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Hobie i11S Inflatable Kayak review 2020

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Hobie is another brand that is well-known in the world of water craft and manufacture a line of inflatable kayaks known as the Mirage Inflatable Pedal Kayaks. Hobie has been in the business of manufacturing water craft since 1950 and is based in the sunny state of California.

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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions :

    135 x 39 x 18 inches

  • Item Weight :

    30 pounds

  • Inflated Size :

    11 lw

  • Persons Capactiy :


  • Weight Capacity :

    181 pounds

  • Accessories:

    twist and stow oar

  • Oar inclusive?:


  • Hand Pump inclusive?:


  • Repair Kit inclusive?:


  • Warranty:


  • one seater
  • hands-free kayak
  • light weight
  • plastic rudders
  • easy to use


  • small seats
  • tight oars
  • missing instruction manual
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Hobie was founded by Hobie Alter in his parents’ garage. Hobie loved woodworking but decided that he wanted to apply his skills to making high-quality water craft. After a few years of working from his parents’ garage, Hobie opened up his first surf shop in Dana Point, California. He and his friend Gordon “Grubby” Clark started coming up with new ideas for materials to use and designs to try out, which led to them inventing the polyurethane foam surfboard.

image of Hobie Mirage i9S (Single 9') Sundance

When surfing became a big hit in the 1960’s, Hobie was busy catering to a long line of professional surfers. By the later part of that decade, however, Hobie ventured into manufacturing boats, the first of which was a derivative of the twin-hulled Polynesian catamaran. These boats were deemed the Hobie Cat and quickly became popularsellers on the boating market.

Since then, Hobie has manufactured an impressive array of water craft, including their line-up of Mirage inflatables. While there are only four inflatable kayak models to choose from, each one offers something a little bit different.

Mirage i9s

The first in Hobie’s line-up is the inflatable kayak known as the Mirage i9s. This kayak seats just one person and has a weight carrying capacity of 325 pounds. Its fitted hull weight is a svelte 41 pounds, and its fully rigged weight sits right at 70 pounds.

It is powered by the MirageDrive 180, which makes paddling easier than ever before. There is also a drop stitch floor which gives the craft a higher inflation pressure. It also makes the kayak much more stable and gives it a nice performance boost. The Mirage i9s comes with a portable storage bag, which makes it easy to lug the folded craft around when you are traveling. It is also relatively small and easy to store.

Mirage i11S

image of Mirage i9S Inflatable Kayaks

The next model up in Hobie’s line-up is the Mirage i11S. This inflatable kayak has an extremely adjustable seating system, and the fingertip controls for the twist and stow rudder are also easy to use. This model can only hold one passenger but has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds. The design is lightweight, with the fitted hull weighing in at 35.5 pounds and the fully rigged weight coming in at 64.5 pounds. As with the Mirage i9s, the i11S is constructed from 1000 Denier PVC and is therefore considered to be quite durable. There are also two different color options to choose from: the mango/slate or the moss/smoke. Also, the i11S is powered by the MirageDrive 180, has the same drop stitch floor, and comes with a carrying case that makes storage easier and more effective.

Mirage i12s

The third model in Hobie’s line-up is the Mirage i12s. This kayak is similar to the other two models, but it is slightly bigger (as the 12 in its name denotes the fact that it is 12 feet in length) and has a higher carrying capacity weight of 500 pounds. It also weighs a bit more. The fitted hull weight is 53.5 pounds while, fully rigged, this vessel weighs in at 82.4 pounds. Of course, this is still considered to be a lightweight craft. There is an integrated rudder system that allows for either right- or left-handed steering, and there is a sail mount if you want to hoist the sail and cruise.

The Mirage i12s comes with a huge cargo area that is equipped with bungee cords to help keep items tied down in a secure fashion.

Options that can be added onto the Mirage i12s include the Hobie evolve electric motor kit (which runs very quietly), a sail kit, and a cart you can use for toting the folded-up kayak to and from the waterfront.

Mirage i14T

image of Hobie Mirage i14T Kayak 2017 - 14ft/Mango-SlateFinally, there is the Mirage i14T. This inflatable model can hold up to two people and has a carrying capacity weight of 550 pounds. fully rigged, this vessel weighs in at just over 111 pounds. It is 14 feet long and 36 inches wide. It features two Hobie MirageDrives that are equipped with ST Bluefins and Glide Technology. There is also a rather large twist and stow rudder, carrying handles for ease of transport, a hand pump, a sail mount, and two four-piece paddles that come with aluminum shafts. You can also opt for the cart, the sail kit, and the Hobie evolve electric motor kit for an improved performance.

Overall, Hobie’s inflatable models seem to be popular purchases even though their prices tend to range on the higher end of the scale. Some of the models range over $2,000, and they only come with two-year warranties that do not cover running into things in the water, typical wear and tear, or being improperly stored.


However, since these kayaks double over as paddle boards, they have a lot of appeal to people who want to get multiple uses out of them on relatively calm water surfaces. This makes them the most ideal for use on small lakes. With plenty of room for cargo behind the seat, you can load up your camping or fishing gear and go for a fun adventure.

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6.95 (good) Inflatable Kayak

Conclusion: Hobie Mirage Inflatable Kayak is a fun craft on inland lakes.

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