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Best Portable Basketball Hoop 2019 • 7 Portable Basketball Hoops Reviews

A portable hoop comes with a base, support pole, backboard, and rim. The construction of the support pole to the backboard and base is the most important part, as you want one that is going to be stable enough to withstand multiple elements, especially if you keep it outside.

Portable Basketball Hoop Leaderboard 2019

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  Silverback NXT 50" Backboard Lifetime Youth Lifetime Height Adjustable BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS Height-Adjustable Yaheetech Height Adjustable Seatopia Height Adjustable Spalding NBA NBA The Beast
Rating 9.95
very good
very good
Amazon rating
4.1 out of 5 stars
98 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
1122 customer reviews

4 out of 5 stars
428 customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
142 customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
20 customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
9 customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
169 customer reviews
Brand Silverback Lifetime Lifetime BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS Yaheetech Seatopia Spalding NBA
Product Dimensions

56.5 x 35 x 15 inches

34.2 x 52 x 10.2 inches

33 x 44 x 9.1 inches

29 x 22 x 97.5 inches

28.7 x 28.9 x 98.4 inches


32 x 60 x 20 inches

Item Weight

155 pounds

106.6 pounds

50 pounds

17.6 pounds

18.96 pounds


300 pounds

Backboard Size

50 x 33 inches

52 inches

42 inches

18 x 28 inches

28.9 x 19.3 inches

28 x 17.72 inches

60 inches

Backboard Material


Steel Framed Shatterproof

Acrylic Fusion

polyethylene panel

PU backboard

PE Backboard






Black & White




Base Size

62 × 32 inches

49 ×32.7 × 9 inches

43.2 x 30 x 6.5 inches

29 x 22 inches

28.7 x 17.7 x 5.1 inches

29.72 x 17.91 x 4.13 inches

60 x 34 inches

Pole size








Water Capacity

25 gallon

35 gallon

27 gallon


77.2 lb gallon

9.53 gallon

50 gallon

Adjustable Height









1825 days

1825 days

1825 days

90 days


Lifetime days


  • steel chassis and main pole
  • infinity edge backboard
  • folds backward
  • ErgoMove wheel-barrow design
  • Ultra-fast assembly
  • excellent build quality
  • easy height adjustment
  • long time warranty
  • best material
  • Slam-It Rim
  • easy movement
  • adjustable height
  • gallon roller base
  • powder-coated steel
  • plastic base
  • height-adjustable
  • heavy-duty steel
  • polyethylene panel
  • all-weather nylon
  • perfect for indoor or outdoor practice
  • corrosion-resistant spraying paint
  • removable and washable netting
  • outdoor indoor hoop
  • great gifts for kids
  • easy to mount
  • Height-adjustable
  • ensuring all ages
  • nylon net
  • base fills with water or sand
  • ensuring safety when kids play
  • 50+ gal capacity
  • dual ballast base
  • Pro-Image breakaway rim
  • basket anywhere
  • Beach Volleyball Tour
Price Value
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Portable Basketball Hoops

image of Spalding Basketball Hoop Parts Portable Basketball Hoop Basketball lovers rejoice! The rise of the portable basketball hoop has made it easier than ever to set up a place for pick up games wherever you want. Whether you want to hang out with friends somewhere new or just set up one for your home, the new, mobile basketball hoop is a fun way to get some exercise and practice your skills at home. These hoops are typically available online and in-stores at a variety of retailers, but some brands offer higher quality materials that make the hoop more resilient to weather and water. So what should you look for in a basketball hoop design? This guide goes through everything you need to know about portable basketball nets and where to purchase the best quality products.

What are Portable Basketball Hoops

A portable basketball hoop allows you to play basketball anywhere. Most players have a hoop at home that they can install on their garage or bury in the dirt, but a portable stand allows you to set up a game anywhere due to the mobility of the base.

You can set up a portable hoop in your driveway and then take it down if you want to keep it inside during colder, winter months. You can also set it up in areas of the street where no one drives to provide a cool activity for your family and friends. The best part about these stands is that they are made to be mobile, so you can always transition them to a new space or pick them up when you need to.

