most people don’t want to chop wood for a fireplace. You can simply turn on the flameless fireplace

No Smoke

Another great thing about the flameless fireplace is that it does not produce smoke. You can heat up large rooms and hear the sounds of the fire, but the smoke won’t get trapped due to a chimney not being cleaned properly. You never have to worry about smoke filling up your home due to a poorly working fireplace or issues with gas.

Safer for Kids and Pets

It’s difficult to not look at a fireplace and think it’s fascinating. That fascination can turn into a dangerous situation around young children and pets. Electric fireplaces are so attractive for this safety concern alone because you never have to worry about the flames. Flameless fireplaces use holograms and videos to display what looks like a flame, and although they are very realistic, you can hold your hand to it and never feel the heat like an actual flame.

Aesthetically Pleasing

There are a variety of designs for new electrical fireplaces. For those who want a traditional fireplace, you can purchase a design that fits into a traditional fireplace and looks exactly like the real thing. There are also wall-mounted fireplaces that you can turn on with a remote to heat a room. There are also portable furniture pieces with built-in flameless fireplaces that look incredibly real and also play sounds, such as a high definition crackle. You can change the intensity or look of the flames with just a few settings changes.

Modern Interior Decor

With so many different sizes, shapes, colors, and furniture types that incorporate flameless fireplaces, you can match up fireplaces to any type of interior decor. Whether you are looking for a marble encased fireplace or a traditional brick inlay, the new flameless fireplaces are very moldable to any type of grain, granite, or stone that you would like. There are hundreds of ways to incorporate an electric fireplace as a standalone piece or as a permanent style fixture in your living room. It all depends on your budget and what you are looking for.

Cheaper Installation Costs

Real fireplaces take time and permits to plan. If your house currently doesn’t have a fireplace, then you will have to change the structure of your home to accommodate the chimney. In addition, it can be costly to contract a fireplace, especially if you need building permits. With the modern design and flameless, smokeless fireplaces, you can simply pick a spot and install it just you would a television set. There are safety precautions as these new fireplaces are electric furnaces basically. However, it doesn’t require a contractor and blueprints in order to install one safely.

Portable and Standalone Designs

Since an electrical fireplace produces heat, you can find a number of designs that are portable and meant to be moved from room to room. Portable fireplaces can safely heat up to 500 square feet of space at a time. You can set the temperature, turn off the flame effects, or keep them on for aesthetic. Essentially, they work just like a space heater, but they typically have better designs so it looks more than a metal grate on the floor. You can place one in the corner to resemble a true fireplace for a cozy evening.


The flameless fireplace is a genius invention because it can go anywhere and light up a space without causing extreme safety concerns. There are no huge fires or smoke to worry about either, which means that you can place a fireplace inside or outside. Most of the newer fireplaces are also water resistant, but you should check the description before purchasing an electrical fireplace for outdoor use.

No Pollutants

With a regular fireplace, you have to deal with some of the pollutants that come from using real gas and wood. A real fireplace may produce smoke, embers, and soot. If you are using gas, it could cause even more dangerous problems, and unfortunately, it supports an industry that uses oil. Electric fireplaces are more sustainable because they use LED technology and electricity to provide the heat of a real fireplace.

Media Consoles

There are a few designs that come with an electric fireplace inside of the media console. These are better options if you don’t want to hang the fireplace on the wall. If you want to avoid screws and cutting open spaces in your wall, you can purchase a classic piece of furniture that also supports all of your media and devices. Some media consoles have the electrical flame insert at the bottom with a ventilation system that avoids issues with television screens. You will notice that some manufacturers advise installing a wall-mounted fireplace far below the TV to avoid interference and safety concerns.

Media consoles with electric fireplaces are also quite trendy. There are a number of styles that let you change the color of the flames as well as the heat intensity with a remote. These are rather expensive, typically costing over $800 for one unit.

BTU Output

You can read the specifications of any fireplace to see how much heat they are actually putting out. This should be in the form of BTUs. Typically, units can put out up to 5,000 BTUs and heat up a large space of about 500 square feet. However, there are some more powerful heaters that put out 6000+ BTUs and can heat up to 1,000 square feet. Heat strength is incredibly important when picking out a fireplace. You want to purchase one that is capable of operating just like a real fireplace in terms of heat, especially if you are installing it permanently in your living room. With portable heaters, you may suffer a loss in heat strength but you can move it wherever you need so that it can be closer to the bed, for example.


A high-quality fireplace will have a long-term warranty of at least five years. However, there may be longer warranties that go up to 25 years. Warranties are important to protect you from faulty wiring and other issues that can happen with electric fireplaces. In addition, you may have a separate warranty if you purchase the fireplace as a furniture insert. For example, your media console may come with a warranty specifically for the electric fireplace. You should read through the warranty before purchase to make sure that it provides repair, replacement, or refund in case something happens.

The features that matter most to selecting a fireplace are construction, cost, and convenience. You want a fireplace that is easy to install and has a menu to help you change settings, allowing you to control the flame effects just like you would if you were changing a channel.

