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Best Electric Fireplace Insert 2019 • 8 Electric Fireplace Inserts Reviews

The relaxed setting created with a fireplace is undeniable. However, these heating options do require extensive care. Using an best electric fireplace insert delivers all the benefits without the upkeep demands.

Electric Fireplace Insert Leaderboard 2019

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  PuraFlame 30" Western Electric Fireplace Insert R.W.FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert Flameline Roluxy Electric fireplace Insert Classic Flame 23II042FGL Electric Fireplace Insert e-Flame USA Quebec Electric Fireplace Regal Flame Flat Ventless Heater Electric Fireplace Insert Best Choice Products SKY1826 Embedded Fireplace Electric Insert Giantex Electric Fireplace Insert
Rating 9.90
very good
very good
Amazon rating
4.5 out of 5 stars
542 customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
68 customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
21 customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
78 customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
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268 customer reviews

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Brand PuraFlame R.W.FLAME Flameline Classic Flame e-Flame USA Regal Flame Best Choice Products Giantex
Product Dimensions

34.8 x 27.3 x 12 inches

27 x 9 x 36 inches

30.5 x 9.1 x 24.9 inches

23.6 x 8.5 x 20 inches

30 x 15 x 24 inches

8.5 x 24.5 x 20 inches

21 x 28.5 x 6 inches

28.5 x 5.7 x 21 inches

Item Weight

45.7 pounds

66.4 pounds

56 pounds

17.95 pounds

30.8 pounds

1 pounds

29 pounds

29.5 pounds






Matte Black


1 Flame


Coverage Area

400 square feet

400 square feet.

450 square feet

1000 square feet

400 square feet

450 square feet



Style Name



3D Flame Effect

3D Flame Effect



1 Flame


Material Type

Metal and Tempered Glass

Stainless Steel


Metal 77.3%, Plastic 10.5%, Glass 7.2%, Electronic 5%




Sheet Metal










Remote Control?









Is Assembly Required?









Product Warranty

365 days

365 days

365 days

365 days

365 days

365 days



  • life-like resin logs
  • easy to install
  • amazing temperature controls
  • elegant design
  • energy saver
  • elegant design
  • safety and efficient
  • energy saving
  • sturdy built
  • real life fire
  • energy saving
  • easy to use
  • flexible
  • picturesque beauty
  • safety and efficient
  • eco-friendly
  • energy efficient fireplace
  • sturdy design
  • elegant
  • 3D flame effect technology
  • classic and clean design
  • safety protection
  • energy saving
  • quiet
  • easy to adjust
  • customable digital flames
  • no fire or fumes safety concerns
  • realistic looking flames
  • elegant design
  • safe and efficient to use
  • elegant design
  • study built
  • csa certified
  • energy efficient
  • excellent for homes
  • easy to use
  • work effectively
  • ensure safety
  • energy efficient
  • real glowing frame effect
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What is an Electric Fireplace Insert?

image of electric fireplaces for instant ambience in any roomWhile traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces require utility gas lines or wood for their operation, electric fireplace inserts operate on the power that runs through the building in which they are installed. You have the option to either plug these units into a standard power outlet found near the installation point, opt to have an electrician install a new outlet within a fireplace to plug in the unit or have the heater wired directly into the electrical system for the building by an electrician.

Most electrical fireplace inserts come with a remote control which allows you to turn the heater on or off and control the temperature from anywhere within the room. For hardwired heaters, you will most likely have a power switch similar to the standard light switch found in a building to turn the system on and off as needed. Thermostats can be purchased for electric fireplace inserts to keep the temperature setting constant, turning the heater on and off to accomplish this.

How Does an Electric Fireplace Insert Work?

Electric fireplace inserts are designed to be an alternative to traditional gas or wood-burning fireplaces. Categorized as a heater, these appliances operate by either hardwiring them into the electrical system within the building or plugging the units into a standard power outlet.  Offering a realistic flame display, the fireplace inserts provide the same relaxing ambiance within a room that is obtained when the traditional fireplaces are utilized. How much heat is provided when powering on the electric insert heater and the specific manner in which they are installed depends on the type of unit you opt for. This will include either fan-forced coil heating, quartz infrared heating, or ceramic heater models.

