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Best Camping Cot 2020 • 4 Camping Cots Reviews

They say if you want to avoid a sore back when you camp, then you should get a camping cot. The newest cots on the market are a blend of comfort, back support, and storage with some additional features thrown in if you have a bigger budget.

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While you can buy cots for a cheap cost, there are moderately priced cots that help with certain needs, such as sturdier construction, better padding, and under-cot storage. With a camping cot, you escape some of the problems of simply sleeping on the ground or in an air mattress. You can stay warmer because of you’re off the ground, and it’s better for your back, especially if you already have issues with arthritis and pain.

This guide takes you through the different types of cots available for camping cot, as well as what features to look for and accessories that can help turn your tent into the perfect sleeping quarters. It’s much better than an air bed because you have better air circulation. Plus, you can typically store things underneath your sleeping cot as well.

What is a camping cot?

Best Camping CotBest Camping cot can make a tent feel like a home. For one, you’re not sleeping on the cold hard ground. New technology has also made it easier to bring a cot with you as there is a multitude of cots that fold up easily. In addition to being elevated from the ground, cots provide more comfort, which is especially important if you have issues with painful joints or a bad back.

The best camping cot is your best friend during camping. One issue with cots is that they can be bulky and heavy, especially if they don’t fold down all the way. While air beds and sleeping bags can fold up into a much tinier size, you won’t have the same sleeping experience. If you are a minimalist camper, you probably will want something a little smaller than a best camping cot if you are carrying a pack with your gear.

There are a wide variety of different sleeping cots. You may pay as little as $15 for a cheap cot, while there are also cots that cost over $100 in some cases. High-end models can be even pricier as they are sized to be much larger and come with additional padding.

Features of sleeping cots range from storage to additional padding, as well as higher grade materials for the frame and fabric that stretches to become taut once a best camping cot is unfolded. The aluminum frame provides a sturdy base for your camping bed.

How does a camping cot work?

Camping Cots ReviewsWith an aluminum frame and fabric stretching across each bar, a best camping cot is a small bed that provides a sturdy base and comfortable platform for you to sleep. You can bring a pad or sleeping bag to go on top of the cot to make it more comfortable, but other cots have padding built into the fabric so that you can be comfortable with just a blanket in some cases.

Packable cots typically fold into a minimalist, easy-to-carry system. You can place them in your trunk or in the back seat. There are larger cots that sometimes require more assembly, especially if they have their own tent or come with space for two.

Most cots work the same way once unfolded. You lock in the legs and stretch out the fabric so that your bed is fully taut and supportive. Some cots have multiple positions so you can elevate your head or use as a sitting chair. Others are much more simple and allow you to simply pull the fabric up in the middle to fold it up like a lounge chair.

The great thing about cots around a tent or canopy is that they can be set up next to one another, allowing campers to easily stow their goods underneath the best camping cot and use it as a place to sit around the campsite during downtime.

Advantages & Applications

Advantages of Camping cotsFor many campers, cots are a high priority necessity. If you don’t want to sleep on the ground or deal with moisture getting into your bed, cots are the go-to choice. Camping cot are built to be sturdier than sleeping bags, air mattresses, and sleeping pads. Their construction alone allows you to sleep in a better environment and get the best experience possible.

Some advantages to using a cot are as follows:

Different Sleeping Positions

If you are a sleeper who can never get comfortable and dealing with pain, then the best camping cot offers you better sleeping experiences because you don’t have to bend low to get into the best camping cot nor do you have to be confined to a sleeping bag. You can lay on your side, stomach, or back with a cot. You don’t typically need to have a sleeping pad or bag with you either. With most cots, you only need a blanket.


Sleeping on the ground has a host of problems. For one, you tend to get wet from the dew in the morning, and the ground is just typically colder at night. You can develop respiratory problems from not sleeping at an elevated position either.

Most people choose a sleeping cot because you are at least three feet off the ground, and you can change your sleeping position so that you don’t have to sleep flat on your back.

More Warmth

You can build a best camping cot bed to be your exact picture of comfort. You can use a pillow, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, blankets, and sheets to create the absolutely perfect cushion for your nighttime rest. Many cots are also built to have some padding, making them even more comfortable.