Perfect Profile of the Ultimate Electric Fireplace

If we had our pick of the features that really matter with a fireplace, we look for high-quality construction as the top feature. However, it’s difficult to tell what fireplace is better based on pictures alone online. You can read customer reviews and look at specifications to get a good idea of how well the fireplace will work.

These are some of the features that stand out to us when looking at electrical flame fireplaces. They build the perfect model to hang on our wall and enjoy the heat on a cool winter’s day.
  • Recessed, wall mounted design
  • 5000 BTU output that can heat up to 500 square feet
  • Long, rectangular design with a width over 40”
  • Framed in black or white depending on decor
  • Glass panel that allows you to see the flames and log or crystal insert
  • Not required but great to have: remote control for settings and heat
  • Not required but great to have: touch screen LED panel to control settings

We also think some of the media consoles with electric flame effects are also interesting, and they work better if you want to place a TV in your living room with a fireplace underneath.

What Types of Electrical Fireplaces are There?

Electric fireplaces have grown in popularity over the past few years. They provide a simple, safe, and aesthetically pleasing heating design that lights up any room. They don’t have the same challenges as a traditional fireplace nor do they require such costs to install. You can simply plug in one of these flameless fireplaces and experience a built-in heater that produces up to 5,000 BTUs.

There are a number of different ways to install a fireplace like this. Whether you want something that is seamless or a stand-out statement, here are some ways to incorporate the flameless, electric fireplace in your home.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces

image of a Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces The wall-mounted flameless fireplace definitely makes a statement. Out of all the types, this one probably requires the most effort for installation, and it is a little bit more expensive. You can hang fireplaces directly on the wall, while others are built-in so that it doesn’t protrude. These are recessed fireplaces that add an elegant statement to any room.

The most expensive units in this class feature a backlit LED that provides an incredible display, using holograms and videos for more realistic flames and sounds. There are a variety of media options to choose from, however. You can change the flames to all different colors to set the mood, or you can alter the size of the flames as well.

These fireplaces plug into a standard 110 volt outlet, so you don’t need any type of ventilation to use it. You can turn the heater on or off, depending on the season, and the flames are also flexible as well. You can heat a room with no flames at all, if you like.

Remote control operation is key for the wall-mounted fireplaces. While some will have a settings button on the display, you want your fireplace to look as seamless as possible, which is why most simply use a remote control.

Bottom Line

Wall-mounted fireplaces are easy to install. You can simply hang them on a load-bearing wall to enhance the look of the room. In some cases, the heating unit will need to be exposed, even in a recessed design, so that it can circulate air and heat. These units are available typically in a range of shapes and sizes, but the long, horizontal fireplaces hold the most appeal. These range from 34” to 120” and come with other features such as remote control operation, different grains or granite, media options, and LED lighting.


  • Simple plug-in installation
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Remote control operation
  • Aesthetically pleasing design


  • Recessed look still protrudes slightly for ventilation
  • Wall-mounted options can be expensive depending on size

Built-In Electric Fireplaces

image of SimpliFire 36" Built-In Electric FireplaceIf you are renovating a home or building a new home, you may want to incorporate a built-in, recessed flameless fireplace. These offer a low profile design that are sometimes installed completely flush with the wall. These are great for smaller homes and apartments, such as condos, new construction, and townhomes. Like other fireplaces in its class, this one plugs into a 110 volt outlet and doesn’t need any venting.

These fireplaces are typically a little bit smaller. They have a standard 2” x 4” framing that can be extended in depth to accommodate the heating element. However, they plug into a standard outlet just like you would a television set.


  • Seamless, flush mounting options
  • Plugs into wall outlet
  • Doesn’t require ventilation


  • May protrude with certain manufacturers, best to check the description first

Electric Fireplace Inserts

image of Dimplex 30 Inch Linear Electric Fireplace Insert BF9000 If you currently have a space for a fireplace that is not in use or you want to a convert an old fireplace into a new, safer option, you can choose an electrical fireplace insert. These types of inserts fill current masonry or openings to replace fireplaces that are no longer being used. Like the typical flameless fireplace, it plugs into a standard 110 volt and doesn’t need any venting.

It can be used to heat a room or just be turned on for the aesthetic flames. There are a number of different media options just like a full flameless fireplace, so you can turn the flames to blue or set the crackling sounds to low. You can use a remote control to change the intensity as well. Many include different trims that give you a seamless integration.

These are designed to go right into a defunct brick and mortar space in your home that used to house a fireplace. You won’t need to ventilate the chimney, so it can be closed. It is an economical option to renovating a fireplace or replacing it with a gas option. You get greater heat and realistic flames without the hassles of an actual fireplace.


  • Replaces a defunct fireplace
  • Easy to install
  • Safer than gas or wood


  • May be smaller than your fireplace so check the sizing before purchase

Stand Alone or Mantel Electric Fireplaces

image of Freestanding Electric Fireplace in WhiteThese types of fireplaces are extremely flexible due to their size and portability. Some designs look like a traditional fireplace with a wood mantel appearance. They also add a bit of flair as a standalone cabinet piece or media center for the living room. Just like other modern fireplaces, this one plugs into a 110-volt electrical outlet. You do not have to vent these types of fireplaces either.