How Do Portable Basketball Hoops Work

A traditional basketball court has two hoops, which are placed opposite of each other at either end of the court. There are two courts, and each have a zone to signal two point and three point lines. Portable basketball hoops are played differently but not in terms of rules. Most portable players use the portable basketball stand to set up a single court, typically with no lines unless made by chalk.

However, the point of a portable hoop is that you can quickly set it up and play in the driveway or on some type of road with little traffic. Most homes with a wide driveway will set up a portable hoop to the side so that you have enough room to practice different shots and play a full pick-up game.

To set up a portable hoop, you need to have a stand with a base that can be held down by water or cement blocks. It’s called portable but it’s rather large to move with you every day. By portable, you should be able to move it to different areas, such as from the driveway to the street if you want to have a bigger court area.

The hoop attaches to a backboard, which is connected to stand that fits into the base. While portable hoops are pretty durable and strong, they can easily be pulled down by a dunk.

There are also various sizes and types of hoops for different players. For example, you may set up a smaller hoop with a short stand for children who are playing basketball at home. Then, there are hoops that match the professional hoop sizes of real courts, which you can also set up at home. These are taller and typically more difficult to make shots due to the size of the backboard and frame.

With a portable rim, you can create a fun environment to play a pick-up game or just have a good time outside with friends. It’s a great way to meet neighbors who also love basketball or just want to shoot some hoops.

Advantages & Applications

Playing basketball on a portable hoop may be different, but it has some advantages. If you are an avid player, then sometimes you just need a hoop to play with and practice shots. Basketball hoops in the driveway really started as a way for kids to be able to practice at home without having to add a hoop onto the garage or bury a cemented base inside the ground.

There are some great advantages to using these types of hoops nowadays, including the following:

No Concrete Base Required

One of the main issues with most basketball stands and hoops is that you have to set them up to be permanent fixtures using concrete. You don’t have to do that with the latest basketball hoops being sold in stores today. These are moveable, easy-to-install hoops that are also easy to pick up and move if you ever need to.

No Drilling Required

Most people don’t realize that you have to drill to get into the ground to install a traditional hoop. You don’t have to do that with a portable hoop. You simply pull it out from the box and set it up on the side of a quiet street, cul-de-sac, or in the driveway.

Easy Installation

You can instantly set up a portable basketball hoop in most cases. It simply means unfolding it from the box, putting water into the base to keep it from moving, and setting it up to stand upright. Some people will add cement blocks on the base to hold it in place.

Set Up a Hoop Wherever

You don’t have to stay stuck to the driveway. If you want a bigger court, you can simply move it. The great part about having these types of moveable hoops is that you can go anywhere with some of them. There are also smaller hoops that allow kids to play wherever you set up a hoop as well.

Practice at Home

The avid basketball player is always looking to improve their shots. Whether it’s three-pointers, two-point hook shots, lay-ups, and foul line shots, every player can practice at home with a portable hoop. You can combine with chalk to outline the different zones and points as well as create outbound zones if you are playing with friends.

Bring It With You

Want to move to somewhere new? You can simply pick up the stand and go. It’s rather easy to fold the stand back up and remove the hoop if needed since the stand isn’t stuck in the ground.

Invite Friends to Play

You can turn your home into a fun place to hang with friends and pick up a game with a portable hoop as well. Just by setting one up in your driveway, you can play outside and invite others to come out ato shoot hoops with you as well.

What Types of Portable Basketball Hoops Are There?

Most portable hoops are the same type of design, but they range in quality and size. There are hoops with larger backboards, and there are shorter poles that are made for children-sized basketball games. Some manufacturers also use different materials so that you get a higher-quality game, but everyone really knows that it’s the size of the hoop and backboard that truly matter.

These are some different types of portable nets you’ll find today:

  • Glass Backboards
  • Extra Large Backboards
  • Kid Portable Hoops
  • NBA Licensed
  • Height Adjustable

Tempered glass holds up the most when trying to dunk and hang from the rim. If you are looking to improve your dunk game, then you definitely want to get the strongest hoop and backboard possible. For most people, that’s the tempered glass board types such as “The Beast” from Spalding.

