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Best Lawn Tractor 2019 • 5 Lawn Tractors Reviews

If you own a lot of lands or a large garden, you have a lot of work - at least if you value aesthetics. We have examined various tests and subsequently determined a list of best regarding lawn tractors.

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  Swisher Z3166CPKA Husqvarna Z254 Snapper 360Z Zero Turn Mower 23 Ariens IKON-XL 52
Rating 9.93
very good
very good
Amazon rating
4.2 out of 5 stars
5 customer reviews

2 out of 5 stars
1 customer reviews
Brand Swisher Husqvarna Snapper Zero Turn Ariens
Item Dimensions

113.5 x 83 x 68 inches

75 x 67.5 x 42 inches



79 x 63 x 45 inches

Item Weight

1,380 pounds

640 pounds


200.0 pounds

770 pounds

Amount of Blades


















Cutting width

66 inches

54 inches

42 inches

52 inches

52 inches

Power Source

Gas Powered





Battery Required?






Ideal for mowing large areas






Product Warranty

1095 days

1095 days

1095 days



  • ergonomic control panel
  • heavy-duty, composite fenders
  • efficient Integrated storage
  • large chevron-tread tires
  • professional high-back suspension seat
  • comfortable operation
  • good residential mower
  • rugged frame and casters
  • ergonomic design
  • easy to operate
  • great for the money
  • adjustable cut-lengths
  • ergonomic grips
  • efficient controlled deck operation
  • buy the Kawasaki Engine
  • easy to use
  • convenient desk
  • beautiful design
  • quite
  • long cutting width
  • ergonomic grips
  • easy to push & steer
  • lightweight
  • adjustable cut-lengths
  • clears pavement
Price Value
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The right lawn care – this includes:

No matter if a large or smaller garden is present, the care of the lawn is crucial to maintaining a rich, dense and healthy area. On the other hand, when John deer riding Lawn Tractorsa lawn is left to itself, weeds quickly sprout, the soil changes over time and soon provides nutrients for microorganisms and bacteria.

A lawn should look nice and well-groomed. For this, he is finally created. This starts with proper sowing, from fertilizing to aerating the lawn. The appearance should be appealing and shine in bright green. The garden must, therefore, be prepared in all seasons with different operations.

The basic care is always the regular mowing. This should take place at least once a week. The cutting height should be between 3 to 5 centimetres so that the lawn can breathe optimally. The sharpness of the knives also causes healthy shoots. If they are out of focus, the blade of grass can fray and soon no longer grows sufficiently. This creates unpleasant bald spots in the lawn, which then additionally need to be repaired again.In addition to fertilising and mowing, the lawn must be watered and scarified. Again, care must be taken that the soil and grass are not damaged.

The larger the area, the more difficult the implementation becomes. Similarly, a lawn on a slope needs different care than a flat surface. Also, it makes sense to sand, lime and aerates the lawn. As beautiful and simple as a lawn often appears, so consuming is the preservation of the green. To grow the grass evenly, many steps are necessary, along with the right necessary equipment and the appropriate equipment with which the care can be implemented.

What is a lawn tractor?

One of these devices is the lawn tractor. He is a small tractor in his appearance, with similar attributes. It has tires, a powerful engine, a seat, a larger grass catcher and, most of the time, a mulching kit, which allows for natural fertilization. The purchase of a lawn tractor is done most thoughtful since the price for such a vehicle is quite a bit higher. On the other hand, the lawn tractor can also be used in winter and then used as a snow removal vehicle.

Husqvarna riding Lawn TractorsThe lawn tractor has a rear tiller and a side or rear discharge for the grass. The engine works with gasoline, while mowing then takes place while sitting. The lawn tractor is steered across the lawn and, thanks to the tires, can handle very muddy layers. A more extensive area of grass can be mown with the lawn tractor so in wind and weather, if the need exists. Also, many models have additional lighting if the visibility is worse or dusk sets in.

Mowing at night is usually instead not recommended, as a lawn tractor, as well as much other lawn mowers, makes the typical noise and there are rest periods for inhabited areas that must be complied with. The noise level of the lawn tractor is somewhat quieter than that of a petrol lawn mower, but there is corresponding background noise and can, especially at night, when everything is quiet, disturb the neighborhood.

In addition to the noise nuisance when mowing, other conditions must be taken into account when using a gasoline lawn mower or lawn tractor. These generally relate to environmental protection, as gasoline engine always causes exhaust gases and thus releases pollutants. For a large lawn, however, mowing with the lawn tractor is usually necessary and can then be adapted in frequency to the needs of the lawn. The advantage is that the lawn tractor allows a very quick mowing by the drive and that the models can be used all year round.

