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If you suffer from back pain but still want to exercise, the recumbent bike is a suitable sport device for you. Our team has examined numerous reviews on the internet for our list of the best Recumbent Bike. At the same time, evaluations were generated for training programs, weight, user weight and much more.

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What is a recumbent bike?

It is an exercise bike that works similar to a bike trainer. However, the user is in a reclined sitting position, which relieves the strain on the hip and knee joints as well as the intervertebral disc. This relaxed training position makes recumbent bikes particularly suitable for convalescent people after various injuries and illnesses as well as pregnant women. This sports device is designed to improve physical fitness and resilience through gentle endurance training.

How does a recumbent bike work?

Recumbent Bike ReviewsThis sports equipment is also called a bike trainer, seat bike and best recumbent bike. With regular use, it trains the muscles of the lower half of the body and increases physical fitness and resilience.

Recumbent bike belongs to the category of exercise bikes but are also used in fitness studios. Cardio training is also possible to train the aerobic body area. It is a cardiovascular training that promotes blood circulation and supplies the body with sufficient oxygen. This device is usually compared to a bike trainer, as the training is similar and is used for the same areas of application.

However, a best recumbent bike differs from a stationary bike trainer in terms of its construction by a seat with backrest. Depending on the manufacturer and brand, the user is in a more or less reclined sitting position. The seat is broad and shell-shaped, slightly inclined backward and has a comfortable backrest.

The pedals and the bottom bracket are in front of the user. On the side next to the seat are the handles to hold on to. The optimally shaped bucket seat enables an effective yet relaxing workout that is gentle on the spine and back. Due to the lateral grips, the user does not have to rest on the grips on the handlebars.

The upper body is in a relaxed sitting position, which protects the intervertebral disc. A large part of the weight is carried by the best recumbent bike so that even overweight people can train without feeling overwhelmed. By holding on to the side handles, there is no numbness in the hands, while the upper body and neck are raised.

Training consists of pedaling evenly, which promotes calorie consumption and burns fat. The muscles in the legs are built up and a tightening of the buttocks and legs is achieved and blood circulation is promoted.

A best recumbent bike is the ideal exercise bike for people with back injuries or disc problems. Also in the area of knee and hip injuries, this exercise bike slowly leads convalescents back to muscle building and the associated physical performance.

Cardiovascular training strengthens the heart and lungs. This relaxed training position allows a relief of the upper body including spine, back muscles, intervertebral disc, and joints. Alternatively, if you want to train in an upright sitting position now and then, you can push the seat forward and use the alternative handlebar grip. The clear disadvantage, however, is that one-sided training takes place since only the lower half of the body is trained.

Depending on the model and equipment, the user adopts a more or less reclined sitting posture, which leads to optimal relief of the knee joints, intervertebral disc and back muscles. When cycling, running and exercising on exercise bikes in an upright posture, the body weight rests on the knee joints, which can be avoided with a best recumbent bike. Incorrect postures and the resulting pain are avoided as the body weight rests on the seat.

A recumbent bike …

  • Strengthens and trains the muscles in the area of the legs, buttocks, and stomach
  • Relieves the joints, spine and back muscles
  • Strengthens the cardiovascular system without stress
  • Builds muscles and contributes to weight reduction


  • Can be used as an exercise bike
  • Recommended for reduced physical performance
  • Integrated calorie counter, heart rate monitor and power meter


  • The training is limited to the lower body
  • Complicated structure
  • Depending on training focus only after 30 to 90 minutes effective
  • Possible lack of motivation and discipline when training alone
  • Training errors are not corrected by a specialist
  • Requires relatively much space


  • Convalescence
  • Muscle weakness
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Disc injury
  • Decreased physical performance
  • Pregnancy

Advantages and Disadvantages of Recumbent Bike

Features of Recumbent BikeThe great review advantage of a best recumbent bike as an exercise bike is its temporal independence because the user can train whenever his time frame permits. In addition, expensive membership fees in the gym and long travel times are no longer necessary.