The standard professional backward is 6 feet by 3.5 feet or 6 feet by 4 feet. However, if you want to practice rebounds, you might look at portable hoops with larger backboards to give you the most rebounds. Some backboards like this range from 54” to 60” in width.

Just want to set something up for the kids to play in? There are a number of kiddie basketball hoops that work well for kids who are just starting out in the sport. They can practice shots, play smaller games, and hang out with friends without feeling the board and pole are too much in the water. They also may have different colors than some of the more traditional hoops.

If you want to practice on a hoop and backboard that is standard to the NBA, then you simply need to look for the NBA license on the front. This means the hoop has been reviewed by NBA professional standards and will match the 18” in diameter rules for the hoop.

For long-lasting hoops, you should get one that you can change on the fly depending on who is playing. If you want to play with your kids, for example, then lowering the pole a bit might level the playing field.

How to Get a Good Portable Basketball Hoop

image of Lifetime 52 Inch XL Portable Basketball Hoop SystemA lot of neighborhoods don’t allow a permanent basketball hoop to be set up. Fortunately, portable hoops can be set up anywhere, but how do you know if one is a good purchase or not? If you spend more, does that mean you’ll be compensated with a high-quality hoop? That’s not always the case. Finding a good portable hoop means that you have found one that meets your needs. Here are some things to think about when looking at these different hoops.

What Do You Want to Train?

There are different hoops made to help players practice different types of shots and techniques. While it’s great to have a hoop to practice with, you may want to do dunks or practice rebound shots more often. There are different hoops that you can pick that will make it more difficult to get a three-point shot by making the rim a tad smaller, meaning that you have to shoot that much more accurately.

Purchasing the right hoop can also mean that you want a base that is made of a specific material or a backboard that has tempered glass. These are sturdier and are made to bend with a dunk so that you don’t break the rim from the backboard.

Where Will You Play?

Most basketball hoops like these have the same design. There is a hoop, backward, pole, and base. However, if you want to play in a semi-permanent area, you may want a base that you have to bury to provide more stability to the backboard. However, if stability doesn’t matter as much as having a basketball hoop nearby, then you won’t need to care too much about the base design.

Do You Want to Dunk or Hang from Rim?

These hoops probably will need a very strong backboard made from tempered glass. These are typically thicker and heavier to move than regular portable basketball hoops. However, they are made to withstand heavy weight and pressure on the rim by bending.

What Price Range Can You Afford?

Some of the more expensive portable hoops include tempered glass and a design that’s made to withstand anything, which is why they may use more expensive materials to build the basketball stand. In general, you can find a low-end or older basketball hoop for around $200. If you want to purchase brand new, you will likely spend over $300 for a standard hoop and over $1000 for a basketball hoop with a base design and backboard made for dunking.

Who is Playing with You?

Are you trying to train with friends, or are you just playing around with your family? This mostly matters if you want to be able to adjust the height of the basketball hoop easily. With kid basketball hoops, you typically get a more friendly hoop size and more lightweight base design that can adjust easily in height.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying a Portable Basketball Hoop

Loving the game of basketball means that you want to play it every day as much as you can. With a basketball hoop at home, you can truly start to get better at different shots and even create weekly pick-up games in your driveway. Since most neighborhoods don’t allow you to install a permanent basketball net, portable hoops are the next best way to create a zone just for basketball.

However, there are a lot of different parts that you should look at before purchasing a hoop. Some that are priced high may not actually be any different than a second-hand basketball hoop that you can buy on E-bay. Then there are some hoops that are worth the extra money if you are trying to drain for jumping and dunking.

So what do you need to look at when buying a portable basketball stand? These are some of the things that we find most helpful when building the perfect profile of a basketball hoop at home.

Backboard Size

Most people don’t realize that NBA has regulated the sizes of backboard only since 2011. Before then, it used to be much less standardized. Most portable hoop companies have now updated their backboards to meet the new specifications.

NBA backboard sizes should be exactly 72 inches wide and 42 inches tall, but most of the cheaper basketball nets are not going to follow this standard. Most of the backboards will be much smaller. However, they should not go below 44 inches, which is pretty small in width. Better playability starts around 54 inches.