You can move a portable fireplace like this into any room, but most of them are made to complement a media center option. It gives the look of a traditional fireplace, while not having any installation requirements other than that you plug it in. You can operate it by remote or a settings wall on the back. Basically, you get a realistic heater element with lifelike flames for much less.


  • Much cheaper than other fireplaces
  • Portable
  • Puts out strong amount of heat
  • Looks like a real fireplace


  • Some cheaper editions have caught fire in the past, check brands before purchase
  • While there are so many types of new fireplaces, there is no need to renovate an existing fireplace for real wood-burning or gas heat. You can save a ton of money and get a beautiful design that is safe and easy to install on your own. Most furniture brands currently carry some type of built-in electric fireplace option, so you can simply purchase it, place where you want, and plug in. The remote control operation means that you never have to worry about chopping wood, lighting the fire, stoking the flames, or any of the other things that come with owning a traditional fireplace. You can simply wipe it off with a dust rag to clean!

How to Find the Top Electric Fireplaces

image of electric fireplace insert / flame effect Testing electric fireplaces means looking at how the fireplace was built and whether it’s a good fit for your home. The top brands for modern fireplaces focus on design, convenience, and ease of installation. However, there are a few features that you should look for when picking out a fireplace for yourself. Some of these will matter more than others, such as the amount of BTUs that one fireplace can provide over another.

Top fireplaces will have high-quality construction and good customer ratings. You should look out for any fireplace that does not have at least a 4-star rating or any reviews that talk about electrical malfunctions. If a brand doesn’t supply a warranty with the product, it could also be a sign of danger. Most electric fireplaces come with a long-term warranty if they are high quality and know that there is no risk.

These are some other things to pay attention to when looking at specifications for a potential fireplace:

Wall Mount Installation

Most of the flameless fireplaces include a wall installation kit, unless they are standalone or furniture pieces that you can move around. However, most people look for fireplaces that can be seamless with the wall. These are called recessed installation fireplaces. Typically, you can look at the description to see how the fireplace is installed. Most of the time, you’ll find that the installation gear and guide are included with the fireplace.

If it is a wall-mounted fireplace, you should place it about two feet below the television so that you don’t cause any heating issues if you also have a wall-mounted television. This is the only issue that you may find with a recessed wall-mounted fireplace.
<h3Heating Options

There are a few different ways that these fireplaces work with settings. You have two options usually that vary from high and low. With low settings, you typically won’t get the same strength as a higher heat setting. They may use different voltage as well. For example, you can choose 740-Watts on a low setting or go up to 1100-watts for the higher setting.

Heating options really only matter when you have a large area that you want to heat. If you are looking at a portable fireplace, then you probably won’t get the same range as the larger electrical fireplaces. These are meant to heat a large room, up to 500 square feet in some cases.
<h3Remote Control Option

Most of the newer fireplaces have remote controls included that allow you to change the settings of the flames, heat settings, or colors with just a press of a button. You can turn the flames on and off or change heat settings quickly. Remote controllers are typically small and elegant for new fireplaces. They are made for convenience so you can turn off the fireplace at your leisure.

Visual Modes & Setting

There are a number of ways to change the look of the fire and logs. You can change the flame size, color, intensity, and so forth. Most electric fireplaces also come with wood logs or crystals that you can place at the bottom for a more realistic experience, or so that flames just don’t appear out of nowhere.

While you don’t have to have the flames on, they add a nice touch to any decor. You can alternatively have the flames on but the heat off or vice versa. The controls are totally customizable for whatever you want to do with your fireplace. You can change the flames to be small and blue or red and bright, but all of this depends on whether the manufacturer allows color changes or not.

Fireplaces should be totally customizable, especially if you are paying over $100. Most of the brands today recognize the need to change the flame settings and provide those accommodations in a settings menu.

Realistic Wood Display

You can still have real wood inside of your electric fireplace. In fact, some of the fireplace brands include wood and crystals to go with your setup. In addition, you also want the flames and sounds to be in high definition. This means that you can’t tell the difference between the real thing and the LED light display. Most fireplaces use a backlit LED display for flames, and not all fireplaces come with sound options.

While it is not crucial to have a fireplace that has flames and sounds, it’s best to at least have flames that you can change and that look realistic. Otherwise, it won’t feel like you have an actual fireplace in your home.


One of the best reasons to get a flameless fireplace is for safety. If you have children, then an electric fireplace is a smart idea because you know that there won’t be any flames or smoke to deal with. The same is true if you have curious pets. Animals and fireplaces can often get into trouble simply because of the flames growing too hot and issues with smoke. If you want to have a completely safe experience with your fireplace, then it’s recommended to go with flameless.