Better for Bad Backs

Sleeping on a cot is better for your back in general. You don’t have to lay flat, which can aggravate the spine and muscles of the back at various pressure points, and you can change your elevation with some cots so that if you need to lift your head up, you can. There are also cots that come with a number of pads to make it more cushioned in areas, which gives you an easy way to sleep without a sleeping bag.

No Need to Blow It Up or Deal with Air Leaks

Air mattresses tend to need a lot of work in the beginning. You’ll need an air pump with batteries to blow up the mattress, and then you also want to look out for any leaks. Air mattresses tend to also get much dirtier than cots because they go directly on the ground. Even if you have a tarp down, you can still expect some moisture and dirt to get on your air mattress.

Durable Construction

Camping cot for TourThe materials used with cots give them advantages over every other sleeping system. For one, you get bad that is portable, and you can support your weight as well as another person typically in a good cot.

These frames are made from aluminum and steel, while the fabric is typically made from cotton and nylon, allowing it to stretch and yet remain quite intact. For those who want a cot that supports their weight, you can find a number of builds with maximum weight limits over 300 pounds.


Many cots also come with storage systems. For instance, you can hang a pocket off the side of the frame with zippers and different areas to store whatever you want to keep handy. You can also stow your gear under the best camping cot to keep it out of the walkways as well as to grab when you need it.

While there are many reasons that a best camping cot is better than other sleeping systems, you should pick one that suits your needs and body type.

For those who want a larger bed, cots are a great option to avoid issues with sleeping directly on the ground. In this state, you typically have a more rigid sleeping experience, and you won’t be able to move as easily around your tent.

What types of camping cots are there?

Camping cot typesCamping equipment has changed quite a bit today. As more people learn about new products that provide more comfort and safety in the wild outdoors, best camping cot are becoming the new normal. There are a variety of sleeping cots that offer more elevated sleeping systems so that you can sleep off the ground in total comfort. In some cases, your cot can even double as your tent.

Portable Camping Cot

These are the most commonly purchased types of cots for camping. They typically are smaller and contain much less padding with an aluminum frame that easily folds up. These are lightweight compared to other cots built with padding and larger frames. These are priced more cost-effectively, but they may not provide as much comfort as cots that have more fabric. They may also not be built to support heavier weights and body types.


  • Cost effective
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to pack
  • Easy to carry
  • Assembles quickly


  • Less comfortable
  • No storage

Padded Camping Cot

The padded camping cot is a great buy if you want to feel like you are sleeping in a bed. These are a little bit heavier than the minimalist portable camping cot, but they tend to be more difficult to carry.

Padded sleeping cots tend to be bulkier and require more room when you are transporting them. Most brands will also offer some other features such as a convenient storage area that hangs off the frame.


  • More comfortable
  • Better for bad backs
  • Easily adjustable


  • More expensive
  • Heavier and bulkier shape

Cots for Bad Backs

Cots for Bad BacksIf you are looking to avoid a sore back every night when you’re camping, a cot is a great choice. You can take that a step further by purchasing a cot made for different weight classes and back issues. Some cots have padding in different areas to support your back even more, while others allow you to adjust the height of each piece of the cot, so you can elevate yourself.

In addition, if you are worried about a bad back due to weight issues, you can find a lot of cots that allow you to sleep in a hammock style shape. Cots also lift you off the ground so you don’t have to get down on your knees like you do with an air mattress or sleeping badly.


  • More comfortable
  • Better positions for different pressure points
  • Supports higher weights


  • More expensive
  • Not as easy to assemble in some cases

Cots with Storage

You can find a variety of brands that are packaging organizers along with their latest cots. The organizers allow you to hang stuff off the side of your cot in pockets and zippers.

You can storage different necessities in here like batteries or toiletries, as well as important things you don’t want to lose. Most organizers are meant to make it easier to find things and keep all of your stuff in one place, including the small things that you might be forgetful of.


  • More storage options
  • Better organization
  • Keep everything in one place


  • More expensive
  • Can purchase velcro organizers to hang off cots separately

XXL Camping Cots

XXL Camping Cots ReviewThese are cots specifically made for those who require a heavier weight limit. These are designed to support over 300 pounds typically. The frame is typically sturdier and made from steel or aluminum, while the fabric is a tougher nylon that is typically padded and not as taut as other cots.

This allows a camper to use an XXL cock much like a hammock instead of a flat bed. This supports a back that is hard to sleep on as well as those who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, as it would be difficult to get into an air mattress on the ground in a tent.


