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Means, Motive, Opportunity

Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor

The Crisis Papers

April 12, 2005

The 2006 mid-term race – a situation:

By pre-fall, 2006, the United States is in a frantic condition. Following the fall of the dollar in universal cash markets, there has been a course of business disappointments and home loan dispossessions, and a steep ascent in joblessness, as the US economy slides relentlessly into a sorrow. Then, the June 2005 American assault on Iran and the proceeding with war in Iraq has made the United States a global outcast state; in this way the network of countries demonstrates no tendency whatever to save the United States from its monetary crumple.

In the run-up to the 2006 decision, the predominant press has indeed fallen in line behind the Republicans, accusing the despondency for the Clinton Administration, al Qaeda, or potentially treachery by “the Old Europe.” The violations and shock of the Bush/GOP syndicate have been unreported by the media, as Democratic war veterans running for office against GOP draft dodgers have by and by been blasted as “unpatriotic.”

As far as it matters for them, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and the religious right have announced that these financial and discretionary fiascoes show God's judgment on the American individuals for their toleration of gays, fetus removal, the ACLU, the educating of advancement, and free judges.

This time, general society is unconvinced by the GOP promulgation, as enormous challenge shows emit all through the nation. At long last tired of the falsehoods and eagerness of the GOP, lastly mindful of exactly how much their occupation and their future has been looted by Bushenomics, more than 66% of the voters are going to go to the surveys resolved to toss out the Republican Congress.

While a couple of legit surveys conjecture an avalanche triumph for the Democrats, the vast majority of these surveys have not been distributed.

The Republican-claimed and Republican-coded “discovery” casting a ballot machines indeed execute as planned, and the Republicans hold control of Congress.

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The dumbfounded and frustrated open is indeed advised to “get over it.”

Past that, my precious stone ball ends up shady.

The suggested inquiry in this situation is clear: If GOP partisans possess the casting a ballot machines, tally the votes, decline to permit autonomous approval of the counts, and if the Republicans exploit this open door for extortion, is there any way – any way whatsoever – that the Democrats could win the 2006 race and recapture control of Congress?

On the off chance that not, for what reason do the Democrats endure in looking ideally to 2006 – “whenever.” After each of the, 2002 and 2004 were “whenever,” and there is rich proof that in the two cases, the people groups' will was turned around by the Diebold and ES&S secret elements.

Obviously, the Democratic Party and its partners anticipate “triumph” in 2006 on the grounds that they are willfully ignorant: they basically can't force themselves to confront the convincing proof that in the United States today, the appointive procedure is fixed, in this manner the desire of the general population is unessential to the administration of the country, and hence the United States has stopped to be a majority rules system.

Neither the 2004 Democratic Party competitor, John Kerry, nor the Party's Chairman, Howard Dean, will freely engage the specific thought that “the fix is in.” The issue of constituent extortion is just not on the plan of the Democratic National Committee. Noticeable progressives, for example, Vermont's Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Paul Begala, and Arianna Huffington demand that Bush won the race, “reasonable and square,” and that the “oddities” in Florida and Ohio were not adequate to have decided the result. With respect to the media, on-screen character and extremist Peter Coyote reports that there is a “secure” arrange all through the predominant press that the issue of discretionary uprightness is essentially not to be referenced. Infringement of the request can be a vocation ender. Furthermore, truth be told, except for Keith Olbermann, one is unable to distinguish anybody in the MSM who has referenced the issue.

Thus today, political talk is enthralled by the suspicion that in 2004 George Bush won a dominant part of both the well known and the constituent votes, and along these lines, in contrast to 2000, is currently the undeniably genuine President of the United States. Moreover, it is expected without discussion that the Republicans have real control of the Congress. The “achievement” of the Republicans and the “disappointment” of the Democrats is presently the “outline” inside which all political exchange lives.

Assume rather that in 2002 and 2004 each expected vote had been accurately checked, and subsequently John Kerry was currently the President, and the Democrats controlled the Senate and perhaps the House too. The savants would now expound on the resurgence of progressivism and the Democratic Party, and, in the meantime, conjecturing with regards to the reasons for the “disappointment” of The Right, and people in general's dismissal of George Bush.