Fan-Forced Coil Heaters

With fan-forced coil heaters, a fan pushes air across heated coils installed in the unit. This heated air is then forced out through a vent which is built into the top, bottom, or in front of the heater insert. It is necessary to position the vent of fan-forced coil heaters at least 3 feet in distance from any materials that are considered to be combustible. These materials include furniture, carpet, or curtains found throughout the room. Fan-forced coil heaters do have the capability to provide enough heat for 400-500-square-foot spaces.

Quartz Infrared Heaters

Quartz infrared heating fireplace inserts use invisible rays that are given off from the unit to heat objects positions within a certain space instead of directly heating the air. This warming pattern is what creates the heated feel within the room. An energy efficient means for obtaining heating, these units are cable of providing supplemental heat for rooms up to 1,000-square-foot.

Ceramic Heaters

With advancements that are taking place in technology, the use of ceramic heating for fireplace inserts is a new concept. These heating systems are in all actuality convection heaters that are installed in the fireplace insert. Heat is created by ceramic plates combined with aluminum baffles installed within the unit. As the electricity passes through the internal ceramic components, it is heated. The aluminum baffles absorb the heated air and are pushed out of the insert by a fan. Considered to be the most energy-efficient option available for electric fireplace inserts, the ceramic heating units do maintain a cool exterior allowing for a safer form of operating.

Advantages and Applications

Electric fireplace inserts offer a wide range of benefits while fulfilling many purposes. Considered to be a home appliance, these products are offered in various design options to accommodate the vast expectations people have for their fireplace inserts.

Whether selecting these alternative heating products as a means to decrease high energy costs or installing a fireplace insert for is a calming appeal, there are no right or wrong reasons for selecting the design that delivers the most benefits and purposes for your home or business facilities.

Minimal maintenance

When compared to standard fireplaces, the use of an electric insert fireplace means no ash or soot to clean up. You only need to keep the glass and exterior of the insert free of dust or fingerprints to enjoy the appeal that these heaters have to offer.

Energy efficient

Through electric fireplace insert testing, experts have proven that these systems only require a minimal amount of electricity for operation. This converts to just a few cents in utility costs per hour compared to the amount of money that is spent on fuel, maintenance, wood, and other such costs for other types of fireplace systems. The average range for operation is broken down to $0.03-$0.06 cents when running just the flame, $0.12-$0.14 when operating a fan-forced heater, and $0.12-$0.16 for operating an infrared heater.


The average costs for electric insert fireplaces range between $150-$400 depending on the model and size you choose. This is a more affordable option when compared to other types of fireplaces and inserts that exist. Especially when factoring in the cost of contractors to install the systems and ventilation that is necessary for the operation of the systems.

No fumes

Electric fireplace inserts have no fumes that are given off during use. This protects furniture, carpet, and drapery from holding in the strong odors that are produced during the use of wood burning and gas burning fireplaces. This advantage also makes the electric inserts ideal for use in homes with people that suffer from allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments.

Long product life

Through testing in 2018, electric fireplace inserts have been found to last an average of 10-20 years. This is dependent on the manner in which they are used, the type of heating unit that is purchased, and the type of care that is put into upkeeping the system. Most manufacturers do place a warranty on their products for a 1 to 10-year duration.

Simple installation

From package to operation, an electric fireplace unit can be set up and powered on within a short duration of time. Whether installing the heating unit in a cabinet, existing fireplace, or prepared wall slot, you simply plug in the insert and ensure it is secured properly. From this point, you can power the system on and begin enjoying the flicker of the flame and comfortable heat that is emitted from the unit.

Wide assortment of designs

You never have to settle for a mediocre design when selecting your electric insert fireplace. There are many options to choose from that give you the freedom to compliment the theme within a room or to accommodate for the space you have to work with. These available design options make it possible to enjoy the benefits of having a fireplace in spaces that this was once unavailable, such as an apartment or temporary home setting.

Safe alternative heating option

When using an electric insert heating system, you will experience a safe alternative to the standard wood burning and gas-powered fireplaces. While it is necessary to provide a 3-foot clearance around fan-forced heating units, you will find these inserts to be more controllable without the risk of ash or spark discharges keeping you on edge.

Year-round usability

With you having the ability to control the amount of heat given off from the electric fireplace heating inserts, you are able to enjoy these units throughout the year regardless of the outside temperatures. You can set a thermostat and monitor the heat manually or turn the heat on to ward off chills even on a cooler fall evening. No preparations are necessary between uses to ensure safe operation when you do choose to power the fireplace insert on.