  • Sturdier construction
  • Made for bad backs
  • Supports higher weight limits


  • More expensive
  • Bulkier, difficult to transport

Military Cots

This a simpler, minimalist style of cot that is meant to be a lightweight, no frills approach to camping. They are called military cots as they resemble cots that you’d find in a barracks. They typically cost much less than other cots as well but they still have a sturdy construction. These are probably the best cots if you want to carry along with gear.


  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Lower cost


  • No padding or built-in comfort

Camouflage Cots

A camouflage cot is pretty much a military cot or portable cot but it’s painted and padded with camouflage patterns. This is important for certain types of tents, especially for hunting. It’s a specialty type of cot that refers more to the fabric and style than to the construction. You’ll find that camouflage cots can be portable cots, military cots, or large padded cats.


  • Best for specialty camping


  • Slightly more expensive

Bunk Cots

These are double cots that have two cots attached to the same frame and are styled like a bunk bed. These can be difficult if you don’t want to assemble, but they are the best in terms of saving space at the campsite and providing multiple comfort beds. A lot of these beds also come with organizers.


  • Great for family camping
  • Saves space


  • More expensive
  • Takes up a lot of storage space

Tent Cots

Tent Camping Cot ReviewWant to become your own mobile unit that doesn’t need a canopy or want to protect yourself from insects at night? Then a tent camping cot is the best type of sleeping system because it’s designed to keep you protected and safe from the elements outside of your cot.

This is a great purchase if you want to be very mobile without a tent, as well as if you are headed to an area in a difficult climate. However, one thing to consider is that the tent can be very hot during the day and some assembly will be required.


  • Better for rough climates
  • Protection from insects and rain
  • Warmer at night


  • Assembly required
  • Too warm for hot temperatures

Kid Cots

You don’t have to get a typical cot for a small child. You can get a cot that is just like a smaller bed and especially sized for little ones. These cots are designed for smaller bodies and typically don’t have the same support for higher weight limits. You can find these cots at camping stores, online, and in kids sporting departments.


  • Best for kids
  • Lightweight
  • Sized to fit


  • Much smaller
  • May become less useful once outgrown

The right cot for your sleeping style will depend on a number of factors. However, the budget is a major factor as you may only have under $20 to spend on a cot or sleeping bag. Campers should also consider that cots last a long time and can provide a lifetime of comfort for all those in your family.

How to Pick the Right Camping Cot for You

The right camping cot has a profile that combines comfort and construction. You want a sturdy cot that isn’t going to fold on you or break after a couple times from use. While many cots have sturdy frames, it’s important to read reviews and look for warning signs, such as “doesn’t lock appropriately” or “holds moisture.” These types of cots are going to have all kinds of problem with breaking, falling apart, and carrying mold.

After looking at a variety of different cots and trying different brands, these are the features that stand out the most for the best profile of a camping cot:

  • Comfort as Design
  • Easily Foldable
  • Built-In Organizers
  • Hammock Design (for Bad Backs)
  • Warranty
While you may pay a little more for padding, it’s worth it to get a good night’s sleep. Even with a sleeping bag, some of the standard cots out there have no cushion, meaning that it’s like sleeping on a board. You want to be able to move on your best camping cot and feel that your back is supported so that you are not waking up with a sore back every night.
Bulky, heavier cots are not good for every type of camping trip. If you are trying to save on space or sharing a tent with someone, you will probably need to get a bigger tent or smaller cots. The choice is yours. However, padded cots are still foldable. They probably take up more room than an air mattress inside of its packaging, but it will take up less room than an air mattress on the ground. You can also fold up the best camping cot when not sleeping in it to have more room.
It’s a great idea to purchase organizers with velcro and hang them off a canopy, but it works the same way with sleeping cots. You should be able to hang small organizers with zipper pockets off of the side of the best camping cot to have more organization with little things that can get lost. For example, you may want to place your hygiene here, small tools, keys, batteries, granola bars, and other things that are necessities for you that you don’t want to get lost.
Cots are better for your back than sleeping on the ground, but there are cots that are designed to have a curved shape that allows you to sleep to the form of your body. This is better for those with bad backs or those who have weight issues. You can purchase an XXL cot that will give you more space to room around.
Your cot should come with a warranty that protects against most malfunctions, like a cot whose legs break in the first few months of use or that easily comes apart. There are a few things that can cause a best camping cot to break like this, but if it happens due to no fault of your own, you can cover a replacement through the warranty.

