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Coleman ComfortSmart review 2019

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Coleman camping cot is one of the top camping brands available today. The cots sold by Coleman have received praise from thousands of happy customers, who look to the cot as a way to kick off how they plan to camp.

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Camping Cot
8.05 (good)
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Overview of functions
  • Product Dimensions:

    25.6 x 5.5 x 37.4 inches

  • Item Weight:

    19.62 pounds

  • Weight Capacity :

    300 lbs

  • Frame :


  • Color:


  • Style:

    Deluxe Cot

  • Foldable?:


  • Easy Handling?:


  • Product Warranty:

    365 days

  • air mattress
  • easy to setup
  • lightweight
  • great cot


  • low quality frame
  • no high weight capacity
  • instruction manual missing
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Purchasing a cot through Coleman online can be done at Walmart or Amazon, but campers are looking directly at Coleman because of their innovative designs, deals, and number of products.

Guide to Coleman Camping Cot

Coleman camping cot has made a name for itself providing as many options as possible. When you visit the website, you aren’t just looking at a site that was built to display products but also enjoy the art of camping. Coleman cots are also everywhere. There’s not a single camping store that doesn’t have the Trailhead II as well. Most camping companies understand that Coleman camping cot is a brand that campers have to see before they purchase anything.

Best Camping Cots for Coleman

Coleman Camping Cot ReviewThe variety of different sleeping systems on Coleman camping cot is a great way for campers to look at various bedding types, padding, construction, and materials to see what cot is going to provide the best experience. The Converta Cot, for example, is one of the cots sold on Coleman camping cot that has a low rating for comfort. However, it’s very affordable being under $35.

Coleman sells a number of different airbeds as well as sleeping pads. These are a bit larger than the cot and come with padding built in so that you can feel like you are sleeping on a bed. These may not work for every camping scenario however.

If you simply want comfort in a traditional cot, then the best option might by the ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot, as it is made with a thick five-inch padding that is very comfortable, especially if you have a bad back.

Here are some of the top cots available from Coleman:

Big-N-Tall Cot

One of Coleman’s alternative cot brands supports those campers that need a little bit more space. These cots are quite large in width and height, and reviewers have rated it almost a 4-store for a Big and Tall cot. This is a rather large cot that is made to support weights of over 600 lbs and a height of over 6 feet 8 inches tall. With strong legs and aluminum frame, the cot will conform to most body shapes to provide a comfortable sleep. It also comes with a warranty, allowing you to get a good’s night rest season after season. The bottom of the legs are also made to keep the cot in place with grip technology.

For those who like a larger bed, this one gives you plenty of room to get comfortable, and you also get a wheeled carry bag for easy storage and transport.

Pack-Away Cot

Convenience and function come together in the Pack-Away cot. Made to be lightweight and portable, the Pack-Away cot also comes with a few other cool features that make it different than other cot designs. For example, you can easily place a drink, snack, or other personal items inside of the table and cupholder on the side. The design is also made for larger body shapes, which makes that you can easily sleep on this cot if you over 300 lbs.

With an extra-wide shape, it’s a great cot for two people as well. It has a variety of organizers and different features that make it a durable cot for two if you find yourself getting lonely at the campsite. While it’s not one of Coleman’s more expensive cots, you will spend over $50 to purchase this cot.

Trailhead II Cot

The Trailhead II is a popular cot for Coleman camping cot. Many campers prefer this cot because of its simple construction and high ratings from shoppers. Trailhead II features a standard fabric base with an aluminum frame. It comes in a number of colors as well. Highly rated by shoppers, it is one of the basic cot designs that you see out there for less than $50.

This is designed to look like a military-style cot, however. This is why you have the khaki and tan fabric base, as well as an extra-wide design.

ComfortSmart Deluxe Cot

ComfortSmart deluxe camping cotNeed amazing back support? Then you should try this larger than life cot. While the price may be a bit steep, you’ll get a great night’s sleep and find yourself wanting to sleep on it even after the camping trip is over. This is because the ComfortSmart has a lot of padding, which is cool on the skin but also allows the pad to conform to the shape of the bed.

It is also Coleman’s most highly rated cot. The ComfortSmart Deluxe also is elevated and has a steel frame, which means you can store things beneath the cot as well. While it folds up to be compact, the design is wider and deeper, so you can get this cot even if you have issues with weight or back pain.

Comfortsmart Cot

With a bit less padding than the ComfortSmart Deluxe camping cot, the standard ComfortSmart manages to still provide more comfort than a standard cot while being a bit less expensive than the ComfortSmart Deluxe. These are great cots if you want to get a little bit more padding and want a durable brand, but you don’t want to pay the price of a deluxe design.

Airbed Cot – Queen

When you plan to go on camping trips with your family and want a very comfortable option, then you should try the convenient airbed cot. This allows you to quickly break down and set up the bed, but you’ll have to blow up the air mattress. While it does have higher reviews on Coleman camping cot, in general the bed is probably too large for most camping setups.

Other Accessories from Coleman

Coleman really wants you to have a great camping trip, which is why you can find so many interesting pieces of gear on the brand’s website. From tent toppers to tarps and cot tables, you can pick up a number of different products from Coleman to help you out when you’re camping.

Here are a few of the best accessories that we like for the Coleman cot:

All-Weather Sleeping Bags

All-Weather Sleeping Bags ReviewIf you want to be comfortable on top of a flat cot, then you should definitely look into a high-quality sleeping bag. You can find most of the all-weather, cool weather, and lower cost sleeping bags on Coleman’s website as well.

Storage and Organizers

Coleman has a number of different storage options if you want to hung stuff off the side of your cot or you want to hang it underneath. These offer a great way to secure belongings that are important when you are on your trip.

Portable Table

You can also find much smaller tables that are made from the same material as a portable cot. These are steel frame tables that have a taut cloth on top. These are great options to set up lunch and drinks.

Tent and Netting

You can turn your cot into the perfect tent area with a pop-up from Coleman camping cot. These offer the most protection against bugs, precipitation, and colder temperatures. If you want to make sure that you stay safe inside of your tent, you can purchase the toppers that attach to the cot itself.


Coleman camping cots have been known for their integrity for all kinds of camping. Whether you are looking for a cot that can work for camping as well as at home, or you want something that is more lightweight for hiking, you can find a Coleman cot that will work for your situation. It’s important for campers to think about what values are best when selecting the right cot, especially when looking at the number of options on Coleman’s website.

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Conclusion: ComfortSmart coil suspension offers a bed-like feel.

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