The calming effects of a crackling fire in a hearth are undeniable. This setting provides a comforting and welcoming atmosphere. Through the availability of electric fireplace inserts, this type of ambiance can be experienced even in smaller settings such as apartments. Knowing that there is ease of maintenance and upkeep provides the capabilities for everyone to enjoy the heating unit that they select.

What types of electric fireplace inserts are there?

There are three main types of electric fireplace inserts you can choose to install in your home. These include log set inserts, built-in inserts, and plug-in inserts. To give you more options, you can choose these types of products in either a fan-forced or infrared heating model.

Log Set Inserts

image of Electric Fireplace Log Inserts Electric The log set inserts have a 3D log design that is situated on a base and utilizes a rear projector to display the flame effect. Depending on the specific insert you select, this projected flame will show on the back wall of the fireplace or have its own built-in back plate where the realistic flame will appear. Most log set inserts are fan-forced heaters which give the warmth that is felt throughout the area. This type of unit will heat up to 400-square-foot of space. All of these units do come with a hand-held remote which gives you the convenience of powering the fireplace on or changing the settings from any area throughout the room.

Once you have placed the log set insert into position, you will need to plug the unit into a power source. This is often a nearby electrical outlet within a close proximity to the fireplace. Unfortunately, this setup does allow for the power cord to be seen. You do have the ability to have a professional electrician install an electrical outlet into the fireplace that can prevent this from occurring. However, this will cost you an additional amount of money for the setup you are seeking.

Built-In Inserts

image of Built in Electric Fireplace InsertsBuilt-in inserts are designed to specifically be placed in permanent setting such as a standing fireplace or wall. You have the freedom to choose between having the unit hardwired into your existing electrical system and operate the heater with a wall mounted switch, or plug the unit into a power outlet already installed nearby. The 110-volt heating unit will provide you with up to 400-square-foot, or 4,600 BTUs of heat, while a 220-volt system provides up to 800-square-foot, or 9,600 BTUs of heat for the room. With the fully encased glass front that is featured on the built-in inserts, you have the ability to enjoy either a traditional log set or modern glass ember bed flame display for a cozy feel throughout the room.

The built-in fireplace inserts are pricier than the other options available. These are more complex when it comes to installation as well. It is recommended that you hire a professional electrician or contractor to complete installation of these systems to ensure that they are safe to operate and no damage is encountered to the unit during the install process.

Plug-In Inserts

image of plug in electric fireplace With a plug-in insert you have the versatility of installing the heating unit into a cabinet, mantel or existing fireplace. Often referred to as a firebox, an electric plug-in insert does provide heat to the room which is given off at a vent point located at the top of the unit. If you choose a fan-forced heating unit you will be able to heat up to 400-square-foot of space, while an infrared heating system will give you the ability to heat up to 1,000-square foot. This should be a factor that is taken into consideration when you are shopping around for your electric fireplace insert. Plug-in inserts do require a standard power outlet for operation. Although, people that have limited space to work with such as a temporary apartment setting enjoy the easy that is offered for moving the units around.

Plug-in inserts have a screen similar to that of a television which allows you to enjoy the soft flicker of the displayed flame. However, some people feel this type of heating insert doesn't offer the same realistic ambiance as what is experienced with log set or built-in inserts. You must also position the plug-in inserts in a fashion that allows for easy access to a power outlet when planning out the positioning of the unit.

Electric Fireplace Inserts: The Testing Process

The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has set strict regulations for testing electric fireplace inserts. These products are required to undergo testing mandated by the manufacturers. The testing requires that electric fireplace insert testing in 2018 be carried out in independent certified laboratories by professionals that have expert knowledge of these products.

The heater units must pass safety testing on their heat discharge. The appropriate ventilation must be provided for the units to ensure that combustion doesn't occur during or in between operations. The amount of heat discharge given off by the system based on its power supply is monitored and recorded. This is often limited to a 110-volt and 220-volt unit.

The manufacturer is required by federal regulations and bylaws to inform their consumers of any safety-related tips or recommendations on the placement of the insert units. This is designed to ensure that the heating units are positioned far enough away from surrounding surfaces whereas they are not considered to be a fire hazard when in operation. Safety features are to be provided to allow for shut-offs in cases of emergency or emergency preparedness when utilizing the products within a home or business facility.