Many people who are less fit for various reasons and who find training visibly difficult feel a psychological barrier to exposing themselves to the gaze of strangers in the gym. This is especially true for older people – who do not feel comfortable among the often very young audience – and for overweight athletes who do not like to show their weight problems publicly. A best recumbent bike as an exercise bike offers the optimal solution because there are no strange and disapproving looks in your own four walls.

However, we have also experienced our best recumbent bike product review 2020 that training within one's own four walls can have disadvantages. Some people find it difficult to do sports on their own and lack the motivation and discipline often found in a society of like-minded people.

Doing sport in a group or in a gym can be very stimulating, you exchange ideas and make new friends. Fixed training times help you to keep to your own training plan, ensure a certain regularity and support the physical performance achieved so far. At home, a specialist is missing to explain the handling of the best recumbent bike, to accompany the individual training with critical eyes and to correct mistakes.

Whether you prefer to train alone at home or with like-minded people in a gym, you have to decide for yourself according to our product comparison 2020. Both training variants have their advantages and disadvantages. However, one thing is certain: a best recumbent bike is a comfortable but effective method to train the cardiovascular system, the condition, and the leg muscles and to reduce obesity.

What types of recumbent bikes are there?

Different Types of Recumbent BikeRecumbent bikes are divided into bikes for therapeutic purposes and exercise bikes. The difference lies in the brake system, which we describe in more detail in our product review 2018, and the name because the term “Bike” is a registered trademark. Only equipment that fulfills the legal requirements for a best recumbent bike may be designated as such. These are preferably used in therapy facilities and fitness studios, but this does not mean that consumers cannot purchase these devices at home.

When buying, make sure that your favorite is marked “Bike” or that it is a simple exercise bike. These are often available at discounters and in the low price segment. We will also address this protected trademark and the legal requirements in detail later. There are also so-called hybrid models, also known as 3-in-1 home trainers. They can be converted into a recumbent and rowing machine and easily assembled and disassembled.

How we reviewed the recumbent bikes?

Recumbent bikes belong to the group of best recumbent bike. Regardless of whether you choose a bike with an upright sitting position, I.E. The classic bike, or a bike with a comfortable, slightly reclined sitting position, the focus is always on the fun of movement and well-dosed cardiovascular training. By the way, you also train your leg muscles.

Braking system

Recumbent Bike Breaking SystemOur product comparison 2018 has found that there are small but subtle differences between the braking systems of exercise bikes and best recumbent bike. In both models, the braking effect of the inertia generated by pedaling is achieved by a magnetic field.

Exercise bikes work with a permanent magnet, while bikes are equipped with an eddy current brake. Here, an electric coil induces a magnetic field via a defined current flow. The magnetic field increases with increasing voltage at the coil. The best recumbent bike is calibrated exactly with a measuring station. This measuring station measures the training performance on the arms of the pedals.

The respective current values within the different training levels are individually determined and stored in the memory of the device. With this brake system, there is a maximum tolerance of approximately +/- five percent of the actual performance, which is reflected in the din 957 ha standard.

The concentricity of the best recumbent bike improves significantly. If you decide to buy this training device, pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications because the term “Bike” is a registered trademark for training devices from the therapeutic area.

The difference to the exercise bikes is that bikes guarantee the metrological precision by the calibration, it is therefore neither exceeded nor undercut. Furthermore, mechanical functional reliability is guaranteed. During our product comparison training sessions, we also found that we were able to train on a classic bike at any speed, which we found very pleasant.

Pedal unit

Recumbent Bike Pedal UnitA poly-v belt connects the pedal unit to the brake unit, ensuring silent movement for the pleasure of everyone present and neighbors. Noisy drive devices are a thing of the past. We took a closer look at the bottom brackets and noticed that there are big differences here.

Your best recumbent bike should preferably have closed industrial ball bearings that do not require re-greasing. These ball bearings are of high quality if they can withstand more than 100,000 km without signs of wear, not only in theory but also in practice.

If you decide to buy a best recumbent bike, you better spend a little more money and buy your device in specialist shops or online from the renowned manufacturers or specialized online shops. Here you will find models with the protected product designation “Bike”, which are also suitable for use in the therapy area.

Exercise bikes from the lower price range often have a bottom bracket with a Teflon-coated plastic guide. The life expectancy of these devices is rather short than long.

