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Golf Rangefinder for Apple Watch

The Apple watch was released in September 2014. The new iOS device would sync up to phones and Bluetooth, playing music, taking calls, and texting friends. However, it also was compatible with a variety of apps. Today’s Apple watches are compatible with even more app technology, such as Golf Rangefinder for Apple Watch apps.

There are a variety of different golf apps made for the Apple watch. They are typically made for swing tracking and finding ranges. However, there are also competitive golf watch games. Almost all of these apps help to improve your game in some way. While most of the apps are free, there are some that come with a cost.

Here are a few of the apps that are best for improving your game:

Golf Rangefinder for Apple Watch with GPS

Golf Rangefinder for Apple WatchThis works for iPhone and Apple work, and it’s free. This is Swing by Swing, a golf app that was designed to work with every course on the planet. The app lets you search the distance to the center of the green and to any object in your way, such as a tree obstacle. You can look at satellite photos and calculate distances from you to any point. There is also a digital scorecard that will advance from hole to hole, and you can store all of your rounds for free to go back and look at later.

This lets you use stats and graphs to show your improvement over time. You can also adjust your handicap in the game and for each match. There are some in-app purchases and extras that you can also choose to add on, such as elevation tracking, speed, and a tool called “plays like” distance. You can also track the clubs you choose for each hole.

Hole 19 GHolf GPS and Scoring App

This is another free app for the Apple watch. It doesn’t have any in-app purchases, and you can use it on 40,000 different courses across the globe. You can also track you and your golfing buddy’s scores, as well as graphs of your performance on each green, drive, short game, and putting. You can also track your shots so you can see how far you hit the last shot.

Golfshot GPS and Scorecard

There is a free version of this app that shows you the distances to the center of each green, and it provides a scorecard. This allows you to zoom in on satellite images to get a detailed view of the course. You can look at the latest news in golf as well as statistics, such as putts per hole, fairways that you’ve hit, and greens in regulation.

If you decide to upgrade to the fully paid version, Golfshot Plus, then you get a bit more, including interactive, real-time distance measuring to all targets and any obstacles in the way. You also get GPS distances, tracking, and scoring. There are 3D flyover previews and personalized club recommendations included with this version as well.

GolfLogix GPS with Putt Breaks

GolfLogix GPS with Putt BreaksYou can view 30,000 courses with the free version of this app. IT contains a yardage book with 3D colored images of all the courses, and you get a scorecard for up to four people, as well as handicap support and stat tracking. You can track stats against previous games so you can see your progress over time.

There are also lessons and videos to help you with your game that you can view in the app. However, if you decide to upgrade to “Champion” then you get additional tracking. This is helpful when looking at distances, as you can track to the center of the green, from the front or back. There are video flyovers of every hole as well as club recommendations. This shows the location and distance for each club that you’ve chosen.

Golf Pad

This is a free golf GPS app that tracks your shots and has a few basic features including a rangefinder and scorecard. You can also track your shots. However, to use with golf rangefinder for Apple Watch, you’ll have to upgrade with a $19.99 premium subscription. It’s worth it if you want a true rangefinder for your Apple watch.

These are just some of the apps that have received high marks for scorecards and rangefinders. While most have the abilities for both iPhone and Apple Watch, you may have to pay a fee to use the golf rangefinder for Apple Watch. Is it better to just purchase a rangefinder? You may find it difficult to use an Apple Watch’s face as your only GPS in the middle of the day while staring at a green. Rangefinders typically give you quicker targeting that makes it easy to choose your club and make the shot.

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