Heat Strength

Most of the wall-mounted fireplaces will have the same heat strength. These heaters put out a lot of BTUs and can heat up a 400 square foot room easily. However, if you have a larger space, then you may want to go with two fireplaces.

Heat strength is typically lower in portable fireplaces. These may only heat up to 150 square feet of space and won’t be suitable if you want something for a living room or other large area.

Includes Wood or Crystals

Most brands are now including aesthetically pleasing elements such as wood logs and crystals to go with the flames, even though they are not real. These fireplaces look better when you have these elements in place. Most manufacturers will state in the description whether the fireplace comes with these items or if they are sold separately.

This really depends on the size and type of flameless fireplace that you choose. If you are looking for something small that operates like a portable space heater but has the design of a fireplace, then you may spend under $200 typically. In some cases, these smaller fireplaces are under $60. However, if you want a realistic looking fireplace that you can mount on your wall with different settings, you are likely paying over $250.

If a unit has a lot of features and a high-quality display, perhaps it’s from a historic brand like Duraflame, you may also be paying over $400. This really depends on the quality of the features. You should read customer reviews before purchasing any fireplace unit.


Some units are made to be hung on a wall. They are rectangular, flat, and typically look like a modern fireplace, with wood or crystals inside. However, fireplaces like this can also be square and have their own mantelpiece. They may be small and portable, or large and expansive, producing massive amounts of BTUs.

The design really matters once you decide where you are putting the fireplace. If you plan to put it in the living room, then you want it to be a statement piece. It should go in an area below your television.

There are also plenty of standalone and media center units that use the newer fireplaces to draw attention. Whatters here is construction. You don’t want to purchase any fireplace that isn’t verified by a few reviews and positive feedback.

LED Display

The top brands will use an LED display for the flame effects. These displays are typically holographic and may have a 3D quality. However, the higher realism that you look for, the more you are going to pay. These effects are patented by Dimplex, so you may see some higher costs if you want a super realistic flame.

Sound Effects

You may not get the sound with all models of electric fireplaces. This is a new feature that hasn’t been included with most of the models previously built to 2017. You will likely to have perform a specific serach to find electrical flame fireplaces that come with sound effects as well. While this is a minor issue, it’s important if you like the ambience and ASMR of real wood burning and crackling sounds.


Some standalone fireplaces are portable and easy to transport from room to room. These are smaller units that are designed for spaces no more than 150 square feet to heat. You can typically use these portable styles for seasonal aesthetic in different rooms. They work just like a space heater.

These are different than fireplaces that are apart of furniture designs, such as in a media center console or a dresser. These can be moved but are not as portable as a truly mobile fireplace unit.


Sizes range depending on the type of fireplace. There are those that are rectangular and long, up to 120” in some cases. Then there are those that are small and box-shaped, typically about 24” to 40” in width. The room size and heating strength will require a relative fireplace size. If you have a large open area, then you likely want a wall-mounted fireplace that can put out the amount of BTUs that you need to heat a room of up to 500 square feet.

Brand Name

While some brands are going to be more expensive, they are known for their high quality construction. For example, Dimplex was the first company to patent the wood-burning effects that you now see in any electric flame fireplace or fireplace insert. They have some of the higher priced fireplaces, but they are also incredibly high quality and have realistic flames.

Some of the other brands are not so focused on creating the best looking flames, and so they may use older video displays, which are pixelated. While you may pay less for these older units, you should check what the customers say about the flame effects before purchasing.

The top fireplaces are going to come from a really high quality brand. They should have incredibly realistic flame effects that you can change with the settings menu. If you are paying anything over $200, these features are pretty standard. However, you may want to purchase furniture that includes an electric flame effect, and this will probably cost more depending on the quality of the furniture. You can find furniture with different flame effects at most furniture stores online.

What should I pay attention to when buying an electrical fireplace?

Price is probably the most important factor, but if you are comparing prices between electric and traditional, then you will be surprised by the extremely low cost of the latest flameless fireplaces. These are made to be much cheaper, and you won’t ever have to buy firewood or gas to light them. They simply work just like a space heater.

The most important factor to look for in an electric fireplace is the heat output. However, most people focus on the design. If a design includes wall-mounted installation, it has the aesthetic of the interior decor that most people gravitate towards when they are purchasing a flameless fireplace.

However, you really want to pay attention to the amount of heat as you want the fireplace to be functional in the winter seasons, and most of these models will have realistic flames and other settings that make it a beautiful statement piece.

If you are looking for more of a portable option or don’t want to mess with wall mounts, then there are plenty of electric fireplaces that are built into media consoles, bedroom dressers, and even bedroom sets. You can find lots of tables that also have a fireplace option.

Top Electric Fireplace Brand

From historic beginnings to modern designs, these brands have some incredible options for different looks and flames when it comes to fireplaces. You can find traditional enclosures or wall-mounted, recessed fireplaces that look seamless when hung on your wall.