Adjustment options and seating comfort

Seat Adjustment of Recumbent BikeBefore you start an ergonomically optimal workout, you must adjust the seat to your individual height to avoid incorrect posture. The handlebars must be height-adjustable to your measurements so that you can grip them without great effort. It should allow different grip positions.

However, most users use the handles on the side of the seat. The seat and stem supporting the handlebar and measuring units should be at an optimum distance from each other to ensure sufficient legroom. Due to the measuring instruments mounted there, the stem is also called the cockpit.

Most bikes have a saddle that you can move forward and backward. Access also contributes to general comfort. There are devices with a high and a low step-through. On a deep climb, the best recumbent bike divides into the front unit with handlebar and display and the rear unit on which the seat is mounted. This model is well suited for people with limited mobility, as the device has no elevation.

There are also less practical models in which the front and rear units are connected by a slightly curved plastic casing containing the cables for the measuring units and other technical equipment.

In another model, the front and rear units are connected by a continuous rod. The seat is mounted on this rod and the “Cockpit” is located at the end. Also, in this case, the access is slightly increased. In order to reach the seat of the best recumbent bike, the exercising foot and leg must be lifted knee-high above the device.

This was no problem for our review persons, but for people with limited mobility, this high construction can lead to real problems. That is why we decided on the devices with a deep passage.

Oscillating weight

The larger the flywheel mass of our review equipment, the better the concentricity. The flywheel mass balances the upper and lower reversal point of the pedal movements with the pedals since the pedaling momentum is lost at these reversal points. If the flywheel mass was too low, our review persons detected out-of-round movements, they had to put themselves in the pedals again with each further kick in order to achieve around motion sequence.

Devices with an optimum flywheel mass allow the movements of the user to run unnoticed over these reversal points. The movement is undisturbed. A good flywheel mass starts at about ten kilograms.

Number of programs

Pre-Program Recumbent BikeWe have considered how many training programs make sense for a balanced workout. Many technical devices are equipped with a large number of programs, which are not used, however, because the user does not know the function or is overwhelmed with the complicated technology.

Recumbent bikes are also equipped with a variety of different programs. We have reviewed these variants and will tell you which units make sense and which you can do without. Those who value a simple but effective training program only need one program, the pulse control.

Besides this program, the most important default settings regarding interval and increase are important. You can adjust the difficulty level to suit your physical performance. As the interval increases, so do the demands on the user.

A heart rate monitor controls the resistance through your heartbeat. In this way, the program guarantees that you will always stay within the optimal training range, there will be no over- or under-exertion.

We found out that there are models with up to 50 different programs, which are accompanied by a digital coach. However, because of this variety, it was not easy for us to keep an overview and so we came to the conclusion that commercial recumbent bike with up to nine programs are sufficient. Because there are athletes who do not have good access to this technology. This technique is not necessarily an advantage for older people either. Despite all the attention to detail and innovative equipment, the bike must remain operable.

Pulse measurement

Recumbent Bike with Workout SettingsThis function is an absolute prerequisite for training success on all bikes, which does not overstrain the cardiovascular system. The ideal heart rate measurement consists of a telemetric transmitter belt, which transmits the measurement data wirelessly to the receiver attached to the bike.

Most models already have this receiver, but retrofitting is also possible as an alternative. Best recumbent bike, which brings an integrated program for pulse measurement, receive a plus point from us.

However, most mid-range devices are equipped with a chest strap and an ear clip. Another option is hand pulse measurement, which is impractical during training as hands must remain in constant contact with the electrodes.

What do I have to pay attention to when buying a best recumbent bike?

Speed measurement

The speed display measures your training speed. This criterion is not decisive for an occasional training session or a therapeutic training session. Professional runners and cyclists – who see training on the bike as an addition to their training plan, however, attach great importance to checking their speed in order to achieve an increase in performance.


This measurement shows you how many kilometers you have already covered. It gives you a good feeling for distances – distances you would travel on a classic bike in the great outdoors under the same conditions, even though you don't move around in the living room.


This function tells you how many kicks you create per minute. In addition to distance and speed, this function is well suited to monitor your individual performance.