The perfect cot may also be one that compliments your style of camping. There are tent cots that allow you to protect against the elements, while there are also hunting and sports cots that are colored differently or have more organization options.

What Features to Pay Attention to When Buying a Camping Cot

How to Choose a Camping cotYou want to make sure that you buy a camping cot that will provide your comfort, first and foremost. If you are looking for a cot on a budget, then none of these features will matter much. However, you do want to find a cot that won’t break, has a warranty and provides a good distance from the ground so you are able to stow your gear beneath it.

Aluminum or Steel Frame

You don’t want the cot’s legs to break easily, so having a good frame is key. Sturdier cots will have aluminum or steel frames that are easily assembled and fold out, supporting weights of over 300 pounds. These are the best options, especially if you are doubling up in the cot.

Padded Cots

These are the more comfortable types of cots because you don’t need a sleeping bag, and they are typically the most supportive of your back. The fabric on a padded cot contains cushions that are strategically placed in patterns to support your head, back, and legs.

Elevation Design

With some cots, you can change the way you lay so that it works more like a lounger. This means that you can recline with your head up if you are dealing with sinus issues or back problems.

You can also find cots with hammock style design that allow you to sink into them so you can prevent a sore back from weight problems. The hammock design takes shape to your back and typically also has pads.

Storage and Organizers

If you want to make sure that you keep everything in one place, specifically if you want to separate snacks, hygiene, keys, batteries, and other things you’ll bring on the trip, then you should get a cot with organizers. Some brands allow you to purchase a cot with the organizers built-in, but you can always find those organizers that clip on the side.

Carrying Case

If you are purchasing a best camping cot that comes with a carrying bag, you are in luck. These are probably heavier cots that have a simple folding design. A lightweight carrying case can make it easier to keep everything packaged when you are camping, so you don’t mix up the different gear.


There are some cots that cost less than $20. These are typically very cost-effective purchases, but you don’t get a lot of comfort built-in to the design. The cot is very lightweight at the base in the cheaper versions. However, if you pay a little more, you get more comfort and a longer-lasting design that is typically backed by a warranty.

Specialty Designs

Best Camping Cot DesignIf you plan on going on a hunting trip, then you may want to get a camouflage cot. There are also cots that are better for hiking, as well as different weather conditions. Tent cots are especially great if you are headed into colder terrain or want to protect against insects like mosquitoes.

These features allow you to create the perfect sleeping system in our opinion. If you want to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep while out in the wilderness, you definitely should focus on the comfort aspect. You also want to purchase a best camping cot that is protected under a decent warranty so that you know you can replace for any malfunctions in the first year of using the cot. The goal is that you can keep using the cot for many years to come.

Top Brands of Camping Cots

A number of camping cot brands out there have started selling online. The cots of today are nothing like the barracks cots used in the military for years. These cots are more high-end with more comfort and elevated design. Some of the top brands today make several different types of cots that cater to every camping need. Here are a few of our favorite brands.