Electrical shock factors are addressed and tested for installation procedures. The recommendations and installation instructions are created based on this data. All test findings are recorded for the electric fireplace inserts and kept on file at the U.S Consumer Products Commission headquarters for inspection by the customers for no less than 7 years.

What should I pay attention to when buying an electric fireplace insert?

While electric fireplace heating inserts provide a wide range of benefits, there are some factors that should be considered to reap these rewards. These factors include the size of the insert, the heat output of the unit, and the ability to accommodate the unit.

Insert Size

Inserts come in a wide range of sizes. These sizes allow for use in smaller settings as well as larger rooms. It is important when shopping around for an insert that you keep the space you have to work with in mind. Getting proper measurements of the area in which the fireplace insert is to be installed gives you a better understanding of the size of the insert that will work best for your satisfaction as well as the atmosphere you are trying to create.

Heat Output

One of the major factors that are recorded through fireplace insert testing is the amount of heat that these units provide. The space in which the insert unit will be placed should be adequately sized to accommodate the heat output. Fan-forced heating units provide enough output to heat a space up to 400-square-foot in size. Infrared heating systems provide as much heat output to keep a space up to 1,000-square-foot at a comfortable temperature. Knowing the size of the room in which you wish to heat with the fireplace insert will direct you as to which type of heating system you will want to install in your home.

Electrical Hookup

With electric fireplace inserts you have the option to plug the unit into a standard power outlet or hire an electrician to connect the unit directly to the power system within the building. While utilizing the convenience to simply plug the fireplace heating system into the outlet is easy enough for anyone to handle, choosing the option to hardwire the unit will cost more with the need for enlisting the help of a professional contractor. This will also require the need for accommodating an extra circuit breaker at the electrical box. However, if you want the appeal of not seeing power cords this is definitely the way you will want to go. Not all system are able to be hardwired and should be excluded from your options when shopping around.

Safety Aspects

As manufacturers begin pushing out fireplace inserts based on the expectations of their customers' design requirements, it is important to remember that these units are still heating systems all the same. Avoiding placement around curtains, carpeting, or furniture is mandatory to prevent fire hazards within the building when the fireplace is powered on. If you don't have the ability to provide a 3-foot clearance in each direction, you will not want to place the fireplace insert in this area.

Leading Manufacturers

  • SEI (Southern Enterprises Incorporated)
  • Classic Flame
  • Dimplex
  • Amantii
  • Empire
  • Napoleon
  • Kingsman

Southern Enterprises, Inc. is family owned and operated company located in Dallas, TX.  The company has been designing and crafting fine quality furniture for creating comfortable, beautiful home settings since 1975. You will find a wide array of wall-mounted and mantel mounted fireplace inserts branded by this company, as well as elegant mantels and stands for housing the units.

Classic Flame is a leading fireplace insert manufacturing company. This company believes everyone should have access to the products that are designed to warm the heart and home.  Crafting their products based on technological breakthroughs and durability, you will find inserts with built-in features such as 3D flame effect, panoramic 3-sided fireplace inserts, Safer Sensor fire prevention features, and units with realistic sound.

Founded in 1973 in Dublin, Ireland, Dimplex is a well-known company that focuses on creating heating products for residential, commercial, and industrial needs.  Among the wide collection of cutting-edge designs and technologies used for creating their electric fireplace inserts and media cabinets, Dimplex works diligently to ensure that their customers never feel limited by the options they have. The company's brands include Electromode, Chromalox, Sentinel, and Westcan.

Amantii focuses on providing their customers with contemporary designs when it comes to the electric fireplace inserts they build.  These units feature panoramic viewing, Tru-View technology, wall mounted and flush mounted styles, zero-clearance capabilities, and safety features galore. Many of the insert models offered by Amantii are accompanied with remote controls for convenient operation. Their easy installation capabilities make Amantii the desired brand for the homeowner as well as builders and contractors around the country.

Empire Comfort Systems is an American based company that was founded in 1932.  This company manufactures and distributes refactory and ceramic fiber log inserts as well as traditional fireplace designs branded under the names of White Mountain Hearth and American Hearth. The company works diligently to ensure their designs meet the highest level of standards and expectations out there.

First established in 1976, Napoleon utilizes the latest in technology and decorative designs in creating their fireplace inserts.  This Canadian company distributes their log insert sets and electric inserts throughout the United States and Canada. You will also find their mantels to accommodate their fireplace inserts in a wide range of designs and styles to suit your needs.