The proof of enormous race extortion in 2004 is convincing, and keeps on gathering, in spite of the media “secure.” Just a week ago, a gathering of college analysts discharged a report which computes at a million to one the likelihood that the inconsistency between the leave surveys (demonstrating a Kerry triumph) and the last outcomes was because of arbitrary blunder. Since I have talked about finally the proof for misrepresentation in the 2004 decision, I won't rehash it here. However, for the individuals who wish to have one more take a gander at the proof, see The Crisis Papers page, “Was Election 2004 a Fraud?” Suffice to state that as the proof amasses, the media stays quiet and the general population stays unconcerned.

Clear, opposite proof that the decision returns were precise and the result authentic is just non-existent. This is in this way, in light of the fact that the decision methodology was structured not to give approval. The product source-codes were mystery, there was no paper record, and there was no parallel approval method for the unified aggregation of casting a ballot sums. To the rehashed request for approval, all that the casting a ballot machine specialists could state is “trust us” – “us” being divided Republicans who constructed, coded, and worked the “discovery” casting a ballot machines.

Beside the now-commonplace GOP counters of “get over it!” and “don't be jumpy,” the essence of the instance of constituent authenticity is “they wouldn't set out apparatus the race,” or on the other hand, “the Republicans have excessively regard for our majority rule government to do a wonder such as this.”

With considerably less incitement than this, the nationals of Ukraine and the Republic of Georgia requested, and got, new decisions, which turned around the results of the ruined races.

As most “CSI” and “Peace” watchers are very much aware, in their scan for suspects, criminologists search above all else for “means, rationale and opportunity.”

The “signifies” for decision extortion are so clear and undeniable that even the Republicans won't question them. The “methods,” obviously, are the machines and mystery programming of the Diebold and ES&S companies that recorded over 30% of the votes cast, and 80% of the votes midway assembled, in the 2004 Presidential race.

The absence of an autonomous paper record or some other method of confirmation, the little shot of disclosure, and the pleasing quietness of the media gives the “opportunity.”

There remains the subject of rationale.

Keep in mind, as a matter of first importance, that 2004 was not a normal Presidential re-appointment challenge whereby the officeholder, should he lose, thoughtfully yields to the victor and after that resigns to play golf, give addresses at one-hundred thousand a pop, or even do adequate great deeds to in the long run success a Nobel Peace Prize.

In this decision, the stakes were a lot higher. The Republicans accumulated and put a half billion dollars so as to win, and they did as such in light of current circumstances. In Bush's first term, billions of dollars were exchanged from poor people, the white collar class, the government treasury, and who and what is to come, to the super-affluent, with a huge number more to arrive in a second Bush term. A significant number of Bush's companions and promoters, potentially including his Vice President, have occupied with gigantic unite and pay off – for instance, a huge number of dollars of Iraq remaking reserves “lost” by Halliburton, and billions of dollars of California service bills cheated by Enron. Still more violations: Condi Rice's prevarication before the 9/11 commission, the “outing”of CIA operator Valerie Plame, Tom DeLay's endeavored gift of Congressman Nick Smith, and the most noticeably awful wrongdoing of all, the robbery of the national decisions of 2000, 2002, and now 2004. God just recognizes what else a Democratic Attorney General and Democratic Congressional examinations may reveal.

The Bush syndicate did not just wish to remain in office. They had a much more prominent rationale to avoid the Federal prison.

So it comes down to this: In the 2004 decision, the Bush group and the Republican party had a fortune trove of means and opportunity dropped in their laps. They could, on the off chance that they picked, “enter in” any decision result they needed; for instance, they could “swing” a Senate race by nine or a Governor's race by fifteen (as it shows up they did in Georgia, 2002). Also, if the 2004 early leave surveys were in truth precise, in the Presidential race it presently gives the idea that they could drop the Democrat's rate by five points, and lift the Republican's aggregate by a similar sum. Because of the mystery codes and “secondary passage access” to the casting a ballot machines, and thanks notwithstanding the participation of the corporate media, they could do this without dread of identification.

Aware of the record of this Administration amid the previous four years, the tremendous individual and monetary outcomes, as noted above, of a choose

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