This is especially worthwhile in flat areas where there are few trees or slopes. Even higher grass can cut the lawn tractor, which in turn is not so easy for other lawn mowers. Scrub or hedges are not annoying when mowing. Even on a smaller plot, the lawn tractor can be used efficiently. The models mostly differ by the drive. There are lawn tractors equipped with four-wheel drive and models operating by a rear-wheel drive. Depending on the type of lawn, then the lawn tractor can be provided with the right off-road tires when buying.

The transmission can be Transmatic or Hydrostatic with Transmatic, step less shifting of the gears is possible, so that starting and braking take place without having to shift to another gear. Hydraulic transmissions allow the regulation of the driving speed so that switching and coupling are not necessary. Similarly, an automatic transmission works, which in turn is then installed at the very high-quality open transmission. Switched mostly in 6 gears, both forward and reverse gears. With cheap models, in turn, the reverse gear may be missing. This complicates the use. Most of the time the lawn tractor has to be pushed back.

In contrast, 6 to 12 gears allow many directions, as well as gradients and gradients. The engine usually works with a power between 2 and 15 hp, runs with a noise level of about 100 decibels. The number of knives depends on the type and the manufacturer. Often lawn tractors have two sharp blades, which then also achieve a very clean result.

Advantages & Applications

Small or large plots are ideal for being maintained with a lawn tractor. The acquisition costs for the lawn tractor are particularly worthwhile for areas over 500 square meters. The entire management is done conveniently at the wheel. The lawn tractor is steered through the grassy area and cuts the blades to the right height with particularly sharp knife blades.

poulan pro lawn tractorJust the cutting height contributes a lot to whether the lawn remains tight and healthy. As soon as the turf is too high, it needs more nutrients and soon sprawls wild. The required nutrients are then distributed very irregularly, which adversely affects the growth. The height of the grass is also related to the type of grass. On average, it can be said that the height of 4 centimetres is optimal for the lawn to recover or continue to grow in its shoots.

If, on the other hand, it is shortened too much, it can dry out more quickly, as the sunlight is no longer sufficiently absorbed by the plants. Brown and thinned areas then determine the sight and are difficult to repair. The lawn tractor makes mowing very easy. The associated collection basket also has its advantages. The cut grass is optimally removed from the lawn, which is always useful if the amount is just too significant.

If, on the other hand, the clippings fall back onto the grass during mowing, the soil can no longer breathe then and adequately forms holes as well. Some lawn tractors have a mulching function. Then the grass is not caught, but very small chopped and distributed as a natural fertilizer back on the lawn.

Lawn tractors are equipped with very sharp blades to cut and remove high grass, wild herbs, roots, and weeds. The effort is particularly low when mowing and then saves a lot of time. In many lawn tractors, the comfort can be increased. Better tires are as much a part of it as a soft leather seat or a special and good grip steering wheel.

In winter, the lawn tractor can be converted with a snow blade for the clearing work. Similarly, a rear tiller can be used for ordering the beds. The steering of the lawn tractor is very simple, can also be done in a different direction via a reverse gear. Obstacles can be avoided very quickly; complex areas can be easily reached.

The engine is usually started via a button so that hardly any background knowledge is necessary for the use. This also allows older people to maintain their lawn sufficiently since no effort is required for mowing.

Which models of lawn tractors are there?

In fact, lawn tractors can be roughly distinguished from ride-on mowers and lawn tractors. Here, the location of the engine determines the type of model. This can be behind the seat or in front of the place, while the size of the models also plays a role.

  • The simple ride-on mower is a smaller lawn tractor with the engine in the rear. The driver's seat is thus above the engine, while the controls are very simple, the model is agile and efficient.
  • The lawn tractor as a larger model has the engine under a front bonnet. These models have a higher power and performance, so they can build more speed and climb slopes.
  • Grass tractors are also differentiated by their drive, gearbox, and type of clippings ejection. From the transmission the gearshift depends. The drive can be done as the four-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive. The ejection takes place either over the side or the stern.
  • During rear discharge, the grass is stored in a grass catcher bag located at the rear, while the side discharge distributes the mown grass back onto the grass surface.
  • Here it should be ensured that the intersection is lovely so that the intersection does not suffocate the lawn. With a mulching function, the whole thing can then be used as fertilizer.