Backboard Material

There are different materials for the backboard that change the price and quality of the rebound. Glass is the best because it’s what is used in the NBA and also helps with learning to rebound shots more carefully. Other materials include acrylic and polycarbonate. Acrylic backboards have slightly less bounce when the ball rebounds, and polycarbonate has the least bounce.

This is important if you want to be able to practice how the ball will bounce on different shots as well as when you are playing with other people. You want a backboard that will provide you with the experience of playing on a real court as well. However, basketball hoops that are made from tempered glass are the best bet if you want to practice dunks.

Backboard Offset Distance

There is also a small distance that you should account for as you look at different hoops. The offset is the distance from the support port to the backboard. When you have an offset that is too small, it can be easy to pull down and crash a backboard. There is typically an overhang of about four feet for professional courts, but you may find that cheaper basketball hoops only have an overhang of a couple feet.

Hoop Size

Most of the hoops today meet the standard size, which is 18 inches in diameter. However, you may find that some manufacturers still use different sizes or that you want a larger one if playing with kids. You also want to make sure that the rim is attached safely to the pool in a way that is going to remain steadfast.

Type of Rim

The standard rim today is screwed into the lower piece of the backboard. While this gives the rim more stability, you may get a lot of shots that go in and then jump out due to high rebound factor. You also don’t want to dunk on a rim that is attached this way because it may hurt your hands or bend the board.

The breakaway basketball rim is important for a portable hoop if you plan on doing any type of dunks and pull-down moves. These are made with compression rings that allow the rim to be pulled and bent without having to break off from the backboard to relieve pressure.

Support Pole

Every good basketball base must have a durable and strong support pole that can withstand rebounds, hard hits, dunks, weather, and water. There are also support poles that can be adjusted so you can start out with a shorter support pole for beginners and then work your way up to professional NBA standad heights, which is 10 feet. While the adjustable height portable hoops are great for beginners, they tend to make for poor long-term support poles due to the use of three-piece pole constructions. These are rather shaky and don’t always withstand the elements as well as a two-piece support pole can bear the same load.

There are also more expensive styles that feature a screw jack adjustment system, which is easier to set up and allows you to adjust the height from 7.5 feet to 10 feet.

NBA Standards

If you want to practice on something that is going to help you win the next game or improve your shots for professional play, then you definitely want to buy a portable hoop that is NBA licensed or at least follows NBA standards for sizes. This means that the rim should be 18 inches in diameter, and the backboard should also be 6 feet by 3.5 inches wide or 6 feet by 4 inches wide. You should avoid any backboards that are not made from tempered glass as they won’t have the same rebound.

In addition, the height of the hoop is also important. If you purchase a height adjustable pole, then you should make sure that it goes up to 10 feet as this is the standard measurement from the hoop to the ground for professional rims.

Base Support Design

The base of a portable hoop is the most important part because it’s what keeps the hoop in place and allows you to keep playing year after year. Higher-quality bases won’t move or budge by design, but you will have to fill them with water or sand. Others that are cheaper may need to be weighted down by cement blocks to stay in place.

Most of the smaller hoops for beginners only have a capacity for 27 gallons in the base. This is not really enough to keep the board stabilized for hard hits and rebounds. Heavier bases will have a 35 gallon maximum, and then there are expensive, heavy duty bases with a maximum of 50 gallons.


Some of the manufacturers are including short-term warranties to fix any malfunctions with basketball hoops that are portable. You can check the description to see what the warranty’s terms are, but Spalding offers a warranty for their higher-priced portable hoops.

Choosing the right basketball hoop will largely depend on how you want to play. For those who want to get the toughest boards, then you should expect to pay a little more for higher-quality materials. In the end, these boards will typically last a bit longer.

Top Manufacturers for Portable Basketball Hoops

A number of sports brands have developed mobile basketball hoops that make it easy to pick up a game at home. While some have higher-quality, others are made just so you can have fun practicing different shots. These brands are historic in some cases, while others have just gotten into the hoop market.