There are also numerous options with each of these brands, so while it may seem that one has an advantage over another, you may want to check all of the features before deciding on one brand. Here are the top brands for electrical fireplaces:
  • Dimplex
  • Touchstone
  • Duraflame
  • VonHaus
  • Moda Flame
  • PuraFlame
  • Frigidaire
  • Real Flame
  • Ivation
  • Southern Enterprises
  • HomCom

The original inventory and patented electric fireplace comes from Dimplex. The company has come a long way from space heaters and old-style electric stoves. The latest lineup includes the Dimplex Synergy Linear Wall Mount Electric Fireplace, which is hung on the wall like a painting.  It’s incredible flat but has all the dimensions of a real fireplace, including the real wood and flame look. Dimplex started using 3D flame technology a couple years ago, and it works really well with this heater. However, the cost is pretty high for this portable, flat model. It is truly rare to see a design like this one. Fieldstone is one of the top brands as well under Dimplex. The design resembles a traditional fireplace while still providing all of the safety from the flameless, electric variety.

Touchstone has been in business for over a decade and has always provided incredible decor pieces that are also functional. Their flameless fireplace has been ranked highly from critics and customers as well.  Touchstone has a wall-mounted fireplace that has a lot of different settings and a timer. Shipping and delivery costs are also included with Touchstone purchases from the website, as well as all of the gear that you need you to mount the fireplace on your wall. Compared to other brands, Touchstone trends on the more affordable side without compromising on any features. You can pick up the Touchstone Onyx 50” Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace for around $280.

One of the more popular brands on Amazon, Duraflame has been building its reputation for high-quality fireplaces. These are remarkable, portable, 3D flame electrical fireplaces that provide up to 5,200 BTUs and can heat a room up to 1,000 square feet.  This is a rather strong fireplace that you can place in any part of your home and feel the heat. Duraflame also has different settings for brightness, color, and speed. You can operate it with a remote control, and the infrared quartz heat technology helps to keep the comfort level without too much humidity. There are also a few safety features included with this model, such as overheat protection and automatic shut off. You can set the temperature through a digital thermostat as well. While it’s not as pretty as a wall-mounted fireplace, the standalone Duraflame takes on the look of a traditional, small fireplace that puts out a lot of heat in any room.

VonHaus is a great rival to Duraflame fireplaces. IT offers the same simplicity as a standalone, portable fireplace and log burning flame effects. IT also puts out 5,200 BTUs and comes in a variety of different finishes. While the design is a little dated, VonHaus has some great features included for a much smaller price tag than Duraflame’s model.  You can find it on amazon for less than $60, and it comes with two heat settings, adjustable thermostat control, and overheat cutoff switch. However, unlike other models, it does not have a remote control or other flame settings to play with. VonHaus is a great brand if you are looking for a heater that will also add some decor and has the same flame effects as other electrical fireplaces.

If you want a truly elegant wall-mounted fireplace, Moda Flame offers a highly rated product. Moda Flame has been around for about five years. They make all types of fireplaces, including electric and gas models. However, their most popular model is the electrical wall mounted fireplace.  The Moda Flame Houston 50” Electric Wall Mounted Fireplace comes in a black or white finish. The fireplace is rather large and fits seamlessly on any load-bearing wall. You don’t need to vent this fireplace and wall mounting hardware is included. The flames are a high resolution effect, but you only have heat control settings. The Moda Flame can heat a room up to 400 square feet.

PuraFlame makes all kinds of electric options for fireplaces. From flameless inserts to fully wall-mounted recessed fireplaces, all of their models are electric and built to deliver heat to large rooms. You can purchase the PuraFlame Alice in 40”, 60”, and 68” sizes. The price trends upward a bit high however.  There are some reasons for this. With the Alice, you get a fully recessed installation so that the fireplace is flush with the wall. The Alice comes with a realistic flame effect that uses LED lights. You can change the options to reduce the flame effects, and there are logs or crystal stones included with the set. There are also different color settings for ambience and mood. PuraFlame has created a model with strong heat settings. You can choose between 750W and 1500W. It can heat up to 400 square feet very quickly, and you can control the thermostat easily. There is also a timer that lets you schedule when to heat up and turn off. Overall, it’s a beautiful modern fireplace that is very realistic and a great addition to any space that wants a statement maker.

Most people know Frigidaire for their appliances. However, the brand has been getting into electric fireplaces for a couple of years. Their number one product is the Frigidaire 50” wall hanging electric fireplace. It comes with two different heat settings and a remote control. Aesthetically, it’s very pleasing to look at because of the black frame and flat design. It’s also much stronger than other wall-mounted fireplaces, putting out 5000 BTUs. However, you can pick the heat setting that you want as well. Overall, Frigidaire makes a great electric fireplace that is highly reviewed on some outlets, but it’s difficult to find availability at an affordable price. There are a few other brands that have more competitive pricing for the settings and featured offered.

Real Flame makes a variety of different electric fireplaces. They are most well known for the Real Flame Silverton, which feels and looks exactly like a fireplace without the smoke or flame. The effects are incredibly real, and the design also resembles exactly what you think of when it comes to a traditional fireplace.  You can turn the flame on by itself or switch to just heat, or you can keep both at the same time. There are also ways that you can move this fireplace so you don’t have to think of it as a permanent living room fixture. You can easily it move it to your room for some extra heat during winter months. Overall, the Real Flame is an incredible design for those who want something that is more traditional. It features multiple heat modes, remote control operation, and built-in lighting.