Pulse reading

Beginners or athletes who resume training after a long break due to injury should keep an eye on their pulse rate to prevent cardiovascular problems due to high training targets. Wrist mounted transmitters measure heart rate using vibrations that occur when you start sweating. However, this measurement method is not always correct, because movements can influence the results.

Bikes with ear clip or a shoulder strap provide more accurate readings. This additional measuring equipment can be purchased later. The best solution is offered by the so-called integrated pulse-controlled programs.

Exercise programs

Most recumbent bike have nine to twenty training programs with different focuses such as muscle building, speed, and endurance. In addition, the degree of difficulty of the training resistance can be individually reduced or increased by different levels. Commercially available home trainers often have a maximum flywheel mass of 9 kg.


High-quality displays are large enough to enable easy reading of the information. They have illumination and a color display of the measured values. A black and white display is also sufficient for occasional training sessions.

Braking system

Recumbent bikes are offered both as exercise bikes and bikes. The difference is in the braking system. Bikes are driven by an eddy current brake, while exercise bikes are equipped with a magnetic brake system.

Our product comparison has found that an eddy current brake always works better than a magnetic brake system. With up to 800 watts, an eddy current brake is more effective than a magnetic brake system.

Exercise bikes with a magnetic brake system are therefore only recommended for people who do not attach importance to high training resistance and want to train their endurance more than their muscles.

Body and seat

best Recumbent Bike reviewsMost athletes see the great review advantage in the high seating comfort. There is no easier and more comfortable way to train. The device should be easy to use and adjustable. A continuously adjustable seat is necessary if different people want to train on the best recumbent bike. The backrest must be adjustable to provide individual seating comfort.

A higher backrest is advantageous so that even taller people can use the best recumbent bike without sacrificing comfort. The seat should be padded because without the padding it is too hard and quickly becomes a problem with regular training. Alternatively, a ball cushion or seat cushion can also be used.

The best system for seat adjustment consists of a clamping lever directly under the seat shell, as it is also known from office chairs. This can be easily reached and operated by hand. It is pushed forward or backward and locks automatically when released.

Just as important as seating comfort is the arrangement of the pedal shaft to the seat shell. Some devices cause problems for overweight persons if the pedal shaft is at the same height as the seat. The fat pads on the legs, stomach, and bottom restrict freedom of movement with this disadvantageous position.

Not only overweight people but also people with hip problems have to pay attention to an optimal geometry. If the pedal shaft is at the same height as the seat or higher, this less ergonomic position places no load on the hip joints.

Bottom bracket and drive

recumbent bike bottom bracket and driveBoth the exercise bike and the bike are driven by a poly-v belt. This provides an optimal connection between the drive shaft of the pedals and the flywheel mass. We find the noiseless working particularly pleasant, because many devices from the exercise bike area, whether small stepper or large cross-trainer, are not exactly quiet in this regard. A loud drive can quickly annoy other people in the household or cause trouble with the neighbors. Ideally, the bottom bracket has self-contained and highly sealed industrial ball bearings, which makes maintenance-free use possible, as continuous greasing as with conventional ball bearings is not necessary.

The bearing seat must be standardized and tight to prevent the ball bearings from slipping. For patients who are limited in their movement and cannot cope with the classic pedal system, it is possible to retrofit the bike with adjustable pedal arms. With this additional equipment, the pedal arm is shortened and the patient can individually influence his maximum knee flexion.

Security and stability

Only a fixed device guarantees sufficient safety and stability. Customer recessions repeatedly criticize the complicated design of the best recumbent bike. With the devices from the lower price range, it can happen that individual components do not fit together as intended, a screw is missing or does not fit.

In some products, the seat may wobble slightly, which does not limit its use but is only a minor disadvantage. The cables for the measurement functions must be installed correctly to prevent incorrect measurements. They must not obstruct or disconnect the training, as the measuring functions will not work in this case.

Short information on leading manufacturers

  • Kettler
  • Christopeit
  • Skandika
  • Maxxus
  • Life Fitness
The company is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of bikes and exercise bikes. The best recumbent bike of this brand convince by a comfortable equipment with adjustable backrest and precise power display. The current program includes the new best recumbent bike of the E-series.