  • Spalding
  • Lifetime
  • Silverback
  • Mega Slam
  • AGame

Spalding has been around since 1876 and is one of the most recognized name in the sports retail industry. Their basketball hoops are marked as the best quality due to the fact that they use tempered glass in most of their models. However, they have recently put out stands with polycarbonate and acrylic backboards to lessen the price.

The Spalding Angled 54” Portable Hoop is the most cheaply priced product from the brand. It features a black base with a hoop that can be adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. It also comes with a breakaway rim and 34-gallon portable base. While you can practice shots and place a pretty decent game, the base is still rather shaky compared to other models. In addition, you won’t be able to dunk on this hoop as an adult.

Spalding creates a hoop called “The Beast” that is perfect for those who want to practice all shoots and slam dunks. The backboard is made from tempered glass and matches the size of the backboards in the NBA as well. You can practice rebounds and all kinds of trick shots, as well as play plenty of pick-up games with friends on this board.

Lifetime is another mega brand for basketball hoops, and they make a variety of different hoops depending on the price bracket. Their portable basketball nets are some of the best rated as well. If you are looking for a beginner hoop that has quality construction, Lifetime is probably the best manufacturer to go with. However, you may want to spend more to get a base that is heavier so you don’t risk it constantly falling over from a hard hit. The Lifetime 52” has received the most positive reviews and features the largest backboard at 52” for the brand. However, the backboard is made from polycarbonate which means that you won’t get as much bounce, and you won’t be able to dunk using this type of board.

This is one of the tougher designs out there, and it’s highly rated by customers. However, despite the higher-quality materials and positive ratings, you won’t spend as much for a Silverback as you will with Spalding. The brand is still quite new to the market, but their product has received raved reviews. The Silverback NXT is the signature product from Silverback. It has detailed instructions so installation is easy. The base is also designed to be super heavy with a backboard meant for taking on big dunks.

Mega Slam came out a few years ago and offers a semi-permanent hoop that is a little bit like a portable hoop since you can adjust it and it uses a heavy base. You technically don’t need to add cement to the base but it may help keep it in place. Mega Slam has done a lot of marketing for its main product that allows you to adjust the height as you play with differenet groups easily. It’s a great hoop to be set up in a quiet neighborhood, park, or other area where asphalt or cement is available to play on.

These are some of the cheaper alternatives available on the market. If you want to spend less than $100 to just practice shots or give a hoop to a beginner, this would be a good product to stick with.

Where to Buy Portable Basketball Hoops: Internet or Retail Store?

image of a man buying portable basketball hoop online You have probably seen a basketball hoop being sold in-store at Wal-Mart and Target. The higher quality hoops are located in sporting good stores, and there are also toy stores that sell adjustable hoops for kids to start with.

However, the best place to compare and look at different hoops is through online stores. You can typically find some of the older, higher-quality backboards for sale second-hand at cheaper prices online, and you can get coupons or discounts for top sporting goods stores that are also online, such as and

Buying basketball hoops online makes less sense if you want to see it in person first, but you can always start shopping by looking online at different brands and models before going in-store to check it out. You can even schedule an appointment with some websites like Mega Slam to get a demonstration.

Interesting Facts and Advice

Do you love playing basketball any time of day? That’s exactly why having a portable hoop makes sense. However, in the old days, you used to have to go to a public court or YMCA to find a hoop. Nowadays, you can simply order one online. Here are few things to note about the changes made to the hoop over the years.

  • The first basketball hoop was invented in 1891 at a YMCA Training Center.
  • The first hoop was a peach basket and was later exchanged for a metal rim.
  • The traditional backboard as we know it now was not invented until 1904. These backboards were made of wood.
  • A few years later, glass backboards became popular and allowed audiences to see the game without blocking their view. The net was also cut out at the bottom so that the ball would fall through.
  • The American Basketball League is credited for starting the breakaway hoop design that would allow players to dunk the ball without shattering the backboard or breaking the rim off.
  • Portable hoop design started in the 1970s but still required that most hoops be cemented into the ground. It wasn’t until the early 1990s that sand and water bases were used.
  • Manufacturers started creating better bases and designs for portable hoops recognizing a market for at-home practice with a professional backboard.