  • REI Camping Store
  • Teton
  • Coleman
  • Therm-A-Rest
  • KingCamp
  • Disc-O-Bed
  • Trademark
  • Kamp-Rite
REI has created a great variety of different sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and best camping cot, but they’re best known for the REI Co-Op Kingdom Cot. This is a mega-comfortable cot that has a sturdy design and loads of padding. While it’s quite large, it is best for those who want to get the utmost comfort and who have a particularly bad back. It supports higher weight limits as well. REI also has a more minimalist and still comfortable cot called the Co-Op Camp Folding Cot as well. You can purchase either of those online or in-store.
Teton is known for its sporting cots that are a bit wider and sturdier in construction than most brands. However, they are also a bit expensive than some of the other minimalist cots on the market. Teton excels in selling very portable, stylish cots. The Teton Sports 1048 Adventure Cot is a particular favorite due to the design. However, if you want more support, then Teton recommends going with the Universal Teton Sports 1082X cot. In addition to a variety of different cots, you can also find under-the-cot accessories as well as organizers.
Everyone knows the Coleman camping brand. They sell everything from fans and lights to tents and cots. Their sleeping cots come in a variety of styles, and mostly it depends on features and budgets when looking at Coleman cots. Their brand focuses on the bare essentials with a sturdy construction, but they also have upgraded products like the Coleman Queen Frame Airbed and Coleman Deluxe Portable Folding Cot. There are also cheaper models like the Coleman Trailhead and Coleman Converta. The Converta cot works like a lounger and lets you adjust the elevation at the ends.
These are highly portable cots that are lightweight and sit a bit closer to the ground than other cots. Most camping stores and online camping sites sell a Therm-A-Rest as it is a top brand. You can find it at REI for example, and it includes a tent. The Therm-A-Rest LuxuryLite Cot is one of the better cots available, particularly if you are looking for one that has an enclosure. The others like Therm-A-Rest UltraLite Cot are built for more comfort. One issue with Therm-A-Rest for some campers is that their cots are built to be only a foot off the ground. This doesn’t provide much stow away space.
KingCamp is another brand like Coleman that also has a great reputation for sturdy construction and stylish design. The brand also makes double cots for those who want to sleep right next to each other, offering great selections for family camping. There are also KingCamp UltraLight Compact Folding Cots that are built like Therm-A-Rest with a smaller amount of space between the ground and cot.
If you want an interesting campsite, you can use Disc-O-Bed to elevate campers off the ground and also stack them. This is a better option if you want to conserve on space with groups and have children that can sleep in bunk beds. These do require some assembly, and you will likely need a larger space to store the Disc-O-Bed during travel to and from the campsite.
Trademark has a variety of different folding cots that come with organizers and special padding. These are cheaper versions to the traditional cot brands like Coleman and Kamp-Rite, so you can find these are places like and for a better price. However, the quality is quite good, and customer reviews rank Trademark’s cots higher than some of the high-end brands on this list. The 75” Portable Folding Camping Bed and Cot is a great purchase because it comes with a carrying cose and organizers.
Some cots are built for comfort while others are made for practical use. The Oversized Kamp Rite Folding Cot is a perfect option for those who want to turn their cot into a one-person tent. It’s actually quite large so you may be able to fit more than one inside. The Kamp Right Standard Kwik Cot is another good buy for the price as it’s larger than other brands. The Kamp-Rite Military Style Cot is absolutely the most popular due to price and lightweight construction.

Internet vs. retail trade: where do I buy my camping cot?

CampingCot FactsYou can purchase the best camping cot in a variety of places. Most of the cots that you find in the store are also online, and there are other camping brands that have better prices on certain brands that you find in-store. For example, you can use and to compare to prices in store on cheaper sleeping cots.

However, if you want to be sure about the construction, design, and comfort, then you should try the bed in-store. The best way to look at certain brands is to combine both. You can visit in-store to check on the comfort of the best camping cot, testing it by laying down if possible, and then you can purchase online to get the best price. Most camping stores have an online site as well, so you can also find a cot you like and ship it to the store to save on some costs.

Stores like REI allow you to ship to home or to the store. Shipping to home has fees attached, but you can always pick up your gear at the store with just a simple text notification.

Buying in-store has some drawbacks due to the lack of competition on the shelves. You may end up with a cot that falls apart. It’s best to read reviews online and choose a cot that has a great warranty. You can compare all of the different Costco cots online in terms of prices, features, and ratings.

Tips for Using Camping Cots

Tips to use Camping CotSleeping cots are best used inside of a tent. Most campers tent to set up a canopy or tent where the cot can be inside to protect from heat and rain. In addition, this raises you off the ground in your tent so you prevent moisture and cold from getting to you. There are some ways that you can use a cot to enhance your camping experience even more.

Higher Elevation

The best camping cot sit higher off the ground, giving you space underneath to stow away gear and keep everything in one place. It’s also better if you have a design that allows you to form the fabric to the shape of your back, so you don’t want a cot that is closer to the ground for these reasons.

Bring Pillows

Cots aren’t exactly the most comfortable unless you get an airbed or sleeping bag or padded cot. These are designed basically to elevate and provide structure, but you should also bring some comfort. Pillows, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and blankets can provide you with more warmth and cushion so you don’t feel like you are laying on a board.

