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Exerpeutic 900XL review 2019

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When you have decided to explore another workout program either for health or training, a recumbent bike could be that option. Also known as an upright bike, the fitness equipment will allow you to reap consistent benefits to your daily workout regimen.

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Recumbent Bike
7.17 (good)
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    54 x 34 x 22 inches

  • Product Weight:

    63 pounds

  • No. of Programs:


  • Heart Rate :


  • Display :

    LCD Computer

  • Resistance :

    8 levels

  • USB Charging Port:


  • Media Rack :


  • Speakers :


  • Warranty:

    365 days

  • easy to assemble
  • highly recommended
  • work great
  • display indicates distance
  • heart rate information


  • pedals rotation fail
  • seat not fully adjustable
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According to our recumbent bike review 2018, this equipment ensures that all muscles are working during a session. This holistic workout approach, as offered by Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bike also offers a more convenient reclining posture, which is the perfect choice for those with back issues. With their ergonomic design, recumbent bikes have been used as a comfortable choice for whole body workouts. For more information about this product, check out the information below:

What Do You Need to Know About Exerpeutic?

For those who would like to know more about the Exerpeutic brand, this product is manufactured by Paradigm Health and Wellness, a company that has supplied fitness and wellness products to a growing market. Its product lineup includes training cycles, treadmills, and recumbent bikes.

For its recumbent bike product range, it has released products such as the Exerpeutic 2000, Exerpeutic 900XL extended capacity, the Exerpeutic Magnetic series, among other products. Their product range has been positively reviewed for their functionality as a home-based exercise machine.

What Do You Need to Know About Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness Recumbent Bikes?

Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bikes are known for their programmable yet user-friendly featuresExerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bikes are known for their programmable yet user-friendly features. Its comfortable features include its precision flywheel and frame, large and comfy seat with backrest. It also has a pedal designed to fit the contours of the feet to avoid slipping while in a workout session. Those who are looking for a product for the home, the with its wheels, Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bike can be easily transported from one corner of the house to another. So, if you’d like to do your workout inside the house or outside in the garden, you can do so anytime. As long as the chosen area is a flat, safe surface, you can transport and secure the recumbent bike in place. For those who like to keep it simple, this bike could be the perfect option for you.

What Can You Expect from the Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness Recumbent Bike?

When you have made that choice to purchase your first recumbent bike, the Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness brand is known for its sturdy frame. It is also easy to set-up when compared to other low-budget bikes in the same category. For those who appreciate the basic features of a recumbent bike, the Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness brand will probably work well for you. It has a streamlined frame that is easy to install and move around. The display console is also simple enough, with all the necessary features. These user-friendly details are fit for those who appreciate a good, simple workout at all times of the day.

What Are the Features of the Exerpeutic Therapeutic Fitness Recumbent Bike?

With the different brands in the market today, the Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bike stands out for the following streamlined features:

  • the Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness product can be fully adjusted for your needsTraining Modes – The Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness bike offers three basic training modes. There are no complicated programs for those who like it simple. It also has 5 pre-set programs that include intervals, climbing hill, plateau, and valley. For these five pre-set options, you can set target goals for distance, time, calories burned, and heart rate goal. There is also a user program that allows you to customize your workout experience. After you have set up your preference for distance, time, resistance level, and other goals, you can store your profile values in the system.
  • Display Features – The console has several display functions. These include speed, RPM, time, level, distance, calories, and pulse rate. For the resistance level, users can select from level 1 to level 8 by pressing the up or down button. For those who like to monitor their daily distance progress, the display shows the miles covered during a workout. It also has a count that provides the user with the approximate number of calories burned during a particular workout session.
  • Pulse/Heart Rate Monitor – When doing a cardiovascular exercise, monitoring the pulse or heart rate is important. The Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bike has hand pulse sensors that are designed for this purpose.
  • Adjustable Frame – As a recumbent bike, the Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness product can be fully adjusted for your needs. If you require the bile to more level to the ground or a little bit higher from the ground, you can do so by using the stabilizer cap or leveler. You can also adjust the seat to accommodate your desired leg length. You can do so by sliding the seat back or forward until you get the desired dimension. Afterward, you can tighten the knobs to secure the seat in place.


The Exerpeutic therapeutic fitness recumbent bike can be transported to any location with its front stabilizer wheels. Once the desired workout location has been identified, you can securely place the bike by lowering and securing the stabilizer.

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