Kingsman first began crafting wood-burning stoves in 1976. By 1983, the company shifted their focus to fireplaces of all shapes and sizes. Today, you will find the different options of electric fireplace inserts produced and distributed by the company to be accommodating for all types of environments. The company has received numerous awards and recognition for their focus on exceeding the highest expectations within the industry as well as the satisfaction of their customers.

Internet vs Retail Trade: Where do I buy my electric fireplace insert best?

When shopping around for electric fireplace inserts for the home or your business you will find a variety of retail home goods shops and appliance stores that sell these products. Walking into these stores provides you with the opportunity to see the different models made available in person before installing them in your home. However, this doesn't always deliver a true visual idea as the retailer has the ability to stage the scene according to the aesthetics that sell. Many of these shops also focus on just a few different brands that they have agreed to promote within their stores. This limits your options, leading you to settle with the products that are in front of you instead of the fireplace insert that will best meet your expectations and needs.

Conducting an Internet search will present you with a broader range of models in fireplace inserts that are out there. You will be able to shop directly from manufacturers' websites or find discount sites that can get you the inserts you will need. Many times when you require a special size to accommodate the heating output or space you have to work with, you can simply type in the information and locate suitable models within just seconds. The Internet has made it possible to make product comparisons from any Internet-capable device with just a touch of a button. While you cannot take the products home with you immediately, the companies online often will offer the ability to ship to a store location for pickup within either a few days or as little as a couple hours.

When comparing the pros and cons of Internet and retail trade shopping options, the Internet comes out a clear winner. You never have to settle for mediocre products and designs that are in front of you.

You can communicate with the merchants to ask any questions or have your concerns addressed quickly. You will also be provided with clear instructions as to what installation needs must be handled prior to enjoying the benefits of your new fireplace insert in your home or business.

Interesting Facts and Advice

image of Landscape Series Linear Electric FireplaceThe concept of the electric fireplace first began as just a theater prop without ever being actually considered as a source of heat for the home. Set designers worked diligently to find a way to recreate a realistic scene onstage that would draw the crowds into the storylines. This was difficult when many of the plays called for a fireplace scene, leaving the set designers with only props made of little more than paper, cardboard, and wood. Working with fireplace manufacturers, the concept of a portable fireplace that could operate on electricity was born. Dimplex going to more extensive lengths to create a realistic flame made the idea even better and caught on quickly.

Today, people are utilizing the natural aesthetics offered by the placement of a fireplace in a room to create an inviting atmosphere. You will even find that many homes that are being sold feature electric fireplace inserts to give that comfortable and relaxed setting that works well for selling homes. While the electric fireplace inserts are portable and will not stay in the home once it is sold, the buyers of these buildings can envision the possibilities without ever realizing the power these alternative heaters have over their decision making. In fact, by simply placing an electric fireplace insert in a home, the value of the property has been known to increase as much as $1,400. This is based on the average asking and selling price difference that realtors have reported for this staging technique.

Another common misconception people often have is the idea that electric fireplace inserts are classified as a space heater. Through testing and reviews, experts have found that this is in no way factual. While electric fireplace inserts are alternative heaters that can be utilized as a heating source, they are more often thought to be freestanding heat stoves.

The History of the Electric Insert Fireplace

image of Medieval Kitchen FireplaceWhile the history of the fire has taken many twists and turns throughout the ages, there is no denying the importance it has played on the survival of humans throughout time. However, the history of the fireplace is another story. Researchers have dated them back to around 500 B.C. when the Celts dug holes in the middle of their small huts to house the fireplace. A small hole was left in the center of the roof for the hut that allowed the smoke to escape from. These fires were used for warming the hut as well as cooking meals for the family and village people.

The concept of placing a hearth fireplace complete with a mortar chimney began in 1066 A.D. to accommodate the heating needs in a larger style home. This provided the means for placing a fireplace on each floor of the home and venting the smoke outward. In the beginning of the 1900s as coal burners and furnaces for the home began to make their debut, the fireplace was used less as the sole heating source for the home. It was at this time when the fireplace began to be more of an aesthetic focal point and more time was spent on the intricate detailing of these features.