The manufacturer has rethought and redesigned the complete frame construction and improved it in the essential points, which our product review presents in detail. The access hatch is designed to close to the ground so that even elderly people with limited mobility can use the device without problems. The raised sitting position allows a comfortable ascent. The lateral handlebars make it easier to get on and off. The generously designed reclining backrest offers sufficient support surface for a painless workout. The breathable material is also well thought-out, which allows good air circulation and prevents sweating in the back. With the different adjustment options, these recumbent bike are suitable for several people who can adjust the seat to their individual body measurements.

The distance between seat and pedals can also be individually adjusted according to the leg length of the respective user. These models have a robust frame construction that can hold a maximum body weight of 150 kg. The training computers are equipped with different training programs and a color LCD display. The USB interface for recording performance data with an optionally available software and a USB port for recording the data is very well suited for those who value a demanding workout. The small computer records the data of up to four people. Like most models, the Kettler recumbent bike comes with an ear clip or a polar-compatible chest strap.

This company is well positioned in the field of bikes. From the big cross-trainer to the small mini bike, all equipment categories are represented. The best recumbent bike of this well-known brand convince by a simple structure and versatile training possibilities. Depending on the model, the bikes have different equipment.

The devices from the price midfield move at 300 euros and are due to their easy-to-use training computer suitable for all ages. For those who love comfort but do not want to do without exercise and endurance training, Christopeit recumbent bike is the ideal sports equipment. When buying, pay attention to the flywheel, as some of the devices move in the lower midfield of 9 kg, which is particularly suitable for children, the elderly and convalescents.

Those who demand more from their training sessions should opt for a Christopher device with a higher flywheel mass. The various devices have up to 24 training programs and a display that can display up to seven performance details simultaneously. You have an overview of your data at all times and are well informed about calorie consumption, pace, distance, pedal rotation, time and watt. The side handles are equipped with sensors that measure the pulse and display this value on the screen.

These devices prove that you can also keep fit while sitting comfortably. The users are of course not lying in bed or on the sofa, but sitting in a very comfortable, slightly reclined position. The devices of this brand convince not only of a high performance but also by a chic design, the latter, of course, is a matter of taste. One of our plus points is the transport wheels, which are a great relief when the device has to be transported. Although the exercise bikes are not yet up to the professional models in the gym, for ambitious amateur athletes, beginners, and convalescents, they are very well suited.

A color display shows the performance data and the athlete can choose between eleven training programs. In addition to pulse control, the user can alternatively also select a cardiac recovery rate program. The flywheel of nine kilograms allows a quiet running. The Skandika devices in this equipment class move in a price range around 500 euros.

Behind this brand is the company of the same name as a distributor of high-quality bikes and treadmills. Maxxus does not manufacture this fitness equipment itself but works with an innovative distribution network. The company philosophy is “Fitness for winners”, which Maxxus claims to do by selecting high-quality devices that are tailored to each audience.

Due to the innovative distribution system, Maxxus is able to offer studio-quality devices at a fair price-performance ratio. Depending on the equipment Maxxus devices move in a large price range of 600 to 1,900 euros. Given this fact, we recommend a comprehensive online comparison of Maxxus devices to find out which one best suits your individual needs.

This company has been in the fitness industry for forty years. The bikes stand for a shapely design, fun in movement and a purposeful training. The range offered by us company is large according to American standards. The bikes are offered in different series and models. By his own admission, the company is always careful to make their own models even better and puts a lot of time and money in the development. The devices are characterized by a high quality and versatile adjustment options. The prices of these recumbents are between 200 and 2,000 euros.

We recommend an online product review to learn about each device and its features, as our recommendation is not an option given this large price range. However, we assume that most athletes do not demand above-average performance from their home trainers, such as professional athletes, and get along with the standard equipment. The more functions a bike has, the more complicated the operation. We have learned that exercise bikes with six to ten training programs and the usual gauges certainly serve their purpose. A life fitness device from the middle price segment should, therefore, meet your requirements.