The History of the Portable Basketball Hoop

image of Dr. James Naismith Basketball has a long rich history in North America. The basketball hoop was there at the start. It’s the reason people even play basketball. The whole point is to get the ball through the hoop. However, basketball hoops have changed a lot since the 1950s when it started to gain popularity. The sport was actually started by a doctor. Dr. James Naismith invented basketball at the age of 30 while attending school and working at the local YMCA Training Center in 1891. Over the years, the sport has changed and become legendary to American culture. In addition, the gear has been molded to meet the challengers playing in the sport today. The professional hoops have gotten stronger, more durable, and a bit smaller.

The sport originally started with a peach basket hoop, but this was replaced by a metal hoop and netting about 10 years later. The net didn’t have a hole in the bottom, so you had to push it out every time. By 1906, the players had cut a hole in the bottom to easily retrieve the ball.

The American Basketball League or ABL was started in 1925 and active until 1931. In this time, the modern hoop as you now know it was made official. There were no breakaway rims, and the backboard was much smaller than it is in modern times.

Fast forward to 2011, the NBA came out with official rules for the rim and net, including that the hoop must be 18 inches in diameter with a net that must be 15 and 18 inches long. The rim must also be placed exactly 10 feet from the ground. The backboard must also have certain dimensions, but you can choose between 6 feet by 3.5 feet or 6 feet by 4 feet. Most hoops nowadays are also made to have a breakaway feature that ensures the rim can flex if the ball is dunked, as this has led to backboards shattering.

You can thank Shaquille O’Neal for that one.

Most people recognize that a portable basketball stand and the professional hoops are much different. Some have smaller rims and others are shorter because they are made for kids. In this guide, we look at hoops that match hoop size of a professional rim and are sturdy without needing to be cemented into the ground.

Figures, Data, and Facts About Portable Basketball Hoops

image of Costway Indoor Outdoor 10' Adjustable Height Portable Basketball Hoop System There’s not much data out there on basketball hoops currently. The portable basketball hoop market continues to grow every year, seeing more manufacturers and designs enter the market, with higher-priced hoops going for nearly $2,000 in some cases.

However, there is a reason why the market is climbing at the moment. Most cities don’t seem to have enough basketball courts according to recent statistics. There are only a handful of cities that have enough basketball hoops per 10,000 residents. Some of the cities with the most basketball hoops for the population include Madison, Norfolk, St. Paul, Richmond, Buffalo, and Cleveland.

How to Install a Portable Basketball Hoop

The whole point of a mobile basketball hoop is that you don’t have to place it somewhere permanently. This means that you can move the hoop as you wish to wherever you want in your driveway or street. Installing a portable hoop typically means that you need to fill the base with sand or water, and you may want to add some cement blocks on top of it to keep in place if you find that it wobbles in the slightest.

Most hoops are easy to install and simply come with instructions and tools to help you put the support pole together, as well as the rim and backboard. You can read through user reviews to see how difficult it is to set up a basketball hoop. However, the instructions typically follow the same method as below:

  • Unbox the support pole, base, rim, backboard, and screws.
  • Place the base where you feel it’s best to play the optimal game of basketball, likely near a cement or asphalt area.
  • Fill the base with sand or water depending on what the instructions call for. In most cases, sand will offer the most weight to keep your base in place.
  • Attach the support pole to the base.
  • Lock the backboard into the holes on the support pole with screws.
  • Attach the rim to the backboard with screws.

These is the simplest way to install basketball hoop at home, but instructions may be different for two-piece portable hoops. These may need to be installed by a professional.

Tips for Caring for Portable Basketball Hoops

image of Lifetime Courtside 48 Polycarbonate Portable Basketball HoopWhen you have a portable basketball hoop, then you are dealing with the elements outside as well. Even if you are able to move the hoop inside, you will still need to do some things to ensure that your play is not interrupted. In addition, you may want to buy certain water resistance sprays to help protect the base, support, and rim from rust and water exposure.