In 1995, Dimplex created the first electric fireplace model. The company invested time and money into producing a realistic electric flame that simulated the look and feel of a true wood burning fireplace. This allowed people to enjoy the same comfort and alternative heating options that a wood-burning fireplace had to offer. With the advancements in technology that were taking place, Dimplex, as well as other manufacturing companies, started to design fireplace inserts for those that couldn't enjoy the benefits of a large hearth fireplace in their homes or businesses. Thought of as a firebox due to their compact size, the electric fireplace inserts began to pop up everywhere, from businesses to apartment buildings these appliances helped to lower heating costs and increased the values of the properties in which they were installed.

Figures, data and facts about the electric insert fireplace

A major consideration for people that wish to invest in electric fireplace inserts is the energy efficiency these alternative heating appliances provide. While gas burning fireplace inserts cost an average of 20-cents per hour to operate, an electric model averages only 8-14 cents. With the ability to operate just the flame effect for the electric models, the cost to gain this setting in the home is just 3 cents per hour.

People often wonder if the costs are different to operate electric fireplace inserts via a standard 110V power outlet compared to hardwiring their unit into the electrical system for the home. The answer is no. The average cost is estimated based on the output of heat that the appliance delivers. A fan-forced heating unit provides up to 4,600 BTUs which equates to enough heat for 400 square feet of space. A coil infrared heating system delivers 9,600 BTUs of heat, which provides enough heat for as much as 800 square feet of space. The main difference is the electrical needs for each of these types of units.

A fan-forced heating unit can be operated by a standard 120V outlet, whereas an infrared heating unit that puts out more heat requires the need for a 220V power source. While electric fireplace inserts that utilize ceramic heaters are a newer concept, researchers have found these systems to deliver on average 5,000 BTUs of energy. This provides enough heat to cover as much as 1,500 square feet. However, it is important to note that these designs are still considered to be within their experimental phase, with many manufacturers testing their designs currently.

Install an Electric Fireplace Insert Correctly in 4 Steps

1 Unpack the fireplace insert completely and read all instruction manuals.

While these inserts are often packaged intact, there are some models of fireplace inserts that will require minimal assembly before it can be installed. Unpackaging the entire insert gives you a visual understanding of the various components that are explained in the owner's manual. Read the owner's manual thoroughly so you understand the specifics that each manufacturer has placed on their unit. This will also provide an easier installation experience should troubleshooting needs arise during set up.

2 Insert the unit in place.Position your fireplace insert into place.

This may be a cabinet, wall, mantel or existing hearth. Make sure that the unit is stable so that problems will not occur later that will affect the benefits that this type of heating unit has to offer.

3 Plug the fireplace insert into an electrical outlet.

Most electric fireplace heating units have a standard power plug attached to the system for operation. While many different designs give you the freedom to hardwire the insert into the electrical system for the building, the power cord option is by far the quickest and most convenient option. It is important to note that to ensure there is no power overload to the outlet, the electric fireplace unit should be the only appliance powered at this point. You should never use extension cords or socket converters for the fireplace as this can cause damage to the outlet as well as the electrical components installed in the insert.

4 Install trimming when applicable.

If your fireplace insert includes a trim kit, you will want to install it according to the manufacturer's instructions. These kits help to stabilize the insert and offer protection from damage due to teetering. The trim kits add detailing and appeal to the fireplace insert as well.

Top 10 Tips for Maintaining Your Electric Fireplace Unit

1 Keep combustible materials away from air vents. Furniture, carpet, rugs, and curtains can affect proper intake air from reaching the heating point inside of the fireplace insert. This will ultimately affect the output of heat from the unit or cause the combustible material to ignite from the heat that is released from the vents.

2 Inspect the cord for the fireplace insert frequently. Frayed or damaged power cords for the electric insert fireplace can cause the system to malfunction or not operate at all. Inspecting the cord for damage gives you the ability to prevent power shortages or fires from occurring.

3 Avoid overpowering the fireplace insert outlet. It is important to create a setup that allows for the electric insert fireplace to be the only appliance powered by an outlet. This reduces the likelihood that there will be a power shortage from occurring as the outlet only has the ability to provide a limited amount of amperage.

4 Clean the heater regularly. Removing dirt from the fireplace unit will be more appealing and ensure that the risk of the debris and dust igniting is decreased. It will also prevent unnecessary wear on the various components required for the heating system such as the fan and coils.

5 Prevent accidents and injuries with a fireplace screen. Placing a fireplace screen in front of the insert puts distance between hands that can get burned when placing them on a fireplace unit that is in use. It can also provide protection from broken glass should trips or falls occur.