Stow Away Cots After Use

If you have a rather large cot and you don’t want to take up more room on the camping site, you can always fold up the best camping cot and stow in the corner. This is especially important if you have a smaller tent. However, some cots can be more difficult to fold and unfold. You should pick a lightweight cot that is designed to fit into smaller spaces once stowed, particularly with a stowaway case.

Use Organizers for the Small Stuff

Some cots will come with a variety of different pockets and zipped storage areas. You can typically place things you’ll value for the duration of your trip that is smaller and needs to be stowed but easily reachable. For example, you may want to store snacks, tools, batteries, keys, and other important keepsakes inside of the pockets. You may have other uses if you are going on a hunting or fishing trip.

Most sleeping cots are going to be just the basics, and you can add different accessories to create a whole command center if you like. For example, there are storage hammocks that go underneath cots to keep your bags off the ground. There are also velcro organizers that you can attach and detach to the side of your cot.

The history of the Camping Cot

The History of Camping CotDid you know that cots date back to the Roman armies? These were typically made from wood and were used during war times to set up sleeping quarters inside of camps. However, cots became a symbol for the Soviet Union Army during the war.

Cots have always been a portable sleeping system, even if the earlier days of the war. Back then, many cots were made from wood, but now most portable cots, especially for camping, are made of aluminum. Cots were once called camp beds and were used across America in military barracks, summer camps, and other facilities where the portable bedding was necessary.

Military groups required cots because they were lightweight and better for troops to sleep on, rather than the ground. Best Camping cot were also important in areas where housing wasn’t available, in places like homeless shelters and emergency support centers.

Camping, hunting, and other recreational uses for cots have grown in popularity since the focus has grown on spending time outdoors, exploring nature. As more people venture outside, they’re finding that sleeping on cots is a much better option because you have a warmer bed that isn’t susceptible to other problems from sleeping on the ground or even on an air mattress.

More comforts have also been afforded the latest sleeping cot design, such as padded fabric, organization, designs for different body types, and specialty tents.

Figures, data and facts about the camping cot

Most of the facts and data related to cots come from the popularity of camping as well. The market for sleeping cots has steadily increased from 2008 to 2018. Statista shows that outdoor activities and camping have grown in popularity in the past two years especially. In fact, there are 40.5 million camping participants in the most recent year.

Here are some things you may not have known about camping cots:

  • Camp beds or cots were used by the Roman Army.
  • Camp beds were the original cot, but they were re-designed and took on a different look by World War II.
  • The Soviet Army’s iconic military collapsible cot was used throughout the 20th century.
  • Cots were designed to be more lightweight and portable than a traditional camping bed.
  • Folding cots were originally made from wood in the United States.
  • Eastern Bloc countries use a folding bad that is very similar to the cot.
  • French portable cots often come with mosquito nets built-in.

How Do You Use a Camping Cot

Step to use a camping cotUsing a camping cot is much easier than most other sleeping systems. You simply unfold the legs of the cot and pull out the ends until the fabric is taut. Cots typically unfold rather easily, which is why they have locking mechanisms in place at the joins of the legs where they attach to the cot bed itself.

You can place the best camping cot inside of a tent or underneath a canopy. You want something to protect against the sun, heat, temperature, and precipitation. If you are in an area where there are a lot of pests, such as mosquitoes, then you definitely want to get a netted option if you don’t plan to have a tent or canopy with netting. In some cases, you may just want to set up a net above the cot.

Sleeping cots allow you to have some room underneath the cot for storage. If you have different bags and gear, you can stow away under the best camping cot to protect against the sun and weather while not taking up any walking room around the best camping cot.

If you do plan to use a cot and a tent, then you should make sure the tent is big enough to fit your cot. You don’t want to have to fit a cot inside of a tent as it will be quite stuffy and hot.

Maintenance and Care for Camping Cots

Caring Tips for Camping CotSleeping cots don’t require a lot of maintenance so long as you keep them clean. You can remove the padding and fabric to wash separately or have dry cleaned if it is very large. You may need to add oil to the joints of the cot after so many years of use to prevent the folding mechanisms from getting stuck as well.

You can fold up a cot and store for many months at a time without fearing that it will break or come apart. Most cots are designed to be stored for long periods of time. However, if you do get the cot wet, you should immediately dry and not leave it to rest in a moisture-filled area.