Internet vs. Specialist shops: where is the best place to buy my recumbent bike?

buy recumbent bikeThe biggest problem with the selection of a suitable recumbent bike is the large price range, which ranges between 200 and 2,000 euros. Depending on model and manufacturer, there is the best recumbent bike with very different equipment. Some machines come with more than 24 training programs, software with USB interface for various recordings, a program with a personal fitness coach and other technical highlights. Before you decide to train on a best recumbent bike, you need to know how high your requirements are.

Most ambitious amateur athletes get along with a commercial equipment. Because the more technical “Gimmicks” the device has, the higher the price will be. For most users, commercially available devices in the medium price segment between 300 and 600 euros are sufficient.

Since the price range is wide and the choice is even wider, an online product comparison is worthwhile “To find out which device is best suited to your own needs. Our recumbent bike review presents you the best models and renowned manufacturers. However, given the wide choice, we have to limit ourselves to a small selection.

The selection of the devices that made it into our high score list was not easy for us. We have selected the best recumbent bike according to objective criteria and merely make recommendations. At the end of your product review, you must decide for yourself which technical equipment your comparative review winner should bring along.

An online comparison offers you a better overview of the devices on offer than the stationary specialist trade, which only offers a limited selection. The offer is often manufacturer-dependent since only certain brands are sold. In this way, you may miss out on some models that certainly meet your requirements, but are not offered.

Our recumbent bike comparison 2018 works independently of the manufacturers, there is no obligation on our part to recommend certain models and to promote sales. We want to enable our readers to get a comprehensive overview of all advantages and disadvantages and to make their own comparisons on this basis. At the end of our recumbent bike review, you decide whether our comparative review winner is also your favorite and whether our prize winner is as popular with you as it is with us.

The history of recumbent bikes

Recumbent bike were originally used in the therapy area for patients with restricted lumbar spine area. The high backrest relieves the back area and patients can train painlessly despite their health limitations. Also in the area of obesity, therapists quickly recognized the practical potential of these recumbent bike, because the wide seat is ideally suited for overweight people. Based on these findings, recumbent bike have long since conquered the consumer market as exercise bikes.

Figures, data, facts about the recumbent bike

Care and Cleaning: You can wipe the plastic frame, the metal feet, the handlebars and the side handles with a damp cloth. You can also use cleaning agents for plastics. When cleaning, make sure that no moisture penetrates into the display. High-quality devices require little maintenance and therefore only rarely or not at all need to be oiled.

How do I adjust my recumbent bike correctly?

How to adjust recumbent bike correctlyThe correct posture and sitting position are necessary in order not to be affected by pain and sore muscles after training. The seat height must be adjusted so that you can reach the pedals comfortably with your legs loosely extended.

Loosely extended means that you do not have to stretch your legs and feet to get to the pedals, because in this case the seat height would be set too high. Sit on the seat and place the balls of your feet horizontally on the tread surface. If your leg is now slightly stretched out and you can easily reach the pedals without great pressure, you have reached the optimum seat height and leg alignment. Not all units are equipped with reclining backrests.

However, if your recumbent has this pleasant function, feel free to make use of it. Most users prefer an upright backrest, which should not be too steep because the upper body is pressed too much in the direction of the pedal, which can lead to tension in the abdomen. If the inclination is too far backward, on the other hand, the arms can be overloaded. The ideal orientation of the backrest is therefore horizontal with a slight inclination to the rear.

How do I train effectively with the recumbent bike?

heart rate controlled programYour device should have a heart rate controlled program in the handlebar. Most exercise bikes from the middle to upper price range bring this feature already, but there are also some without this additional equipment.

Effective training is only possible if the pulse is monitored regularly to avoid overworking the cardiovascular system. With this additional function, you can do without accessories such as ear clip and chest strap, because you read your values directly on the display. If your pulse values are too high, the device automatically adjusts for a reduced resistance in the brake system. Due to this reduced resistance of the effort of their pedaling movements is much lower, which means less effort.

The training on a bike, however, is less effective than, say, jogging, walking or cycling and thus time-consuming. Effective results occur only after a period of 90 to 120 minutes at a maximum load of 70 to 80 percent of the available power.