6 Inspect circuit breakers for hardwired inserts. If you have chosen to hardwire your fireplace insert into your building's power system, it is important to ensure that the breaker is working properly. This can go a long way in the prevention of circuit overpowering or tripping as well as unnecessary fire risks in the home.

7 Install and inspect thermostats regularly. To gain control over the temperature that is provided by the fireplace heater you can choose to have a thermostat connected to the unit. These devices will attach easily to the wall and can be monitored or set to your desired temperature. Inspect the thermostat regularly to ensure that it is keeping the desired setting.

8 Check the fireplace insert support. This can include the mantel, cabinet, or trim that holds the fireplace insert steady. Inspecting the support offers added comfort that the heater unit is stable while in use and will not fall from position or come into contact with combustible surrounding features.

9 Avoid the use of chemicals while cleaning. Do not spray cleaning chemicals onto the fireplace unit to remove dust, debris, or fingerprints. These chemicals can be flammable, causing the heater to ignite the fumes that are left behind.

10 Inspect the glass of the fireplace insert often. Any chips, cracks, or other damage noticed within the glass encasement of a unit can be harmful as the heater is operated. This glass can expand when heated causing the risk of cuts to people or animals sharing the space.

Useful accessories

There are many accessories which are manufactured for electric fireplace inserts. These products are designed to provide you with conveniences, decorating capabilities, and deliver a safer user experience when you have your insert installed. These useful accessories include:

Fireplace screens

While fireplace screens come in a wide range of decorative designs, these products also provide a certain level of safety when placed in front of the fireplace insert. These screens offer some protection from burns by decreasing the likelihood that hands or objects come into contact with the hot unit. They also help to protect the glass of the insert by providing a barrier.

Framing kits

Framing kits give you the freedom to dress up the space around your fireplace insert. These kits are crafted from materials such as metal or wood, creating a decorative touch to the surrounding area. The frames also keep the insert snug in place.


Mantels provide the aesthetics of a traditional fireplace. These decorative accents fit around built-in or plug-in inserts and are sold in a variety of styles to compliment the unit. Mantels can be installed on most walls and do not require chimney access for a completed fireplace appeal.

Fireplace tool sets

While you do not need to provide the same level of cleaning and maintenance for an electric fireplace insert, adding a fireplace tool set gives these appliances a true look and feel of the traditional setup. Fireplace tool sets are available in different types of metal finishes and bring various focal points together within the room.


Installing a wall mounted thermostat for electric fireplace inserts allows you to control the temperature of these heating appliances. Simply set the thermostat to your desired heat setting and the heater will turn on and off to keep the room at the desired temperature all day and night long for you.

Fire crackling sound systems

Capture the real feel of an authentic fireplace by utilizing a fire crackling sound system within the room. These systems are easily set up around the fireplace and offer a soothing sound that is calm and relaxing.

Converter outlets

Converter outlets give you the ability to transition a hardwired built-in insert into a plug-in model. These converter outlets save you from having to hire an electrical specialist to complete installation services and give you the freedom to move the unit from one location to another should the need be encountered.


What size fireplace insert do I need?

What size fireplace insert do I need?

There are two different methods for determining the right size fireplace insert to meet your needs. You will want to consider the fact that forced fan fireplace inserts provide heat for up to 400-square-foot areas while infrared heating units can supply heat for around 1,000 to 1,500-square-foot spaces. You will also need to measure the location of the area in which the insert will be placed to ensure proper fitting without customization needs.

Are electric fireplace inserts safe to use?

Are electric fireplace inserts safe to use?

Electric fireplace inserts go through strict tests to ensure they meet federal regulations and standards. The manufacturer places recommendations and caution warnings on the products which coincide with installation instructions. Following these instructions carefully and taking any necessary precautions suggested will ensure a safe experience while utilizing these heating products.

Are electric fireplace inserts energy efficient?

Are electric fireplace inserts energy efficient?

Yes, electric fireplace inserts are energy efficient. These heating systems save more money than gas-powered or wood-burning fireplaces when it comes to supplying power or cleaning and maintenance needs.

How do you clean electric fireplace inserts?

How do you clean electric fireplace inserts?

The electric fireplace inserts have minimal cleaning needs. You will simply need to remove the dust on the interior of the unit using a clean, dry microfiber cloth. You will want to remove dust from media including logs or glass that is located inside of the fireplace unit also.