The lawn tractor test year – that's how we tested the models:

For our test, we have selected lawn tractors from well-known manufacturers and tested the models regarding the scope of delivery, functionality, comfort, performance, and commissioning. Models have been selected that have proven themselves when used on a small and large area. Domestic equipment Even the processing and hardware were important features for us to distinguish the good models from the worse ones.

Husqvarna lawn tractorThe tires, the steering wheel, the seat and the housing were thoroughly examined for our test. The seat had to be comfortable and made of the high-quality material so that neither abrasion nor wear during use occurred. After about two hours, there should still be enough comfort to sit on the lawn tractor. The case should be well painted and made of sturdy material. Another advantage was a visually impressive design. Drive and technical features

The drive and the power of the engine were similar in the models we tested. The weight also played a role, since the stability of the lawn tractor contributed to this, as well as he did over complex levels could be steered. Not always the performance was by the speed. Nevertheless, a higher horsepower allowed a quick mowing.

The size of the lawn tractor and the corresponding cutting width then showed in the test the number of lanes that were possible. A large area could be mowed completely within one hour.

  • Controls

The steering, steering and general handling of the lawn tractor should be straightforward. The controls should be manageable and easier to control for our test.The knife factory also had to be sharp and of high quality. We checked the consistency of the lawn and blades of grass after mowing. The cut had to be clean.

  • Results

The results we compared and the best from the information lawn tractors selected in which the value for money and the delivery agreed. All selected models met our requirements and were described by us in detail and detail with a single product report.

Who decides on a lawn tractor should then be able to fall back on a high-quality model. The choice made by us offers performance, comfort and natural use of the lawn tractor.

What should I look for when buying a lawn tractor?

When purchasing a lawn tractor, there are certainly some precautions that must be taken to ensure that the device can be used efficiently. The cost of ownership over other lawnmowers is higher, so the lawn tractor should have some essential features necessary for a more extensive lawn area.


This starts with the simple wheelbase, which should be larger for uneven terrain. If it is a very flat plane, the wheelbase may also be smaller. The tighter the wheels, the more difficult is the total weight transfer, and gradients or inclines can no longer be overcome. Especially on a slope, the lawn tractor can then tip over. So it's important to check the climbing ability of the model and the wheelbase.

It makes sense to use off-road tires, which can then really drive over all types of ground surfaces without being restricted in their activity. This applies equally muddy furrows, wet grass or stone surfaces. Also, the lawn tractor should be easily steered on concrete roads. The traction is excellent with good tires. Mostly larger wheels are better than small ones. The profile should also be pronounced.

Cutting width

Even with lawn tractors, there are models in different designs and sizes, which in turn influences the cutting width. This should be adapted to the surface of the lawn and then turn out to be wide in larger plots. It makes sense than a width of 100 centimeters.

Narrow cutting width can greatly increase the time required since only a certain area is ever detected. The grass is being mowed line by track, and the smaller the cutting width, the more tracks have to be pulled.

Where, however, narrow cutting width is worthwhile, are areas that are more complex. If there are many beds, trees or paths, maneuvering is more comfortable if the cutting width is smaller. Edges then usually do not have to be subsequently processed, as the lawn tractor will quickly reach all important points.

Cutting Height

The cutting height can be adjusted steplessly in most models and should also be easily and quickly varied in the lawn tractor. Depending on the frequency of the mowing, the cutting height can sometimes be set higher or lower.

This also affects the seasons in which mowing is done. If the grass is exposed to constant sunlight, higher cutting height is recommended so that the lawn does not dry out too quickly. If, on the other hand, it is laid out under shady trees, the cutting height between 3 and 5 centimeters can be optimal.

Engine and gears

John Deere lawn tractor engineTall grass not only requires an efficient lawn tractor but also the associated high-performance engine. Here are 15 HP an excellent benchmark, especially when it comes to very large areas or an incline is present, which has to cope with the lawn tractor. There are also models that work with a cylinder or with two cylinders.

The gearbox should be equipped with a differential lock and operate on a hydraulic basis. This, in turn, creates a balance, as far as the engine does not quite as much horsepower. The speed and the gears should be continuously adjusted here, which greatly increases the comfort in use. The annoying use of the coupling is then no longer necessary.


Lawn tractors run on gasoline and therefore have a dementsprechend gas tank. The volume is different and usually adapted to the performance of the engine. For the use of the lawn tractor a tank makes sense, which does not have to be refilled too often, especially not in the middle of mowing.If, however, only a small plot of land is processed, a smaller tank is sufficient.