  • Replace the net whenever you see wear and tear. It’s easy to play with a net that doesn’t have any tears or holes.
  • Car and truck cleaning detergents are best to use on the outside of the basketball hoop as they will be the least corrosive. You should avoid using any corrosive or bleach chemicals on areas like the rim and backboard.
  • Most support poles are hot-dipped and galvanized so they don’t need too much cleaning, but you should still wipe them down to keep from getting too dirty and unsightly.
  • Some hoops come with a lifetime warranty that will protect against any defect or problem that happens with your hoop.
  • Check the water level in your base if you feel that it has evaporated or isn’t as sturdy as it once was. You shouldn’t have to refill your base more than three times a year.
  • Check nuts and bolts to ensure that they are in place and haven’t gotten corroded or loose over time.
  • Look for signs of rust on the pole or other areas like the rim. You may use your warranty to replace certain pieces if covered for rust.
  • Remove water from the base during extreme cold so it doesn’t freeze and crack the base.

Keeping your basketball hoop clean and checked for leaks is the most important part of maintenance. Basketball hoops tend to last over five years if you take them inside during colder weather and check the pole for any signs of rust. If your backboard breaks or you see rust on a galvanized support pole, then you may be able to use your warranty to replace certain parts.

Other Useful Accessories

When you have a hoop, you should be able to set it up and start placing in a matter of minutes. There isn’t a whole lot of special accessories that you will need to use a hoop. However, you can add to the fun using certain tools.

  • Sidewalk Chalk
  • Nylon Nets
  • Basketball Bin
  • Cement Blocks
  • BaseGel

You can create a makeshift zone and three-point line barriers to help you practice in the zone and when you want to hit certain shots. It’s also useful to identifying out of bounds when you are playing a game with friends in the driveway.

You will likely have to replace your net every year if you play often enough. It’s the only part of the hoop that gets damaged the most from the elements and rough play.

You may want to store all of your basketball equipment within a netted bin such as different basketballs if you have a lot of them. These are also great places to store the chalk and towels.

While not every portable hoop is going to need more support, but you could weigh down the base even more with cement blocks. These can be sat on top of the base and removed whenever you needed to move the hoop to a new location.

Over time, the base of a portable basketball rim can crack or have little leaks that cause it to hold less water than before. Whether you’ve stepped on it and the base has cracked, or it’s leaking for some other issue, there is a new substance on the market that can repair these leaks fast. You can take a look at BaseGel on to find this polymer product that repairs all kinds of cracks.

FAQs About Portable Basketball Hoops

There are some things to note with basketball hoops that you may not realize cause issues. For example, water bases can freeze in the winter and cause cracking. Taking care of a portable hoop is just as important as playing on it every day for practice. These are some of the most frequently asked questions about different mobile basketball hoop options.

What is included with a portable basketball hoop?

What is included with a portable basketball hoop?

When you purchase a portable hoop, you are getting more than just the rim. This also means that you typically have to assemble and set up the hoop yourself. With most of these products, you receive a support base, support pole, backboard, rim, nuts, and bolts, as well as any other hardware needed to install the backboard and rim. In most cases, you will need a screwdriver or wrench in order to screw in and assemble a basketball hoop like these. You may have a professional install the basketball hoop as well.

Will a portable basketball hoop fall over?

Will a portable basketball hoop fall over?

There is always a potential for the hoop to fall over if it is not cemented or buried in the ground. Whether you knock into it or drive over it, a basketball hoop is not made to withstand this type of force. However, the hoop should be able to withstand most hard hits, wind, harsh weather, and rain, as long as you follow instructions and fill the base correctly. The base should be filled with sand or water. In most cases, the base contains 35 gallons to anchor down the hoop. In other cases, you might have a base that is more lightweight and needs cement blocks to be placed on top to keep it in place.

Why can’t I use a portable hoop in winter?

Why can’t I use a portable hoop in winter?

While you may want to play outside on those balmy days, it’s not a good idea to keep your basketball hoop outside during extreme cold. There are a number of reasons for this, but the main one is that the base can freeze if filled with water. This leads to cracks in the base, which means that the base won’t be able to hold as much water or sand in the future. Most manufacturers recommend that you take apart the base and store inside during winter months.

