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OPTIC LED OPTIC 2 review 2020

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The right grows lights will make an incredible addition to any indoor garden or greenhouse. Whether you’re growing plants, flowers, or vegetables, having access to regular, consistent lighting is an essential part of growing. Don’t let the poor weather or lack of proper outdoor space be the reason you don’t pursue your dream of gardening With Cree LED grow lights, you can develop your gardening skills regardless of your local weather. Here’s what you need to know about finding a review winner for your greenhouse or garden.

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Overview of functions
  • Package Dimensions :

    14.8 x 7 x 2.8 inches

  • Item Weight :

    8 pounds

  • Lifespan:

    50000 hours

  • Size:


  • Color:

    Off White

  • Wattage:

    205 watts

  • Coverage area:

    2′ x 3

  • Full Spectrum Design?:


  • FCC certification?:


  • Product Warranty:

    703 days

  • quality LED Light and Driver
  • dimmable light output
  • full spectrum
  • nice design
  • little heat produced


  • expensive
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Cree LED Grow Lights Brand

Cree lights offer some benefits to growers. Whether you’re wCree LED Lights Connectororking with brand new plants or you have an established garden, it’s vital that you expose your plants to the appropriate amount of light for continued growth and nourishment. Cree LED grows lights are designed to offer the appropriate amount of light to your plants at any stage. Cree offers a broad assortment of white and color LEDs. Cree lights are completely optimized for your greenhouse needs.

This brand provides high-efficiency lighting that is designed to use less power which not only reduces your electricity costs, but that is green-friendly for the environment, too.

Product Use

Make sure you use your review winner lighting regularly and as directed. Never deviate from the enclosed instructions when it comes to your lights. This will ensure you have the best possible experience and achieve fantastic results with your Cree LED grow lights. Also, it’s important to regularly check your lights to ensure everything is working appropriately, including your timers and fans. Did you know that your review winners may come with fans designed to prevent overheating? Check these at regular intervals to ensure they’re working correctly.

Product Specifications

When it comes to choosing your Cree LED to grow lights, you’ll have some products to choose from. No two lights are the same, so regardless of your gardening or greenhouse goals, you’ll be able to find a product that fits your needs.

OPTIC 2 COB LED GROW LIGHT 205W (UV/IR) 3000k & 5000k COBs

This particular model features a patent-pending full spectrum LED grow light. Optic two features 205 watts of lighting. This review winner offers both a warm white and cool white COB for optimum coverage and a quality base. This model is designed to give you a full, well-rounded spectrum of coverage. This unit features a 90-degree lens, as well as a secondary lens that directs light downwards.

Roleadro COB Led Grow Light, Cree 400W Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum for Greenhouse Hydroponic Indoor Plant Growth, 2nd Generation(2018 Upgraded)

Cree LED LampThe review winner Reoleadro Cree 400W COB LED grow light comes with full-spectrum coverage to ensure your plants get all of the light they need. This model comes with a secondary optical lens, as well as a convenient ON/OFF switch for full control with your lighting. Cree LED grow lights chips has a professional optical lens to offer more uniform lighting. This particular unit is ideal for a three foot by three-foot growing area and can be used for flowers, plants, or vegetables. Additionally, approved cooling fans and an aluminum Sunflower radiator system ensures your heat distribution is perfect when you’re using this unit.

Mrhua CREE COB LED Grow Lamp Fixture, UFO 300W Plant Growing Lights Lamp UV & IR Full Spectrum grow light for Indoor Plant Veg and Flower(300W)

When it comes to choosing the perfect LED lights for your growing, this review winner is not only stylish, but also effective. This model features a UFO design with Chip on Board. The shape, which resembles that of a UFO, enables the review winner to generate intense light in a very specific area. If you have a couple of plants that don’t always receive the best light, this could be an ideal solution. This model is perfect if you have thick foliage and you want something that will push heat to the underlying layers of leaves. This model comes at a small size but is quite efficient in producing its light.

No two gardens are alike, which is why it’s vital that you consider what you want to grow, what style of garden you want, and how much lighting you need in your grow room or greenhouse. The right Cree LED grow lights can make a huge difference in your gardening, especially once you determine exactly what style and model will work best for you and your needs.

Cree LED Grow Lights Special Features

Are you looking for something that comes with an assortment of special features designed to make your growing better than ever? Consider choosing a Cree LED to grow light model that comes with a built-in fan and cooling system. The right review winner for your garden should not only keep your plants warm but prevent them from overheating, as well. Additionally, you may want to select a model that comes with an included remote control for easy care and management of your lighting system.

Delivery and Packaging

Did you know you can order your Cree LED grow lights directly online? This makes buying your lights easier than ever. You won’t have to search through a dozen home and garden stores just to find one that carries the lights you need. Instead, you can head to your favorite online retailer, search for the lights you want, and make your purchase easily online. Your order will be carefully packaged and delivered right to your door. When you receive your lights, you can begin to install them right away. There’s no need to wait! Each set of lights comes with the instructions you need to hang them and get started with your garden. With a review winner set of lights, your garden is going to be better than you’ve ever seen it!


Are you ready to take your gardening to the next level? What are you waiting for? Choose your review winner to grow lights today. There’s no better time to start improving your indoor gardening scheme. Your lights will not only enhance your gardening experience overall, but will ensure that your plants look as big, beautiful, and healthy as they possibly can. Don’t wait another day. Order your new lights today!

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