More details:

Before a lawn tractor is purchased, the price-performance ratio should be questioned. The purchase is worthwhile if a site between 500 and 1,000 square meters is available. Lawn tractors often have a large cutting width and then capture more area faster. The result is then very fine and clean.

A good turning radius allows for very easy steering and maneuvering. Speed can also influence working hours. The lawn tractor should, therefore, apply at least 5 km/h when mowing, to be equipped with a large catcher that does not need to be emptied several times, but completely collects the grass during a mowing process.

It can be considered whether spotlights on the lawn tractor was worthwhile. These enable work at any time of the day or season. As soon as it gets dark, the ground can still be recognized when mowing. For this purpose, lawn tractors with headlamps can be driven on any public road.Of course, the additional lighting is thus suitable in winter, when the lawn tractor is being used as a snow plow or grilling vehicle.

Brief information on leading manufacturers

Lawn tractors are available through specialist retailers and the Internet from manufacturers such as Husqvarna, Briggs & Stratton, MTD, Castel garden, Alpina, Deere & Company, Stigma or Dolmar.

  • 1 Husqvarna
  • 2 MTD
  • Deere & Company

The company “Husqvarna” comes from Sweden and is a manufacturer of landscape and garden tools. Also, the company also produces power tools for forestry, lawn mowers, lawn tractors and cutting tools of various kinds. The history of the company is ancient and goes back to the 17th century. Century back.

It was here that construction began with the manufacture of muskets, a century later the manufacture of household appliances and sewing machines, the production of chainsaws and microwave ovens in the 20th century, and today it has become an important traditional company known in the motor industry and motorcycles under its brand name provides that particularly robust and for all off-road tracks are suitable. With motorization, the company knows so well, so that the lawn tractor of this brand is particularly powerful. Also, the alternative of the lawn robot is to have from Husqvarna mower.

Based in Cleveland, “MTD” is one of the world's largest manufacturers of motorized garden tools. The company was founded in 1932 by Emil Jochum, Theo Moll, and Erwin Gerhard. All entrepreneurs and suppliers originally came from Germany. The assortment was gradually expanded, from the simple wheelbarrow to the first-hand lawn mower; it did not take long. Today, there is a choice of scarifiers, lawn trimmers, lawn tractors and lawnmowers that excel in quality and performance.

Deere & Company” was founded by John Deere and is the leader in agricultural technology. In addition to lawn tractors, the company also sells construction equipment and other equipment for land and lawn care.As early as 19th. Century began John Deere as a blacksmith and developed its polishing process for the sense of the steel plow. The company was then founded in 1848 and the principles and high-quality standards valid at that time are still valid today.

Internet vs. Retailers: Where is the purchase of a lawn tractor most worthwhile?

A lawn tractor is a heavier model and can not be easily transported. The retailer's course enables the purchase with additional fee delivery. Better still is the order on the Internet, which requires no effort from ordering to delivery.

The specialized trade usually offers a selection of preferred brands. A detailed consultation is, of course, possible here, but the model must be in stock at the same time.

On the Internet, in turn, a very large assortment of different manufacturers is required. The individual lawn tractors are sufficiently described regarding performance, features, benefits, and accessories so that the customer can get a clear picture of the model. To help, he can also take the customer's opinions, which could already test and evaluate the respective device in practice. This, in turn, increases the quality of offers and products. Manufacturers and dealer have to offer good quality for good valuations.

The advantage of online ordering is usually the cheaper offer compared to the specialized trade or hardware store. Since staff costs and rental costs are eliminated, the savings often flow into the price. Traders on the Internet can, therefore, ensure discounts and special offers that the retailer can not offer.

The enormous selection of different lawn tractors, the customer service, the low search costs, the fast and cheap delivery are clear advantages. Also, exchange conditions and warranty claims are the same as in the specialized trade.

An order is also not dependent on clock and day times and can be made at any time. The convenience of online purchases saves costs and fuel costs.

Worth knowing & advice

Narrow Cutting Width is WorthwhileThe history of the lawn mowere simplest model: the scythe. This served in the Middle Ages not only to shorten the grass and grain hives but was often used as a weapon. From the simple hand scythe to the scythe handle, there were already some variants of this model, which then had to be improved by the large-scale gardens to cope with the difficult and large area.