Ivation is one of the newer brands to hit the electric flame market. However, they are already highly rated by most of their customers. You can pick up a 50” wall-mounted glass electric flame fireplace with built-in 1500 watt heater for a rather low price. In addition, Ivation includes everything you need to mount the fireplace, including bracket and high-quality mounting hardware.  You can install below the mantle or TV with just a few simple steps. Ivation also provides variable settings for temperature. You can choose between low, high, or no heat flame options. There is also a remote control that lets you set the timer, adjust flame color, change brightness, and manage the heat settings between 750W and 1500W. The style of the fireplace is very slim and modern, so it should fit perfectly on any wall. There are some complaints that the fire effects are not as realistic sa others, and you can’t place any logs or crystals inside as it is a video display.

One of the highest rated traditional-looking electric flame fireplaces is from Southern Enterprises. The brand has been earning a good name for itself from high ratings on Amazon for its modern fireplaces that have intricate antique oak designs. They look just like a real fireplace and work just the same as well, putting out incredible heat.  Southern Enterprises markets the Elkmont model as a space heater that can radiate heat quickly. You can adjust the thermostat, timer, logs, and flames for any kind of ambience. There are also other features, such as the mantel which can support up to a 43” TV. There is a also a remote control that comes with child safety locks. The quality and weight of the Elkmont is great for those who want to move around the fireplace from time to time, or who just want to avoid hanging it on the wall.

HomCom creates free-standing electric flame fireplaces that look incredibly real. The design is very compact so you can place it in any room for instant heat. You can place it in the home, garage, or workplace. The log flame effect is pretty lifelike, and you can change the heat functions within the settings menu.  There are also two heat settings with the heater, including 750W and 1500W. You can also use the thermostat to ensure that you get the right temperature. There is a cut off switch to avoid overheating. While the HomCom style isn’t as trendy as the wall-mounted fireplaces, it’s definitely made for convenience. It doesn’t require a whole lot of installation. You simple plug it in and feel the heat.

The top brands for fireplaces are Dimplex and Real Flame. These brands have been working hard to create realistic wood-burning effects with all of their products, and they have created a customer following with the quality of their products. If you are thinking about purchasing from any brand, you should definitely consider the type of electric fireplace you want first and then choose the brand that has the most features within the price range you are looking for.

Where to Buy an Electrical Fireplace?

Finding a fireplace you’ll love means looking at a variety of options, and there are hundreds of ways to go with a flameless fireplace. You can choose any furniture store to look at different pieces with an electric fireplace option, such as media centers, tables, and bedroom furniture.

However, if you want to find the best price and get a fireplace installed for less, then you have a lot of options online.

Shopping online for an electric, wall-mounted fireplace, for example, gives you the ability to compare multiple prices, features, and installation options at once. You can tell the difference in each brand right away, and you also get a firm price on what it would cost to ship and install the fireplace.

In addition, fireplaces can range from being recessed to a portable heater that looks just like a small fireplace. The costs of each type should be assessed before you purchase. You may pay more for a wall-mounted fireplace, but it’s the best value if you are looking for a truly electric, flameless fireplace that has design appeal.

There are also a number of discounts online that you can take advantage of. If you shop on Amazon, you can typically knock about $50 off the price and still get installation options through certain manufacturers, like Dimplex.

Interesting Facts & Advice

With any fireplace that you install in your home, you want to know what makes it cool so you can describe it to people when they come over. Electric fireplaces are certainly a conversation starter because of their unique design and ability to heat without any kind of flame. The best ones even have 3D technology so that you get the most realistic flames possible.

Here are some additional facts about the electric, flameless fireplace:

  • Electric, flameless fireplaces can heat up to 500 square feet.
  • They are 100% gasless and smokeless.
  • They don’t release any pollutants into the air
  • Most electrical fireplaces only need a 120V outlet to operate.
  • It costs about $0.09 per hour to operate them.
  • The first of its kind was an invention in 1912 that was used for theatre productions. However, it was not practical for homes. It was used to light up the theatre stage without the change of fires catching on costumes and curtains.
  • In 1958, the “home of tomorrow” featured a flameless, electric version of a fireplace in a commercial. However, it was still quite expensive to have inside of the home.
  • Dimplex patented the first realistic flame effects to create a true “electric fireplace” in 1995.
  • Modern fireplaces change all the time and get new upgrades. The latest models have 3D realistic flames, sound effects, and lots of different colors to set the ambience.

History of the Electrical Fireplace

image of vintage fireplace designMost people do not realize that the electric version of the fireplace dates all the way back to the early 1900s. At this time, stage productions wanted to move away from real wood-burning fires and needed an inventive way to light the stage that was safe. An electric flame was invented to light up the stage and save theatre productions from costly and deadly fires that had plagued the stage for years.