What is a shatter-proof backboard?

What is a shatter-proof backboard?

In the very beginning, backboards were made from wood, which made it difficult to play with a crowd and also didn’t provide a good rebound. Now, backboards are made from glass, and the best backboards are made from tempered glass. Most players love to dunk in basketball. It means that you can jump high and get the ball right into the hoop. However, there used to be a potential for rims to break and shatter the glass if there were not made with a breakaway construction. Breakaway rims are most important for preventing shattering backboards, but it’s also important to give you a semblance of how real players play on the court.

What’s the difference between portable and in-ground hoops?

What’s the difference between portable and in-ground hoops?

A portable hoop can be placed anywhere. It is not cemented or buried in the ground like other support poles. You can pick up a hoop easily and take it with you if you are moving. With other poles that are made to be in-grond, you typically have to cement them in place so that they won’t even move.

Are portable hoops weather resistant?

Are portable hoops weather resistant?

The support poles are hot-dipped and galvanized to prevent rust from water, but you can always purchase something like Kiwi CampDry to help protect your equipment from rain. Most basketball hoops are made to resist water and heat, but over time, if your hoop is out in the sun a lot, you can see your net start ot fade or grow more strained, and the base may crack. You can simply replace these pieces or use something like BaseGel to repair cracks in the base.

How to use BaseGel to repair a portable basketball base?

How to use BaseGel to repair a portable basketball base?

With BaseGel, you spread the gel into the crack to instantly seal up any hairline cracks or splits. If you don’t place the gel into the crack and see that it is sealed, you may have a larger crack than can be covered by the gel.

Do all basketball hoops come with a warranty?

Do all basketball hoops come with a warranty?

Most manufacturers include a 12-month to a lifetime warranty with the hoop. This protects mostly against defects and not replacements due to wear and tear. For example, if your net breaks on the second day from buying the hoop, you may not be able to replace as it could be just a sign that the net was used too roughly during play.

What’s the difference between 3-piece and 2-piece basketball hoops?

What’s the difference between 3-piece and 2-piece basketball hoops?

Support poles have different constructions. The main difference is the amount of strength and materials used to make the support pole, as well as the price. A three-piece system has some durability, but it is not the best for a breakaway rim that will be used to avoid shattered glass. If you plan on practicing dunks or just want more of a heavy-duty support, then you are looking at a two-piece system. A two-piece system is more supportive and stable in comparison.

Alternatives to Portable Basketball Hoops

image of Wall-Mounted HoopsWhen players research different portable basketball hoops, they are most often looking for something that can be played at home to practice their shots. You can do this very easily with a portable hoop, but there are some other options if you want more stability or don’t want to purchase the entire support and base combination.

In-Ground Basketball Hoops

These are the closest to stability and support as the portable basketball hoop. The major drawback here is that these are typically installed by either posts going into the ground and getting sealed with cement or buried in-ground with a cement fill. There is the potential for in-ground basketball hoops to become loose over time and fall over, but in general, these are the longer-lasting support poles that will keep a hoop up longer than a portable style.

It does present problems if you plan to move the hoops at any time, or if you want to sell your home, you may have to remove the basketball hoop as it can actually detract from property values if in the front of the house. If you are not likely to move and want a very permanent base, then the in-ground option is definitely more suitable.

Wall-Mounted Hoops

Most homeowners do not want a wall-mounted hoop because it puts large holes in the exterior of your home. They are pretty stable but can cause more damage since players will be taking aim at something above your garage door or windows. If you have a side of your building or home that doesn’t have any windows, then this would be the best place to install a wall-mounted hoop. These tend to have very little breakaway design, which could lead to shattered glass.

Pool Hoops

If you have a pool, there is always the pool-side hoop that you can easily set up and play from the pool. This is a great activity for summer months when the heat goes to the extreme. While it’s not that great for practicing shots, it is extremely portable and you can take it to any pool to get people into a game.

Arcade Style Basketball Hoops

What’s better than staying inside and shooting a bunch of hoops? The arcade style basketball hoops offer a completely portable and fun way to play basketball. You can compete against the high score or go back to back with another place using different arcade modes as well.

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