The invention of the first lawn mower was truly a groundbreaking event and has enabled a variety of better and more powerful devices that facilitate care of gardens and lawns. The dense and perfectly “styled” lawn has a long tradition and dates back to times in which parks were elaborately designed. This was particularly the case in England, but later also in France, Russia, Germany, and other countries. Has started the lawn care with this.

This did not only apply to installations, but also to areas where sports were held. The use of many workers was eventually reduced, as the textile engineer Edwin Beard Budding 1830 turned the blade of his cutting machine into a spindle to cut quickly and effectively supernatant fabric remnants can. The principle could then be loosely extended to other materials and found out of the sewing room on the lawn.

The first lawn mower was thus a reel mower. The work was greatly facilitated, while the company “Ransomes” of Budding bought the patent to start large-scale marketing. So large lawns and sports fields could be processed quickly and maintained in the care.

The technical progress then enabled devices that were powered by a motor. Even in 1900, a steam-powered lawn mower was built, which was very heavy and made of cast iron. Later came a roller that was driven by gears and even allowed to adjust the cutting height. The basic technique is still present in today's lawn mowers, insofar as they are guided by hand.

In turn, the invention of the powered mower opened new areas for improvement and relief in the agricultural sector. As standard, sickle mowers were manufactured in the forties and fifties of the twentieth century and thus were able to enter households as well.

The principle of the mower then also offered the construction of lawn tractors and ride-on mowers. Alone the blade work was bigger and could handle therefore also higher cutting widths. A normal two- or four-stroke engine could do its job here almost more easily, while for the rotary mower a very small engine had to be invented, which nevertheless allowed the blades to rotate quickly.

All these developments have replaced the laborious bones of centuries past on the field and lawn. The lawn mowing is today through a variety of high-quality devices easily and even associated with pleasure. Driving a lawn tractor is just as much a part of it as the amazement of the automatic work of a lawn robot.

Figures, data, facts about lawn care

Care and cleaning of the lawn tractor

Since this is the lawn tractor to a larger model is that in addition to gasoline is operated, falling apart of cleaning and maintenance and repair work on. Also, the right Interstellar and care of the tractors are important so that all equipment elements remain high quality. In addition to filling with gasoline, a regular oil exchange must be made.

lawn tractorAfter use, the knives should always be cleaned and, if necessary, sharpened. The entire sub-area of the lawn tractor must be checked, including the housing, the grass catcher and the entire discharge channel.

The housing can be hosed down with a water hose. In contrast, however, a high-pressure cleaner should not be used. Otherwise, the blade and the ball bearing can be affected and rust. It is better to clean the knives directly by hand, scrape off dirt and clean the blades with a damp cloth.

When placing or wintering the lawn tractor should be oiled in all components, in the engine and housing. For this purpose, oil spray can be used. The gas cycle should be completely emptied so that frost does not damage the tank.A dry room or the garage is for the garaging suitable.

Also, the lawn tractor is covered with a tarpaulin.The maintenance is carried out once in the year. The tire pressure is checked, the oil is refilled and the spark plugs replaced. Also, the air filter should be changed.

Lawn tractor vs. Lawn Mower

The selection of various lawn mower is great, and newer devices like a lawn robot, a riding mower or the luxury version of the lawn tractor facilitate lawn care immensely.Of course, both the lawn tractor and the robotic lawnmower have their advantages.

Lawn Tractor Lawn mowerThe lawn tractor is powered by a motor and can be steered like a vehicle and sitting across the lawn, that neither too much time nor power is needed. A very large area can be moved quickly and effectively, keeping the lawn healthy.

Many devices are to very comfortable, equipped with collection baskets, convenient and high-quality seats, a mulching function for fertilizer and various courses, which the steering easier. Even wet or very tall grass is not a problem.

Nevertheless, the lawn tractor is more of a vehicle than a device, so that the Interstellar is a little more expensive, the purchase price is high. Also, there are repair, maintenance, and fuel costs, which should not be ignored. Very steep slopes or a lawn that is on a slope are more difficult to mow. Also, many trees or shrubs often need to be mowed.

The lawn robot turn operates fully automatically, so it can on the lawn and own the programmed time the mowing run. The models are not too big and heavy, so they are easy to accommodate. For this purpose, the base station is available in the scope of supply, at which a robotic lawnmower dock and is charged.

These models work with a rechargeable battery. This means that a Ras e nfläche often not in a passage can be mowed. Depending on the model and performance, the lawn robot then has to return to the base station and recharge between mowing operations. That requires more time.Also, a boundary or orientation cable must be paid in advance for use.