To reduce the fat deposits, the glucose stores must first be emptied, which is achieved with an average body load within 30 to 40 minutes. Bikes are equipment for endurance training, so it is not enough to operate once a week an excessive force of two hours, which also takes the body also overcharge.

It makes sense to spend half an hour every day or 60 to 90 minutes every two to three days. If you are a beginner or restart after an injury or illness, you will always start with a low level of exercise, which you will gradually increase. In this case, it is advisable to consult a doctor or sports physician. However, a home trainer is ideal for people who are very busy in their job, because they save themselves long journeys to the gym and can always train when their time allows, while in the studio they have to keep their opening hours.

Useful accessories

If you set up a recumbent bike in your own rooms, you should use a floor protection mat. This is placed under the device to protect the floor. Otherwise, the bike leaves deep marks on the carpet. Laminate and parquet are sensitive surfaces and can quickly scratch. On tiles, the feet, often covered with black rubber, sometimes leave black spots and stripes. These undesirable side effects are avoided by a floor protection mat.

Alternatives to the recumbent bike

Bikes are available in different versions. The best-known alternative is the bike, which differs from the recumbent bike only by the upright sitting position and the position of the pedals to the body. Further possibilities are hand bikes and mini bikes. Training on a treadmill or a cross-trainer also enables similar training successes. If you are not inclined towards exercise bikes and prefer classic sports, you should practice cycling, jogging or Nordic walking in the great outdoors.


What is the difference between a bike and a home trainer?

What is the difference between a bike and a home trainer?

At first glance, there is no difference between a bike and a home trainer. However, these two fitness machines are very different. A bike is usually used very often by experienced professionals and athletes, as the resistance of this device can be adjusted very precisely.

How much electricity does a bike consume?

How much electricity does a bike consume?

A bike does not consume electricity and therefore you do not have to worry about a possibly higher electricity bill. However, there are versions on the market that generate electricity. With these models, however, the electricity generated will also not be noticeable when the next electricity bill is billed.

Where can I buy a bike?

Where can I buy a bike?

The selection of bikes is more versatile than ever. Good, solid and of course also very durable bikes are best and most cost-effective available in specialist shops or from the relevant online shops on the internet. However, it is important that you compare the models with each other and pay attention to a high quality. However, used bikes are not recommended by professionals and experts.

What are the advantages of the bike?

What are the advantages of the bike?

The advantages of a bike are obvious because compared to an exercise bike, a variety of different settings can be carried out with this fitness machine. Thus a bike is very well suited for professional athletes who attach great importance to an individual training. You can find out what other advantages a Recumbent Bike offers during a personal consultation with a specialist dealer.

How do I clean my bike?

How do I clean my bike?

A Recumbent Bike is often used at home and of course it can also show dirt. The cleaning of a bike is very easy and does not take much time. A slightly damp cloth is usually sufficient for basic cleaning. Disinfection wipes are also highly recommended for cleaning.

Where can I review bikes?

Where can I review bikes?

Before you buy a Recumbent Bike you should be sure that the selected device meets your high requirements and wishes. In this case, you should review the training device before purchasing it. Of course, the specialist trade offers a very good opportunity for this. Here you can put the individual models through their paces.

How can I recognize good bikes?

How can I recognize good bikes?

Good bikes are not only characterized by a chic and modern design. The workmanship should be of high quality and the training device should have some adjustment possibilities. If you want to be on the safe side and don't want to make a mistake, you should choose a brand manufacturer.

What do I have to consider when buying?

What do I have to consider when buying?

When buying, you should first and foremost pay attention to your own requirements and wishes. If the training device does not meet your expectations, you should not purchase it. Be sure to review the selected model and compare the prices if necessary. Maybe the training device is cheaper in the online shop.

How often should I train on a bike?

How often should I train on a bike?

Opinions about the duration of training vary greatly. Professional athletes are advised to take a break from training a few days a week. During the resting phases the muscles grow and only in this way can it be ensured that a good and effective workout is carried out.

Who invented the bike?

Who invented the bike?

A similar training device to today's bike was developed by the Englishman Francis Lowndes at the end of the 18th century. This device was used for primary joint exercises and the Englishman naturally had his invention patented. Since then, the models have of course been further developed and have hardly anything in common with the invention of the time.

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