Mold can be the issue for cot fabric, which is why you should store it in a dry, safe place that doesn’t have any leaks or ways for bacteria to get into the cot. You can set it up in the attic or in a closet, but you shouldn’t keep it in a corner of a basement or in any place where it is susceptible to mold.

Useful accessories

There are a lot of accessories for sleeping cots nowadays. You can go to your camping site feeling completely organized and prepared, which means that you won’t lose important things because you can store it inside of your camping organizers. There are also pillows, sleeping bags, under-the-cot storage, and other accessories that might appeal to your camping style.

Here are the best accessories you can purchase for your cot:

  • Velcro Cot Organizers
  • Cot Tents
  • Mosquito Net
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Sleeping Pad
  • Under Cot Storage
  • Carrying Case


What should you consider before buying a cot?

What should you consider before buying a cot?

Besides what is in the guide in terms of features, you should pick a cot that is going to really suit your sleeping style. If you know that you don’t like sleeping on firm surfaces, you probably won’t like sleeping on the ground. Air mattresses provide some comfort, but you can typically still feel the flat, hard surface underneath. In addition, if you don’t have a lot of space in your tent or car, then you probably won’t have a lot of space to store or set up a cot. You should pick a cot that is good for space you will have at the campsite. Lightweight campers who are carrying their gear may want to opt for a very small, portable cot that doesn’t have as much padding but is better for on-the-go traveling.

Why is a cot better than an air mattress or sleeping bag?

Why is a cot better than an air mattress or sleeping bag?

Cots are simply better because they feel more like a bed. You are elevated off the ground, which provides more comfort and warmth. You can feel like you are getting colder in a sleeping bag or air mattress because it is closer to the ground and may be susceptible to moisture.

In addition, cots are better for open-air camping. You get to feel the breeze and relax at night in humid climates. It can feel rather clammy and difficult to move around in an air bed that doesn’t give you much room.

If you have a bad back or problems with your joints, then it’s going to be difficult to get down to a sleeping bag or air mattress that sits on the floor. You can simply sit or slip into a cot as it is typically a foot or more off the ground.

What materials are camping cots made from and what is best?

What materials are camping cots made from and what is best?

Polyester and nylon cots are the most popular, but there are some that have a cotton blend. Most will have an aluminum or steel frame, but there are also wood frame cots. The best materials have nylon and cotton, as well as an aluminum frame for easy lightweight portability.

What is the average size for a camping cot?

What is the average size for a camping cot?

There are all types of sizes. Some are meant for children and are no more than 5’ in length, while others are adult-sized and typically go over 7’ in length. For width, you want a cot that is going to support your body shape and be comfortable. Most cots are about 3’ in width, but there are XXL cots that are larger.

Are cots easy to assemble?

Are cots easy to assemble?

Most cots are simple to unfold. They are already put together. You may find a brand that only sells cots that must be assembled first to save on costs, however.

Are camping cots easy to carry with you?

Are camping cots easy to carry with you?

You definitely find more portable cots with lightweight construction than the heavier designs. If a cot has a heavier design, it’s probably because it has more padding and is made with stronger legs to support more weight. Military, sport, and mobile folding cots are the most lightweight and easiest to carry. Some will often come with a carrying case that is better for storage.

Will the cot fit in my tent?

Will the cot fit in my tent?

Most camping cot are designed to fit in a tent, but you should have at least a four-person tent for the ultimate comfort with a cot. This gives you shade with the tent, but it also means that you have to allow for more space to set up your cot. You don’t want to get a small tent that won’t have enough headroom either.

How can you tell how comfortable a cot will be, especially if purchasing a cot online?

How can you tell how comfortable a cot will be, especially if purchasing a cot online?

The fabric, springs, and construction materials are most important in understanding how it will be to sleep on a cot. In general, if you do not like a hard mattress, you probably will find a standard cot fabric to be rather flat so you may want to bring a pillow or cushion. However, you can also opt for padded cots that are built to be more comfortable. There are also cots that are designed to help with bad backs if you are concerned about waking up sore. These are cots with hammock style fabric that stretches and allows the cot to take the shape of your back.

Alternatives to the Camping Cot

There are some alternatives to sleeping cots that can be more or less comfortable depending on what you are looking for. Here is a brief rundown of other options:

  • Camping Airbed Cots
  • Air Mattress
  • Sleeping Beds
  • Fold-Up Beds
  • Hammocks

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