The light effects from the fake flames seemed real for 1912. The flame effects have continued to be the focus for the fireplace, but it is truly a great heating invention. Even if you love a real fire, the latest models are so realistic that it’s hard not to believe they aren’t the real thing.

The electric fire continued to gain momentum through the early 1900s. It was not until 1958 that a representation of the electric flame fireplace was used in a commercial to promote the “home of tomorrow.” They were still not very practical for most homeowners at this time. Still, architects and designers were looking for ways to inspire innovative spaces and were taking inspiration from what they thought the future would look like.

It was clear that these fireplaces were supposed to have a realistic fireplace look, but they hadn’t quite measured up to the real thing yet. In the 1980s, a fireplace came out with electric flame effects that could be controlled. However, they were not as realistic as the real thing. In addition, the cost of installing a fireplace like this was almost as much as the real thing.

This is when Dimplex came in with its patent. Dimplex is one of the oldest brands for electric flame fireplaces. The company registered the patent for realistic wood-burning effects in 1995 and began to produce electric fireplaces that really looked like the real thing.

Now several brands have joined the game and started to mass produce fireplaces that have realistic flames, wood, crystals, and heat. They also have several different features and touch-screens that let you control all of the different effects.

Figures, Data and Facts About the Electrical Fireplace

Since 1995, Dimplex has led the way in fireplace innovation. There have been all kinds of new styles and most of them are picturesque, wall-mounted heaters that look like they have real flames flickering inside of them.

These fireplace are fun to have in the home, but they also serve as a great design piece.

The amount of fireplaces that are electric being sold in the US has also gone up sharply since 2013. These flameless fireplaces had $159 million in sales in 2013. That has risen to $187 million as of 2017.

Global sales have also risen over the past 10 years. Hearth and Home reported that the number of sales in the UK has risen from 400,000 units to 600,000 units in the early 2000s. However, that number jumped to 2 million units sold in 2012.

The amount of electric fireplaces selling now is more than gas and wood-burning combined. Actually, it’s tripled the sales of other fireplaces combined. This is in part due to the lower cost as more brands have entered the market, as well as the globalization of the product in areas like the UK, Japan, and Australia.

How to Install an Electrical Fireplace

The recessed electric fireplace is one of the most desirable for its design and beauty. You can install a recessed fireplace in your home pretty simply. You do need a few tools, and you might want to get help from a contractor if you need to find the right wall or aren’t sure if the fireplace will fit in the right space. Ideally, if you are hanging near a TV, you should place 30” to 36” below the TV to eliminate any interference from heat output. You also need to check local codes to make sure that you can alter your walls. Obviously, if you live in a rental, you may also want to check with your landlord.

1 Create a Recessed Opening

Touchstone recommends framing the wall first to the size of the electric fireplace and then running receptacles on the inside to remove part of the wall for installation.

2 Hang Fireplace in Opening

Once you have the area framed and removed, you can place the fireplace inside of the opening and screw it into the wall with screws. Some fireplaces come with a wall mount kit so you have all the hardware you need to hang the fireplace correctly.

3 Insert Logs or Crystals

If you purchase a high-quality fireplace, they typically come with realistic logs and crystals that you can place at the bottom of the fireplace. This adds a nice effect once you turn the fireplace on so that the LED flames look more realistic.

4 Attach Glass Front Panel

After you have arranged the logs and crystals inside, you can place the glass panel. You can then use the remote control or settings menu to turn on the flames, heat, or select different colors for the flames.

If you are purchasing a wall-mounted fireplace that doesn’t require a recessed opening, then it’s much simpler to install. You can simply hang on your wall by screwing it in place like you would with a TV mount. Otherwise, you may purchase furniture with a fireplace that doesn’t require any sort of installation at all. You can simply place the furniture and turn on the fireplace afterwards.

Maintenance and Care Tips for Electric Fireplaces

image of Real Flame Crawford Slim Series White Electric FireplaceUnlike real fireplaces, the electric version does not need as much maintenance or care. You don’t have to clean out a chimney, for one. However, all things do get dusty, and you may want to wipe inside with a dust cloth from time to time. You also can use Windex or another glass cleaner for the pane on the front.

Most of these fireplaces use 110V so there are also no batteries to replace, unless you have a remote control. Some fireplaces come with logs and crystals that you can use interchangeably, but you can always choose your own fill for the fireplace if you want to achieve the right look. If using real wood, you should make sure that it is free of any bugs and add a sealant before placing inside of your fireplace.

Useful Accessories for Electric Fireplaces

Most accessories come with the fireplace or can be purchased later. However, the remote control is probably the top accessory for one of these fireplaces. It allows you to stay comfortable while turning on the heat or changing the lights as needed.

Some advanced users of these fireplaces use dimmers, timers, and wall switches to change settings on the fireplaces. This requires some electrical work that you may want to contract for as you will need a permit, depending on the local codes.

