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Golf Rangefinder Without Slope

Golf Rangefinder Without Slope or with slop: what’s the best choice? These types of rangefinders measure elevation on the green so that you can make shots that are trickier because of trajectory.

This is a common debate among all golfers. For those who play tournaments, golf rangefinders with scopes are not allowed, as it is considered a way to “cheat.” However, rangefinders include slope features that can be toggled on or off and have different modes, so you don’t have to worry about using it all of the time.

Golf Rangefinder Without Slope is Best

Golf Rangefinder Without Slope ReviewHowever, some rangefinders with slope features are illegal to use in different tournaments. You should check with your caddy before using a rangefinder that may be prohibited. PGA tournaments specifically do not allow the use of rangefinders with scopes during play. However, you may be able to use one during practice to map the course beforehand. Most caddies will be able to do this using a laser rangefinder with slope feature, noting the differences in elevation at each hole, as well as any hazards in the way.

Mostly slope tracking helps with picking out a club and knowing the type of shot for each elevation. However, it can be tricky to use a slop feature, as they are not always accurate and can have mishaps of 10 feet or greater in miscalculated distance to the hole.

What does the slope feature do? Most of the standard rangefinders on the market today don’t have a slope finder. This is because the rangefinder assumes that you are pointing at a target that is level with your position.

This means that you are not in an uphill or downhill shot. However, if you are uphill, your shot will likely travel shorter than when on a level targeting field because the ball has decreased time to get to the target before it hits the ground.

How to Use Golf Rangefinder Without Slope?

Use Golf Rangefinder Without SlopeSome golfers use the slope feature in practice because it helps with club selection for difficult uphill and downhill shots. It’s useful only in the beginning, and once you get the hang of understanding slope as well as your clubs, then it’s less difficult to find the right club and make the shot.

If you do play tournament style golf, then you will likely never be able to use a slope feature in a game. While rangefinders weren’t even allowed until very recently, the latest rangefinders for tournaments aren’t allowed to have slope features installed anyway.

However, if you decide to buy a Golf Rangefinder Without Slope, then you will be able to get the real distance to your target whether you are level, uphill, or downhill. You can also see what club you chose last for the same stroke and see if it helped when you chose a different one. This is the best way to determine what kind of club you will need on your next uphill or downhill shot. In some cases, you may even want to map a course that you’ll be playing with a slope feature, so that you can get a competitive advantage by knowing exactly what clubs and shots you’ll need to make beforehand.

Golf Rangefinder Slope Toggle Features

You can use slope toggle features to turn off slope so you can use it to play during tournaments if allowed. However, most clubs will ask to inspect your rangefinder, and depending on the host, the club may not allow certain Golf Rangefinder Without Slope and with slop features.

Of course, there are purists who say that finding the slope is cheating and takes the fun out of the game, as you need to learn skills the right way in order to play like the pros.

In some cases, you won’t be able to use a slope feature if you are in a situation where there is no line of sight to the target. The laser cannot target anything in this kind of area and will become useless in understanding the shot. In these cases, it all comes down to skill and experience.

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