Do electric fireplace inserts give off heat?

Do electric fireplace inserts give off heat?

Yes, electric fireplace inserts are heaters and should be treated as such. The amount of heat that these units give off depends on the type of insert it is. Electric fireplace inserts range in their heating power, providing heat for spaces from 400-square-foot up to 1,500-square-foot in size.

How do you wire electric fireplace inserts?

How do you wire electric fireplace inserts?

The way in which the electric fireplace inserts are wired depends on the specific model you select. Log set and plug-in inserts are designed to simply plug into an existing power outlet located closely in range to the unit. Built-in inserts can either be hardwired into the building's electrical system and controlled with a switch or plugged in depending on the unit specifications and your desired powering option.

How do you measure for electric fireplace inserts?

How do you measure for electric fireplace inserts?

To measure a space for the electric fireplace inserts you wish to install, you will want to measure the entire opening for the cabinet, mantel, fireplace, or wall space. Measure both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. You will also want to measure the depth of the space you are working with, making sure you include the length to the nearest outlet source for plugging the unit in.

What are the best electric fireplace inserts for me?

What are the best electric fireplace inserts for me?

The best electric fireplace unit for you would be one that fits the space you have available for installation. You will want to take into consideration the size of the space you wish to heat as well as the type of setup that would meet your expectations for creating the feel in the room.

How do you repair electric fireplace inserts?

How do you repair electric fireplace inserts?

Electric fireplace inserts are in actuality heating units for the home. These systems are regulated in accordance with strict standards and recommendations for the safety and well-being of those that use them. For this purpose, it is recommended that you have your fireplace insert inspected and repaired by a reputable, knowledgeable contractor that works with these types of home heating appliances.

Do you need a contractor to install electric fireplace inserts?

Do you need a contractor to install electric fireplace inserts?

Most electric fireplace inserts require minimal effort for installation. However, if you want to install a built-in insert or wish to have additional electrical outlets installed for the placement of a fireplace insert, it is best to hire a contractor to handle the installation needs. You will also want to hire an electrical professional if you plan to hard-wire the unit into an existing electrical system for the building.

Alternatives to Electric Fireplace Inserts

image of Pellet Stove When considering the addition of a fireplace insert to your home or business setting, electric is just one of the options offered. While an electric fireplace insert is often considered the most energy-efficient and convenient options available there are other choices you do have. These alternative heating appliances are also available in gas and wood burning options as well as pellet stoves. Knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each option gives you the capability to make the most informed decision when shopping around for your next fireplace insert.

Gas-Burning Fireplace Inserts

With gas-burning fireplace inserts, you hook the firebox into a natural gas outlet for the building. These units come with a remote control that gives you the capability to operate the temperature and power with just a push of a button. You do have the convenience of hardwiring a thermostat to the gas-burning fireplace insert and installing it to the wall. There is no need to haul pellets or split wood to a specific size to accommodate the heat chamber. Gas-burning fireplace inserts are one of the costlier options out there, requiring constant maintenance and upkeep to ensure the components are in optimal working order. This type of fireplace insert does require professional services for installation to ensure a safe operation.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood-burning fireplace inserts are easy to find. These heating units operate through the use of burning wooden logs inside of the insert chamber. Ventilation through a chimney system is necessary and a special liner must be installed for safe and proper operation. No electricity is necessary to operate the wood-burning fireplace inserts, making these options a good choice should you experience power outages during colder seasons. The actual cost of wood is often on the rise, causing an experience operation later in the seasons. The size of the logs that can be burned within this type of fireplace insert depends on the opening within the chamber. You can find this information in the owner's manual for the heating appliance itself.

Pellet Stoves

When trying to select the most efficient and eco-friendly option, pellet stoves are the way to go. These alternative heating furnaces operate by feeding the pellets through the back of the stove and having them fed to the fire with the use of an auger system. For the overall operation, it is necessary to utilize electricity to run the auger. Many models have a backup battery power pack that will ensure continuous operation even in the event of a power outage. Unlike the fireplace inserts, you are not provided with calm and comfortable flame display to cuddle up to. When compared to the wood-burning fireplace inserts, you do not have the option to choose scented wood types to experiment with. However, you do have the peace of mind knowing that you will get a continuous heating source to keep the home warm throughout even the coldest seasons.

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