You can buy all types of different fake logs and crystals online to place at the bottom of your fireplace as well. These wood logs are safe to use with electrical versions of fireplaces, and the style really depends on the trend that you are looking to go for. In some cases, you may want a birch wood filler or in others, it could be a nice oak. Crystals and stones also have a variety of different colors and textures.

FAQs About Electric Fireplaces

How do the flames in electric fireplace work?

How do the flames in electric fireplace work?

In most cases, the fireplace uses a 3D effect or hologram with LED lights to produce a real flickering flame. Some look more real than others because they have multiple images flickering at the same time to create a true flame. However, others use high resolution videos to display the flame. Most of the holograms and 3D effects are more realistic than the fireplaces using only video. In both cases, you want high resolution effects to get the most crisp flames possible.

Can you change the flame effects?

Can you change the flame effects?

Some manufacturers provide you with a list of settings, so you can change the size, flicker intensity, color, and sounds of the flames. However, these are the more advanced models. You should read specifications and customer reviews before purchasing to see what settings are included. In some cases, you will only be able to turn the flame on or off. If you are able to change the flame colors, you can set the different ambiance for certain rooms or seasons.

Are electrical fireplaces better at heating than real fireplaces?

Are electrical fireplaces better at heating than real fireplaces?

It depends on the heat strength of the unit. In most cases, it’s true that an electric fireplace can easily warm up a space of 500 square feet in shorter amount of time than a real fireplace. This is because real fireplaces often take time to build a flame whereas electric versions just start to heat up as soon as its turned on. This only takes a few seconds to get warm. Most units can put out over 5000 BTUs as well.

Why are some flameless fireplaces more expensive than others?

Why are some flameless fireplaces more expensive than others?

This really depends on the amount of features and design of the fireplace. For those that want a truly pleasing aesthetic with a flat or recessed electric flame heater, the cost will be a bit higher. Typically, these units also have more features and ways to customize your fireplace as well.

Should I buy a wall mounted fireplace or standalone fireplace?

Should I buy a wall mounted fireplace or standalone fireplace?

The wall mounted fireplaces certainly have an impact on the eyes when you first see them. They are sleek and fit flush with the wall. They look incredibly realistic and add a statement to any room. However, you can achieve the same effects with some furniture pieces like media consoles that have electric fireplaces built in. If you are looking for something that is portable and can be moved from room to room, then you may have limited options when it comes to the design of the heater. These are typically smaller units that fit into the corner of a bedroom.

Are there any safety hazards with electric fireplaces?

Are there any safety hazards with electric fireplaces?

The good thing about these fireplaces is that they don’t produce any flames or smoke. They don’t emit soot or embers either. However, since it is still a heater, you don’t want to place near any flammable items. In addition, there are parts of the fireplace that can get very hot to the touch, such as the vents where heat is emitted. In addition, since the fireplace is electric, you should avoid water getting into the appliance as it could cause a fire or other issues. If you do plan on doing any custom electrical installation with the fireplace, then you need to have the right permits. You should check the wiring to make sure that there are no frayed wires or other issues that might cause safety problems in the future.

How much does it cost to run the electric flame fireplace?

How much does it cost to run the electric flame fireplace?

It typically costs about $0.09 per hour to run an electrical fireplace. However, this depends on the brand and type of fireplace. Some have more voltage than others and will cost a bit more. However, it shouldn’t go over $0.15 per hour to run the fireplace.

What types of fireplaces are there?

What types of fireplaces are there?

There are at least four types of electric fireplaces including the following: Wall-Mounted Fireplaces Standalone Fireplaces Fireplace Inserts Small Portable Heaters

What if I already have a fireplace but want to convert it?

What if I already have a fireplace but want to convert it?

You can choose the easy option and go with an electric flame insert. This allows you to close off the fireplace and still get the heat with the insert. You can also close up the fireplace and plaster over it and hang an electric fireplace over it. This all depends on the aesthetic of your future home design.

How much space can an electric fireplace heat?

How much space can an electric fireplace heat?

Most of these fireplaces heat a space of up to 500 square feet. However, some manufacturers claim that it can heat up to a 1,000 square feet. You should read the specifications and tbe BTU output before purchasing depending on the space that you are looking to heat.

Are media consoles with electric fireplaces safe for televisions to place upon?

Are media consoles with electric fireplaces safe for televisions to place upon?

Yes! These fireplaces are designed to work with all of your media and devices. You should check to make sure that it can handle your TV size, however. Some media consoles are not made to support larger televisions that are over 55 inches.

Alternatives to Electric Fireplaces

If you want to get something that is safe and uses less energy without polluting the air, then you definitely want to get an electrical flame fireplace. However, if you think the costs are too high or you’re not sure about hanging one, these are some different options that may be more affordable and easier to place in your home.

Electric Flame Insert
These work just like the electric fireplace except you don’t have a wall mount to hang with. You can simply place inside of a defunct fireplace to achieve the look of a real flame.

Portable Space Heaters
There are a lot of new styles with these heaters that resemble real wood and embers. However, the effects may not look the same as a fireplace.

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