This then excludes obstacles such as beds, paths or trees. Although the lawn robot has good sensors and is then steered around obstacles, some models are quickly overwhelmed by larger obstacles and stop in the middle of the mowing process.

For this purpose, a lawn robot is not able to divorce very high or wet grass. Most models have a certain incline capability so that even a slope can be mastered. Cutting height and cutting width are slightly smaller than the lawn tractor, are usually at 6 inches wide and are suitable for a height up to 7 inches.


The advantage of both models over other lawn mowers in the test are the actual efficiency, functionality and low noise level. Both models are weatherproof and can also be used in the rain or in winter. The lawn robot also has sensors that detect rain and then interrupt the process if necessary.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the lawn tractor

Do I need a driver's license to use a lawn tractor?

This condition depends on the power and maximum speed the lawn tractor applies. As long as the speed is below 6 km/h, no driver's license is required, the model can be safely used from the age of 15 years. If the performance exceeds this number, a driving license of the class L becomes necessary.

Can the lawn tractor be used with enough power on slopes?

As soon as the power is high, the lawn tractor can safely be used with a gradient of 20 percent. A gradient of up to 30 percent is possible. Here drive and power must be high, the wheelbase wide, otherwise the lawn tractor can overturn or spin the wheels.

Can I drive on the sidewalk with the lawn tractor?

Here speed plays less of a role. The lawn tractor is a vehicle and can therefore only be driven on public roads. In turn, it is necessary that the lawn tractor is equipped with brakes, gears, and headlights, even with brake and flashing lights. For driving on the road, a lawn tractor must also be registered as a vehicle and tested by the TÜV. This applies to vehicles that have a speed of 6 km/h.

What do I do if the mower crop is dirty?

During and after using a lawn tractor, the cut should be even and clean. If this is not the case, the components should be checked. One cause may be that the knives are out of focus or worn. They should then be sharpened or replaced.

Also, the tire pressure will affect the Mähschnitt. This should, according to the operating instructions carried out and checked frequently. Clogged ventilation holes or a misplaced drive belt can lead to malfunctions.

Useful accessories

  • As shown in our lawn tractor test, a large lawn needs a lot of care. Therefore, in addition to the use of the lawn tractor also other equipment is important, which are useful in maintaining the lawn.
  • Riging Lawn Tractor bagAnyone who does not want to take over the fertilizer by hand and wants to supplement the natural mulch with minerals, lime, and other fertilizers, can think about a spreading vehicle, as with the lawn tractor allowed to descend the area and distribute the fertilizer evenly.
  • In addition to the fertilizer, the lawn needs to scarify, sanded and limed be. Special scarifying devices are also commercially available and can improve care.
  • Here there are both the hand and Elektro vertikutierer. With them, the turf is slightly cut, so that the soil again increases nutrients and young shoots grow faster.
  • Scarify should be a lawn at least twice in the year, best in spring and autumn. Before that, it must always be sufficiently mowed and fertilized.
  • To keep the cut lawn clean, a leaf vacuum is ideal. Here then falling leaves, smaller branches, stones, and roots can be eliminated.
  • If, on the other hand, the leaves are not removed from the lawn, the layer begins to rot, which in turn creates a breeding ground for fungi, bacteria, and parasites.
  • For the edge surfaces of the lawn, which are often not covered by the lawn mower or lawn tractor, a lawn trimmer can be used, which then eliminates the protruding grass subsequently. Equally useful is the grass trimmer if the grass has already grown too high and has to be preprocessed before being mowed.
  • Even when using a lawn tractor, the right protective clothing is necessary to prevent a risk of injury. These include gloves, a solid footwear, goggles and ear muff.

Alternatives to the lawn tractor

Alternatively, lawns that are slightly larger can be mowed by a lawn robot, which then performs the process fully automatically and randomly.

The lawn robot is usually connected to a charging station, operates via an electric motor and is passed through the associated boundary wire, which is laid out before use on the entire lawn, and the device shows where it should mow and which areas, eg. As beds or trees are excluded.

The advantage of a lawn robot is the independent process of mowing. The presence of the garden or lawn owner is not necessary. Also, the lawn robot can be programmed to drive out on certain days and start mowing. So the height of the grass can always remain the same. Gradually, the lawn becomes denser and healthier.

Who would not fall so deep into their pockets because the cost for a lawn tractor or lawn robot something higher are, can the lawn quite normal with a push mower or an electric lawnmower edit the cost is slightly higher. The use of manual devices is then rather discouraged with a very large area.

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